creating laws

Four successful Republican scams that have changed American politics in the last 40 years:

1. That income tax cuts are good for poor, working and middle class people. (Compared to property tax and sales tax cuts, income tax cuts affect poor, working and middle class very little.)

2. That “they” – racial and ethnic minorities – benefit from social programs like welfare, housing subsidies, public transportation, and higher education, but “we” – white people – don’t. (Since there are LOTS more white people in America, even now, than “not white” people, simple math suggests most beneficiaries of social programs are white. And they are.)

3. That the “free market” can lead to the least expensive, highest quality solution to social and political problems. (Many social and political problems, after all, involve situations where no one has any money, so the “free market” has no reason to touch them.)

4. That the “free market” means that government must not intervene in the market, and must allow whatever the market determines to actually take place.(The “free market” requires government to pass laws, create courts, and run a stable banking system to make the market work smoothly.)

These four ideas have convinced millions of Americans to smile and wave as rich people rob them blind.


From the Liberals new marijuana law, they’re creating new criminal offences.

If you give or sell cannabis to youth or use youth to break a cannabis related offence you could face 14 years in prison. The same 14 year maximum penalty will apply to bringing marijuana across international borders.

Capricorn - Cosmic Carriage 

From the highest pillar palace in the land, a weary Saturn princess rests her pretty little head. Her view from the mountain top balcony is exquisite and she stands maternally, sympathetically, and lovingly guarding her commoners.
Her palace is filled with gold and silver rings, replicas of her battles and triumphs with Saturn. Saturn would call her his chosen one and marvel at her ability to overcome any landslide he directed to block her path. She could be like a Goddess, throwing invisible swords into wars that only she could see and conquer. Mars exalts in Capricorn and there is no lack of fight and fear strangling her bones. She was caged by the fire breathing dragon and forced to escape by herself, she was given no mother or father to direct her, she didn’t write about a Prince Charming coming to save her, she abolished luck for labour, and given no option for failure. She knew as a young child that she was destined for greatness and began her upward climb the moment she could set goals and replicate what the adults were doing. As a child she protested her own small size and lack of autonomy, and she couldn’t wait to finally be able to provide herself with everything she needed, because no one ever had before.

She relentlessly works on behalf of her palace and people, they are like her family. And she is the same with her little family. She wants to provide, create righteous law, support, and lead the way with expertise. As they look up at her as Queen, she inspires followers with resolve and admirable strength of character. She is a Queen that rules alone and can see the personal potential in each of her subjects, encouraging them toward a life of greatness and pride. From this high pillar in the land the lights can be blinding and striking. Her silver Saturn rings flicker like cosmic gems and everything she has worked so hard to build for herself illuminates around and within her. But it can also be dark around the palace, the Saturn shadow can brood, and intimidate, and she can glue grey clouds in the sky with her sad and despairing moods, causing acid rain to fall on her palace. This is her self destruction creeping in as she begins writing her success story, because she gets heavy waves of hopelessness, inadequacy, undeservingness, and feeling like it’s all too much for her. Of course it isn’t, she is not just a cosmic diplomat but she has fought wars for her people and built everything by hand. With her sweetly structured bones she may look delicate as she sleeps, but God rests while she does, filling her dreams with more visions.


art: Mark Ryden

The reason most of us fail to realize our desires is because we are constantly conditioning them. Do not condition your desire. Just accept it as it comes to you. Give thanks for it to the point that you are grateful for having already received it, then go about your way in peace.
—  Neville Goddard “At your Command” 
Attraction--Be the Beacon

1. Want what you want, unabashedly.

Sometimes it can feel hard to get clear on what you actually want. But I call BS on that. I think a lot of the times we say we don’t know what we want because we’re either afraid we can’t have it, so we pretend we don’t want it to save ourselves the disappointment, or we think we’re not worthy of it.

We pretend we don’t know.

I’m inviting you to want what you want, my friend. Unabashedly. You don’t have to tell the people in your life about it who are cranky and judgy. In fact, I recommend that you don’t. But want it. Write it down. Taste it. Feel it. Touch it. Enjoy daydreaming about it. (Often this is the best part anyway, like getting ready for a party. The anticipation and the enjoyment of the preparation is so good!)

