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Futuristic Jewelry created by myself @backwordspoetry_art @backwordspoetry

For Afro Futuristic photo shoot [2050]

Shot by photographer @yannisdavy
styled by @6lackadaima And Creative Directed by myself

Now featured on @toksickmagazine
And @radronline

“2050” is a series focusing on giving an interpretation of what the black woman could look like in the future. The future of fashion is explored and analysis through black women’s perspective. By exploring issues of identity, womanhood and beauty through a futuristic lens, 2050 is a series that attempts to show the viewers that even in the future, black beauty remains timeless.

Models: Cynna / Jannai

Aigami / Diva headcanons

-Diva is extremely sensitive, he sometimes doesn’t know when people are joking and his feelings can get hurt very easily though he doesn’t show it

-Diva and Sera travel the world. On their travels they help and rescue any orphaned or runaway children/teens. Diva has created an organization that helps all children/teens find their way. It was Sera’s idea but eventually Diva decided it was a wonderful idea

-Diva is somewhat of an artist. He paints, sculpts and sews a bit. He creates his own jewelry and his specialty is pottery

-Diva is very intrigued by the newest advancements in technology and he’s always yearning to learn more

-Traditional music is some of his favorites. He also is a great dancer

-On a date, Diva would be the smooth talker, as he’s full of charismatic charm

-Diva makes all his own outfits so you’ll never find a duplicate. He’s very fashionable and loves creating new styles

-Diva is very neat and clean and cares a lot about his skin and hair

-Sera teases Diva and always knows how to rile him up or embarrass him

-Diva is a very generous and kind man, he will go to the ends of the earth for his sister

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I love seeing your posts but never fully understand where/ when they come from! It would be so cool if you could maybe tell explain a little bit in Liam and terms about grave sites and stuff if you know it/ have time! Thanks for the posts!!

Hello! I always state which cultures a piece comes from (usually I start the post that way). I also mention the date or dates historians believe the jewelry was created. So, if I post about a necklace, I’ll write: Ancient Roman necklace, dating to the 1st century BCE to the 1st century CE, which means that the necklace comes from Ancient Rome and dates anytime between the years 100 BCE to 100 CE.

I can start to write about in which modern country the jewelry was actually found. However, this information is often hard to know for sure, especially with ancient jewelry found on auction sites, because antiquities that have been in private collections for generations often lose that data (likely due to what we would now call illegal looting). But, if the source does mention which modern country a piece was found in, I’ll add it to the post. Thank you!

Well damn it! Apparently you can schedule post with multiple photos from the scheduling app I use. Or it could just be a user error. Probably that, smh. Anyway here’s 2.0
It’s women crush Wednesday and today is is all about women living that vanlife ~ This bad ass rig is inhabited by a #badassbabe ~ In her tiny space she creates some amazing jewelry. I don’t think there’s a piece in her shop I don’t want. There is this one ring that you all have to see. Its on my wish list because I seriously need it In my life. You old school vanners will definitely appreciate it. And for you all that embrace the cannabis culture she’s got ya covettoo! There a link to Etsy shop in her IG bio and ⬇️⬇️⬇️
#VanCrush #VanGrrrl

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i've been having intrusive thoughs so i'm just gonna vent with a headcannon. Is known that Steven Stone is a huge fan of caving and finding cool rocks, yet his secret hobby is creating beautiful jewelry. For his first first anniversary with his s/o he gave them a necklace made by himself (^◇^;)


he seems like a guy who would be really into crafts like fine metal working and with all those rings, he’s definitely a jeweler to some extent/at least very familiar with jeweler jargon and business practice from how often he spends looking for rings for himself and his S/O

it’s really cute and thoughtful, but also i can totally imagine him bullshitting a gift by picking up a rock on his way to a party or smthn and wrapping some wire around it lol literally one of my best friends in highschool did that all the time when she forgot a birthday or didn’t realize it was that day and would just whip something up during her free period
him being like, ‘…its, uh, a very special rock necklace, a fossil too!’ and just smiles and changes the subject anxiously when pressed to talk about just rock facts. 

Mystique’s Powers

Okay. Maybe this has been discussed in serious detail elsewhere, but I’m just curious.

Mystique’s powers allow her to change her physical appearance, which is a given. But they also allow her to create clothes, glasses, and jewelry.

Do these mimicked items, which are technically a part of her body, retain their existence if she removes them? Say she makes herself look like someone wearing a hat. If she removes the hat, what happens it it?

