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I Lost It (Part 1 of 3)

Summary: We follow Bucky as he describes the three times in his life where he has ‘lost it’ with you. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader (from Bucky’s POV)

Warnings: bumbling Bucky, none for this part, fluff?… idk reader beware

Word Count: 1,000ish

A/N: So, instead of quitting, I’m gonna to post instead. This is tiny, little, mini-series to dip my toes back into the water. I’d LOVE to get some feedback and be re-inspired to create once again. Gonna try to finish the next two parts in the next day or so. 

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I must’ve missed the ignition ten times from how bad my hands were trembling. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. It was time. I just couldn’t have her as my girlfriend anymore. So, dinner was planned —somewhere very public— a handkerchief folded neatly in my pocket, and every move I made felt surreal. The last five years had flown by.

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The (Soft) Squip Enters

This is a bit of writing I did for the Soft!Squip AU by @sinisterspooks ! Guys check it out at @softsquip it is a really really good! Enjoy :)

Also, have this posted on AO3 

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Safe Space

“There is something we need to talk about.”

Alec looks up from his cup of coffee to Magnus who is staring at him from across the breakfast table with his “serious business” face. He tries not to wince, considering he had been looking forward to a full day without ‘serious business’. With the Institute in an uproar, it has been harder than ever to get a calm day with Magnus.

“Okay,” Alec says, “what’s wrong?”

Magnus chuckles slightly and reaches across the table to grab his hand, “nothing is wrong per say. Though it does say something amusing about the state of our lives if that is the first place your mind jumps to.”

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (5)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 5 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 3,096

You sat silently on the bed, knees tucked under your chin and looking at the ground. It was silent now, Chanyeol had just finished telling the man in the room everything that had happened and how he knew you. By now the sun had risen you were guessing that it was around 10 A.M. but you couldn’t check since your phone had been smashed, and if Chanyeol had a clock in this room then you still hadn’t found it.

“So why don’t you just tell her then?” The dark haired man asked Chanyeol, sitting next to you on the bed making your muscles tense, you scooted down the bed a little bit further to create a distance but stopped when he placed a hand on your knee. “Don’t worry I don’t bite. Well not unless you force me to. Relax, okay?” He smiled at you and it seemed genuine, but you couldn’t let your guard down around any of these men. Not after what Sehun and Minseok did to you before. You could easily misread any of them. You had misread your own friend for Christ’s sake, so they were no exception.
“I’m Yixing. I’m probably the nicest kid on the block if I do say so myself.” He pressed his fingers to his lips to stop himself from laughing. “Actually Baekhyun is quite nice too, but I have to be my own hype man otherwise who else will hype me up? Right?!” He smiled again looking at you putting you at ease a little. So long as you didn’t piss Yixing off he would be this friendly to you, definitely doable you thought to yourself.
 “Anyway this is what happens around here” his face turning blank and serious within a matter of milliseconds it was as though he was a different person, like he was possessed by a different spirit.

“No Yixing, stop.” Chanyeol said, stepping forward away from the desk that he was leaning on.

“Why not? Don’t you want your friend to survive?  She’s going to have to know the ins and outs of this place if she’s going to manipulate the guys Chan. Especially Minseok, Kyungsoo and Junmyeon.” He turned back around to face you, his face still clouded with a stern expression and suddenly you didn’t know if you wanted to hear it.
“Let’s cut the corners and all the sugar coated shit. Want to know what we do Y/N? We’re killers. We kill people that’s our profession, that’s what we do. You can call it, or us, whatever you want; mafia, gangsters, henchmen, hit men or whatever. But at the end of the day we’re murderers, of course we have a reason and purpose for what we’re doing, you may choose to view us as the good guys or the bad guys; we really couldn’t give a shit, but we’ll leave that story for another day. We’re trained to kill, trained to be aggressive, we’re trained to hate to some extent. We’re men that are easily triggered, some more so than others and that is why you need to understand Y/N that you can’t go around doing things you want to do, acting in the opposite way of orders your given, because we’re the type of men that aren’t used to being told no. Step out of line and we’ll kill you. You’re lucky you’ve survived this long. Follow the rules and you’ll be fine, doing everything Chanyeol tells you to do and you’ll be fine. Bottom line is you’re never going back home. You’ve seen too much. What you saw in the club was not meant for your eyes and you can blame Chan for that later.” He turned to face Chanyeol and shook his head.
 “And now you know too much, so your only option is living here with us under this roof. Unless of course you’d prefer to die then that can easily be arranged” He stopped for a moment turning to look at you. Chanyeol looked at you too, he was staring with worry and you noticed his fingers tapping lightly on his desk. Something he did when he was nervous. You didn’t say anything and paused for a moment your head was a mess, your ‘friend’ , that you’d known for 10 years to be precise, who had made you feel so safe and at home whenever you were with him, was a cold blooded killer.

Yixing sighed “Look Y/N you have to understand that Chanyeol has always been trying to keep you safe, this isn’t something he could just tell you, that’s why you’ve never known and it would be better if you didn’t know but here we are. I guess it’s just a really unfortunate circumstance. You were at the wrong place at the wrong time. But now that you know the basics don’t step out of line of line, huh? It’s not just your head on the line here remember that” He looked up at Chanyeol and back down at you, “He’s already in so much trouble.”
You looked up at Chanyeol frowning deeply and shaking your head

  “I’m not sure I care about Chanyeol now” You felt your heart burning and tears pricking the back of your eyes, because you know that you didn’t mean it. Of course you cared for Chanyeol, how could you not? You’d been so close for ten years. But he’d got you into so much shit, why did he bring you to that club when he knew the dangers of you being there? You saw him lower his head in disappointment; whether it was because he was disappointed in himself or what you had just said you didn’t know but quite frankly you didn’t really care at this point in time, the sight of him was making you feel sick.

“You don’t mean that.” Yixing sighed, “I promise the anger will wear off sooner or later. Do you think we all wanted to be here? Do you think these are the jobs we dreamed of when we were in school, living in the shadows when we could be living in lovely houses? All i’m saying Y/N is that time is a healer and so you just have to wait it out. Just don’t fuck up okay.” He rubbed your shoulder and gave you a weak smile. At this point in time he was proving to a better, more supportive friend then Chanyeol. “Anyway enough of that touchy feely shit” he laughed “I think it’s worth telling you what the boys are like so you know who to avoid and how to handle them. I mean technically you should avoid all of us, we’re all killers right?” He smiled giving you a playful look.
“Anyway from the top. You already know us two.” He pointed at himself and Chanyeol. “If you need advice obviously your first point of call would be Chanyeol since you’re like a married couple” He laughed to himself clapping his hands together “But if he’s not available you’ll want to find me or Baekhyun we’re the approachable ones. “Junmyeon can be pretty cool, if you abide by him you’ll be fine. But he’s the one who calls the shots around here, I guess you could kind of call him the ring leader so don’t piss him off otherwise he can blow your brains out in half a second.” You took an extra moment to register this as you really weren’t aiming to be blown to scraps of flesh, nodding you signalled for Yixing to carry on.
“Jongdae is okay too, but he can be kind of annoying and whiney at times, unless you like that kind of thing.  Now Jongin –” He scoffed lightly, shaking his head “Jongin isn’t too bad, but he likes women way too much. Unless you want that kind of thing.”
“What do you mean?” You raised an eyebrow at Yixing, waiting for him to explain. He laughed at you for being so oblivious making you feel embarrassed.
“He’s a womaniser Y/N, if you give him the chance you’ll be in his bed tonight, so stay away from him. Unless of course you want to get fu –”

“Ahh, stop it, we get the point” Chanyeol said putting his hand up. You noticed that he was still tapping his fingers on the desk, meaning he was still nervous.

“Okay now these three are the ones you should be on high alert for.” He stared directly into your eyes, as if to make sure you understood the intensity and seriousness of what he was about to tell you. “Kyungsoo is …” he paused for a moment. “Just stay away from Kyungsoo.”

“Why?” You asked “It’s not that I want to be near him but…I mean has he got a bad track record?”

“We all have bad track records Y/N” Yixing frowned, clearing his throat and looking between you and Chanyeol awkwardly. “Anyway Kyungsoo can be a bit…funny. He’s not the most approachable, he doesn’t like being spoken to or bothered for that matter, so just leave him alone unless he directs a question at you. He can be really irritable and his anger might get out of control if you pester him too much. So just stay away from him.” He took a breath and continued
“You’ll want to keep your distance from Sehun too, purely because he’s highly influential. You see, Sehun’s the youngest out of us and for certain reasons, let’s just say he’s not as experienced as us at what we do. He desires a thrill and the best way for him to get it is to hang around with Minseok. They’re like mother and son, you’ll see them together a lot. Sehun picks up a lot of the crazy shit Minseok does, thus making him highly dangerous so I wouldn’t go close to him if I were you.”
Yixing paused for a moment as if looking for the right words to form his next few sentences.
“And finally if you know what’s good for you, keep the fuck away from Minseok, I kid you not! He’s a psycho Y/N. If anyone could be described as the most dangerous out of all of us it’s Minseok, especially lately he’s just been absolutely crazy nobody really knows why he’s been acting up a lot lately but just never go anywhere near him. If you ever happen to be in a room with him alone you need to find a way out. You’ve already experienced it once so you should know what I mean. He will not hesitate to kill you without Suho’s say so, especially of late. NEVER go anywhere near him”

You gulped, raising your hand to your neck where the scratch that Minseok had left behind had remained. You nodded slowly making a mental note.
Stay the fuck away from Minseok.

