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The funny thing is if THG would have had a male protagonist, no one would care about the romance. Also people seem to think that love=romance.

I completely agree.  Again, the comparison to how the love themes in Harry Potter are treated is RIGHT THERE.  It’s a real shame that people seemingly want to constraint the types of stories told simply because the protagonist is female, and it’s not exactly what I would call a feminist approach.

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In a scene in THG she ponders the future, when Prim’s married and gone, & she’s left alone. It scares her. She WANTS a family, but can’t risk it in the world she grows up in. That bit, plus her dreaming of the epilogue? Blatant foreshadowing.

I also completely agree with this:  Collins is not subtle with her foreshadowing.  The very fact that Katniss wants Prim, her beloved sister, to marry and have a family shows that she DOES equate having a family a desirable thing that can bring happiness (because she would NEVER have wanted Prim to be less than happy).  But it’s something that she fears for herself, and so I always viewed her thoughts of Prim marrying as a kind of projection.  After Peeta’s baby announcement before the Quell, she even tells the reader that what she fears most is losing her children, not having them. So, yeah, it’s hard for me to understand a reading that doesn’t recognize that Katniss having children IS actually a manifestation of her wishes.

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Bottom line IMO: Gale does some truly appalling things, but his treatment of Katniss? Mostly pretty good. He’s an 18 yr old watching a girl he loves who was coming around to loving him back falling for someone else. How angelic is he expected to be?

I wouldn’t go so far to say that his treatment of Katniss is good, honestly. He spends most of his time guilt tripping her, disregarding her opinions or her suggestions, finding ways to purposely bring her down a peg… In the overall grand scheme of things, I don’t think he’s that good of a friend really. Had they not been brought together by their mutual need to support their families, I don’t think Katniss and Gale ever would have had any sort of positive relationship.

createourownlight replied to your post:Hello! Just wanted to share an opinion and I hope people don’t kill me, but I think some people sometimes are too extreme, I mean Claudia is an actress and she did a movie in english, most of the actors with accent are taught to speak without accents also she’s a public figure she have to know how to speak in english, BUT also I think is very understandable if she’s still learning english, nervous and with a lot of people and reporters around she may not to speak very well.

Wait, people are hating on a Spanish girl for… not having an American accent? Seriously?

Yes, there have been some nasty posts about them not being able to understand a word she says and sneering at her for saying “chemistry audition” instead of “chemistry reading”. It’s beyond embarrassing (for them, even though they are not aware of it) honestly. 

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4, 7, 11, 15 and 38 please!

4. 3 things I love

  1. My cat, Mason
  2. Peeta Mellark
  3. Achievement Hunter videos

7. My best friend

mellarksloaves and taralee2 :)))

11. What do I miss

Being able to tweet with Michael Shanks and not get flak for it. My cat Gracie. Having a life. My grandpa. Hanging out with my friends and roommates in Tallahassee.

15. Favorite quote

“Life finds a way.”

38. The reason I joined Tumblr

I kept seeing it mentioned on Twitter during the great summer of Lexa Doig (oh, those were such fun days), where I was all the time. So I decided I’d make one, not really expecting much from it because I already had LJ and Twitter and I could barely keep up with Facebook as well, so why would I need some other useless social media… Then Tumblr slowly, but surely, took over as my favorite social media site and well…here I am (and have been pretty consistently for 4 years now).

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How long have they all been coupled up? Because if you were having almost nightly sex after a couple of years, I think you’re an outlier. And sharing a hot tent in high summer is no fun even without additional sweat factored in.

ha, most of them for longer than my ex and I were even together. and some of them are married. I just know they all talked about how they had sex in their tents (or on the boat) last time we were camping. Meanwhile, I was taking care of a puking ex who had a migraine and a panic attack about sleeping in a small tent.


createourownlight said: There are a fair number of readers who want you to write the story in their heads. The politer ones drop hints of lead. The ruder seem to do this. My feeling is if they want a story to go in a set direction, they can write it. Problem solved.

Agreed! I won’t lie, the whole reason I decided to tell this story was because I read something else that was…vaguely similar but I didn’t like the way it was going so I figured - hell, I’ve got a version of this I could tell.

I wouldn’t at all be insulted if someone wanted to write their own version of this but don’t tell ME how to write my version of it.

pearlofkatniss said: Hey, I got a review that said they enjoyed the chapter, but skipped the smut. Is there any higher insult?! ;)

What?!?! You did not! Seriously? Laaaaaaame. I got one that told me my smut was “graphic but good” so I thiiink it’s a compliment?

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Mr. Gill and I experienced the chicken and bacon premium wraps last Friday night Not too shabby!

Ahhh, that’s the only one I haven’t tried!  I got the sweet chili one when they messed up my order (I know, I too was shocked that McDonald’s messed up an order) but I actually really liked it and now that’s my fav.  Or was, haha.  I felt awful after I ate it last night so I think the mcwraps and I are going to cool things for awhile.  Passionate love affairs like ours rarely stand the test of time.

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Though in fairness, I judge your husband more. Mine does shit like that. It kills me.

It’s their stupid, beautiful man jaws that allow them to take giant bites like that.  smh.

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After we were done talking earlier, I went Rallys for a burger and fries and McDonalds for a frappe. MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha, MONDAY, Sharon!  We can do this!

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I’m dreading the inevitable backlash - the press will turn once they can’t milk the adulation anymore. Really, really good article.

I am worried as well. The media is so fickle, they build you up just so they can tear you down. When The Dark Knight Rises came out, a lot of people hailed Anne Hathaway as the saving grace of the movie. It hasn’t even been a year and already people hate her for no apparent reason. I think the tide is starting to turn against Jennifer as well. People are already talking about how she faked her fall, that she didn’t deserve the Oscar and that she is annoying blah blah blah. To me, Jennifer always comes across as genuine, funny and awesome.