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[Mystic Messenger] V Route Update Postpone Notice & V Route Opening Video

Hello, this is Cheritz.

We’re writing to let you know that Mystic Messenger’s V Route, which was originally planned to be released on August 2017, has been postponed to September 2017.

We tried our best to release the new route within the announced period, but we determined that we would need more time to complete the content to perfection and thus postponement would be inevitable.
We sincerely apologize to everyone who has been waiting for the V Route, and we will do our best to present you with joy and happiness in the upcoming September.

Instead, we present you the V Route opening video for those of you who have been waiting.

We would like to thank all the MC’s for playing Mystic Messenger. We wouldn’t have created the new route without everyone’s support. We wish you all a wonderful day.

Best Regards,

Choose your Dad!

Damien Bloodmarch

-Good Ending

-Neutral Ending

-Bad Ending

Hugo Vega

-Good Ending

-Neutral Ending

-Bad Ending

Mat Sella

-Good Ending

-Neutral Ending

-Bad Ending

Brian Harding

-Good Ending

-Neutral Ending

-Bad Ending

Robert Small

-Good Ending

-Neutral Ending

-Bad Ending

Craig Cahn

-Good Ending

-Neutral Ending

-Bad Ending

Joseph Christiansen

-Good Ending

-Neutral Ending

-Bad Ending

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so, funny story.... I started playing Mystic Messenger... Ended up on Zen's route.... and now I find I cant move on to a new play through?!?!? Like, I want to?!?!? But Ive become too loyal to him to move on?!?! How?!?!

“Argh! Why are you so adorable?  I swear if you get any cuter I don’t think I could control myself and…ahem! Jagiya, it doesn’t matter which route you choose in life, you’ll always have me in your heart and I’ll have you in mine.  You probably won’t find anyone as perfect and beautiful as me, but I’m the lucky one for having you in my life even if it was for a short while.  Here’s a selfie just for you!” 



Please excuse RFA Host Zen. Now for the serious reply!  First and foremost: OMIGOSH I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL!!! Zen was my first route too but dont tell him that we dont need the increased narcissism

There is really no easy way to get over ‘first route blues’ and that feeling of betraying your love v__v  Perhaps you could try not playing for a few days or so? OR you could change your in-game name? (i did this). That way you trick your feelings and conscience into thinking that you’re a different person for this route, and the other person is still with the character whose route you completed~ :D I’m not gonna lie its still hard not to get their hearts in chats T__T  What also made me feel better is replaying my fav characters route after completing all the rest~  I do hope you feel better! All mm fans know this feeling so you’re not alone!   Feel free to chat with Zen here anytime you want!

 Admin Nana.
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Google Maps: Create Wheelchair Friendly Routes

For most, Google Maps is an essential app used for navigation and travel. It’s revolutionised people’s daily lives - that is if you don’t have a disability. If you do it’s a very different story.  

Despite providing different options for all modes of personal and public transport, there are no alternative routes that support those who are disabled or in need of assistance, the main example of this being a lack of wheelchair friendly options.

Over the last year, I attempted to travel around London with people who have a range of disabilities, including my mum, who relies on a wheelchair for some journeys. However, we found that all routes provided by Google Maps demanded stairs, bumpy paths, small hills, foot bridges, crossings without slopes and many times there was no room on the pavement for the chair. Most tube services aren’t disabled friendly and ruled out yet another option of easy transport. Even if we did want to rely on other forms of public transport, we found that taxi companies struggled to accommodate the chair and buses were too full.

Sometimes we’ve been forced to travel along bikes lanes(highly dangerous) or were just walking in opposite directions until it was safe to continue on normal paths. As an alternative, we sought out other maps like Citymapper but this provided us with no relief either.

We’re constantly trying to make cities and travel accessible, however this seems to be a highly discriminating factor. It’s bad enough that only 70 out of 270 tube stations are step-free but by not providing these alternative routes, we’re restricting those not as able. We should be advancing and making sure everyone has equal opportunities to be independent. This would not only benefit those who need extra support but families with pushchairs and those reliant on other forms of help like a walking frame.