Yixing stood up stretching and walking over to Chanyeol at the desk.
“Now, any questions?” He asked you, tilting his head on the side. You were quiet for a moment, so many questions were whizzing around in your head, but you didn’t know which ones that you should ask. You cleared you throat looking up at Yixing.

“So is it a case of if I die or when I die?” You don’t know why you asked this because you weren’t even sure you wanted to know the answer.

“Honestly I don’t know.” Yixing said, resting his bum against the desk. “We’ve never dealt with a situation quite like this before, you’re the first. I mean we’ve had people find things out, but they’ve just been dealt with straight away. But since your Chanyeol’s friend I guess Junmyeon is willing to push the boat out, which is very brave of him I must say. I mean technically we can’t trust you, you could go and tell anybody about us right now. I wouldn’t try that though, one of us is bound to find out and it’s code to kill you if our identity is under threat, so don’t count on anyone to spare you. Not me, not Baekhyun. Not even Chanyeol.” You gulped looking at Chanyeol, you could punch him so hard right now and you really wanted to but you had to try and keep it together.

“Who is Suho?” You asked
“What?” Yixing frowned confused
“Suho. Who is he? I heard Kyungsoo talk about him before. You’ve not told me anything about him yet.”

“Oh!” Yixing laughed, confusing you slightly “I forgot you didn’t know. Suho and Junmyeon are the same person. He just has two names. Some of us do, some of us don’t but that’s not very relevant to you right now. If you’re still around after tonight then we’ll fill you in then.”

“Kyungsoo kept telling Chanyeol to call him D.O. , is that his second name?” you asked

“Yes it is.”

“Do you have one?”

“Yes I do.”

“What is it”

“Like I said that’s not relevant to you right now. Don’t forget to stay in your lane, you’re being disobedient right now and I don’t like it.” He huffed, frowning and starting to look a little irritated.
You hung your head in embarrassment but mostly out of fear for having angered him. “I’m sorry”. You whispered. You sat there for a while trying to piece together everything you’d been told, you accidentally began to think out loud.
“If Sehun is dangerous but he’s the least experienced that makes everyone else really dangerous.”

“Yes. Yes it does.” Yixing said, making you jump, you hadn’t realised that you had just said that loud enough for both of them to hear. You turned your head to look at Chanyeol.

“How long have you been doing this” You asked him, not sure if you really wanted to know the answer. He was silent for a while looking in between you and Yixing, he took a deep breath and spoke in barely a whisper.

“4 years.”

“What!” You froze for a moment. 4 years. Ever since you were 18 and he was 20, Chanyeol had been doing this. This was much worse than you thought and although you really didn’t want to hear more your tongue kept pushing you to ask more questions.
“How many people have you killed Park Chanyeol?” Your body was shaking with rage you couldn’t believe it. You had let this man into your home; you had even top and tailed on a bed with him for goodness sake. And he’d been killing people for 4 years! It made your blood curdle, the thought that all this time you were so close to a murderer.

He looked at you sighing hesitantly. “I don’t know.”

“Wow Chanyeol. Have you really killed so many people to the point where you don’t remember? Can’t you give a rough estimate?” You screamed your body shaking violently now. Chanyeol had turned a pale white and was looking down at his feet.

“And wow, is that the time already? I think it’s time for some breakfast. Yay!” Yixing interjected pulling you up from the bed by your wrist and rushing you over to the door. Maybe you needed some food right now; at least it would absorb some of your anger right?

When you got into the kitchen it was packed. Every single man that lived in this house was there and you definitely felt more than half of the pair of eyes staring at you. There were 9 altogether and in the same room they were more intimidating than ever. It was kind of quiet apart from Yixing talking to a smaller man that you hadn’t seen before so you were assuming this to be Baekhyun, since Yixing had already told you that Jongin was the one sitting next to him in the board.

“So you’re Y/N. I’ve heard lots about you. Although it was just shitty things because it was coming from Kyungsoo. But you really don’t seem all that bad to me you know.” Baekhyun jumped up and ran to your side, smiling at you brightly and inspecting you as he stood there. He was cute and he looked just as polite as Yixing, but you had to be careful, you couldn’t put trust into any of them. “So what do you want for breakfast then? There’s Cereal, Waffles, Pancakes…” He continued listing all the possible things that you could eat.

“I’ll just have what he’s having” You said pointing at Yixing who was eating a slice of toast.

“Mmm? Boring.” Baekhyun shrugged his shoulders and left the kitchen.
That made it easier for you, only 8 to keep your eyes on now, you thought to yourself exhaling quietly. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you realised that you were stood in between Jongin and Sehun, you weren’t supposed to be next to them, not unless you wanted to be someone’s sex toy or scraps of flesh and bone. You quickly scooted away from them and stood by the toaster, waiting for your slices to finish toasting.

“I see you’ve become a bit tamed over the last few hours.” You heard Jongdae say over your shoulder. Not really knowing how to reply you just nodded your head. “Good, keep it up and we won’t have to kill you.” You weren’t sure whether or not to treat that as a compliment or advice, but whatever it was, you were accepting what was coming your way.
You sat down at the table eating just plain toast as you really weren’t in the mood for anything on top, which was so unlike you. You heart began to race once more when you had realised you were sat in between Sehun and Minseok and Jongin was sat opposite you, all three of them watching you intently. You were sat in the Bermuda triangle and nothing finds it’s way out of that triangle. Your heart began palpitating irregularly and it was becoming harder to breathe. You heard Yixing clearing his throat loudly signalling for you to get out of that situation right now. You didn’t need to be told twice, you grabbed up your plate and half ran to Chanyeol’s room, breathing out heavily. You really needed to pay more attention to your surroundings from now on. You heard footsteps following you to the room. You really were not in the mood for speaking to Chanyeol right now; in fact he was one of the last people you wanted to see.

“Why do I get the impression that you’re avoiding me?”
You paused for a moment.

That voice did not belong to Chanyeol.

Only A Dance (Part II)

Part I (if you haven’t read it yet)


“Well with how much swelling there is, you might’ve fractured your ankle. Does it hurt here?” I wince and nod. “What about here?” I wince again. “I’m going to take you to get some x-rays, but I need to ask you a couple questions before we go. Have you had any surgeries in your foot”
“No, I have not.”
“Okay lastly for your safety, are you pregnant?”
I laugh a little and turn towards Shawn smiling, “Surprise?”

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“Wait.. what? Are you pregnant?” Shawn says in shock.

I look between both Shawn and Doctor Avery. “Yeah, I’m pregnant.” 

“How far along are you?” Doctor Avery

“8 weeks or so.” The doctor then writes down on his clipboard.

“Okay. While giving X-rays, we typically put a lead apron on to protect organs from any scattered radiation rays. Today we’d just be scanning your foot, so there shouldn’t be much worry.” he smiles. “I’ll have my nurses wheel you down to surgery and I’ll meet you down there.”

“Thank you Doctor Avery.” The doctor exits the room and I look at Shawn. “Are you okay?” I place my hand on his shoulder and start to rub it.

“So you really are pregnant?” He looks up at me from his seat next to me.

“Yeah I am.”

“When were you going to tell me?”

“I was planning on telling you after all of our performances because I didn’t want you to worry.”

“You weren’t going to tell me for another month?”


“So you didn’t want me to worry? Or you just didn’t want to tell me?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to tell you?” I reach for his hand, but he pulls it back.

“I don’t know. Probably why you didn’t tell me about your past with Grant.”

A knock sounds at the door, but I ignore it. “Shawn please don’t do this.”

“Hi, sorry if I’m bothering you two -” The nurse says after making her appearance. 

“Don’t worry we’re done here.”  Shawn says with a sarcastic smile.

The nurse furrows her eyebrows in confusion. “Miss y/l/n, I need to take you to x-ray.” She turn towards Shawn. “Would you like to come with?”

“If that’s okay?”

She smiles at him “Yeah, it’s okay.” then the nurse unlocks the wheels on my stretcher. Shawn walked next to me as the nurse pushed me down the hall. I kept hoping that he’d talk to me, look at me, or something. But what had I expect since I kept a pretty big secret from him. Instead of looking at Shawn the entire time, I decide to lay back and just close my eyes. Suddenly I felt a hand reach mine, knowing it was Shawn’s. I sigh in relief because this was his way of showing he cared and was worried about me without saying anything.

Eventually we got down to the X-ray room. Y/n was laying where the scanning device is and I was behind this lead wall and wearing this super heavy lead apron. Doctor Avery was explaining to y/n what was going to happen. 

“How long have you two been together?” the nurse asks me.

“6 years, almost 7.”

“I remember being young and in love once.”

I notice the ring and wedding band on her left hand. “How long have you been married to him?”

“Oh I divorced that one long ago.” she laughs. “But I married this one last year.”

“I’m sorry about that…and congratulations all at the same time.” I say while awkwardly scratching the back of my neck.

“You care about her a lot, don’t you?”

“Yeah I do. I love her a lot and I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

“Well first of all you don’t need someone to be happy. But, if you really care about her try not to get mad over her not telling you about the pregnancy. Right now she’s going through a lot of changes with her body and the added stress won’t help the babies.”

“I’m not mad about it -” The nurse immediately turned around and gave me a look with her eyebrow raised. “Okay maybe a little bit. But, we always planned on having kids later. Especially when both of our careers are crazy and starting.”

She turns to look at where y/n is. “Children are both blessings and curses. Sometimes they come at times when really aren’t the best. But once that child is born and you’re holding it in your arms, you know you made the best decision and won’t let a fly hurt that precious little one. Even when a few days later when you’re losing sleep and sanity, they’ll still hold your heart.”

