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I really can’t believe that it’s already been a year since the gf finale aired… and this year it’ll be five years since the first episode. thank you Alex Hirsch and the entire gfalls crew for creating this fantastic show that I had the honor of watching from the very first time it aired on tv to the very last. I won’t ever forget it <3

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Why I ship Lawlu:

“The straw hat crew have left nothing in their wake but sheer miracles.

you’ll never beat them.“

I like the sheer faith that Law has in Luffy. I mean, the man saying this is one who has said he doesn’t believe in anything anymore and here he is claiming that Luffy and his crew create miracles. It’s a huge part of why I ship it. I ship them also because I honestly like both characters and so the ship is a direct consequence.

They have both seen each other at their worst, at the point where they have given into despair and they both saved each other. They were under no obligation. Yet they can understand each other because they have both shared this hardship. They have both lost significant loved one with a card theme who shaped a huge part of their lives.

I like how Law was there when nobody else could be and how Luffy was there for him with Mingo. I like how after so many times that Luffy rescued others, in this case it was turned around and he was one the one rescued. I like how Law’s saving Luffy seems to be a destiny thing, like a fated meeting, something that has to happen since Luffy is the force of history and the will of the ages and how the D’s in their names connects to that. How Law is involved in the creation of the Pirate King  and Luffy’s destiny by ensuring that his life wasn’t cut short there in that place.

I like how Law treated Luffy when they first meet in the Sabaody Archipelago arc and how considerably different it was to the hostility he set towards Kidd. How he seemed generally friendly and amused with Luffy’s antics, “Thanks for the laughs, Straw Hat.” He seemed honestly gleeful at seeing Luffy wreck shit, “Cant wait to see him again.” I like seeing him smile when he defied Kidd and when he punched the Celestial Dragon. After seeing him on what is basically a suicide mission its nice to see him generally acting happy instead of trying to be intimidating. Furthermore, he gave Luffy half the credit for punching the asshole Celestial Dragon and in the freedom of Jean Bart. 

I also like that he warned the Straw Hats about the Marines surrounding the Auction House when he could have easily let them walk right into the trap.

This is also where another element of their interactions that first came through and that is how they both treat each other as equals which is something I like. Law treats Luffy as an equal, which is pretty big considering how arrogant he is about his ow abilities. They met as equals, they fought as equals against the marines and they treat each other as equals. They’re both D’s, Captains and Supernovas. Law respects Luffy as a Captain, he doesn’t speak down to him or treat him like he’s dumb but respects him for his resolve and for being strong enough to survive the loss of his brother. Yeah, Law is older but it doesn’t affect their dynamics. Because Luffy while he can a bit of a dense fuck is anything but a child as he’s people smart and can be perceptive and even wise at times. Its one of the reasons I can ship him with law but Luffy/crew doesn’t appeal to me, because Luffy likes being the Captain and even though he is friends with his crew they are still his subordinates and the relationship between a leader and a subordinate has unequal power dynamics that make me uncomfortable with shipping it. I’m not shitting on anyone’s ships it’s just a thing with me.

I like how after Law saved Luffy he seemed so interested in Luffys hat. How he stared at it after he caught it and how he seemed to be studying it. How it happened in multiple panels. Like he was trying to work Luffy out, like he seemed really interested in him. How he completely ignored Hancock who is supposedly the Sexiest Woman in the World in order to stare and clutch at Luffys hat like its his own. How he squeezed the hat when Bepo mentioned that Luffy’s wounds will reopen if he continues as he is.

I like how Law set his nodachi next to Luffy when he was on his ship as a sign of respect for his great loss when it was enough for him to have saved his life. His nodachi that seemed to never leave him or one of his crew. This link explains the symbolism is more depth and is the source for the above picture.

