creating collective access

please share! help sick and disabled folks attend this year's allied media conference. thanks!
Creating Collective Access 2012 Needs Your Help!

We are Creating Collective Access at the 2012 Allied Media Conference and we need your help. We’re putting together a fundraising video that will live on IndieGoGo and help us raise the necessary funds to organize this year’s Creating Collective Access.

Want to help us raise the money? Here’s what we need from you…

Do you have any pictures and/or video of Creating Collective Access from 2010 or 2011?

We’re looking for people who have participated (and benefited from) in Creating Collective Access to record and upload video of yourselves talking about that experience.

We’re also hoping to get videos of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses in our networks, talking about how media has helped shape access in your life, and about your experiences with CCA and AMC in the past.

Are you interested in recording and uploading a video about your experiences? Do you have photos or videos of former conferences? Please contact us ( and help us create the fundraising campaign that will make Creating Collective Access a success at the 2012 Allied Media Conference.

What is Creating Collective Access?

We are a cosmic practice space happening all over the AMC, with the goal of making the conference more accessible and awesome for folks with disabilities and chronic illnesses. We are practicing the kind of community access, support, and love we know is possible, building fierce community and support by and for disabled and chronically ill folks! We are building on past work at the AMC  to create a sustainable model for crip-led, community-supported access. By building relationships, care, crip/disabled solidarity and solidarity with allies we are empowering those who have been traditionally marginalized, especially queer and trans* people, women, and gender non-conforming disabled/chronically ill people of color. We are resisting the individualization of access in movements and envisioning new ways of building community and being in movement spaces.

Our organizers this year are A’ishah Hils, Savannah Nicole Logsdon-Breakstone, billie rain, and Rachel Gadd-Nelson. Our advisors are Stacey Milbern and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha.

What is the Allied Media Conference?

“The Allied Media Conference offers hands-on trainings and strategy sessions in a wide-range of media practices.

Through the AMC, held every summer in Detroit, we unite the worlds of media, art, technology, education and social justice. Participants build knowledge and relationships that continue to grow throughout the year.”