Then Doctor Avery comes over by us. “Thank you Darla. She’s all set and can go back.” he then looks at me. “You sure got a fighter over there.”

Soon I was back in my hospital room. Shawn was sitting next to me showing me these amazing album designs made by his fans on twitter.

Three knocks sound at the door. “How are things going?” Doctor Avery enters the room.

“I’m doing alright, my ankle it still pretty sore.”

“Yeah it’s going to be for a while. I have your x-ray’s if you’d like to see?” I nod back to his question. “So this here is your ankle.”

“No I thought it was your boob.” Shawn whispers in my ear. I hit his arm which caused him to start laughing.

“Luckily there is no fracture in your foot and ankle.”

“Yay” I say excitedly.

“Unfortunately, you have a pretty sever sprain in your ankle. So I’m going to wrap up your foot and then I’m going to put it in this boot.” He grabs the roll of bandage from out of his pocket and uncovers my foot from the blanket. “You won’t be able to go back to ballet for at least a month.”

“A month?! That’s like -”

“Forever. I know. Does the bandage feel too tight?”

“No, it feels fine..”

“How about we set up an appointment in two weeks to see how your foot is healing? And if it is going okay, you could be back dancing in a month or less.”

“That sounds good!”

“Wonderful! I’ll have a nurse come in a finish the details and get you some crutches to use for the first few days. Have a great rest of your night you two.” He shakes our hands before exiting the room.

“One month is going to take a long time…”

“Tell me about it.”

“Huh?” I was confused by Shawn’s response. How does he know it’s going to be a long time. He’s not in ballet right now, so it’s not like he would know. Mind you, he does have time limits for his album and stuff like that so he probably would know.

“A little birdy told me someone’s getting released tonight.” said the nurse.

I smile really big. “I’m surprised actually. I thought my foot was broken with how bad it hurt at first.”

“You got off lucky.” She winks at me.

“You got off lucky.” Darla winks at y/n then looks at me. 

Darla continues talking to y/n about her next appointment amongst other topics. I’m too focused on my phone texting my mom about how y/n it doing. I explain about y/n ankle just being severely sprained. “So you don’t have the chance to ask her tonight do you?” My mom texts me back. To be honest, I was supposed to propose to y/n tonight. Well, those plans changed until that douchebag dropped her and we ended up at a hospital. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do it anytime soon now. I respond back to my mom and she send back: “I love you sweetie. Tell y/n I wish her the best. Xx”

“Hey big shot, did you hear that?”

“Hm what?” I tuck my phone into the pocket of my suit jacket.

“Men..” Darla and y/n laugh.

“My appointment is October 27th at 10am.”

“Alright sounds good. My mom says hi and she wishes you the best by the way.”

“There’s nothing else left here, but for you two to go home and relax. Just help y/n get changed into her clothes and out of her hospital gown. Got that big shot?”

I laugh “Yes I do. Thank you Darla. For everything.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” She smiles. “Now get out of here and go home. I still have an hour before my shift ends.” Darla then leaves the room.

I go over and grab the bag of y/n’s clothes. “How do you know her name?” Y/n questions.

“Well for starters, it’s on her name tag. Plus I was talking to her when you were getting your X-ray done and Doctor Avery said it.” I then untie her gown from the back. I had her, her bra and the shirt. She then slips them on. Next I help her stand up and carefully slide on her leggings over the wrap on her foot. She sits back down so she can slide the leggings on her other leg. I stand next to her to help her balance while she pulls the pants up complete, then she sits down again. I grab the black boot that Avery provided her and slide that onto her foot too. 

“Thank you.” Y/n says as I hand her the crutches. 

“Anything for you.” I kiss her forehead and we head out to the lobby, which happened to be close by. 

“Aw shoot it’s raining outside.” Y/n says, noticing it through the big glass windows.

“Stay here close to the door and I’ll go pull up the car.”

“Okay, I’ll be here.” 

I find the keys in my pocket before heading outside, so it’s faster to get into the car. As I run out into the rain, I feel water fill my shoes. It’d been raining so much that it’d created a little flood in parts of the parking lot. Finally I get to the car, unlock it, and drive up the the doors of the hospital. I run back into the building where y/n was waiting. “Hold these.” signaling to her crutches. She looks at me confused until I pick her up bridal style. I run back to the car, open the passenger car door, and put her in. After closing the door behind her, I run to the driver’s side. I look at y/n and she is soaked, but she has a huge smile on her face.

“This reminds me of our first date.” Just the thought of our first date brings a smile to my face. On our first date we decided to go star gazing. That’s the night we also had our first kiss. We were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t see the clouds forming over head, until we felt the downpour come down on us. I picked her up just like I had just now and carried her to the car.

“That was a pretty good night if I do say so myself.” I smiled and leaned over to place a kiss on her lips. “Let’s go home and get dried.”

If I had to be in a car with anyone, it would be anyone but Shawn. He’s so reckless while driving. He’s either so into the music he’s blaring or he’s taking pictures while driving. I swear to god if he does this when our kid is born, I’m going to beat his ass.

“Can you please pay attention to the road? It’s already storming and you’re making me nervous.”

Shawn turns down the music playing, “What? You don’t feel safe when I drive?”

“No I don’t, not really.”

“Mhm you’re just embarrassed by my dancing.”

“Oh honey that’s been since the day I met you.” I laugh. “Just focus on getting home okay?”

Less than two minutes later we’re home. Shawn pulls up into the garage and goes around to my side to help me out.

“I can do this, thank you though.”

Shawn steps back and takes a bow. “After you m’lady.”

“You’re such a goof.” I hobble in my crutches into the house with Shawn following shortly behind me. 

Shawn sets down his jacket on the back of a chair in the dining room. “I’m going to go change clothes. Do you want anything.” 

“No I’ll change in a little bit, I’m going to get a glass of water first.” Shawn goes into our room and I head to the kitchen. I grab a glass and fill it up with water from the fridge. Shawn’s phone goes off.

“Hey babe! Can you see what that says, it’s from Andrew.” He shouts.

“Yeah.” I go into his pocket reaching for his phone, but I feel something else in his pocket. It’s tiny and cold. I pull it out and it’s a ring; an engagement ring.

“What’d he say?” Shawn comes walking out in just his pajama bottoms. “Oh shit.” He takes notice of what’s in my hands.

“When were you going to ask me?” I look up from the ring and look at him.

He scratches the back of his head. “The plan was tonight after your performance, but then you got hurt and then I found out that you were pregnant. I didn’t want you to think I was proposing to you just because I found out and I..” He sighs. “I love you, y/n. I wanted it to be perfect.”

I start to tear up. He takes the ring from my hand and gets down on one knee. “I’ve wanted to ask you this question for years, practically since I laid eyes on you. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. You have the biggest heart I know. You are kind and caring. Most importantly, you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Y/n, will you marry me?” 

At this point the tears were streaming down my face and I just nod my head so fast since no words could come out. Shawn slides the ring on my finger and stands up. I hug him immediately, crying into his warm skin. I then kiss him so that it’s the most passionate kiss that we’ve shared, if that’s even possible.

I pull back and look into his amazing eyes. “There’s no other way I would’ve wanted you to ask me.”

From Your One and Only - Bucky Barnes

request:  Hey doll! Since valentines Day is coming up could you do a love letter from Bucky to the reader??? Thanks ❤️❤️❤️ - @winters–doll

summary: The heart can only hold so much emotion before it breaks. Bucky decides he can’t hold his emotions in any longer and writes to you while he’s away on a mission. (really crappy summary, sorry!) 

characters: bucky barnes / reader 

To the one who holds my heart, I owe you this.

I’m in Albania right now, and I’m sorry that’s all I can tell you. I know you understand that I can’t say more, so I’ll just say that the snow is falling like it does at home. The windows are covered and the heater is jammed (just like at home haha). It’s freezing but don’t worry; we have other heat sources. I will not be cold, doll, I promise. We are all in tack, no one is injured or sick. I’ll be home in seven days, I can promise you that much right now. I wish I could say how much I miss you but we have a limited amount of paper supply and I’m already using up the last of Wanda’s journal paper to write to you.

       This letter will reach you on the 14th if all goes right. I will be home in seven days. I love you girl, I love you with all the fiber of my being. It’s been awhile, doll, and I can’t make up for those weeks you opened your mailbox to just be met with a black hole of nothingness. I hope, beg, pray, that you will forgive me. It just wasn’t safe… and to put you in peril, would destroy me more than being stabbed in the chest. You are my heart, my love. You are the drum that beats in my chest. My drum beats faster than the clock’s movements in seconds. It’s so hard to breathe normally when I watch you fall asleep on the couch or see you walk in the house after a day out in the city. It’s like the relief of seeing your eyes all shining and bright finally returns to my body, and I can relax. But the wind in my chest has caught itself in my throat. You make my breath disappear in my lungs when I can smell your shampoo right after your showers. The way you dance in the kitchen to different bands you’ve introduced me to as our years together have gone by. I love the way you have no worries on your face, but they lay right behind your eyes, so tightly sealed, darling. I can see the fear you try to hide when I have to leave for missions that sound probably sound like death sentences to you.

I can’t let my past define me, and you can’t let your fears define you. My past is my fear. 

        One day it comes back and I do something so regrettable and so unforgivable. It would kill me to see you leave in fear. In fear of me. Please know that these missions and these tests I have to do with Steve at Stark Tower; they are all for you. 

Because I want you, I want you forever. Because you are it. You are the one thing I ask for in this life I’ve been given a second chance at. 