I like how he saved Nami from the Yeti Cool Brothers and then suggested an alliance on the mountain. The scene was oddly weirdly romantic with Luffy’s upturned cold reddened face looking at Law in almost awe at the person who saved him and his nakama. I like how Luffy remembered Law and sees Law as a savior, “Yeah! He’s just like Jime…I owe him my life!!!” and what a generally high opinion he has of Law, “I think he’s a good guy” which is a view of Law that he retains through the entire alliance even with the reveal of Laws grudge with Doflamingo. Law is someone whose reputation of cruelty, one he consistently failed to live up too, means that people generally dont treat him in a a positive manner, so it must be strange to him to have someone so sure he is a good person.

All in all I just like the way that Law acts with Luffy. How he drops the cool act and acts like the dork he secretly is. How he said that Luffy was strong for surviving. How he is always standing beside or near Luffy. How he answers Luffy immediately when he asks questions when I don’t think he’d bother with other people. In chapter 700, he corrects his pronunciation without being condescending while tellingly never correcting Luffy about his affectionate nickname of Torao.  He freely gives Luffy information about his  nakama after denying Smoker info and attacking him. Law makes sure Luffy gets credit for his deeds consistently as well with both the first fight when they met and also with the marines. And Luffy returns this respect. He works with him, I really like  kereeachan: meta about how Law gets Luffy and how Luffy is willing to work with him.

I like how Nami compared Law to Luffy in regards to selfishness

I like how Law tries to break off the alliance with Luffy in order to protect him from Doflamingo after his grudge has been revealed and protected the other Straw Hats from Doflamingo when he attacked them. I like how happy Luffy was that he was live d that he was willing to sacrifice his chance to get the Mera Mera fruit before finding out his brother Sabo survived in order to rescue Lw.

I like how Law smiled about Luffy when asked about him by Smoker and replied that he didn’t know who was using who.

I like how when they were leaving Punk Hazard Law smiled at Luffys antics while waving goodbye to the Marines. I like the anime smile which Law gives when Luffy tells Rebecca He is the Man who will be Pirate King.

I like to think that Luffys refusal to leave him behind like he does to others when he fights, his faith in his abilities and his hand on Laws shoulder when Mingo is trying to tear him down and his obstinate refusal to break their alliance is comforting to Law. That hes not alone or getting abandoned during what is basically a complete breakdown caused through a complete failure to kill a man who has destroyed so much of his life and taken a person from his life who was the only person to care about him for years. I like that the trust that Law and Luffy hold for each other is so evident because i don’t see Law as being someone who trusts easily and how Luffy lives up to this trust and returns it. How even Mingo mentioned that Law seemed to really trust him, asking him “How can you trust so much?”

Luffy really cares about Law after such a small amount of time. He basically had a panic attack at seeing his bloodied body and when Mingo mocked Luffy about what he had done to Law, Luffy grit his teeth until they bled

Furthermore when Law and Luffy fought together they really worked in sync. I liked how they used their powers to help each other in the fight.

However, one part of the fight I find telling is when he stepped back to let Law attack Mingo. Because Luffy isn’t really someone known for stepping back and letting someone else direct a fight but he did, and kicked Trebol and told him not to get in his Law’s way like his crew has done for him when he was going to face a major adversary.  

I like the parallels between them like how Law has a sorta grandpa in the military with Sengoku and Luffy’s grandpa Garp who are friends with each other. How they both lost a significant portion of their lifespan for a goal which involved a loved one.

“Leave me here and go…! Thirteen Years… Thirteen years I have lived on, all for the day that I would take down Doflamingo. I’ve done… haa… everything I could. If he wins… I want to witness it with my own eyes! And if he falls, I too ought to… die here, with him! I’m the one that dragged him into this fight! Leave me and go! Leave me… go…. please.”

