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Academic word list

The Academic Word List (AWL) contains 570 word families which were selected because they appear with great frequency in a broad range of academic texts. The list does not include words that are in the most frequent 2000 words of English (the General Service List), thus making it specific to academic contexts. 

Group 1

sector • available • financial • process • individual • specific • principle • estimate • variables • method • data • research • contract • environment • export • source • assessment • policy • identified • create • derived • factors • procedure • definition • assume • theory • benefit • evidence • established • authority • major • issues • labour • occur • economic • involved • percent • interpretation • consistent • income • structure • legal • concept • formula • section • required • constitutional • analysis • distribution • function • area • approach • role • legislation • indicate • response • period • context • significant • similar •

Group 2

community • resident • range • construction • strategies • elements • previous • conclusion • security • aspects • acquisition • features • text • commission • regulations • computer • items • consumer • achieve • final • positive • evaluation • assistance • normal • relevant • distinction • region • traditional • impact • consequences • chapter • equation • appropriate • resources • participation • survey • potential • cultural • transfer • select • credit • affect • categories • perceived • sought • focus • purchase • injury • site • journal • primary • complex • institute • investment • administration • maintenance • design • obtained • restricted • conduct •

Group 3

comments • convention • published • framework • implies • negative • dominant • illustrated • outcomes • constant • shift • deduction • ensure • specified • justification • funds • reliance • physical • partnership • location • link • coordination • alternative • initial • validity • task • techniques • excluded • consent • proportion • demonstrate • reaction • criteria • minorities • technology • philosophy • removed • sex • compensation • sequence • corresponding • maximum • circumstances • instance • considerable • sufficient • corporate • interaction • contribution • immigration • component • constraints • technical • emphasis • scheme • layer • volume • document • registered • core •

Group 4

overall • emerged • regime • implementation • project • hence • occupational • internal • goals • retained • sum • integration • mechanism • parallel • imposed • despite • job • parameters • approximate • label • concentration • principal • series • predicted • summary • attitudes • undertaken • cycle • communication • ethnic • hypothesis • professional • status • conference • attributed • annual • obvious • error • implications • apparent • commitment • subsequent • debate • dimensions • promote • statistics • option • domestic • output • access • code • investigation • phase • prior • granted • stress • civil • contrast • resolution • adequate

Group 5

alter • stability • energy • aware • licence • enforcement • draft • styles • precise • medical • pursue • symbolic • marginal • capacity • generation • exposure • decline • academic • modified • external • psychology • fundamental • adjustment • ratio • whereas • enable • version • perspective • contact • network • facilitate • welfare • transition • amendment • logic • rejected • expansion • clause • prime • target • objective • sustainable • equivalent • liberal • notion • substitution • generated • trend • revenue • compounds • evolution • conflict • image • discretion • entities • orientation • consultation • mental • monitoring • challenge •

Group 6

intelligence • transformation • presumption • acknowledged • utility • furthermore • accurate • diversity • attached • recovery • assigned • tapes • motivation • bond • edition • nevertheless • transport • cited • fees • scope • enhanced • incorporated • instructions • subsidiary • input • abstract • ministry • capable • expert • preceding • display • incentive • inhibition • trace • ignored • incidence • estate • cooperative • revealed • index • lecture • discrimination • overseas • explicit • aggregate • gender • underlying • brief • domain • rational • minimum • interval • neutral • migration • flexibility • federal • author • initiatives • allocation • exceed •

Group 7

intervention • confirmed • definite • classical • chemical • voluntary • release • visible • finite • publication • channel • file • thesis • equipment • disposal • solely • deny • identical • submitted • grade • phenomenon • paradigm • ultimately • extract • survive • converted • transmission • global • inferred • guarantee • advocate • dynamic • simulation • topic • insert • reverse • decades • comprise • hierarchical • unique • comprehensive • couple • mode • differentiation • eliminate • priority • empirical • ideology • somewhat • aid • foundation • adults • adaptation • quotation • contrary • media • successive • innovation • prohibited • isolated •