You tell me in the mornings before you leave for work, in the middle of the day when I get to hear your voice through the phone, and then when you get home, how much you love me. And I can’t count a number of times we whisper it in each other’s ear, while we lay together in our bed. I can only ask you to love me for what I am.  I can’t change the past, and I can not predict the future for myself. I can only hope.

       You can never do anything that would make me love you any less. Because my love is finite for you, doll. It always has been, but like you’ve always said, men take longer to realize the truths about love and life. It took me only 70 years to finally realize that you will always be right. Because you always speak from your heart. It’s the one honest thing that the earth has ever created. 

The heart tells you what you believe in, what you want, what you love.

And I love you.

I’m scared, doll. I’m sorry to end on such a bad note, but I know you’ll want to know what I’m feeling. I’m scared right now, I’m terrified that I’ll be taken again, even though I fully aware that I have more strength than twenty of HYDRA’s men combined. It’s okay to be scared, though. Right? Even a super soldier can be scared. I may be scared but the knowledge that you are waiting in Brooklyn, with a cup of tea for me and cookies that I know you are making nonstop right now because the little fighter in your belly is kicking like mad.

     You’re so brave, sweetheart. So brave to let me love you. So brave to let your husband go off and fight the evil of the world, while you carry around the most precious thing in the world. I will be home. I’ll be home to be with you two after this. This is the last mission. I swear to you, when I come home, I will not leave our apartment. Just with the exception of getting food for us and diapers for the baby. 

We’ll live as one family. No craziness, no fighting, just peaceful love. 

I wish I could write more but it’s time to go and finish what we’ve started here.

With all my heart, I love you.

- Your James

a/n: I hope this was good for you, @winters–doll ! Remember, you can always message me if this wasn’t what you wished for and I can rearrange it or write another one :). I love you all so much, thank you for reading my stories! <3         - R .x

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Overboard | 5

So throw yourself out to me…

Intro: When you’re on a cruise ship to get away from life, the first thing on your mind isn’t to find love. That is, until you met him. Part 1 2 3 4

Meanwhile back home…

While everything seemed fine on the ship, things back home were just heating up. Madison had been on constant watch under the eyes of the towns police. Rod made it an everyday thing to knock 5 times on her door at 12 pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm. Each time he knocked, he tried to convince her to let him in just to scope out the house for any sign of where Y/N could be. Since running away, they have sent out a missing person’s report for her. Each night, their local police called other stations to post the missing persons report on their walls and even all over their own towns. Nobody had come forward yet though, and the only person who knew for certain where she possibly could be, was Madison.

At exactly 3 pm, Rod was again banging on Madison’s door, as she was cleaning up the house. She huffed and pushed back her sweaty hairm, swinging open the door but kept the screen in front of it locked.

“What excuse is it this time?” She asked, clearly over the whole situation.

“We’ve gotten new complaints from your neighbors saying they’ve heard your daughter consistently crying in your household everynight. And they say it goes on for hours Madison.”

“She’s a freaking baby Rod. She’s only 5 months old she’s going to keep crying no matter what I do. I have no help, I’m doing this by myself so you can only imagine how hard this is for me. Who are these ‘complaints’ coming from anyways? I want some names.”

“That doesn’t matter, what does matter is that many of them have deemed you an unfit mother to your daughter.” Madison just rolled her eyes, knowing that these complaints were an obvious hoax that he had made up. She knew she was a good mother. She had gone through the entire pregnancy, birth, and now parenting part of her child’s life all on her own. And her baby was a well behaved 3 month old who was growing everyday healthly and happily, and it was all because of her.

“And your point?”

“My point is, we’re working on getting a permit to search your house, and when we do, now you’ll finally have to let us in.” He smiled at her through the screen, a devilish smile showing that he had finally cracked her as Madison swallowed trying not to look phased. She still had to keep up the act that she didn’t know anything of where her best friend was.

Madison instantly shut the wooden door in Rod’s face, still hearing his cynical laughter from outside. A few stomps of footsteps were heard, and then the engine of a car and the tires screetching, him driving away too fast for comfort, thinking he was probably on his way to rub in his coworkers faces how he taunted her. She soon heard her daughter whining from the kitchen where she was sat on her highchair.

“Hold on Bella, momma’s coming.” She said softly to herself running to her child.


At almost exactly 6 o’clock, Madison finished cooking dinner for herself and was preparing a bottle for Bella when she heard that infamous knocking, only this time, it was harsher. She could just feel the screen cracking beneath his bare hands. She wiped her hands clean first and then went to open the door slowly. There stood not just Rod, but 3 other officers, and him. She breathed in heavily, her jaw stretching out to look unafraid.

“I see you’ve brought some friends.”

“And this, sweetheart.” He held up the warrant, signed and all, allowing them full access to search her house. “So, now under our command, open the door. Please.” He smized at her. Her notrils flaired as her hand slowly went to unlock the screen door, and pushed it open for the men to come inside.

“Come in gentlemen. But if you don’t mind I do have to feed my daughter because if you all haven’t remembered, I’m a single mom. Nobody else is going to do it.” She said with minor sarcasm. Frowning strongly at all 5 men who scattered throughout her 1 story house. All he did, was stand in her living room, staring her down with crossed arms.

She studied him carefully, taking in his distressed appearance. His blue work shirt had one side tucked into his pants and the other hanging about, his sleeve was rolled up more than the other, his hair was wet looking and sticking to his forehead, and the vein on the right side of his neck portruded, scaring her of how angry he really was.

“Well, you did it. You finally cracked me and now you’re in my house. What is your plan now?” He stepped closer to her, cornering her to the wall.

“It’s to find out where that little bitch ran off to. Once I find her, and you know I will, I’m taking you both down.” His hot breath fanned over her face, reeking of whiskey. She coughed and wove her hand in front of her nose but this only irritated him more. He shoved his forearm up to her neck, making her squeal. Her sudden need for air made it difficult to stay calm, and now she was full on panicking. “She needs me Madison, you know that. Without me she’s nothing, just like you’re nothing without your precious little baby. When we prove that you know where she is, you’ll be sent to jail and that little mistake of yours will be put away in a foster home and I’ll seek that you never get her back.” He pushed his arm further into her neck, Madison’s hands cupping it, trying to get even the tiniest amount of air in her lungs to speak.

“Y-you really think she n-needs you?” She laughed at him, then her eyes turned dark and her face got closer to his spitting at him. His arm disengaged and she finally had room to breath. She hovered over her knees taking in huge quantities of air to fill up her lungs once more. “Don’t think for a second that I’m scared of you. Y/N isn’t either. If she was, she wouldn’t have ran away. If anything, you are nothing without her. That’s why you’re trying so hard to find her right? Because without her you’re a pathetic, lonely excuse for human being.” Her voice was quiet next to his ear, but was strong with emotion that she truly felt, and before his raising hand could even slap her, Rod had jogged back to the living room with the one device she forgot to hide…her phone.

“Look what we found sitting next to her daughters crib. We obviously don’t know the password but, look at who tried to call her earlier.” He leaned over Rod’s shoulder to see Madison’s notifications which read a few from social media but one very important name at the very top.

“Now, I don’t know how many Y/N’s you know but, I’m thinking this is her, right?” Rod looked at him faking a confused face, then back at Madison who was now breathing so heavily through her nose that it was the only sound being made throughout the house and for once, Bella stayed quiet.

“I knew it.” He snatched the phone and marched up to Madison, kneeing her in the stomach, watching her fall to his feet coughing profusely. The other men stood back and only watched, almost amused at her dismay. He bent down to her, his face red and more veins were shown popping out from every angle. “You’re going away Madison, and Y/N will be all mine. You tried, but you didn’t succeed, and now you’re paying for it.” He said through gritted teeth, and stomp her hand that she was using to try to stand back up. She yelped out in pain, falling over completely as she held her purple colored hand. Tears now spilled from her eyes and landed on her carpet covered floors, but it wasn’t just tears of pain, but tears of fear, and sadness. She failed. She failed to keep the only other person she loved in her life safe, and now she was destined again for danger.

All the men soon left with her phone still in his hand, as her baby began crying again. She sighed, using her one good hand to bring herself up with enough strength. She caressed Bella’s face, smiling sadly at her precious bundle of joy. “We’re going on a trip baby. We’re going to see your aunty Y/N.”



“She didn’t answer.” I said sadly, laying my phone on bed, plopping down next to it. Ethan stood by my door leaning on the frame, as if he was asking me to come in. “You can come in…”

“How do you feel now? Knowing that I know…” He asked carefully, sitting down on the edge of my bed softly. I shielded my eyes with my arms, frustrated yet more relaxed now that I didn’t have to keep up a lie with him.

“I feel…confused. You know now, but what good does that do? He’s still searching for me, still out there pining for clues as to where I’ve run of to. Madison didn’t even answer the phone when I called her and that’s never a good sign.” I propped myself up and sat my back against the headboard, bringing my knees to my chest. Ethan scooted closer to me, and rested a hand on my head running it through my hair. “Everything has changed between us.” I whispered to him behind my knees that felt like gates guarding myself.

“Nothing has to change.” He reassured me. “I’m still not going anywhere, I’m not going to be angry or upset with you, and I’m going to still feel for you how I feel right now.” His hazel eyes stared into my dark ones, somehow twinkling in the badly lit room.

“And how do you feel for me.” I wasn’t dumb, I knew Ethan was growing feelings for me. That’s what I was scared of; falling for someone else while bringing them into the mess of my past. Ethan didn’t deserve that. He deserved a girl with minimal to no baggage, life ahead of her, ready to set out on adventure and create new memories with him with no problems getting in the way that wasn’t their own. But I couldn’t deny it; I was already in too deep with him.