It should be easy for everyone to get around, no matter who you are! Please sign and support this petition to create wheelchair friendly routes available on Google Maps.  

Prodigy Lance Fic Part 11!!!!!!

The team rushed to the healing pods, just in time to see Lance stumble out, as if he were half asleep. Keith stepped forward, catching Lance as he began to fall forward. Lance cracked open his eyes, peering at Keith. “Am I…alive?” Keith pushed him back, causing him to stumble and almost lose his balance. “Yes, you’re alive! But not for long is you don’t answer our questions!” Lance looked at him with his head slightly tilted.
Lance looked behind Keith, noticing that the others were with them.
“Oh, uh, hiya guys! Long time no see, heh!” Keith snarled and grabbed Lance by the collar, pulling him right into his face. “Lance, if you ever pull something like that, I swear on Pidge’s laptop that I’ll kill you myself, got it?!” Lance held up his hands and nodded. “I hear you loud and clear. Besides, I never wanna go through that ever again.” Shiro stepped forward, clearing his throat.
“We’re glad that you say that, but we still have a few questions to ask you.” Lance quickly swallowed and cleared his throat. “Oh, uh o-okay. What questions do-”
“DID YOU REALLY CREATE THE BEX TAYLOR-KLAUS CODE?!” Pidge shouted, interrupting him. Lance’s eyes became as wide as saucers and he slightly paled. “W-what?” Pidge gave him a hard look. “Did you create the Bex Taylor-Klaus code?” “And the Shada Plan?” Keith added, crossing his arms. Lance continued to stare at them, until he nodded his head a murmured a small “…yes.”
Pidge floored.
“What?! You really created all those strategies and codes without any help? Lance, do you know what that means? To come up with plans like that, you’d have to be a-”
“A genius? A prodigy? A freak?” Lance’s eyes turned cold. “I’ve heard them all, but yeah. I created them on my own. But what I can’t seem to figure out is how you guys even figured all this out.” Lance peered at all of them, eyes landing on Hunk who had started to slightly rock on the back of his feet.
Lance and Hunk made eye contact for a few mere seconds and Lance had already figured him out. All Lance had to do was arch an eyebrow and Hunk cracked.
“I’m sorry, Lance! I told them about the notebook and what I saw and the pages of codes and the Shada Plan. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal because I mean, that makes you super smart, you’re like a real prodigy and a genius so-”
“Hunk! You’re rambling again.” Lance chuckled. Hunk wriggled his fingers, a nervous habit he had developed.
“You’re not mad?” Lance sighed and ran a hand across his face, slightly wincing from still being sore. “No. I mean, you guys were bound to find out eventually, right?” Allura tilted her head to the side. “But why wouldn’t you tell us right away?” Lance opened his mouth, but Shiro gently cut him off.
“Let’s move this to the living quarters, okay? Let’s all just sit down and talk it out.” The team nodded and made their way to the couches. When they made it, Lance plopped down, comfortably sinking into the cushions. The others took the opposite facing couch, leaving Lance by himself.
“Okay, this isn’t turning into an intervention, right?”
They answered him with silence.
“Geez, tough crowd. Alright, alright. I’ll answer all the questions you have.” Allura was the first to speak, repeating the same question she asked before. “Why didn’t tell us if your talent? Do you not trust us?” Lance rubbed the back of his neck. “No, no! It’s nothing like that. It’s just complicated. In the past, I was proud of my abilities, but when others found out, they would call me all kinds of names. Freak was their favorite. They made me think being different was a bad thing. So, I tried to be normal. Never told anyone, never stepped out of line. I was never bullied again.” Lance answered, ending with a slight shrug. Coran leaned forward, propping his arms on his knees.
“So, your abilities…what are they exactly?” Lance threw his legs on the couch, lying as though he were in a therapy session. “Well, basically I’m a prodigy at strategies. I can create plans and escapes route almost immediately. I can look at a strategy and tear it apart, seeing it flaws and making it better, or creating a plan that would destroy it. My brain sees the world as the puzzle, and it constantly creates ways to solve it. Because of that, I can learn things quickly, and have a photographic memory. That’s how I learned how to speak so many different languages.” Pidge rested her hands on the top of her head. “How many languages do you speak fluently?” Lance listed them off, lifting up a finger with each language. “Spanish, English, Japanese, Korean, French, and most recently, Galran and Altean.” The team gazed at him with wide eyes. Lance blushed and rubbed his neck sheepishly. “Really guys, it’s not that big of a deal. Anybody could-”
“Lance, don’t sell yourself short. What you can do is a gift, an amazing one at that. Give yourself some credit.” Keith spoke up. Lance blinked at him as his blushed spread across his face. Keith blushed slightly, crossing his arm and sinking back into the couch. There was a small moment of silence. Lance shook his head and sat up straight. “Well, if that’s all the questions, then I should really-”
“Oh no.” Shiro stated, leaning forward and staring at Lance.
“We’ve only just begun.”