Group 8

highlighted • eventually • inspection • termination • displacement • arbitrary • reinforced • denote • offset • exploitation • detected • abandon • random • revision • virtually • uniform • predominantly • thereby • implicit • tension • ambiguous • vehicle • clarity • conformity • contemporary • automatically • accumulation • appendix • widespread • infrastructure • deviation • fluctuations • restore • guidelines • commodity • minimises • practitioners • radical • plus • visual • chart • appreciation • prospect • dramatic • contradiction • currency • inevitably • complement • accompany • paragraph • induced • schedule • intensity • crucial • via • exhibit • bias • manipulation • theme • nuclear •

Group 9

bulk • behalf • unified • commenced • erosion • anticipated • minimal • ceases • vision • mutual • norms • intermediate • manual • supplementary • incompatible • concurrent • ethical • preliminary • integral • conversely • relaxed • confined • accommodation • temporary • distorted • passive • subordinate • analogous • military • scenario • revolution • diminished • coherence • suspended • mature • assurance • rigid • controversy • sphere • mediation • format • trigger • qualitative • portion • medium • coincide • violation • device • insights • refine • devoted • team • overlap • attained • restraints • inherent • route • protocol • founded • duration •

Group 10

whereby • inclination • encountered • convinced • assembly • albeit • enormous • reluctant • posed • persistent • undergo • notwithstanding • straightforward • panel • odd • intrinsic • compiled • adjacent • integrity • forthcoming • conceived • ongoing • so-called • likewise • nonetheless • levy • invoked • colleagues • depression • collapse •

my absolute least favourite thing is when people accuse bisexual individuals they know are bisexual as being done their “lesbian” or “gay” phase because they’ve moved from a relationship from a girl to a guy or vice versa.

We all cope with the current political atmosphere in our own ways.  Caleb had to join the group because I feel that comic Caleb would be so repulsed by animated Caleb that he would dive head first into feminism.  

COLLEGE AU because we all have our coping mechanisms in these dark times…As the girls move into the next stage of their lives, they embrace saving the world in the more subtle, complex ways of social justice  The group still goes on magical adventures, but they’re more focused on their lives on Earth and creating change there.  

  1. Will identifies as Genderqueer and Trans.  Everyone is supporting and accepting and its not a big deal.  Matt was 100% on board and actually helped Will figure it out.  Everyone teases her about her Brokeback Mountain jacket but she loves it.  She’s currently trying to enter the Coast Guard.  She also works for the Trevor Project on the weekends and still volunteers at the animal shelter. 
  2.  William, Will’s little brother, is deaf.  They figured it out by the time he was 18 months old, and Will has learned sign language.  She’s teaching everyone she knows.  
  3. Irma gains a lot of weight during community college, but instead of hating herself like she did in high school, she embraces body positivity and a healthy life style.  She’s also really invested in teaching people about safe sex and sex positivity.  She was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia during college, explaining a lot of her earlier school troubles in middle school and high school.
  4. Taranee is really into PoC activism with Hay Hay.  They go to lots of rallies and protests together.  Taranee is currently a double major as a lawyer and a dance major and Hay Lin is going to art school to become an animator.  Taranee, although not featured above, is currently reevaluating her sexuality after a long string of disastrous boyfriends.  She’ll get back to us on it.  
  5. Hay Lin identifies as asexual and heteroromantic. Hay Lin has crippling anxiety that she’s finally seeing a school therapist about.  
  6. Cornelia and Peter are living together while Cornelia goes to school.  They have an open relationship and Cornelia is also with Elyon.  It was hard and confusing at first but Peter and Cornelia’s relationship has only grown stronger for it.  Corny commutes to Meridian every two weeks.  Elyon identifies as demisexual / panromantic and Cornelia identifies as bisexual / biromantic. Peter and Caleb are beginning to explore a romance on the side as well, but neither of them know how to talk about their feelings.  Caleb is confused about labels (since he was a flower) and Peter is currently using the label bisexual, although he’s not sure if that’s completely right.   
  7. Cornelia is now much happier on antidepressant medications.  She was resistant to taking them for a while but finally came around.  
  8. Elyon suffers PTSD but she’s working through it with the help of her friends.  Hay Lin talked her into coming back to earth every so often to see a therapist, and Elyon is trying to get a mental health program started up in Meridian.  She’s determined to continue with her education on earth, but she can only take one part time class at a time, so it’s slow going.  
  9. Cornelia is adamant about teaching Lillian feminism far sooner than she learned it.  
When we want to create, how can we invoke beauty to inspire us?