“Something I haven’t felt for a girl in a long time.” He was leaning in now, his hand somehow found it’s way to my chin pulling it up slightly to match his mouth. I was shaking under his touch, and my lips became dry at the sight of his perfect ones just waiting for me. “Please tell me you feel it too.” My eyes began to water as I nodded my head, and felt unfamiliar but comforting and loving lips of Ethan Dolan on mine. He made sure to keep it soft and quick, pulling back to rest his forehead on mine. I hadn’t realized that I was crying until I felt water on my lips and seeping into my mouth.

This was different, it felt wrong but only because I was brainwashed into thinking I could never love another. But he wasn’t here. There was no yelling, no hitting or smacking, no threats of any kind. For once I didn’t feel unsafe or in danger, I could smile without being screamed at, and I could feel the passion within Ethan’s kiss that I never felt with him.

I felt like I was home.

I Know I Shouldn't (Part 3)

Loki x OC

Warnings: language, violence, mild romance 

A/N: I am including characters from actual Norse mythology, as well as from the movie franchize. There might be some spoilers, I’m not writing this with any specific time line in mind.

I hurt.

I hurt, but not like before.

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The afternoon sun casted a warm glow over the patio deck of Capsule Corps, providing the perfect scenery to an outside dinner that Bulma spent hours directing. 

“Any wish you want, Trunks,” Whis’ face was painted with his natural amused expression, his hand lightly circled around his staff as he stared down at Trunks, “These super dragon balls transcend any power that comes from Earth’s dragon balls.”

Next to Whis, and not so particularly amused, stood Beerus, his arms folded across his chest, his feline eyes narrowed dangerously. “You should consider yourself lucky that Whis is being so kind to you, considering that we’ve done more than enough meddling in your illegal affairs.” A growl slithered through the god’s throat, and Bulma could tell it made Trunks entirely uncomfortable, but he managed to stifle his shudder and nod in reply.

“I’m very grateful, thank you Whis,” Trunks spoke so elegantly, a world’s difference to her foul mouthed husband and their rambunctious pre teen son, and it made her heart swell with pride. “And you as well Beerus. It’s a gift more gracious than Mai or myself could ask for.” His eyes slithered towards her slowly, a warmth seeping through his electric blues that were all business only seconds before. “And thank you, Mother. For taking time to find them all. I’m sure that mustn’t have been easy. ”

No, Bulma thought immediately, it wasn’t. While Trunks, Goku and Vegeta were fighting in the apocalyptic future, she had enlisted the help of Piccolo, Gohan, Goten and her own younger Trunks to help locate the super dragon balls. It was overwhelming locating seven otherworldly objects that were far out of her reach, but they had managed to do it in time. She thought they’d be using them for a different reason; she already imagined seeing herself asking to bring back the trio from the dead or the secret to defeating Zamasu. But once again they came through victorious, and she saw nothing more fit than for Trunks to have the wish of the spheres. She smiled at him and nodded. “It was no issue at all Trunks. I’m just glad that you can find some sort of peace in all of this.”

“So what’re you gonna wish for, Trunks?” Goku leaned back in his chair after polishing off a rack of pork, rubbing his belly satisfyingly. “I bet you wanna bring back your world as if Zamasu never came there, huh?”

Trunks’ expression turned grim, and rather serious, and he slowly shook his head. “I thought about that, Goku, but the truth is, our world is gone, and for the sake of the future itself, maybe it’s best it stays that way.”

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On the streets, unrequited love and death go together almost as often as in Shakespeare.

Scott Turow

The One After Her: A Relationship in Pieces

A Crimimal Minds Fan-fiction: 2

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader    Setting: Season 10

1st Piece (You really need to read this first) xoxo Stu

The day he met her

When Spencer returned to the team after talking with Y/N everyone was staring at him. He ignored them with their silent questions and got back to the case. The internal fanfare of his potential date with an interesting and attractive woman kept the corners of his mouth poking up spontaneously for the remainder of the day. How was he a profiler when he couldn’t even keep his emotions at bay?

Derek probed him for answers once they were driving back to Quantico in the dark SUVs. Spencer tried to dismiss Derek’s inquiries. But finally Derek guessed that he had gotten her number, for more than just the case and Spencer balked too dramatically. “My man, look at you! So you going to call her?”

“Wha–Of course I am going to call her! Why would I put myself through all that to get her number and NOT call her Morgan?” Spencer justified.

“But not tonight, right? You don’t want to come on too strong.” Derek explained.

“Alright, when would be a socially acceptable time to call Y/N?”

“Y/N? That’s her name? Fitting. I would wait a couple of days, but I know you. You won’t be able to handle the nerves that long. Call her tomorrow.”

And so he had, after dialing her number and hanging up four times. When her voice answered Spencer smiled, wiping the sweat from his palms one at a time. “Yes, hello, Y/N?”

Two months later

She stood along the curb in front of her apartment complex. Spencer had spotted her writing furiously in her moleskin, like most time she spent alone. He pulled his car over and waited. When Y/N concentrated, her brow furrowed in such a way that made him think of baby animals and pouting children. Her thoughts always on the next obstacle for her protagonist or the spurning words of a side character’s abusive parents. How she navigated the realms she created fascinated him. He had only been allowed to read the smallest bits of her poetry. She held her adventures for herself, until she deemed them complete. He was willing to bet the world would run out of trees first.

He stepped out of the car, quietly waiting for Y/N to see his taller form beside his distinctive vehicle. When she looked up in thought she spotted him, Spencer waved. The relaxing of her facial muscles and the resulting shining smile gave his stomach a jolt. This is what breathtaking meant.

Y/N rushed over, ducking her head inside his cramped car. She leaned in and hugged him tightly once he was situated. She smelled sweet, but not like bakery it was floral and fresh. The way her softer body pressed into his thin chest was simultaneously comforting and invigorating. Spencer held on until she pulled back, clicking her seat belt.

“I am so excited you are back today! I got you a surprise and I am not waiting until after dinner.” Her mischievous grin melted him further. “Now close your eyes. No peeking Spencer Reid!”

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Issac Lahey |Well, ok mr Crying Wolf.

Count of words: 841

Warnings: none really

A/N: This was actually very rushed because I wanted to posted yesterday but I didn’t find enough time and now I’m sick as hell but I tried so I hope you like it.

Requested?: Yes

jazmintaylor337  asked:

Can you please do an imagine when Issac cries cause he thought you died but you didn’t and make it reeeeeally fluffy

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

It was a tough fight. I thought it would be easier but it wasn’t. I didn’t realise this untill I saw them trying to kill Issac. Whenever anyone even tries to hurt him a flip inside me switches and I forget I am human. That happened that night too.

We were all prepeared to fight. Isaac, my boyfriend of 4 years, insisted I would stay back home, “just to be safe”. He always likes to be protective over me but I am so subborn he can never persuade me into doing what he says if I don’t want to. So here we were. Inside an abadoned mall. For one more time we were ready to fight with the alphas but it seemed as they were stronger tonight. We were fighting and fighting, all with this flame to survive and save each other rising higher by the moment. Suddenly I turn around and Issac is looking at me when I see the twins ready to claw him. I immediately pushed him out of the way. He didn’t have enough time to react and neither did I. They clawd me insted. My body falling, lifless now, on the ground. I could here Isaac calling my name and screaming but it all fainted after a second.

I woke up in a strange but familiar place. Called metal was touching my, now, warm skin creating goosebumps all oven my naked body. It was a no brainer that I was in the mortuary. I was in one of those drawers they put the corpses in. But even if everyone, including myself, thought I was one, I was not. I slowly opened the little metal door revealing the empty and defenitely creepy room. The lights were almost none existant. My head was spinning but after finally getting out of my supposed deathbed I managed to reach my personal belogings that were sitting in a box next to the metal table in the middle of the room.

“Y/N?” Melissa said confused. “Ye-yes…” I answered hesitant. “Yo-you were dead. I examined the corpse my self. Killed from a severe loss of blood after an animal attack.” She said avoiding to say the word ‘wolf’ or ‘alpha’. “Well it was an alpha that did it. I once heard Scott say that even if you get clawd from an alpha you can be turned into something. Unknown but it is something.” I said trying to keep my voice from breaking. “Oh my! Y/N wait for me.. I’m coming.” She said and hang the phone. While waiting for Melissa I threw the sheet ,that was laid overme before, around my body covering anything I could.. Not much later Melissa walked into the mortuary with a pair of clean clothes and underwear. “Here, wear these.” She said while walking up to me and engulfing me in her arms. “Don’t ever do this again.” She said and walked outside waiting for me to get dressed.

“So, what do I do know?” I asked her while we were walking out of the building. “You go see Isac. Here, take my car, drive to my house and please stop his crying. It is heart breaking and annoying.” She said throwing me her keys and hugging me once again. “Just go!” She said and I did as told.