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okay but why is V route is so heckin expensive D: I feel like the next thing they make will be 1000 HG or something, and even 300 is really hard to save up for someone who can't buy HG. You either have to wait for updates to get some for free or play the game nonstop

True true but, I feel like so far, since they’re not a huge name in Otome, they’ve been hecka cheap up until this point.

I’m not saying it doesn’t suck for some people, but dang there’s like no other game that is straightforward like they are. No BS missions to clear, no having to pay for CGs. Grinding the routes to collect is a major pain in the ass but hey, at least you have the option, right?

I can’t imagine the costs associated with calling everyone back and creating a whole new route, ~~just because we asked for it.~~ Like, they did this for us. All those emails and posts of “shut up and take my money” for v and saeran routes lol!

It seems so expensive because people are used to it being so…free…so it’s kind of shocking and that’s understandable! But in reality this isn’t too bad, honestly. Some other companies have you paying for recycled CGs and reworked, boring stories you’ve read a million times. I appreciate Cheritz and I think they’ve proven that time and time again they’re always trying something new. I’d be happy to give them a bit of my money as a thank you and to show appreciation for their hard work!

132. It was during a winter of the First Wizarding War when this tradition came to be. Students who were staying at Hogwarts during Christmas, because they wanted to stay or because they had to, were in desperate need of something to bring back some Holiday spirit: A snowball fight. It brought fun and some teamwork between the different houses, that they needed. Every year the war got bigger and better, even the teachers joint in. The rules were quite simple. Choose a partner and survive as long as you can.

There was a legend going around the school regarding this annual snowball fight as well, about a team of a Slytherin fourth year and a Hufflepuff second year dominating the fight every year they participated. The Hufflepuff boy was small and fast, he could sprint over the grounds and no one knew he was ever there. He usually used this ability to sneak up on people or to scout for the other students’ hide-outs. The Slytherin girl was cunning and smart, once her partner came back with all the information, she made the plan. She created routes and secret passages, for the easiest and most sufficient way to get all the other teams. They slaughtered everyone before the afternoon was over.

The duo did this for years until – during the Slytherin’s last year – two new participants entered. Two Slytherin girls who had never once joined in before, suddenly did. Apparently, the girls had been watching the duo closely the years before and they knew their secret technique. With their brilliance and honestly quite ruthless nature, they worked hard to make a plan that could finally end the reign of the Hufflepuff and Slytherin duo.

The Slytherin and Hufflepuff finally had some competition, but they did not realise what was to come.

They weren’t prepared that all their secret passage ways were blocked, that the Slytherin girls would be waiting for the Hufflepuff to come out to scout, that one girl had the best throw anyone had ever seen at Hogwarts. The Slytherin girls showed no mercy for the champions, they wanted that that title and were ready to do anything to get it. And they won. Someone else finally won. The cheering and clapping went on until late into the night.

Years after, the teachers still tell the students of that one match, the greatest snowball fight Hogwarts had ever seen. Students tried to top their performance in years to follow, but they were never able to do so.