Let us imagine a bird that is flying in the firmament. It is constantly flying, flying. When we look at the bird, immediately we are fascinated by its capacity. We cannot fly, but we have the capacity to identify ourselves with its action. If we look at the bird while we are in a meditative mood, we feel as if we are also flying. At that time, our inner being is flying; our aspiration is flying. When you want to create something, you want to invoke beauty to inspire you. So at that time, you have to identify yourself with someone who is creating. You want to do something unique, but the type of thing that you want to do somebody has already done or is doing. Only you want to surpass him. So try to identify yourself with the consciousness of the person who has already done the thing or with the person himself, and try to get inspiration, aspiration and capacity from him. If you want to write something spiritual, read my writings and identify with them. If you want to draw something, take your ideal artist and identify with his creation. But you have to be careful. An artist may have a very bad character. His creations may be divine, but his character may be undivine. In that case, don’t identify with the creator but identify with the creation only. If you identify with a creation of beauty, that beauty will inspire you to create something beautiful. Identify, identify, identify. Identification is not imitation. Far from it! But if you identify with something and get the capacity or quality or essence of that thing, then you can develop it and increase it in your own way.

- Sri Chinmoy, A galaxy of beauty’s stars

Love can't be understood; therefore it must be destroyed

I’m alone
like we all
are and will be

even if we die together
the likelihood of both going
at the same time is almost
astronomical in planetless
doubel-counted improbability

our break in reason, loss
of logic explode, deafeningly
finishing us
blanketing ash the final time

we speak only in phrases
we created to identify things
we created
we even created new words for older
things as if we own our emotions,
know the lands we populate

so many notions
of love learned from silver screens,
Netflix streams, the belief of love
being our steel beamed (building)

love isn’t a box office flick,
something you finish fucking
making eye contact
as you cum
love isn’t a (building)
up to city code

love is buried under
eight-feet of snow
in a four-foot town
with no movie theatre

finishes in your
preferred hole,
doggy style

love is a demolition
crumpling floors like paper
hell’s ashes blanket
onlookers as beams break,
snapping from pressure,
collapsing from the
explosive enlightenment
we never knew love

at all


The Brentaal Futures Program

From what I could glean, the Brentaal Futures Program is a four year accelerated college program with an option for pursuing graduate studies afterwards. Students enter the program at age 15, graduate at 19, and then can spend an indeterminate number of years in grad school if they wish to do so.

As we all know, Galen and Krennic met in the program, became fast friends, and Krennic fended off Galen’s bullies.

However, there are two things to take into account here:

  • Krennic was 15 when he met Galen ¹.
  • Galen is four years older than Krennic ², meaning he was 19 at the time and would have been either a senior or just starting his graduate courses.

Please feel free to imagine Krennic as a feisty 15yo telling some 20+ year olds to fuck off.

1. Catalyst
2. Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide


is a very annoying thing to figure out for oneself

Pixis, manga and anime

Hey, so this is a companion to the Pixis analysis I wrote months ago. In that post, I argued that, although Pixis masquerades as a comic character, his introduction has a dark undertone that highlights his fear of death. I really love how Isayama creates such depth in even side characters. Now, to support that, here I compare Pixis’s introduction scene in the manga (Chapter 12) to the anime (Episode 10). The anime erases many of the elements I identified as creating a dark interpretation, playing the scene purely for comedy; in doing this, the anime highlights how much darker the scene actually is in the manga.