As long as it is attached to her body (held in her hand, etc.), it could be a convoluted extension of her shape shifting. But can she put the hat on a table and leave it there?

Would it cease to exist? Would it retain hat shape as long as she focuses on it like the rest of her shape shifting? Would it turn into a blob of misplaced flesh?

What happens?

The astrology signs compared with Greek Mythology..

(Note: Some of this may not make complete factual sense and I really don’t care to be honest because it’s just for fun. I did a lot of research online and got opinions from many other sources to come to these conclusions. If you disagree that’s fine but please remember..this wasn’t easy!! - Natalie)

Aries: Ares the God of war, representing masculine fire energy and competition. Aries the astrological sign is fiery and also has a competitive energy. 

Taurus: Persephone, the goddess of Spring which is Taurus season. She also represents feminine energy.

Also Hephaestus, the smith God who creates armor, jewelry and weapons. This fits perfectly for Taurus because they love creating things with their hands. (Some would say Aphrodite because Taurus’s ruling planet is Venus..but they share Venus with Libra..I’ll get to that later.)

Gemini: Hermes, as Gemini is ruled by Mercury and the planet Mercury is named for the god Mercury..the equivalent of Hermes. Hermes is a messenger and the god of communication. Also he flew which could be representative of air, talkative and social..much like Gemini.

Cancer: Selene the Moon goddess, despite not being an Olympian is associated with Cancer for obvious planetary reasons.

Many people also believeZeus could be associated with Cancer because of obvious reasons. He’s nurturing although ruthless when he believes he needs to dish out vengeance. He’s defensive and driven by desire. Also a shape shifter- which fits the Cancerian personality.

Leo: Apollo the Olympian god of the sun corresponds with Leo for obvious planetary reasons. He is also the god of music and poetry, it’s known that Leo is a lover of the arts- they also represent light/ warmth and are a masculine sign.

Virgo: Connected to Demeter as Virgo is frequently depicted as a woman carrying grain..much like Demeter. She is the goddess of harvest which puts her in direct correlation to the month of Virgo. Demeter is also quite “chaste”.

Libra: Aphrodite is associated with Venus and so is Libra. Aphrodite was also known to be quite vain which is one of Libras downfalls, she was compassionate when she needed to be much like Libra. Also by being the goddess of love she relates to Libras who often are lucky in love or have many romantic partners. Aphrodite was associated with harmony much like Libra.

Scorpio: Hades corresponds with Scorpio because of their common connection to Pluto. Hades is often known as evil which is a huge misconception as he’s dutiful- ruler of the underworld, he is not afraid of darkness. He’s often misunderstood much like Scorpio. Scorpio is known as the sign of sex and death which relates to Hades. He was also the only god who never cheated on his wife, displaying loyalty which is a well known Scorpio trait.

Sagittarius: Relates directly to Artemis as she’s the archer Goddess also associated with forests the might of the centaur. She is seeks quick revenge to her enemies and is known as a light bringer, corresponding to Sagittarius being a bringer of knowledge and truth.

Capricorn: Hestia relates to Capricorn in several ways. She is a hard working and practical goddess, known for stoicism and strong will. Most prevalent during the winter solstice she corresponds to Capricorn in that way as well. (Also associated with Cancer in that she’s the goddess of the Hearth.) She maintains down-to- Earth set of priorities.

Aquarius: Ganymede (although not a God) the cup bearer for the Gods is heavily associated with Aquarius. He was a good-looking young man who served as a cup bearer and was granted eternal youth. For the reason that Aquarius is known as the “water bearer” he is constantly associated with Aquarius.

Hera, the goddess of marriage is also associated with Aquarius. Mid-February was known as the month of love and marriage to the Greeks which also happens to be the month of Aquarius. Hera also maintained a powerful status which she fulfilled with grace, Aquarians are known to hold powerful positions with much ease.

Pisces: Pisces is associated with Poseidon for obvious planetary reasons as they both have to do with Neptune. Poseidon was God of the Sea and all it’s creatures so the double fish symbol is quite appropriate. Pisces is associated with the feet and Poseidon often cause tremors. Pisces also makes sense along with Poseidon’s ever changing, impulsive and constantly fluctuating emotional nature. Also Poseidon’s more selfless and merciful side coincides with Pisces.

