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As sweet as their reunion was, I can't avoid to feel that the horns poking Marco and Star's 'Take them off' whisper felt a little bit weird to be included in the scene. What do you think was the intention of the writers, or is there an obvious innuendo I'm missing from that scene?

I don’t really know, but the scene felt perfect to me like that, so I guess the writers did something right, whatever’s the reason behind it. Maybe a way to bait and switch the viewers, making us believe for a moment that Marco was uncomfortable, while he was just being stabbed in the chin? Or they wanted to create a more intimate and tender atmosphere by having Marco not even daring moving away from the hug, even hesitating before telling Star about the horns, as if he didn’t want to disturb the moment in any way?

After all, once he removed them, he went from :| to :) in literally three frames.



I desperately try not to watch as Max strips down to her bra and undies but… Holy. Fucking. Shit-balls. She’s beautiful. I have to force myself to look away but I almost can’t. ‘Don’t look, don’t drool, don’t get a nosebleed, and for the love of god DO NOT STARE!’. Too late. Our eyes meet momentarily and I panic, but Max simply smiles and throws her clothes aside and takes a few steps back before running forward and cannonballing into the pool. “Cowabunga!” she calls. When Max resurfaces I smile at her dumbly, “Why, look! An otter in my water,”. She giggles a little and I proceed to start humming the ‘Jaws’ theme, swimming ever so closer to her. “You are so obvious. And I still get freaked out by that movie, so stop,” She replies, creating a small wave with her arms and splashing me with it. I squeal in excitement and splash her back. This continues for a while, with us laughing like the dorks we are. “I’ll just rewind and harpoon you. Otter’s revenge!” Max says with a warm smile. “Cheater,” I retort warmly. “Yeah, you would know about that!”. For some reason… that comment… hurts. Does she think I cheated on our friendship with Rachael… or… does she feel like I cheated on… her? All these mixed signals are fucking with my head, so I decide to lay back and float on the surface of the water. “I wish Rachael was here,” I say, watching as Max does the same, “She would totally love being here at night. I wish you guys had met each other,”. “We will,” Max says with an extra dose of reassurance, “With all this stuff going on, I’m starting to think everything is related… and I want to find out for Kate’s sake, She… died today,”. I not and follow as Max sets herself upright and swims to the edge of the pool. “Your powers are changing everything, Max. Especially you. I can already tell… you’re not so chickenshit anymore,” I say, settling into my position beside her. As this week goes by, I find myself growing more and more accustom to Max’s presence, her gestures, her nervous ticks. It’s starting to feel like she never left. Max smiles at my comment, “Thanks, girlfriend”. My heart flutters at that thought… of Max being my girlfriend, but I stop the fantasy before it gets any bigger, ‘She’s not even into girls…at least, I don’t think’. “You know what I mean,” I say, getting my mind back on track, “You’re becoming like this force of nature,”. “More like luck of nature. Come on, my powers failed trying to save Kate…maybe I’m just stumbling back and forth in time… for what reason?”. “You didn’t stumble when you saved me, Max,” I reassure her. “Not that time but that’s because you were there to kickstart  my power…” She says, staring at me with those big blue eyes. ‘Dear god, Chloe… keep it together. You have a crush on Max, so what… just don’t let it get in the way of what’s important’ but… what is important… that’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the past three days. “So, it’s time to start moving forward in time. And we’re obviously connected since without me you would have never discovered your power, right?”. She nods, “Absolutely. You make me feel like I know what I’m doing…”. “And you make me feel like I still have a reason for still being in Arcadia Bay,” I say with the tiniest bit of flirtation. “I hope so…”. I roll my eyes playfully, “Stop being so goddamn humble. You’re like the smartest, most talented person I ever know,”. “More than Rachael Amber?” Max asks. I look at her for a moment, then look away. ‘She is jealous of Rachael… but, why?’. “Dude, I’m not her groupie, okay?” I say with a bit of sass, “And I’m sure you have Blackwell bros all over you- like Warren,”. Welp… that’s like the lamest way of asking who she’s into… smooth, Chloe, smooth. “You’re the bro killer. Tats and ‘tude…”. “You did not just say that. Plus I am not down with these Arcadia Bay hillbillies,”. “I don’t blame you,” Max replies, “Anyway, we have bigger fish to fry, right?”. “No worries. Once you get over yourself, you’re going to make the world bow,”. “As long as you’re there with me,”. “Don’t look so sad. I’m never leaving you,” I say, resting my head in my arms, holding my gaze with my partner in time. Max smiles innocently and does the same, locking eyes with me. We just sit there for a while… staring at each other, not doing anything else. I inch my hand towards her hand, feeling as our fingers slowly intertwine. My heart starts pounding at an accelerated rate as Max scoots a little closer, passing her advances off as adjustments. “Max?” I finally say. “Hmm?” she hums dreamily. “Truth or Dare,”. Max lifts her head a little and giggles, “Dare, of course,”. SCORE. I smile mischievously, “I dare you to kiss me,”. For a quiet and seemingly straight hipster, Max takes the dare without a second thought. She leans up, places her hand behind my head to balance herself, and kisses me with chlorine flavored lips. I pull back in surprise, losing my footing as I do so and slipping underwater as a result. When my head resurfaces, I see Max smiling at me like a goon. My face must be beet red because she laughs warmly, “What did you expect?” She says, “You said it yourself, I’m not so chickenshit anymore,”. I blush furiously and look away, “I didn’t think you’d actually do it,”. “Honestly, I didn’t either,” Max admits, “But it kinda felt like the right thing to do,”. I look up at her again, my head half submerged in the water and smile. “What?” she asks. I continue to smile, “I dare you to do it again,”. Max smiles smugly, “You’d like that… wouldn’t you?”. “Very much so,”. She blushes and averts her eyes but doesn’t turn away, “God, you’re such a dork,”. “And you’re a nerd… and nerds are hot,” I blurt. Max’s eyes lock onto my again, “Are you… hitting on me?”. “Yes! Thank you for finally noticing!” I blurt again. “I … I uh… *ahem* I don’t know what to say to that,” Max say, laughing nervously. “I do,”. I don’t even give her a chance to react because our lips are already pressed against each other. Max doesn’t move away or freak out at my sudden move, she just relaxes and enjoys it for what it is. When we pull away, she just looks at me with a derpy ass smile, “Hmm, remind me to take dares from you more often,”. I nod, “I’ll be sure to remind you”.