This part of the Dressrossa Arc is one I I can’t get over. The passionate trembling voice of Law when he tells Cavendish that if Luffy should fall he intends to die by his side and how desperate he was to stay with Luffy and see him fight against the man he has lost so much to to the end. And how he blames himself for the fact that Luffy was brought to this fight due to the alliance, how useless he feels at not being able to fight Doflamingo himself and how deeply he respects Luffy for his role in Doflamingos downfall

I like how in  Chapter 788 Law threw himself from stories high in order to take Luffy under his care. I like how he teleported to Luffy’s side when he was so injured he couldn’t walk because nobody else could be trusted to protect him properly.

I like the moment in  chapter 796 where Law saved Bellamy who is a follower of the man he hates Doflamigo, for no other reason that he is Luffy’s friend and Luffy would be upset if he died. I mean, it’s not like Luffy would know if Law didn’t rescue him because he was asleep but he still did it

I like the reveal in Chapter 805 in the Zhou arc that Luffy knows Law’s name but just likes calling Law by a nickname. I like how Law once more gives Luffy his due credit, 'that was Straw Hat’s doing. I like how Law ditches his crew on Zou after reuniting with them to talk plans with Luffy, how he still wants Luffy’s input in the plan making process despite Luffy’s eccentricities.

I like how Law and Luffy are influencing each others behavior petite-neko has some awesome meta on this. Another examle was when Luffy asked Law what he thought would happen to this county, which Law would later use with Luffy.

I think they’re contrasting personalities are very cute. That their height difference is adorable. I just generally like the ship.

“Thank you to Mark and Steven and Martin and Benedict and the whole cast and crew for creating a truly superlative, incredible, inspiring show that truly honestly makes me believe that, like, beautiful, pure things are possible in this world.” 


Over a year ago, I started and never finished creating Fake AH Crew arrest records. When one was found today, I decided to redo it, and maybe try picking this project back up. And it’s a bit different from the original.

I love all the FAHC headcanons and fics where Ray leaving is a really sad thing. I really do, I’m a sucker for angst.

But here me out for a second.

Imagine that Ray’s send off is much like his last Minecraft video. The crew drives around the city to all their favorite Ray places and just chat about stupid shit.
They ask him what he’ll miss the most and everyone makes stupid jokes and it’s a happy time.

They have a “picnic” in like an alley or something and everyone graffitis the walls with Ray quotes.

Geoff starts it off with “Ray’s Goodbye Picnic” and it escalates from there, just like in the episode.

And when Ray finally leaves everyone is happy and wishing him the best and nothing hurts.

(Flipping Ray’s room in the penthouse is optional)

Keep talking about it, keep being kind, keep being grateful for the wonderful show that this has been and will be hailed as for years to come.

The petition is here, and remember- even if we can’t get Disney to give us the third season this show deserves yet, demonstrating how much this show means to all of us and how much we disagree with their decision to cut it short only increases the chance that the future could hold something different. This cartoon has created wonderful memories for all of those who watched it, and deserves all the praise in the world for coming this far! Whatever happens, the world of animation has been forever improved by the existence of this show!

Disney, if you see this, remember what you are famous and beloved for- shows, films, and characters that speak to us and that show us the real magic that can happen if we cherish and encourage the best parts of ourselves- and then consider what message you send every time you prematurely end a show that upholds those principles.

It’s been two years. Wow. Our little Mianite is two years old!! How incredible is that.
Happy Mianite Day to the most life-changing fandom I’ve ever been in. Thank you all so much.

~ Whitebeard Crew Week : Day 6 : Jolly Roger ~

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Revenge of the Sith | Behind the Scenes | Getting Burned

