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Hello, everyone is talking about your fics and I can't never find them, and I checked all the tags but well, would you mind sending me the links? (Also I love your art, you're amazing)

All of the content for this AU that comes from myself can be found under the 90s diet coke AU tag. This includes my artwork and headcanons, and stuff that other people have suggested that I’ve flailed over and will probably draw at some point.

I’m not a fanfic writer so I’m not going to be writing any lengthy pieces for this AU myself - which makes me sad because I totally would if I could! What you’ll be getting from me is artwork (both individual pictures and comics), with the occasional accompanying scenario or drabble if necessary. Basically the same as I’ve been doing for the Peter Pan AU.


OTHER AMAZING PEOPLE HAVE GOT YOUR BACK, MY DUDES! There are already some fantastic fics inspired by this AU cropping up and you should totally check them out! These are the ones that I’m aware of so far:

90′s Diet Coke by @sugasvolleyball

The Adventures Of An Asexual Office Worker by @my-own-character-in-everything

This drabble by @yahabastan

90s Diet Coke!AU - Drabble by @agapantoblu

PSA: IF YOU’VE CREATED ANYTHING INSPIRED BY THE 90s DIET COKE AU (fanart or fanfic) DON’T FORGET TO TAG ME SO I CAN COME AND ADMIRE! When I get a masterpost sorted I want to link to the brilliant stuff that you guys have produced ; w ; 

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How do you get friends on Tumblr? I see all these people and they make fanart and stuff for one another and I just can't bring myself to start a chat with anyone but . .

Hey Anony-friend. I haven’t been ignoring your message: I’ve been trying to come up with a neat and concise way to reply. Unfortunately, I’ve failed in this, so you get rambling incoherence instead. Hah!

I really hope this doesn’t come across as patronising. My brain has a habit of starting points with their basic components and working forward, so I’m probably going to say a lot of stuff you’re already aware of. I hope it’s in some way helpful, regardless of my clunky phrasing.

One of the main problems I have with answering this Ask is that you’re asking about two very different things: creators and friends. The thing is, friends don’t always create stuff for friends, and people who create stuff are not always friends with the person they’re creating for.

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Calling all the fabulous magical grrls and selfie pros out there!

I will start working on creating brand new stuff for Thought Bubble soon. One of the things I’d really like to do is a little “Badass Babes Coloring Zine” (working title ;) ).

And for this I need your help! I want it to represent all sorts of bodies and shapes. And since googling is boring, I want to invite you all to provide me with reference pictures - of your fabulous selves in your favorite outfits and power poses (or whatever makes you feel mighty and awesome).

Feel free to send me your kind contribution via email (EPHI ät LIVE dot DE) or via whatever channel you find this message on. I may or may not turn some of you into superhero_ines or magical grrls or similar - feel free to add a note with your preferences regarding this (or also if you’d rather I wouldn’t). Whoever will be included in the zine will get a free PDF-copy of it (and so will all of my $10+ Patreon supporters, of course!).

Thank you all in advance, YOU ROCK!! ♡

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@biberry-sans asked: Biberry was still wandering aimless from AU to AU, trying to avoid anons and those that knew his name. He hated the curse he was under, and the fact he had to wear a skirt because of it. He was in a relatively unfamiliar AU when he spotted someone. Someone that looked like a Blueberry… 



Inkberry was sitting on the ground of the anti-void thinking to himself about what to create next. The skeleton snuggled into his scarf thinking more but gave up and stud up putting his hands into the pocket of his hoodie kicking the floor slightly before sighing “dammit, why is it so hard to create stuff”

Inkberry mumbled out and let his stare eyes look around before the skeletons eyes stopped looking at this other person, What the hell was he doing here…oh lord has error brought someone else into the void again, this outta get very confusing. “u-um hello there”

Was all that the skeleton said and started to make his way over to this other with a smile on his face. Inkberry looked quite confused on how this other got into here and wanted to know more about it and how he could do such a thing, seeing as only him, ink and error could get out in the void. “how did you get into here? i would love to know why!, and don’t worry i will not attack you only if you don’t attack me”

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What do you post? a bit of everything, mostly orphan black. doctor who is probably second in line lol star wars, harry potter, marvel/dc, random tv shows. pretty pictures, pretty edits, fan arts. i create stuff too. if you’re a total stranger you’re welcome to check my blog or tags/about pages for more info ;P

Why did you choose your username? A JEWISH WHOVIAN GUYS HONESTLY IT’S NOT COMPLICATED?? too many close friends asked me about the meaning behind this url.

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but honestly for the fact that Melanie doesn’t have much money for production and stuff she creates such amazing music videos with what she has and the fact that she’s managing to make things like this for all of the songs on the album just goes to show what a talented person she is


Superoblong Bed by Cappellini in Collaboration with MXIMS

Hello Everyone!! I wanted to create this bed for a while and I had the 3D model so I asked MXSIMS what we could do with it? He added his beautiful textures and then it’s done. I really loved this collaboration and I hope we will create more stuff together!