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Chris is reminding me too much now of Darren and his team and it's starting to make me question ch/ill now I used to think it was real but now that Chris is mentioning it and posting so much about it makes me wonder what the hell is going on?

Hi Anon!! First, let me say please feel free to come to me to ask any questions.

Chris is reminding you are Darren for a reason.  I know sometimes it is hard to think that our favs are lying to us and creating a fake reality.  But if you truly look at what is presented, it is beyond obvious that there is nothing that remotely rings true about Chill. Think about the overlay.

Chill was created essentially when M was moved to LA

Chill was confirmed through hand holding on the same day D confirmed his relationship with M.

Chill’s fav holiday, Halloween.. Hmm. who does that sound like?

Ask yourself, what plus ones that weren’t a part of the show were a constant presence on the Glee set? Only 2.  M&W.

When does Chris choose to use the Will card? Watch it, It is always around something big for D or promo time for M. Whether it is a concert at Carnegie Hall, Hedwig’s opening night in LA, Bottle Rock/C’s birthday, Elsie Fest.  The list goes on.  It is often and frequent and always used to distract from CC and make D’s relationship look real.

A smart anon told me many months ago. Chill and Miarren were built together and will die together.  Granted, she has been around longer, but the heavy push directly corresponds to the appearance of Will,  That is not a coincidence. None of it is.

Currently, Chris is in overdrive. I think there are multiple reasons.  First, equalize the crime, So when truth time comes, he looks as guilty as D. That is the long-term goal. 