Dave Elsey and his crew created the makeup for a scene that diehard fans had waited years to see realized - the lava pit sequence, in which Anakin Skywalker played by Hayden Christensen falls to his doom, only to shortly arise as Darth Vader. In order to compensate for any makeup emergencies, Elsey and his team constructed backup prosthetics for the actor - 10 faces which were painted exactly the same, including every skin pore, every dot and every broken blood vessel. The application process of the prosthetic makeup took over 3 hours and had to be repeated each time it’s used because the pieces were very delicate and couldn’t be re-used. The prosthetics were made of foam latex, which is a very soft, spongy material, and the edges were tissue thin so that the make-up artists could lose them into the skin. When the makeup was removed at the end of the day, the whole piece was destroyed including every piece that they stuck on that was meticulously artworked and detailed with highlights and shadow. Since they were trying to convince people that the makeup was really the actor’s face, they meticulously put it all in like an artist would paint an oil painting. Because skin is translucent and foam latex is opaque they had to trick the camera into thinking that it could actually see all the blood beneath the surface of the skin, and all the veins, freckles and so on.

In addition to the foam appliance burn effects and a full body prosthetic, Elsey fitted Hayden Christensen with contact lenses to suggest scorched eyeballs, and a set of blackened teeth over receding, bleeding gums to show the effect of smoke and fire inhalation. Christensen’s contact lenses were crafted by Reel Eye of London, the house that also supplied Ian McDiarmid’s lenses for his make-up as the Emperor in Return of the Jedi.

mythicalviolet  asked:

I personally don't think the fact that Rhett and Link have worked with POC excuses the lack of diversity in the crew. I actually think it highlights the whiteness of the crew even more, and it's one of the things that irritates me about the lack of diversity at Mythical Ent. It's obvious that Rhett and Link are pretty inclusive but for some reason that doesn't extend to GMM, which is their main project. They're capable of creating a diverse crew but for some reason they're not doing it.

This is what I think as well. They’re obviously able to surround themselves with minorities, but their inability to do so at GMM is unsettling. Especially now that GMC is a forefront and something we are forced to see more than once a week, it becomes painfully obvious how white, straight, and cis most of them are. 


      Got to say that this show DO save me from some rough and exhausted week I have experience recently.It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a simple cartoon this great In such a good spirit I’ve long forgot which I really missed something like this. 

Really thanks Craig Mccracken and his awesome crew for creating this show.I definitely going to missed it

[160717] w_n_r00 instagram update:

Thank you for watching Half-Moon Friends! For us it wasn’t just a simple broadcast but a time with our precious friends that we will never forget. To the crew who created this time for us and to all the viewers, and to the children who gave us the gift of being named teachers, Park Yeojun, Park Hayul, Shin Minseo, Lee Namwoo, Lee Jungwoo, Jeon Seoyeon, Jeon Minjoon, Jeon Jei, Joo Seowoo, Joo Jiwoo, we express out heartfelt thanks!! #SobbingInTheMiddleOfTheNight 😭 #KidsWeLoveYou #DontForget #BandalChingu #halfmoonfriends

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When Did Captain Swan Begin?

A post crossed my dash awhile back (and now I can’t find it!) about when Captain Swan became part of the writers plan. I know we all flailed over that “Always” but that was really a non-answer. Because writing doesn’t work like that! And while they may have always envisioned a partner for Emma that had the characteristics of Killian Jones I don’t think it follows that Captain Hook was always her intended partner.  So where did “always” start? How far back can we trace the writers commitment to Emma getting into a relationship with Captain Hook? 

Short answer is; we have no idea. But that’s no fun so I am taking off my shipper goggles and delving into it! 

First let me say that I 100% believe that the character of Killian Jones is perfect for Emma Swan. But as a writer I know characters and plot points don’t exist in a vacuum so this will attempt to be objective. Please don’t expect this to give you shipper feels!  

It got long so have a cut to save your dashes! 

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  • SU Crew: let's make Garnet a fusion of two tiny gays, everyone will love it!
  • SU Crew: Uh.....
  • SU Fandom: WE NEED SMOL GAYS!!
  • SU Crew: *Makes Peridot the size of Amethyst*
  • SU Crew: *Creates episode "Too Far"*
  • SU Fandom: *chanting* AMEDOT, AMEDOT, AMEDOT....