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Along with the silver haired gal~ RFA + V and Saeran out camping alone together ❤️


  • Yoosung and you go camping to a nearby forest
  • In the center there’s a beautiful clearing where you pitch your tent
  • You explore the forest around you, playing things like tag and hide-n-seek
  • You find an abandoned tree house
  • He scales the tree to see what’s inside
  • Just a bunch of random objects
  • He grabs a deck of cards before getting back down to you
  • As you explore you grab things that you come across, Like chamomile flowers, pretty stones from a stream
  • When you get back to camp you set everything in your bag, and flowers in a cup you brought
  • As the sky gets darker you guys cuddle in a big folding chair, under a blanket while watching the stars


  • This girl is a camping expert
  • She has everything you two need
  • You go camping near a river
  • Kayaking ftw
  • She’s amazing at it
  • She points out all of the interesting things she sees
  • You guys wade in the shallow water, minnow’s and fry swimming around your feet
  • She actually catches a fish with her bare hands
  • You two eat it for dinner after she cooks it


  • Zen isn’t one to camp often, if at all
  • So he doesn’t really know what to do exactly
  • You guys camp next to a beach
  • Swimming at noon
  • Walking in the sand in the evening
  • You start a fire in the sandy area and you sing sitting next to it while roasting marshmallows
  • It’s over all a very comfortable trip
  • When the fire finally dies down you look up and can see miles of stars shimmering
  • Looking down you can see them reflected in the water
  • You just talk about your doubts and your hopes
  • Getting back to the set up you both get to sleep comfortably in each others arms


  • Jumin has never camped
  • Why does it matter?
  • So when you ask, instead of the great outdoors like what you were expecting
  • He brings you to his beach house
  • “No Jumin, this doesn’t count as camping”
  • “But why would you want to spend your time in a freezing tent with an uncomfortable air mattress and the occasional mosquito?”
  • You don’t have a good argument for the moment, instead you force him to take you on an actual camping trip
  • Except… you don’t have a tent
  • You do have sleeping bag though
  • A single sleeping sleeping bag
  • And a few matches
  • You start a fire
  • And sleep under the stars with him holding you close


  • It’s been forever since seven was last outside
  • And here you are asking him to go camping
  • He loves it
  • So he takes you out to his favorite place, hidden in the mountains
  • Somehow he pissed off a bear
  • Not his best idea ever;;;
  • but it made for some great selfies
  • He has one of those cool hammock tents
  • His scary stories are intense
  • You clutch on to him for the rest of the night


  • You go camping to a lake
  • The natural life there is stunning
  • You two go for a hike, you bring a camera to capture the moments
  • One thing about V is that his footsteps are silent
  • Probably because going blind heightened his other senses
  • He somehow got five steps away from a stag
  • the sight was almost unreal with the lighting
  • It was a beautiful picture, with the deer watching him with wary eyes, as he reaches his hand out trying to find you while you had fallen behind
  • You both hang your feet in the water, as you watch the sky go from twilight to night, talking about everything you never knew you even worried about


  • Saeran really didn’t want to go camping
  • He was content with holing himself away in seven’s bunker for the rest of his life for all he cared
  • But he went with you anyways cause Seven threatened him
  • It was actually quite serene
  • You chose a nice woodsy area with a view
  • You immediately scavenged the area for flowers, and busied yourself with creating jewelry for yourself and the boy
  • His crown was made from daisies 
  • A necklace of trilliums
  • And a ring made with a dandelion
  • You roamed around, dragging him with you
  • and even though he seemed reluctant to do any of it he actually wanted to do all of it
  • You took pictures of him, siting in the field of flowers you found, trying to figure out how you braided them together
  • The sight was beautiful and effortless
  •  He didn’t take any it off until you both decided to catch some sleep in the tent you stole from Seven

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Midnight continuous repetitive thoughts, little self aim + goals + improvements + finding myself

Really want to get another 3 ear piercings.

Still have the same 5 tattoo ideas.

My hair needs a change, dreads, rainbow, hair beads…

I need to start looking on Pinterest.

I want sunflower clothing.

Get being creative, henna, drawing, creating, making, jewelry, t shirts, tie dye.

Driving lessons now!

Part time job to get myself started, on my feet.

Gym membership + bicycle + build a peach + faster 5k.

Write and write some more.

Not then, not later, now.

Meditate, take time for myself, moisturize and believe.

Study + access courses + journey begins.

Charms, Amulets, and Talismans

Before we get into the grunt of the post, I feel it is best that I first cover some magical theory. Not all will agree with me, I understand that and seek not to change solid opinion, but inform those who do not know or those who are curious in regard to other systems of belief held around familiar totems. With that being said:

Where does the power come from?