Apparently, both teams ended up getting a Special Award for Services to the School. For bringing some good old fashion Holiday cheer during those dark times, they were told.  

requested by @scarysuccubusthedemon

#VDeservesLove...and frankly better fans.

now let me preface this by saying that i haven’t played through the V route and this isn’t what this post is going to be about. i just want every one of you complaining about v and his route to remember that cheritz didn’t have to give us a v route, but they did anyway because of your insistence. i hope that you all realize that by complaining about this you essentially show cheritz that you aren’t grateful for the months they’ve spent creating a v route. creating a game isn’t easy. it’s difficult and takes lots of thought, planning and consideration in what to add and what not to. for those who are hoping for a saeran route, who knows? they might be already working on it, but if they see how insolent the children who are currently playing the v route are being they might decide not to release it. honestly, i hope you show cheritz the respect they deserve because they are giving us this game for free, and aren’t asking a cent out of us. all of those in app purchases are merely optional because they give us loopholes in how to get hourglasses.

now, i don’t care if i get hate and how much i get because in the end it’s a game and i’m not upset about the game. i’m upset that cheritz as a business is giving its consumers what they want and what they ask for but we as consumers are being ungrateful and it’s so rude.

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Frisk could not destroy the world as in the genocidal route and create a new one to recover the reset? If Chara could why not?

apparently chara’s determination is much more powerful than frisk’s.

Which from my point of view and after studying a lot of the lore, I consider it as canon.

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Can I just say I feel like the only one disappointed with Cheritz's announcement? I'm not too into V, and I respect everyone that does, but it just doesn't seem fair. Saeran deserves a route as much as V, but he doesn't seem to get any attention for it. I don't know, maybe not everyone gets their happy endings. I just feel like as the fandom grows older the chances for his own route decrease. Maybe someone will make a fan-route just for him.

No trust me, there are others who are disappointed with Cheritz’s announcement. Just think of it this way, let’s say the love our of loves Saeran got the route instead of V. That means the die hard V lovers would be disappointed. There was no way for everyone to be happy.  I’m glad that you are respecting other peoples choices because I’m hearing that people are bashing Cheritz and that’s not right. 

You know I am in love with Saeran Choi. I really am and while it hurts that he doesn’t have a route, we just have to hold on to the shred of hope that Cheritz will deliever him for us. Perhaps his route will come next year… or it will never come to be quite frank. It does hurt but we just need to support the company and let them know nicely that we want Saeran. That for us, Saeran is our true ending, just like how V is for many others. 

It probably took Cheritz ages to write a route, do phones calls, and bad endings for his route. So perhaps next year for their second anniversary, we will get our Saeran. Now, I know the fandom “dies” after a while and perhaps Cheritz will bring it back alive with the announcement of his route to bring it back “alive” like they did with V. 

What I notice with other OTOME games. the last route has the most angst. Perhaps we are in for a fucking rollercoaster for Saeran and I know we will all be ready. 

Regarding the fan-route, I’m actually thinking of dropping my writing and create a fan route for him. I’m not promising anything, but I am actually thinking about. Like for some of the chapters I will include a poll where you guys decide how the scenario plays out. 

For example,

“Ha, you think you can actually save me? What do you think this is? A fucking fairy tale that mommy and daddy read to you when you were younger?” Saeran hissed as his fingernails digged into your cheeks. 

You refused to back down because you knew you were breaking down his walls. 

“No, I’m not some kind of idiot. I know you are fucked up and hurting. I want to be there for you. Trust me, I’m not going to hurt you…Saeran” you whispered out his name gently afraid of his reaction. 

Saeran’s eyes shot wide open and he backed away slowly. 

“How do you know my name?” his lips trembled while looking into your eyes.

* End of Chapter * 

Then a poll will be posted for two days, and you guys get to vote on what direction the story will take place.

1) Tell him the truth 

2) Say you overhead V and Rika talking 

3) Pretend you didn’t say his name 

So what do you guys think?

Mystic Messenger - V Route Confession

While I was driving home from work today, I had the most horrifying revelation: I am absolutely terrified of what V’s Bad Endings are going to be like. Hands. Down. Terrified

Will he stay with Rika? Will we be unable to save him? Will we lose ourselves trying? Will other RFA members get hurt…?