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Social Media Personas

Anyone who wondered whether brands as large as One Direction would selectively present information on social media to perpetuate a particular image believed to be the most advantageous to their bottom line, here’s an email I just got in my inbox:

“We’re the only company that has mapped Twitter’s entire social graph of connections, content and following behavior and married it with offline data so that you can quickly and easily build personas and gain new insights and we’ve done this at scale across millions of consumers. In other words, we’re the only provider to join highly unstructured social signals with offline insights to build a more informed customer persona.

We work with agencies for brands including Kraft, Procter & Gamble and GM to enable them to build personas, win new business pitches and inform their content and brand strategy.”

A “persona” is a made-up marketing target that companies identify and name to give it more validity and personality. Remember the Sony leak slides?

“Casual, Manchester” is a 1D persona they identified. They range from “casual” to “superfan” which is 1) not very creative or insightful 2) actually explains a lot about what we’ve all noticed is a two-pronged approach to their PR campaigns: there’s a fandom level campaign for “superfans” and there’s the general public campaign for “casual” fans. 

My point is, here’s a company that works with major brands that helps these brands identify and create these personas. Sony didn’t pull them out of their asses. They’ve spent years executing plans to cater specifically to these personas. 

I have now created a way to identify which black haired blue eyed boy is which, by their hair. 

Is it a luscious flowing mane, like a majestic raven colored lion?

probably Dick then

Is it kind of curved, like an arch, and also may or may not have a white streak in it depending on how competent the authors are?

most likely Jason

Is it the kind of hair you look at and say, “get a haircut you hippie”?

Thats Tim

is it short and bristle but also absolutely adorable and you kind of just want to sit there vigorously rubbing it?

Damian then

for jaydick week, day 1: “first kiss”, i have created a tool to identify batfam fans over the age of 30

i am embarrassed to exist in the same universe as this picture. why did you do this, self. why.

“The creators of The Sims are allowing users to customise their characters’ gender for the first time.

Earlier versions of the series restricted specific clothing, hair styles and other options to either male or female characters.

An update available now will remove gender boundaries and allow players to create virtual people with any type of physique, walking style or voice.

The studio said in a statement that it wanted to “make sure players can create characters they can identify with or relate to through powerful tools that give them influence over a Sims’ gender, age, ethnicity, body type and more”.

The producer also said that players can now change their Sims’ gender at any time and specify whether they can have sex with other characters.

She said publisher Maxis had been working with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group Glaad on the update.”

Seriously though how cool is this? I remember playing when I was younger and having to play as a boy because I wanted my character to wear the clothing options. This actually makes me want to buy the new one rather than keep playing the old version. Not to mention the beginning of widespread recognition and awareness this is showing!

alright so I just read this article by Kotaku re: Zarya being headcanoned as a lesbian and I have a few thoughts:

nonlesbians need to stop bringing up this nonexistent issue of “stereotyping” when talking about butch coded characters. butch lesbians exist, and they deserve the same recognition and love that femme lesbians get (as laughably little as that may be).

Zarya is heavily coded as butch. sure, having short dyed hair or being muscular doesn’t automatically make someone a lesbian. but here’s the thing that straight people don’t seem to understand: these stereotypes exist because we use these them to mark ourselves as lesbians. 

it’s not offensive for Zarya to be a lesbian because these aren’t stereotypes projected onto us by straight people, but conventions we created to identify other lesbians.

throughout the whole article, the author doesn’t stop to examine why so many LBPQ women have been drawn to Zarya. it’s not just that she’s attractive. it’s not just that she’s a great character. it’s her coding as a butch lesbian that’s pinging all of our gaydars.

given the abysmally low survival rate of LBPQ women in media, we’re all desperate for meaningful representation. we cling to any character that we can reasonably (and sometimes unreasonably) headcanon as lesbian.

Zarya is the first character in a long, long time where I and many other fans feel like our hopes might actually become canon.

There is an intuitive knowing within us that we are eternal but this gets covered over with the noise we create while identifying with the impermanent.
—  Mooji