I know that seems quite general a question, but it’s important to understand the source of power that one must imbue magical items with. I, personally, have a mixed background on the matter and thereby have a mixed methodology in creating magical jewelry. The animist in me imbues these items with spirit – I use this method when creating an amulet or talisman ruled by a specific spirit. For me, these become as much devotional as magical. They become not only an item used to bring about protection or drawing, but an item to solidify a connection to a specific spirit. As an example, I have two bracelets and a necklace that are connected to my yayá, Rosa Caveira, so as to keep her close at hand. I wear them both as a sign of my devotion as well as a link to her power and energy. In essence, this loosely parallels the use of collares/elekes. The source of power is the blending energy of Rosa’s force and my own, it is a symbiotic relationship.

The other type of magical “accessories” I employ are those not bound to spirit. These are the ones I use more readily and are the collection of items, symbols, herbs, etc. – each with its own signature – that, when brought together and aimed with intent, transform something from mundane to magical.  In the case, the source of the power is the signature: the blending of items (that possess their own signature), the ambient energy/current of the Universe/etc., and your own – which come together in a way to serve what purpose you desire of it.

As an aside, this ambient energy/current of the Universe is what I really wanted to talk about with this question. All that is is comprised of energy: there is “raw” energy (electricity, plasma, etc.), the energy of motion, gravity, and all matter which is comprised of slow moving energy. Think atomically – these vibrating particles that sustain us and all things. Everything is energy and energy is everywhere. All things possess the current of the Universe, and it can be drawn from anywhere, and it is the key to witchcraft. When a witch draws from him/herself, they are drawing from the Current. When the witch draws from herb and curio, they are drawing from the Current (through the particular lens or signature of that item). When they draw from the Earth, the moon, the cosmos, they draw from the Current. And when the draw from the Gods or the Universe, they are drawing from the Current. So, in essence, both methods stem from the same source and thereby work equally as well, it simply depends on which course you favor.


I cannot say much on the specific construction of these items because there is no specific way to construct them, as there are ways innumerable. They can be comprised of simple things: a stone, a slip of paper, a coin, etc. Or they can be made of a collection of things, expertly combined for a very pointed purpose. They can be forged in gold, set with diamonds, emeralds and rubies, or sticks, stones, herbs and bones carried in a mojo bag. There are no instructions save the ones of your tradition or the ones of your imagination. Do not be afraid to get creative and trust, above all, your intuition.


This is without a doubt the most important part of creating an amulet/charm/talisman. This, too, can be simple or complex. For instance, drawing a sigil or prayer on a sheet of paper, in clay, or on a stone to carry is – in itself – a means of charging. Not only does this writing lend itself to the construction, but to the charging as well. The same can almost be said of combining using the law of signatures, except there remains that small missing piece of intent. While you create, you may speak over the ingredients their purpose, add to them a symbol charged with intent or fumigate the charm with smoke from your lips. These methods may be unnecessary for some seasoned professionals, who subconsciously imbue each ingredient with specific purpose that combine to form a collective purpose during creation, but for those new to the art, I recommend making sure to pointedly note your intent. Clarity is always a great quality to any spell.

Another important facet to charm/amulet/talisman construction is to feed the curio. Many traditions have varying ways of accomplishing this, from oil or alcohol dressing, smoke and prayer charging, or even simply the act of holding the fetish and reminding it of its role. Personally, I’m rather fond of oil dressing, but do what feels right to you or what is dictated by your own tradition.


You guessed it: the means for disposal are as varied as the means for creation. Nonetheless, this step is very important, for after the item serves its purpose, it needs to be properly retired. Some have a much longer “life expectancy” than others, for instance: a protective amulet will be tasked with serving you much longer than a love-drawing talisman. In the case of amulets, it may be carried until it begins to show wear or improper maintenance (falling apart, symbols smearing or chipping, etc.) at which point is should be retired and deconstructed (if comprised of multiple components). Once it has been retired, and it’s parts cleansed, it can then be reconstructed or constructed anew until it once again shows sign of disrepair. Wash, rinse, repeat. The length of time a talisman is carried depends heavily on how long it takes to accomplish its task, and once that task is completed, it’s important to dispose of it properly. Some methods include: burial (often at a specific location: graveyard, crossroads, yard, etc.), fire, deconstruction, and feeding into running water. I recommend the same here as I have above: trust your intuition or your tradition about how best to get rid of a specific charm.

Any questions I’d be happy to answer to the best of my ability!