2. Let it go.

While this may feel antithetical to item number one, it’s not. When we white-knuckle our desires, we often suffocate them. And those beauties need to breathe. When you’re willing to let go of it needing to turn out a certain way or look a certain way, your desires have the freedom to surprise you by being even better than you could have imagined (or even more transformative for your soul, which doesn’t always feel better, but it is in the end).

3. Be the egg.

My mom talks about “egg wisdom” and the fact that quite literally, the egg sits still and emits a signal that sends the sperm wildly swimming towards it, vying for its attention. The egg doesn’t go running around trying to find the sperm, she doesn’t text the sperm a million times a day, and she doesn’t worry whether or not they’re coming. She just sits there knowing full well that at the right time, the sperm will come. And that she doesn’t need to be anything other than what she is in order for that to happen. She also chooses which sperm she’ll let in and she has the ability to repair her chosen sperm’s DNA if it needs repairing.

We all have this egg wisdom within us. In fact, we were born with it. All of the eggs you will ever have were within your body the day you were born. You don’t have to learn this. You are this.

When it comes to your desires, be the egg.

Know that they’ll come madly swimming toward you when the time is right. Yes, of course, you want to do the things you need to do to make your desires known and put the wheels in motion, but then just be the egg.

Egg your desires on. They’ll come to you.

Getting what you want doesn’t have to mean working your ass off. Let it be easy.


It takes courage to follow your dreams.

It takes courage to stand for what you believe in.

It takes courage to follow your passion.

It takes courage to say no to others in order to say yes to yourself.

It takes courage to choose you first over others.

Everything is a choice and it takes courage, faith, a belief in yourself and a commitment to create your desires.

You can do this, believe in yourself - because I do.

You can’t attract what you WANT if you don’t believe it can be yours

a very simple yet complex Universal “law” so to speak.

Think about it, we ARE consciousness, the Universe, creation, God energy or whatever you resonate with calling it. And as we know, it is our vibratory frequency that creates our reality. It’s the energy we exude that is reflected back to us in our reality, this is the energy that creates the world we see. And it IS easily changed!
This is just an example to get you thinking about being a creator of your reality:
Think about when you wake up and stub your toe, drop your toothbrush and hit traffic on your way to work making you late. Odds are this cycle started when you stubbed your toe and instead of thinking “Ha, okay that hurt but it’s over now”, maybe you thought. “Damn, that hurt, why is my life so awful?” or “OW! This is the day I am going to have? Great?…” or “Why does this always happen to me?” or something along that negative way of thinking. And that’s okay, you can think whatever you want, but just remember this does set off a domino reaction. You thought things weren’t working for you, so they continued not to, and you continued to think that. Even though it isn’t even a little bit true (you deserve good things). You inadvertently created a negative cycle, which again is perfectly okay, there is nothing wrong with this. We are human and we have to learn these lessons!
Of course we go through life with certain beliefs that have been molded, and changed, and evolved as we learn lessons and grow as humans. But sometimes it’s these underlying beliefs that hold us back from getting what we really want.
NEWSFLASH! You can have absolutely ANYTHING you want in life, the perfect relationship, the beautiful car, the great job, the nice house (if you choose these things and they resonate with you). The only thing that could possibly stop you is your mind. That is it!  
So sometimes you need to look at what you believe and shift it or change it completely in order to get into a better receiving state for what you want. Do you believe that you are worthy of everything you want? Do you believe that you are one with creation, and the Universe, and that you could have something appear just because you simply desire it? Do you believe you are worthy of being happy? or loved? or wealthy? Or do you believe that you are always “just making it by” or  that “love isn’t something you can have”? 
Get to these beliefs, and change the ones that make you feel bad. The only reason they make you feel bad is because your higher self, the Universe, and any other high vibratory frequencies know that they are 100% UNTRUE. 
While it takes time to change some beliefs because you have had them for a very long time and it’s sort of “natural” for you to think of them, you CAN change them. And the SECOND you do everything around you will change. I know firsthand, I have seen these things happen! 
Ask for what you want always, and KNOW that you CAN have it, and more importantly that you ARE worthy of it.
Change your beliefs, change your thoughts, change your life! Take back your power!