From there, things just snowballed into manic over-thinking…

I am also absolutely terrified of how much suffering Saeran may endure during V’s route. I am not ready for flashbacks of Rika drugging him, hurting him, manipulating him. I am not prepared to watch V not doing enough to stop it.

Part of me (a huge, HUGE nerd-that-reads-too-much-into-this-game part of me) also feels so guilty when it comes to Jumin. Just… as a fan who loves the addition of Jumin to the Reset Theory (and already has a hard time choosing him over Seven and vice versa), it crushes me to imagine him watching MC a person towards whom he feels so much confusing, awkward affection choosing his best friend instead… again. Rika was never his, of course, but MC…

Finally, overall, I’m just nervous about the way the entire route is going to play out. I mean, really… How in the world will MC (and friends) realistically dismantle the toxic, debilitating obsession that V has confused for love for so long and build a new, healthy (and romantic?) relationship with him in the span of 11 days? I can’t even

When Cheritz originally announced they wouldn’t be making a V route, I confess I was disappointed, but I also kind of understood. Considering V’s very intense characterization, creating a route for him must have been a massive undertaking. I don’t even know how I would cohesively write a fan fiction – something that exists without the game’s time limitations and rating restraints – that would effectively destroy Rika’s hold on V, allow him time to earn forgiveness (and he does need to earn it. I love him, but he’s both done and allowed horrible things to be done to people who trusted him) and accept that forgiveness, heal, and then enter a phase of his life in which he would be mentally ready to experience new love. The sheer magnitude and complexity of that task alone are enough to make me put down my pen – and then to make it all happen in 11 days?!

Man. More power to Chertiz. Really. Despite everything I’m worried about, I am so very grateful to have new content coming and the opportunity to save our sad, blue boi. It also makes me optimistic, just a little bit, that they might (maybepossiblyPLEASE) renege their stance on a Saeran route as well, though I understand creating a route for our mentally shattered troubled Unknown would be an equally if not more grueling ordeal. 

If I could, I would give Cheritz all the coffee and all the hugs for this gift. Unfortunately, they’ll just have to settle for all of my money…

Not every witch agrees 100% or even 1% with your sociopolitical views and I feel the need to repeat this every time I log onto this godforsaken website

Day 22 of august still no sighting of V route, the fandom has begun to fall into despair, people are creating their own routes, they are destroying god 707 monuments because of their desesperation, only a few remain stable watching the riots from their homes.
Our only hope Cheritz it’s nowhere to be seen.
Please tell us where they are.

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Hello! I read all your writings and it's p e r f e c t. If you don't mind and requests are open, i have one for a headcanon: Ravus got a lot of professional paintings with note "from your secret admirer". And later he finds this poor person sketching something or someone, perhaps him.

Aww, thank you for your kind words, Anon! You make a girl blush.

Poor little Ravus, I just want to give him a big warm hug. I hope I got your request right, here goes…

✓ On his birthday, which Ravus never makes a fuss about, he receives an unexpected parcel from an anonymous sender.
✓ Inside the parcel is a small painting of the Tenebraean sylleblossom plains, with a small, handwritten note wishing him a happy birthday, “from your admirer.”
✓ Ravus is not used to attention, and he tries to ask Luna to help him figure out who the painting is from. She insists he must work it out himself.
✓ A month later, another parcel appears, with a bigger painting. This begins a slew of paintings arriving, approximately once a month, for the next year or so. The subjects are always related to places or objects in and around the palace.
✓ He asks around to figure out who the paintings are from. Every time a new one arrives, his heart warms - it’s one of the few gestures of affection he has received for many years since his childhood.
✓ One evening, looking at the paintings all laid out against the side of his bedroom wall, he realizes that if he puts them in a certain order, and connects the locations, they create a route through the palace.
✓ Getting up instantly, he draws a little map on a piece of paper, then hurries out, following the directions, checking to see the subject of each painting as he walks along.
✓ Finally he arrives at the servants’ quarters, where most of the palace attendants reside. He runs through the corridors, as the map ends there, unsure where to turn to next.
✓ Frustrated, he walks out into the courtyard, but it’s there that he sees a figure sat under oil lanterns, with pages, paints and canvas laid out around them. Approaching them quietly from behind, he sees sketches on the floor that look a little bit like himself.
✓ He lays his hand on the artist’s shoulder, very softly, but the artist startles and turns around to see him smiling gently. “It was you,” he utters tenderly, as the artist realizes they’ve been discovered.
✓ “You always seemed so sad, sir,” the artist responds, unsure of how Ravus feels about the situation. 
✓ “Not anymore,” Ravus responds smiling, kneeling down next to the artist, taking their hand. “Not anymore.”