But there is also the short-term. Sell Miarren as we go into the end, the bar promotion and her final push.  I don’t think we have gotten this much Will in such a short period of time as we have the last few weeks. There is a reason for that happening. The reason is M has a bar opening, D has agreed to support her through the promotion, and that must be pushed and everything else cast aside. So it is critical to push Chris’ fake relationship as well to take the spotlight away from CC as there is barely an invested fan who is not aware of the rumors and speculation. 

And this will continue if the plan is for D to come out, particularly if it is for him to come out and not reveal his true relationship.  I just hope once that happens, they dial it down and rehabilitate D&C’s public relationship in preparation for the ultimate CC reveal.

That is a lot. I know you are only tip toeing out. But as i always say, the truth is a lot less hidden than people think. You just have to open your eyes.

(we all need) someone to stay, chapter 1

Summary: For her, it was that Wednesday. For him, it was that Friday. Arriving at the psych ward within two days of each other, they were the newbies together.

Chapter 1

For her, it was that Wednesday. For him, it was that Friday. Arriving at the psych ward within two days of each other, they were the newbies together.

Betty Cooper was “perfect,” so perfect in fact that she survived basically on only water for days, took diet pills, threw up anything she consumed, and fainted during cheer practice. But she was skinny, so it all had to be worth it. Right?

Jughead Jones was a lost cause, such a lost cause in fact that he tried to kill himself. With a bottle of depression meds and prescription painkillers his dad had acquired somehow, he attempted to take his own life. But just like he failed at everything else in his life, he failed at this too.

Betty fainted while she was at the top of the pyramid after feeling dizzy all morning. Veronica Lodge, the girl that her ex boyfriend, Archie Andrews, cheated on her with, was the one to catch her.

Jughead was found, foaming at the mouth, by his father, who had returned home to Sunnyside from a night of heavy drinking. He found his son on the kitchen floor, a cup of water, and two pill bottles next to his unconscious form.

The one positive thing that came out of the whole experience was that Jughead’s dad, Fp Jones, tried to get sober after finding Jughead like that. Not that Jughead cared. He just wanted to be dead anyway.

They met three days after Jughead had arrived, and five after Betty. Sitting in the garden, Betty noticed that a sullen looking boy wearing a beanie was reading the same book as her, “The Catcher in the Rye.”

“Hey,” she said waving and pointing at her book, “me too!”

“Mmf,” he grumbled, turning his eyes back to his book.

Betty, always wanting to make a good first impression no matter the person, approached him despite his rude response.

“So you’re a modern day Holden Caulfield, huh?” She asked, tilting her head a bit.

He sighed, putting his book down and making her smile increase in size, “What makes you think that? Was it the hat? The hatred of phonies?”

Betty tried not to flinch at the insult, “I guess,” she shrugged, “You seem like the cynical type.”

“And you seem like you don’t belong here,” he replied, adjusting his beanie on his head.

“Well, whatever your name is, looks can be deceiving.”

“Jughead,” he grumbled in response.

“Jughead?” She asked, “I’ve never heard that one before. It beats Betty. That’s my name,” she said, pointing to herself, “I know, I sound like I’m 95 years old.”

“Why 95 exactly?”

“That’s how old Betty White is,” she shrugged.

“I’m not going to question why you know that off the top of your head,” he chuckled.

“Can I sit?” She asked, gesturing at the chair next to him.

“If you want,” he said, going back to reading his book.

This became their routine. Every morning, Betty would greet Jughead, who would already be sitting in the garden, with a “Hi, Jug!” and her signature Betty Cooper smile. Every morning she’d sit next to him in the same chair, making a comment every once in a while. And every morning he would respond in a sarcastic or sardonic manner, something Betty grew to enjoy, throwing her own sarcasm at him every once in a while.

Besides that, they sometimes saw each other in the halls or at lunch time. Betty would wave at Jughead and he’d nod at her in passing. They never sat together at lunch. Betty tried to invite him to sit with her, Ethel, and Cheryl, two other girls in the ward, but he denied, seeming content to sit alone, reading his book.