Available in 10 different colors

Download (Free)

Enjoy! :)

Okay, I’m pretty much shit about editing, but I wanted to make something nice when I got 1k followers. It happened a while ago, and I was too busy to make something, but here it is now, the list of peoples who I like very much, and I’ve been with for a long time since Hannibal’s season two. We are a very big family, and this fandom is very special to me.  Every one of you are very dear to me. 

So, I’m giving you all a golden list of peoples who is very worth following! 

@bonearenaofmyskull @bansheegrahamtao @bonearenaofmyskull @but-the-kid-is-not-my-son @braziliannibals (Se você é do Brasil, claro) @bhc89 @crushedpetalsindust   @color-division @cannibalcuisine @drinkbloodlikewine @dweeby @dasomjr @dancey94 @devereauxsdisease @existingcharactersdiehorribly @emungere @feredir @granpappy-winchester @hermaia-moira @idontfindyouthatinteresting @licensetocannibalize @loshka @lethal-desires  @mymych  @mresundance @memorypalaceofwillgraham @suntosirius @ter0rr @telerafairlyreie @nnarinn @toffeecape @vulcanplomeeksoup @victorineb @warpedchyld @wiith-my-hands

I feel like there is more, so I may add later. Anyway, thanks for following me. Let’s hold on together until season 4. 

Random observations about the blue sect arc

Rereading the arc, so just a few things to maybe ponder on or a few possibly interesting details. 

  • The Queen visiting Sieglinde

A little mention towards the war subplot: the Queen is still all about using Sieglinde in her war against Germany.
I already said once before that I think she definitely knows Ciel got rid of the “SULIN”, so she most certainly visits Sieglinde because she intends on getting her trust until Sieglinde won’t be able to refuse creating some stuff for Victoria, or something similar.

The Queen is clever and dangerous. Not that it’s anything new.

  • People of influence being patrons of the Sphere music hall, a link with Alexis Midford?

I think everyone already pondered about Alexis and Frances’ absence since the beginning of the arc because it’s been probably one month and a half since Lizzie ran away from home.
So plot convenience or not, I’m wondering if there could be a link between their absence and a good number of Lords being involved with the Sphere music hall?

Alexis is the leader of the Knight Order after all and I’m guessing many Lords are Knights. Ciel himself received something from him when he got his title of Earl from the Queen…

This is a theory we discussed at the beginning of the arc with @darkspellmaster, so all that to say that maybe Alexis, as the Head Knight, will have a role to play in regards to what’s going on within the Sphere music hall and maybe that’s why Yana didn’t mention either him or Frances ever since the beginning of the arc.

  • The S4 only want to atone for their sins by making people happy

I don’t know how Bravat got to meet with the S4 (if UT is involved, maybe through the “pact” the S4 made with UT when they killed Derrick and co) but it’s obvious that he is using their regrets and wishes to atone for their crimes to manipulate them as his pawns.

I don’t know if the S4 told him what they did and he gave them a new purpose, or if he “knew in advance” like for Lizzie, Ciel and Sebastian (in that case, the person who told him all that about those seven characters is someone who knew all of them, and then again UT is the most likely possibility), but it’s really sad that the S4 only want to make people happy and don’t seem to notice (Violet aside probably) how they will follow Bravat if he falls.

I wish the F5 could maybe talk with them, but as this point, I doubt they’d listen, because they’re too enthralled by Bravat.

  • Why Nina as the Sphere music hall’s taylor?

Why the enthusiasm? I mean, I think Nina is indeed extremely talented but since she’d have initially refused, how come they only wanted her?

Because she’s innovative and not so traditional? 
Because of plot convenience so Ciel would have one way of getting info because Nina’s family knows about the Phantomhives’ duty? 
Because of… another reason?


  • Lizzie’s different outifts

I know many people wrote about Lizzie’s different outfits, but I just find interesting how those two panels are just completely the opposite to one another: ribbons, earrings, gloves, bracelet vs no bracelet, swords, simple dress vs an elegant one (that is also different from what she usually wears as well)… 

I wonder why sometimes she wears the simple dress (when she goes giving her blood for example) and why she wore the elegant one as well as all her other accessories when she fought Sebastian. 

We can also wonder why she’s barefoot in the middle of the day (for example when she goes to see Ciel in ch113 as he’s asleep and giving his blood) and what she even does of her days at the Sphere music hall in the first place.

It’s obvious she isn’t like the S4 or the other people welcoming the guests giving their blood and, as I was saying, since she often was wearing the dress on the left during the middle of the day, she’s not always carrying her swords around…

We still have quite the huge mystery on her side of the subplot, huh… 

  • Ciel as a great businessman

This one is more of an ascertainment that if Ciel hadn’t gone through… well, everything that he went through, he would have probably been all about business during his life, because he seems to completely enjoy this (and he does understand customers well).

I just find this cute when he’s so passionate. No need to wonder why the Funtom corporation (his company, that he created after becoming Earl Phantomhive) works so well, it’s not just sheer luck.