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The Groups of The Patronus Test - Explained

Before reading this you should read this post first so that you know what I am talking about.

Like I said in my previous post you can see some kind of patterns within each group if you take a closer look. To clarify things and to maybe help you to figure out the right groups for you, I’ll try to explain for what each group stands by giving them titels or listing personality aspects (the way I interpret them). You don’t have to make your decisions based on this post!!

Note: It’s all about what makes you feel at ease or what you can least live without (hence your happiest memory)! For example in Q3: do you feel the most content in situations where you take the lead, stand your ground or play it safe?
This test might adress aspects of your personality you don’t like. Do yourself a favour and forget about your insecurities for the few minutes in which you figure your groups out. Honesty to oneself is crucial for getting the right result!

If you’ve got any questions please send me an ask or message! I’ll be happy to help.
(This post will probably constantly updated until the day I die)

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