Betty was okay with this, knowing that Jughead was a closed off person. This was obvious from the fact that she didn’t know why he was even in there in the first place. With Ethel and Cheryl, she now knew their stories back and forth; but with Jughead, zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing.

It bothered Betty a bit, but she was so focused on positivity and working towards going home, that she didn’t let it plague he mind. If she could just get home, maybe she could get Archie to take her back. The whole thing with Veronica had to have been a one time thing. Besides, Betty had been so busy with her responsibilities at Riverdale high, that he must have just been lonely. But when Betty gets back, she’ll be forced to clear her schedule, and then she’ll definitely have more time for him.

While Betty had plans to go home, Jughead didn’t. He was fine being there. He liked the fact that people rarely bothered him, with the exception of Betty. Honestly, he didn’t really mind her. She was good at keeping his mind off of things, and kind of funny once he spent some time with her. Not that he was about to get attached or anything. Jughead had learned long ago that getting attached to people was pointless. The only person he was even remotely attached to was his younger sister, Jellybean, but she lived in Toledo with his mom, so he rarely got to see her anyway.

One day, a day different than most for some reason, Betty decided to ask him a personal question, or more state the obvious, “You’ve never told me why you’re here.”

“Well, Betty, when a man and a woman are attracted to each other—because, you see, you don’t need love for this to happen—sometimes they accidentally create a baby.”

“That wasn’t what I was asking and you know it,” Betty huffed, crossing her arms.

Although she didn’t act it, Betty was happy that he revealed at least something to her. From what she gathered, his parents weren’t in love and he was an accident. That information was better than nothing to her.

“You’ve never told me why you’re in here either,” he quirked an eyebrow, challenging her.

“You’ve never asked.”

“I am now,” he said, setting his book down.


“See, it’s not so easy,” he said, smirking.

“Jeez, Jughead! Let me talk. I was getting there,” she said, exasperated.

“Okay, okay,” he said, raising his hands on defeat, “I’m all ears.”

She sighed and began to tell him what was wrong with her, “It’s a mixture of things. Anorexia, bulimia, taking too many diet pills, but ultimately what landed me in here was fainting while at the top of a pyramid.”

“Were you in Egypt?” He asked, possibly attempting to lighten the mood.

“No, you dumbass,” she cursed.

He had never heard her curse before. It surprised him.

Betty continued, “I was at the top of a pyramid of people-“

“Kinky,” he joked.

Betty rolled her eyes, “It was for cheer.”

“Wow, you’re a cheerleader. I never would’ve guessed that.”

“It’s your turn.”

“My turn for what?” He asked, being purposefully obtuse.

“Why are you here?” She asked flat out.

He shrugged but after a minute of Betty staring angrily at him, he whispered, “suicide attempt.”

She didn’t react in the huge, “oh my god” way he expected someone like her to. Instead she squeezed his shoulder softly, going back to her book after a moment, asking no more personal questions. He liked her response. It was the most real response he had seen come from her yet.

I’ve been wanting to draw Rose Quartz since I started watching Steven Universe some time ago, but didn’t find a moment up til now. I still like Garnet best of all the gems but the pinkness of Rose spoke to me. She also loves plant life which made her extra special to me so yeah, I just had to.

I have no wild speculations to offer when it comes to lion but I’m pretty sure he is a part of or created by Rose. Because, you know, obvious reasons…

Taking asks for Sigil Work

I have been thinking critically about sigil work and how people take sigil requests here on tumblr. I have a number of questions about how people are approaching sigil work when they ask someone else for a sigil and how effective is it… but rather than dwell on that I got to thinking, how would I do sigil magick in this sort of forum? Let’s find out!

I am taking five sigil working requests. These requests will be for not just a sigil, but for ritual work utilizing a sigil. The theoretical underpinning here is that the process of creating a sigil makes the sigil more effective for charging by the creator than by anyone else. I don’t know that this is true. That should be the subject of future experiment. Working with my own current preconceptions suggests that I create the sigil, charge the sigil, and then give the requestor a process for activating it.