The drive to the McCall house was painfully long. I couldn’t believe Issac was so devastated. When I finally reached my destination I finally opened the door and walked into the seemingly empty house as quite as possible. I could hear soft sniffles from up stairs, slowly turning to sobs. So, I took a deep breath and slowly made my way up stairs where Issac was staying. “I told you I’m alright Scott,” Isaac said as I opened the door to his room. “Not Scott, but you don’t look alright, love.” I said taking a step further into the room. Issac’s eyes widened as he turned around looking at me. “What’s the matter, love? Seen a ghost?” I joked trying to make him relax a bit. “Not the time for these jokes Y/N!” He said running up to my hugging me as if I would disappear. “You are here. I can feel you. You are not in my mind!” He said softly, tears running down his face and warming up my exposed skin. “Well last time I checked, too, I was alive.” I said being my sarcastic self. “Oh stop it.” He said irritated kissing me passionately. “You were killed by the twins trying to save me. You were like this for over a month and I was here  crying my eye balls out becase of it. Don’t joke with me about it princess.” He said looking at me in the eyes. “Well ok, mr Crying Wolf. Can we atleast watch a movie and cuddle?” I said hugging him tight. “That all I ever wanted.” He said kissing the top of my head and falling on top of his bed with me in my eyes, finally a smile plastered across his face.

SasuSaku Fest 2017
Day 4- Sasuke’s Regrets
I Should’ve Killed You
Summary: Sasuke’s rescue mission told from his point of view. They’re trapped in that sinful, life-saving embrace and all he could think of was how he regretted not killing that pink annoyance before.
A/N: Okay, first of all, I HATED THIS THEME! I mean, Sasuke barely has any regrets in his life, right? AHH! How annoying! Well, apart from that, I also have to thank @ tanubhatnagar for sending me a request that actually matched the idea I had. It’s not long and it’s basically all about descriptions, but I’m quite happy with the way it turned out in the end! I literally slept with three manga volumes this night, and I’ve lost count of how many times I kept looking at those beautiful SasuSaku panels XD Thank you, @ tanubhatnagar , I hope you and everyone else enjoy what I did to your idea! Please, leave me a comment with your opinion! Feedback is always important!
He knew he shouldn’t have done that.

He knew it, as soon as he laid his eyes on her, that he shouldn’t have done what he did. He shouldn’t have hoped, longed and certainly not struggled so hard to reach that closing opening created by Haruno Sakura’s absurd strength.

He shouldn’t have held her like that.

Blame the heat to which his body was exposed to just moments before, or even the sudden need to use his immature powers, but Uchiha Sasuke had done the one thing he could have never imagined doing during the war. He had his hand resting against the exposed skin of her arm, her body pressed against his chest and he could feel his fingers grazing a rough, wet bruise that he soon realized to be a scald.

Her perfectly pale skin was entirely ripped, as it burned red against his palm. His touch was probably stinging like hell, but in the state she was currently found, the Uchiha doubted she could even feel her arm at all. Whatever had happened to her during the time he was away, he could see her body and easily tell that she had gone through hell, barely coming out alive from it.

Sakura was sweating more than he was, as her pink hair was sticking to her head, only the end of her locks blowing with a passing breeze that hit their bodies. She was clearly defeated and vulnerable, as her entire weight was released on his chest. That girl couldn’t take a single step by herself without him, and the reason behind that was clearly the fact that she had depleted her chakra levels in order to bring him back.

He owed her a lot at that moment, and yet, he regretted being there by her side, holding her up.

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Forever Yours - Andy Biersack Imagine

Originally posted by emobananas

Anonymous asked: “Can you please please do an imagine where Y/N and Andy B. are dating an he finds out she self harms and almost commited suicide while he was on tour?”

Word Count: 1,174 | Warnings: Trigger warning?

I waited patiently at the airport for one particular figure to show up. He should be here any minute, I thought to myself, glancing occasionally at my watch. Thinking of him, I smiled to myself. How I got so lucky to have a man like him, I do not know. All I know is that I’m more than thankful of having found such a lovely person who loves and cares for me, who never fails to give me stomach butterflies, who can magically transform my storms into rainbows.


I jolted awake from my daydream and saw the face of Andy, smiling down at me. I was too busy thinking about him I didn’t realize he was already here. I let out an excited screech and wrapped my arms around him tightly. Tears nearly streamed down my cheeks since I was just so happy to meet him. He just finished his Europe tour and I thought it’s about time; our apartment is really getting lonely without him around.

“How’s my baby been?” Andy looked down upon me whilst stroking my hair.

“Terrible. I’ve missed you so much it kills me,” I said as I nuzzled his chest. He had no idea how I long to be in his comforting presence; to indulge his sweet scent and to feel him on my skin.

“I’ve missed you so much too,” he pulled off and gave me a long, warm kiss. After what feels like forever, we broke the kiss and he said, “C’mon let’s get home.”

When we reached home, he immediately dropped his luggage and picked me up. “Oh, how I miss being home with my favorite person in the world,” he sang as he spun me around, making me giggle. He’s such a dork I love him. When he put me down, I pulled him to me to give him another kiss. It’s so good to have him home again, and getting to kiss him whenever I want to.

“Why don’t you relax and I’ll prepare us dinner?” I spoke softly, our faces only an inch from each other. He nodded, and then placed a little peck on my nose.

I went to the kitchen to get cooking and he went to the bathroom to get himself cleaned up. What I have completely forgotten about was a razor blade that I had left sitting on the sink, on its sharp end was a crimson-tainted liquid. Once Andy took notice of it, he immediately stormed right out the bathroom.

I stopped from cutting some vegetables when I saw him come to me. “Hey babe, what’s—“

My sentence was abruptly cut off when Andy grabbed my left arm and yanked the sleeve upwards, revealing a line of fresh, new scars. I stood frozen, unable to speak whilst he examined each and every one of the slits upon my arm. He then lifted his head to look at me; his eyes a mixture of confusion, disappointment, slight anger and sadness. I opened my mouth to try and say something but the words seemed to have stuck on my throat. Tears started welling up in my eyes and before I could cry, Andy pulled me into a massive hug. I started to cry aloud but Andy didn’t try to silence me; instead he hugged me tighter, gently stroking my back, allowing me to cry as much as I needed into his shirt. He didn’t say anything at all, he just wrapped me firmly in his arms whilst I cry a river. Once my tears have subsided and my cries turned to sobs, he sat us down on the couch.

“(Y/N)…” He began, his voice so smooth and soothing like an angel. “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Ever since I laid eyes upon you I can’t seem to take them off, and once I got to know you I know that all I want is to have you as mine. Now that I do, I will never waste this precious opportunity and I will treasure you and treat you as my queen. It is my job to always make you feel happy, safe and contented. Seeing this,” he gestured at my scars, “I feel like I have failed to do my job. What’s wrong, baby? Why didn’t you tell me?”

He waited patiently until I was actually able to speak. “I… I just feel really sad sometimes… I feel like I’m not worth it, that I’m not good enough for anyone,” I sobbed, “I really needed you to comfort me as usual but you were so far away and I’m not strong enough on my own. I like to think that I am but I’m not.” My head dropped as I was trying hard to prevent myself from crying again. Andy put two fingers beneath my chin to lift my head up.

“What else have you done while I’m gone, babe?” he stared deep into my eyes so tenderly, assuring me that everything is going to be fine, that he is not going to be mad at me for what I’ve done.

“I just… got to my old habit of cutting,” I told him. There was a short pause before I continued, “I… also tried to… kill myself… by drinking bleach.” I wasn’t going to tell him this, but I thought it’s only fair that he knows. Upon hearing this Andy pulled me into another hug again and I just lost it; tears started streaming down my cheeks again, followed with agitated sobs. He planted multiple kisses on my forehead and then lifted my arm to put kisses onto my scars as well. He then pressed his lips onto my forehead once more before wrapping me in his arms again.

“(Y/N)… I’m sorry…. I’m really sorry,” he said softly, “I’m sorry I had to be away when you were in your hard times… I’m sorry I couldn’t be here for you when you needed me the most.”

“It’s not your fault,” I said inbetween sobs, “It’s mine, Andy.”

“Sshh,” he silenced me, his thumb rubbing circles on my arm. “From now on, every time you feel like you need to go for the blade, think of me. Every scar you create on yourself, will appear on me too. Every time you slit your wrist, you slit mine too. When you hurt, I hurt, (Y/N). I want you to remember that. You’re far too precious to do this to yourself. Please baby, please stop hurting yourself. I love you so much I can’t live with myself if I let you get hurt. I’m always here baby, I’ll always be here for you.”

My sobs started to soften and my breathing started to relax, “I’m sorry, baby. I love you.”

“I love you too, angel,” he said and kissed the top of my head, “Can you promise me that this won’t happen again?”

I paused for a while and nodded, “I promise. As long as I have you.”

“I’m forever yours, baby. I’ll never leave.”

(I gotta say that I feel like this is one of the best imagines I’ve ever written! I’m starting to put more details into my stories to give it more feels ya know :p I’ve been learning a lot by reading other people’s fanfics and realize I have a lot to catch up. Anyways, let me know what you think!)

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Maiko, Zutara, and Conflict

Conflict is a necessary part of life. It exists as a reality of any relationship, and is not necessarily bad when handled correctly. In fact, a relationship with no apparent conflict may be unhealthier than one with frequent conflict.

Conflicts are critical events that can weaken or strengthen a relationship. 

They can be productive, creating deeper understanding, closeness and respect…

…or they can be destructive, causing resentment, hostility and divorce.

How the conflicts get resolved, not how many occur, is the critical factor in determining whether a relationship will be healthy or unhealthy, mutually satisfying or unsatisfying, friendly or unfriendly, deep or shallow, intimate or cold.

When considering two relationships surrounding Zuko in A:TLA, it’s important to consider how conflict is approached and the resulting resolution in Zuko’s relationships and the stark difference between Zuko and Katara’s conflict and Zuko and Mai’s conflict.