The whole entire fandom wants a Saeran route. I’m sure Cheritz will give it to us. We have to be patient. It takes a LONG time to create a route and the answers and code that all. They probably started V’s route a while ago. While I’m disappointed too, the fandom needs to stop bashing Cheritz. Be lucky they actually take our ideas into consideration. They don’t have to do that.

I’ve seen on other posts it’ll be hard to make choices for Saeran’s route because he’s so mentally unstable. The poor baby has been through so much. And I really want a Saeran route, but be happy for the people who wanted to get a V route! So many people have been asking for it. And people please stop bashing Cheritz. They’re trying their best! Who knows~? Cheritz might just surprise us! We won’t know of course~

I don’t like seeing the hate on V or on Cheritz. Nobody needs to worry Cheritz will take care of a lot. Maybe they’re trying to write his route now! We’ll see~

Will Solace & Drew Tanaka

i have suddenly fallen into this new friendship/BROTP and i’m not planning on leaving anytime soon.

  • Will and Drew are actually really crafty campers and enjoy most crafts and things.  They’re mostly into friendship bracelets.  Will has tons of bracelets up and down his arms (along with plenty of other things).  Drew will colour coordinate her bracelets for her outfit but is constantly wearing one because, duh, her best friend made her one.
  • The only reason that Will ever got earrings is because Drew dared him to (also bribing him with a month of massages and $50) and he hasn’t regretted it yet.
  • Drew was the first person Will went to when he started crushing on guys like Charles and Percy.  It was also Drew who told him to pursue Nico.
  • Although lacking musical talent, the pair loves to sing while they do things, whether it be while doing dish duty or painting their nails or just hanging out.  
  • Drew and Will dominate Capture the Flag when their cabins are put together.  
  • After the war with Gaea, Drew stopped using her Charmspeak, just because Will asked her.  He had decided that he didn’t like it, especially since Gaea could make so many people do so many terrible things.
  • When Will is working in the infirmary and doesn’t leave for days, Drew will frequently get injured just to sit in there with him without being chastised that she needs to be somewhere else.
  • Drew has terrible nightmares about her father constantly and will sneak out of her own cabin down to the Apollo cabin.  She then knocks on the door and demands to come in, where she’ll sleep with Will that night.
  • Most see Drew as extremely arrogant and rude but, Will knows that it’s all a mask to hide all of her insecurities, things that only Will and Frank Zhang (her other good friend) have seen before.  Most will ask Will why he hangs out with her/affiliates with someone so mean but, he just shrugs and claims that the person doesn’t know Drew like he does.
  • Will and Drew balance each other out.  While Drew can be rude, Will is never afraid to remind her that kindness is a better route.  (This creates better connotations of Drew to the rest of camp).  While Will can be too kind sometimes or often stepped on, Drew also frequently reminds him that he can say ‘no’ to different people.
  • The two are extremely dynamic together and are fun to watch as they constantly tease each other.
  • Drew loves to play with Will’s hair, whether it’s for fun or for a date with Nico.
  • Drew is always open to listen to Will blabber on about how amazing his boyfriend is and she will always cut in with reasons to say why he’s even more great than that.
  • Drew has a photographic memory and Will is always forgetting everything so, he’s constantly asking Drew where he may have placed something in his cabin or in the infirmary.
  • Will is the only one that Drew doesn’t call her pet names (hon, sweetheart, etc).