Start my sending me your request. It can be as general or specific as you like. The details will be kept strictly private. No anonymous requests for reasons that will be obvious…

Here is how it will work: The sigil design will consist of an outer circle and an inner circle. The sigil itself will be inscribed in and connected to the inner circle. The outer circle and inner circle will have a gap, insulating the energy inside from connecting to the outside. Around the outside circle will be symbols of the four elements arranged as such:

Please let me know your dominant hand. If you are left-handed then we’ll want to flip air to the left to be on the side of your dominant hand.

I will send you a physical copy of the sigil along with a sterile lancet. So I’ll need a mailing address.

Once you receive it, the first step will be to check the sigil. You will need a pendulum. If you don’t have one, any weight hanging from a string or chain should work so long as it can swing freely. With the sigil laying on a flat surface, hold the pendulum over the center. Focus on the sigil until the pendulum begins to swing and you get a sense of the sigil’s energy. What we are looking for is a clear angle of back-and-forth motion. It may directly towards a pair of elements or between them. This is indicating the appropriate method for the sigil to materialize. Roughly, fire is materialization through events. Earth is through physical state. Air is through understanding. Water through emotion. Once you see the direction of swinging you will need to choose one and take note of the angle and the element(s). If the pendulum does not resolve to a clear direction then destroy the sigil unused. If at any point as you acquaint yourself to the sigil’s energy it feels wrong, then likewise destroy it unused.

To activate the sigil, use the sterile lancet to prick your fingertip and place a drop of blood on the outside ring in the spot indicated by the pendulum. Then, taking a pen with black ink, touch the tip to the corresponding spot on the inner ring. Like connecting a circuit you are going to connect the sigil energy to yourself through that spot of your blood. Take a deep breath in then slowly, while exhaling continuously draw a short line connecting the two rings to your blood.

If at any point the sigil working goes badly and you need to cancel it out, then take a razor or scissors and cut out the spot of your blood. Then on the opposite side of the circle, draw a symbol for electrical grounding:

You can also use the above to draw the working to a close once finished to simply mark the end of the working’s influence.

So, if you send me a request I will need: Details about what you want the working to achieve. A mailing address. Whether you are more right or left handed. Please please document and keep me in the loop on how it works and feels to you. I’d love it if you would photo and post your activation of the workings and tag me.

Again, only taking five requests.


How do you know the angels and the Devil inside me aren’t the same thing? I don’t, but nothing drives people to church faster than the thought of the Devil snapping at their heels. Maybe that was God’s plan all along. Why he created him, allowed him to fall from grace…to become a symbol to be feared, warning to us all, to tread the path of the righteous.

(day two (17th) art school AU
Lapis procrastinates, but is also a sweetie



“Good evening to you too Lazuli. How was your day?” Peridot walked in on her roommate/girlfriend surrounded by a bunch of everything. It was obvious she was trying to create… something.

“Shut up. I have to make a sculpture in 10 hours.”

“That’s some time. As long as you don’t sleep.”

“Yeah. I don’t plan to. And it’s not enough time.”

“Well, what’s the assignment?”

“Something that reminds you of your past. For some reason, I can’t think of a God damn thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Hm. And when was this assignment assigned?”

“Peridot, you know me. Whether this was assigned 2 weeks ago or 2 years ago, I’d still be starting it now.”

“So, 2 weeks ago?”

“Yeah. Now either shut up or help me.”

Peridot sighed and sat down next to Lapis “Well, what’s happened in your life?”

“Nothing. That’s the problem.”

“Um… What about being accepted into this school?”

“Ew. I’ll look like a kiss up. And like 10 other students are doing that.”

“Past relationships?”

“I have too much junk of Jasper inspired art. It’s starting to get me down whenever I look at my portfolio.”

“What about current relationships? I’m sure a certain green clad genius wouldn’t mind being the star of your art every once in awhile.” Peridot’s grin was sickening.

“Nah. It’s hard to do details on something so small.” Lapis knew she deserved the punch in the arm.

“Do you even have time to make details?”