For the purpose of keeping this succinct, I’m going to discuss the conflict in The Beach and The Old Masters, delving into how Katara and Mai approach a distraught Zuko and address what’s troubling him. If you have an interest in learning about prior conflicts, or my thoughts on Maiko in general, please consult the following links:

Moving forward, The Beach presents us with an jealous, antagonistic version of Zuko, whose insecurities are largely fueled by his internal battle, and an equally irate and antagonistic Mai. It seems that time spent together on Ember Island, meant to be a relaxing get away, would be the perfect time for the pair to discuss the many pitfalls of their relationship. Instead, any interaction between them turns into a confrontation carrying an accusatory tone.

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Our Brooklyn Promenades (Part 10)

Summary: Ehhhh, Steve returns an oral favor. He’s nice like that.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2947

Warnings: my alter-ego (who am I kidding - my inner me) came out, so expect explicit 18+ smut. Like…. really explicit. I’m scandalized by how explicit it is at times. And swearing. There’s usually swearing.

A/N: God, I hope this shows up in the tags. I wish you a safe journey. Read Part 9 or check out the Masterlist for more.

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Chapter 10: His Humble Abode II

The coolness that the evening brought with it had ensured that Steve, Sam, Natasha and [Y/N] remained out on Steve’s balcony all night long. Even when the ballgame was on, the one Steve had invited everyone to, he had merely switched on the flatscreen in his living room with the volume turned up, so they could look at the screen through the glass sliding door or listen to the commentary. It had been a slow and relaxing evening, and after all the eating and drinking you would imagine that [Y/N] was stuffed, but even now she was hungry for something more, thirsty for something else.

After Steve wished his friends a good night’s rest, he and [Y/N] quietly tidied up the balcony and his kitchen. She put the leftovers that Sam and Natasha did not take home in the refrigerator, and put the dirty dishes in his dishwasher while he cleaned the tables and kitchen counter, and threw small items in a big trash bag, which he closed off and put away. We work well together. She could not help but smile at the comforting thought.

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I’ve been writing this for a few months now and I’m finally happy with the finished product! I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think here!

Jensen and Reader, Jared and Gen, Mark Sheppard

Warnings: Everything but smut! Implied sexual situations

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Jared POV

              I knocked on the door hoping it was just Jensen home, but when Mia answered the door I was in for a fight. I clenched my jaw “Is Jay home?” She didn’t answer me but just walked away leaving the door open. I hated Mia, she acted like an angel but she was really a nasty bitch that needed a karma wake up call. “Hey man what’s, up?” “I need to take you somewhere” “Mia’s here can it wait?” “It has to do with her, so both of you are coming” “Alright alright” They got in the car and tension filled the car as I drove, I wanted them both to see how much words can damage someone.

              I pulled up to the hospital and parked the car, I could see they were confused. We walked in and went straight to elevator, I pushed the five and waited for our floor to come. Once it dinged I walked out and went past the front desk. “Good afternoon Mr. Padelecki” “Hi marie, anything different?” “I’m sorry but nothing yet” I gave her a small smile “Thank you” I found her room number and walked in still tearing up at my best friend covered with wires, tubes and IV’s. “What the hell are we doing here?” “I’m so glad you asked Mia” I grabbed y/n’s phone and opened to the texts she had received.

              I handed the phone to Jensen and looked straight at Mia. “That woman right there tried to kill herself twice because of the words you sent under Jay’s name” I pointed to her and could feel the tears falling down my face. “I wanted both of you to see what you did” I took a deep steadying breath “How you sent this girl into such a deep depression she felt this was the only option to fix her broken heart.” I could see the anger roll off Jensen and glare at Mia with such hate I was worried.

              “Get out! If I ever see or hear from you I will make sure the world see’s what kind of a person you really are.” “Jay baby please I didn’t do anything wrong” He pointed to y/n “You did a lot of wrong and there’s the proof right there!” “Jared can you take Mia home to get her shit and get out, make sure she doesn’t try anything!” I shoved Mia out the door while Jensen stayed with y/n.

Jensen POV

              I walked over and sat down next to y/n, I grabbed her hand and I could feel the tears coming down my face. This beautiful woman, who was loving, caring, and so kind, in such a heartbreaking place. “Hey y/n, I’m so sorry baby” my voice wavering at the tears that were coming down, “you will wake up and I’m going to make it up to you, I promise with all I have I will make you mine and show you the love you deserve” I had no clue how long I was there, but when Jared stepped into the room he could see the heartbreak on my face.

              “Mia didn’t fight me, she got her stuff and left” I nodded my head and just kept watching y/n, her hair was dull, her skin wasn’t as soft as I remember, she had bags under her eyes and her skin lost that goddess glow I always envied. “How long has she been here?” “A little over two weeks, she’s made progress and I’m hoping when she wakes up we can start to fix things” I nodded “Me too”

              It took another week for her doctor to take her off the machines positive that she would wake up and start breathing on her own. Once they removed the tube, they put a mask over her face. We waited patiently waiting for her to take a breath, anything to show she was still with us. It felt like forever when she finally took a breath her e/c eyes cracking open to look around the room. She started to panic when I rushed over and held her, helping her calm down.

              They put her bed up so she could get her bearings on being out so long, she would look from me to Jared trying to figure out what was going on. So, I let Jared take the lead and helped her come to terms with what she had done. She looked so lost, so fragile and that was my doing.

Reader POV

              My head was in a fog, not sure of what had happened but Jared had brought my memories back but I couldn’t figure out why Jensen was here. I pulled the mask down, “Why are you here Jen?” I could see the tears gather in his eyes. “Because when I found out what Mia had done I had to make amends, I love you and I was stupid for thinking that Mia loved me not just my fame and money” “I love you, why didn’t that matter?” “Because I’m an idiot” I nodded and kept wondering why he was really sitting next to me, was it guilt or did he really feel the same way?

              I turned to look at Jared and offered a small smile “Hi moose” He kissed me on the forehead and winked “Hey chipmunk” I scoffed playfully “I’m going to call Gen let her know you came back to us.” I watched him walk out and wondered what I was going to do, I couldn’t be by myself. “I know it’s going to take time but I want you to live with me, I want to help you get better then if you’ll let me, I want to show you how much I love you, if you can give me another chance” The tears had filled my eyes, I nodded and smiled “I would love to”

              The hospital therapist had come in making sure I was ok for being released and felt relieved that I wouldn’t be on my own. When I was released Jensen had picked me up, then asked if I was hungry and I admitted I was hungry. “I had Jared stock up the fridge with your favorite foods.” I smiled to myself. “Jay, you didn’t have to do that.” “Yes I did, I want you feel at home with me!” He pulled into the driveway and I took a sigh of relief when I could finally get into a soft bed and relax.

              He helped me with my bags and led me into his beautiful home, showing me where everything was located. He led me to the master suite and I must have looked confused, “If it’s ok with you, I want you next to me so I can be there for you at all times” I sighed “Jay you don’t have to do that, I’m perfectly ok with the guest bedroom.” He grabbed my arms and pulled me in front of him “Please y/n? I’m so sorry I put you through that and I really need you in my arms, I need to know that you’re here and it’s really me being selfish” “Jay you’re never selfish, and okay I will sleep here but I gotta warn you I’m a snuggler!”

He just smiled and nodded, I really hoped he wasn’t doing this out of pity. I was tired so Jay told me to get some rest and he would come up with something for dinner. As Jay got up I stated to panic “Hey it’s ok, I’m not going anywhere” I just nodded and let him hold me in his arms making me feel safe, like I could be happy for just a little bit. I put my face in his neck and breathed him in, it was cologne and something that just smelled like home. I slowly fell asleep happy to be getting some rest that was greatly needed.

I cracked my eyes open and noticed the room was dark and I was alone. I stretched and groaned feeling absolutely starved. I walked downstairs to hear two voices one Jensen and the other was Mia. “I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again” “You don’t mean that Jay! I did that so that fucking pig would leave us alone” “She’s a better woman then you’ll ever be and if I ever hear you say that about her again I will show the world that you’re really the pig! Don’t ever come near me or her ever again!” I heard the door slam and came down to see Jay angrier than I had ever seen him.

“Jay? You ok?” “I’m good now, how does burgers sound?” “That sounds amazing” “Go find a movie and I’ll get dinner ready” I kissed him on the cheek and went into the living room, I got on my phone to check out Twitter and Facebook. What I had seen was mostly the fans showing love and support towards you but there were a few that had taken Mia’s side and called me some nasty things with Mia being the ring leader. I shook my head and racked my brain why she hated me so much to put me through this.

              I was so lost in thought that I never noticed Jay setting the food on the table in front me. “Hey yoohoo!” I finally snapped out of it then he noticed what I was reading. I could feel the tears building, letting those voices in my head be right. “Hey, don’t even think about believing those comments you are so much more amazing than you will ever know!” I looked at the food and felt my stomach rumble, so I set up the movie and dug into the amazing food while the movie played in the background.

              I set the plate back on the coffee table feeling full and happy snuggling up to Jensen sighing happily relishing in his body heat. As the credits played Jay tried moving but I whined and just held onto him tighter. “We can go to bed and get more comfortable if you would like.” I moved to look at him and noticed he was already looking down at me. Our faces came closer to where his lips hovered over mine feeling his breath fan over my face. I made the final decision and connected our lips together feeling sparks go off.

              We pulled apart catching our breathes and foreheads connected giving small kisses smiling like horny teenagers. “If it’s okay with you, y/n I would like to do this right!” I smiled and laughed. “I would like that Jen.” We went to bed that night wrapped in each other’s arms. It was then I realized that this is where I belong, in Jensen’s arms wrapped around creating a cocoon of love and safety. I really hoped that Mia wouldn’t try anything else.