“True. Ok. I think I got something. Thanks.” With a quick peck on the cheek, Lapis started going to work.

Peridot knew it was best to leave her to her art, so she got up and started doing her own homework on her own bed, then fell asleep after a few hours.

Peridot awoke to a “Aha! Finished! Oh shit. Sorry Dot.” just as the sun was starting to rise.

“No. No. It’s fine.” Peridot rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and reached for her glasses on the night stand. “Can I see it?”

“Uh… Yeah. Go ahead.” Lapis turned her little sculpture so Peridot could see.

Despite what Lapis had said the night before, the details were amazing. Peridot had to make sure Lapis hadn’t just shrunk her. “Wow Laz. Is that our first kiss?”
“I know, I know. It’s mushy and gross. But you know how weak Mrs. Quartz is for mushy and gross.”

Peridot tried to listen to her girlfriend. But she was so transfixed. Lapis remembered everything. From what they were wearing, to where they were. The back of a small bistro downtown. She had even added the cigarette butt near their feet that Peridot was complaining about right before Lapis had kissed her. And the flower Peridot had to save from Lapis accidentally stepping on. “Wow Laz. You remembered everything.”

“Well, it was only a few months ago. And it’s like important and junk. And… Yeah. Now shove over. I can probably still get about an hour of sleep, and it’s drying on my bed.”

Peridot took her glasses back off and gave Lapis as much room as she could on a twin bed.

Lapis crawled in and wrapped her arms around Peridot. “I was right.”

“About what?”

“It’s hard to do details on something so small.”

“Oh shut up and go to sleep.”

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why do u keep trying to side with girls on things? who u trying to impress fam?

This is like one of the most common questions I get and I genuinely don’t understand it. Why do whoever you are sending these messages think that basic human empathy and mutual respect means I want something? Or I’m trying to impress someone? I used to think I’m cynical man…

Also, I was brought up in this way. My younger sister, whenever we split food or something, she would give me the bigger piece/the better thing. My mum always tells me to give to her wholeheartedly. The world’s not a very nice and fair place. And when she gets married and moves out with a new family, there’s no guarantee how much she would have to compromise so we need to make sure she has everything and more now. And you see, this is a great thing but just this mentality that she might have it hard, so instead of tackling this issue in the community, we try to make up for the bad things (problem number 1).

Guys are stupid. I’m not even talking about things you say. I say REALLY stupid and ignorant stuff sometimes in the heat of the moment. Maybe you guys are better than me which is great. Good on you. From personal experience, guys can be real dicks. To other people (not even just girls).

And girls have it hard you know? Like ignore ALL the dumb social things that come with culture and irrational behaviour. Menstruation is a natural process that enables them to have babies and babies are important to create for obvious reasons. Have you seen the prices of all these hygiene products that they NEED. It’s not even, hey I wanna pamper myself for a week. Like they need this stuff and my brain hurts looking at the prices. Guys have it easy. We don’t always appreciate it or see it but we do. Some idiots gonna say “oh but shaving huehuehue”. Look at the prices and compare my friend. Please just look. It’s actually crazy.

On top of this I feel the need to bring up Islam. If you’re Muslim and you think of yourself as a practising one… You’re doing it so wrong if you don’t have respect for them. You don’t understand how high the status of women are in Islam. It’s said so many times that men are protecters of women. If they want to be independent about it, great. Let them do their thing. But it doesn’t mean you stop sticking up for them when they need. It’s your job to protect women, not command them. So do your protecting.

UPDATED Blue's Clues: Captain Swan Edition

I promised to update my meta, Blue’s Clues: Captain Swan Edition, so that it would include the entirety of season 3A. Here is the update which I will edit into my original post. This post will only include the new information so that you do not have to reread my entire meta (which was very long).

I will leave a link to my original post here, however, in case anyone needs it:

Warning this meta contains references to spoilers. However if you wish to avoid such references you can. References to spoilers will be preceded by a warning which looks like this: (Warning the following paragraph contains references to SPOILERS).

Now, off we go.

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