I woke up the next morning to see Jensen gone but a note on the bed side table. I woke up to an empty bed but the smells of food and coffee going through the house. I pulled on a pair of Jay’s sweatpants and went down to see him making breakfast a pair of boxers and nothing else. “You give a girl some impure thoughts.”

              He pulled me into his arms kissing me breathless. “That’s only a taste of what’s coming sweetheart!” I giggled and kissed him again. “But I’m really hungry right now so that will have to wait!” My stomach grumbled after that blushing deep red he kissed me once more and started plating the food while I poured both of us a cup of coffee and sat at the bar. He set a plate in front of me and sat next to me eating in silence. Once I cleared the dishes I sat next to him and just enjoyed being next to him, relaxing in his embrace.

              “So, the plan for the day is you go shopping with Gen, Jared and I are going to get our first date ready! Be prepared to be romanced!” I just smiled and giggled. “Sounds good! I’m hoping tonight can be a night of many firsts.” I murmured against his neck as I bit and licked. “Damn it! Your killing me here sweetheart!” The doorbell rang and I got like nothing had happened but he grabbed my wrist pulling me against his firm body then he kissed me. Not one of those chaste sweet kisses, no it was the kiss of passion and lust. “Better get out of here before I take you right here!” He whispered in my ear making me whimper.

              I quickly got dressed and headed out to find the perfect outfit for tonight. “So, Jensen told me what you’ll be doing tonight so we gotta find something hot! Like tear it off right there hot!” I smiled and blushed at what had happened earlier. She came over and hugged me “I’m so happy you’re with him, Mia just wanted money and the fact that she was dating him! She had no love for him.” She said sadly. “I love him with every fiber of my being!” After that something changed and we grew closer together. We weren’t having any luck finding a dress until I heard a voice that made me cringe. “Well well well look who it is? The skank that stole my man!” I rolled my eyes and turned to see Mia with a couple of her friends.

              “Just keep telling yourself that sweetie.” She got a look of pure anger on her face and went to reach for something in her purse. I turned my back for one second and heard a pop that blinding hot pain. By then the store manager had tackled her as soon as he saw what was about to go down. Gen came over checking where the hole was and saw I had been shot in the shoulder which went clean through. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling, I finally had gotten things on track with my life. Gen had called Jared sobbing, while the paramedics had arrived. They tried keeping me still but I couldn’t I needed Jen.

              Luckily the boys were very close and were able to get over there quickly, but they wouldn’t let them through so I just thrashed more screaming for Jay. They finally let them through Jensen rushing to my side trying to calm me down. They loaded me in the ambulance and he stayed by my side holding my hand and wiping the stray tears that had fallen down his face. I started to feel dizzy so I closed my eyes blacking out to Jay screaming my name.

              Everything felt fuzzy, like I was in between sleep and consciousness. I could hear Jensen crying and begging me to come back to him and that’s what I did. I fought against everything, I finally cracked my eyes open to see Jen asleep next to me. I looked closely to see he was close to having a full beard and bags under his eyes. His hands had a lock on mine, like if he let go I would disappear or leave him. I gently squeezed his hand and watched him slowly wake up and saw his eyes bloodshot. I just smiled as his eyes widened and tears filled his eyes again.

              He stood up leaning over me and kissing me, with everything he was feeling and what he had went through. “I’m so sorry y/n…” his breaking as he tried to get the words out. “Jay it’s not your fault! She did it not you!” He kissed me softly again then putting his forehead against mine. He heard the door open to see the doctor come in and see I was awake. “It’s good to see you Ms. y/l/n! You had us worried!” Later that day they released me with strict instructions to not do anything strenuous. I was just happy to be home with the man I loved and a family that would forever love me.


              I stood in front of the doors calming my nerves as I waited to see the man I had fallen for to be my husband. I had asked Mark to walk me down the aisle and he happily accepted the job. I put a hand on my stomach feeling the small bump that was there. I started tearing up at the fact that not only am I marrying my soulmate but now we were expecting our first child and if that wasn’t a sign in the heavens above I didn’t know what was. The doors opened and I connected with the green eyes I had fallen hard for so long ago. The music started and as I got closer to Jensen the nerves disappeared replacing with excitement and joy. This was where I was meant to be.

Amnesia - a KBTBB Fanfic

All rights belong to Voltage for KBTBB and all their characters.  I created the MC, Liz and Mr. Worthington.  Please let me know if you like my stories. I’m still learning to write :-)

I hear beeping machines and feel light upon my eye lids.  I slowly begin to flutter my eyes open and notice an older gentleman sitting by my side. He begins to talk in English as I try to focus and confirm my surroundings. I motion to him that I can’t understand and notice that I’m lying in a hospital bed. I try to sit up as I feel a sharp pain coming from my head.  The man reaches out to me and motions for me to lay down.  I ask where I am, he smiles and begins to speak to me in Japanese. “Lay down please, you were badly hurt and need to rest.  Your baby is okay!”  

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Citizen’s Soldier - Sam x Reader AU

A/N Note: Finally back! I feel like this part is a bit lacking compared to the last two, but it’ll pick up a little more the next part. Feedback as always is GREATLY appreciated. Love y'all, and hope you all enjoy!

Previously: One | Two

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Warnings: Eventual smut. Amputated (healed) limb description. Mild victim blaming (don’t know what else to call it). Still pretty mixed up Sam characterization. VERY sparse editing. I believe that is all!

Word Count: Roughly 4200

Your head was throbbing when the alarm pulled you out of the comfortable blackness that had enveloped your mind. You might have fallen back asleep if it weren’t for the fact that you didn’t shut it off, but someone else. And a deep groan sounded from beside you afterwards. A masculine noise that bordered on inhuman. As if they were in serious pain.

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BTS: Save me (Gang AU)

Character profile


Chapter 1/ 2/3 /4/5/6/7/8

Chapter 9
“Erase the memories”


  Taehyung spend most of his time in DOPE, since he wasn’t supposed to take part in the fight against Got7 due to Park min. Well, maybe it was better this way, he could just focus on bringing in revenue. Heck, he could even play and relax all he wanted to. He had nothing to lose. However, he felt empty. Lonely even. From that day he messed up, he couldn’t get in contact with Park min. He was seriously worried but then again she was that scum’s wife so she shouldn’t be in much danger. He couldn’t get involve in BTS either as the members are all busy. Hence, he decided to downed himself with alcohol and much company like how he has been these past few days to get rid of such thoughts and more importantly boredom. Well, not that he had forgotten about you but he was just too lazy to deal with an angry fling or to put it nicely, girlfriend.

Hope World

  The moment you walked into Hope world, you are faced with a very focus and serious looking Hoseok. He didn’t even notice that you had entered. You called out, “Hobi, what’s the matter?”

  “Oh. (Y/n)! Let’s go.” he replied, grabbing his black leather handheld bag with his left hand and grabbing your wrist gently pulling you out of the room and out of the apartment.

  “Yah. Hope. Where are we going?” You questioned, while getting into his black SUV Van.

  “So, i have found out the location of 2 safe house belonging to Got7. We are going to have to remap the area if we are going to plan how attack them.” J-hope answered while getting into the driver’s seat.

  “Okay. We are going to be spying on their movements for a few days, i assumed?” You asked, in which J-hope nodded his head.

  After about 2 Hours of car ride, you and Hoseok had reached the designated area. Hoseok park his van a little further from the safe house. 

  “(Y/n). We are going to have to walk from here.” He said, dragging out his equipment bag while handing to you a holster and a handgun.

  Hoseok begin to lead the way towards the safehouse, constantly looking for guards and traps that Got7 may have laid in place. You were walking behind hoseok when you feel Hoseok hand came to rest between your fingers, holding your hand tightly. He finally stopped after 3 minutes of walking and sat down on the grass behind a tree. He took out his binoculars and started to scan for suspicious activities. Since it was already dark, it was hard to spot and identify the surroundings. You took out his mac book and started to rectify the map that was created years ago before construction stopped and Got7 using it as a safe house. 

  “(Y/n). North-east. Building A seems like where their warehouse is. Mark that down.” Hope commanded. After more changes and information, the both of you decided to take a break. Hoseok took off his jacket and wrapped it around you. Shocked but touched, you spoke, “What are you doing hobi?”

  “Giving you my jacket obviously.” he replied sarcastically.

  “I know but what about you?” you asked.

  “Well, if you aren’t trembling that much, i probably would have kept that jacket to myself. Don’t worry about me.” He replied, flashing you his trademark smile that could be slightly seen even in the dark and ruffling your hair.

  You smiled back before flicking him in the forehead.

  “What was that for (Y/n)?!” he almost shouted.

  “For being selfless.” you replied. That might get you into trouble hobi if you don’t change that character of yours, you thought to yourself silently. 

  After completing the new map, the both of you head back to the van and head to home. On the way home, you were extremely tired from work and spying that you fell asleep in the vehicle. Hoseok called out to you when he arrived at your apartment, “(Y/n). we are here.” which didn’t manage to wake your sleepyhead up.

  Hoseok stared at you, sound asleep and a bittersweet smile creeped onto his face.

  “What are you doing to me ah, (Y/n)? If only you knew.” he spoke softly, before swallowing his saliva and leaning in to give you a peck on the cheeks.

Do you believe in second chances ?

I am telling you. Don’t.

Author’s note: Hey readers! Thanks for supporting this fan fiction. I know this chapter may seem boring so sorry. Feedbacks are welcome. ^^ and do support my imagines/text for BTS too. And again, if you ever want to know how hoseok look at you/(y/n) when you are sleeping in the vehicle.

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