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What Hogwarts houses would you sort The New Who Doctors and companions?

Oooh, that’s an interesting question. It’s a challenge, really, because to me, Hogwarts houses are often such a reductive thing, but within the actual Harry Potter series, in my opinion, they tend to be a lot richer and more interesting, so I feel like I chafe against certain fandom approaches. But let’s give it a go.

  • Ninth Doctor: Gryffindor. To me, Gryffindor, more than anything, is a need to stand up for something. Not just to be brave or cocky, anyone can do that. But to deeply grow to put onesself on the line to stand up for something, that’s what it comes down to. And that’s what Nine’s arc comes down to. He’s finding the idealist in himself again, with Rose’s help, that he would die to be, even if it meant the Daleks won. That, to me, is really quite brave.
  • Tenth Doctor: Ooh, it’s so easy to say Gryffindor, isn’t it? He’s the Doctor of big speeches and bold statements and such. All that fire and ice and rage feels like the most obvious example. But I’m not sure if I believe it. I think he might be more Hufflepuff than he seems. He connects a lot with people, that’s his power. When stripped of it, like in Midnight, he’s nothing. His loyalty is a big thing. He and Rose became massively codependant, for example. And that farewell tour, God. He visits everyone. Literally, everyone. That girl a guy he created using his form fell in love with. Jo Grant. Jago and Litefoot. Everybody. I tend to view regeneration stories as the purest encapsulation of an incarnation, and his makes quite the statement.
  • Eleventh Doctor: Slytherin, through and through. The sweetest, most well-meaning Slytherin ever, he’s brave and lovely and charming and clever and protective of his friends. But he’s a cunning one, in the way the Seventh Doctor was cunning. He keeps secrets because he thinks he knows best, and plays long games with his own universe-wide persona, and in general tries to be one step ahead of everything, even when there’s no actual mystery to solve, to the detriment of his relationships. He’s absolutely wonderful. And brave, all those years fighting to protect children, for example. But all along, he does it for his secrets and does it with a tiny bit of trickstery flourish.
  • Twelfth Doctor: Gryffindor. I can’t see anything else. Once I might have, his pragmatism seemed very Slytherin cunning. But over his growth, he’s proved so much more than that. I mentioned before how I think Gryffindor is more than anything a willingness to stand up for something, and he proves that. He’s pragmatic enough to know ideals alone can’t save the day, but good enough that he wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Rose Tyler: Gotta say Hufflepuff, I think. Not that she is always loyal: she can be remarkably, and I believe Russell T Davies once said, beautifully, selfish. And she isn’t always there for the people she loves, like Jackie’s big speech about how she’s becoming less human. But it’s often out of her love that she fights for that, particularly for the Doctor. The whole relationship between her and Ten is just, overall, the ultimate codependency. She latches onto that, becomes infinitely loyal to that way of living and being he exemplifies. She isn’t quite a leader, but give her a Doctor and she will become the posterchild for everything he represents, all out of love. I think that’s a pretty powerful loyalty.
  • Martha Jones: Gryffindor. She’s clever, don’t get me wrong. But her whole arc is finding her own bravery. Both to do the great big fights, like against the Master, and to tell the guy she can’t help but fall for that he’s just not worth her pain. That is all so, so brave. She’s a quiet character, but her moments of strength are always when she speaks out and takes a stand.
  • Donna Noble: Oddly, I think she’s the toughest of all for me to place. She can shout the whole world down, but the quiet, working world depression and disillusionment are really the driving core of her character, I think. And that’s a contrast to the normal modern Doctor Who arc. Usually, the characters start in a messy place and find an identity, but Donna’s is a story of disillusionment with a bitterly ironic final note. It’s powerful, but also hard to fit into the more idealistic and self-actualizing Hogwarts sorting system. If pushed, I might say Gryffindor, given how brave she has to be to take a stand when stripped of everything, like in Turn Left. But I’m not sure I entirely feel it.
  • Amy Pond: Gryffindor and I accept no substitutes. She’s a hurt, abused girl fighting to be loved and to be heard. And when she feels like something might go wrong, she takes it on herself rather than work it out with other people. She tries to sacrifice herself even when it isn’t necessary, such as in trying to divorce Rory just so he could live the life she mistakenly thought he needed more. She is so, so humanly brave and humanly fixated on saving people in her own way. I think she’s Gryffindor at its most flawed and vibrant.
  • Rory Williams: Since he gets companion credit, I’ll go for him. He’s a Hufflepuff. He just is. 2000 years, I mean, come on.
  • Clara Oswald: In a comic, Twelve corrected his past self and called her a Slytherin. He’s right. She is. A beautiful, brave, wonderful Slytherin who aspires to be the best hero possible, but also can’t help weaving a complicated web of stories and cunning even when it traps her up.
  • Bill Potts: Ravenclaw. Pretty straightforwardly, she aspires to be an information sponge and then to share that with other people. That’s her whole arc. Learning all she can from the Doctor, and then sharing it with Heather. She’s a student, all in all. The only obstacle she ever had there was merely socioeconomic.
Everyone dreams of a fairytale romance, but I desire a romance that is unpredictable and makes me question the world and how people think. I desire the type of love that does not come with a written manual but a blank map that the two of us create with every moment we share. Everybody says they need their prince in shining armor, but let’s face it baby, we don’t need saving. We are already two beautiful humans loving each other just the way we are right now.
The Signs on The Day of Their Wedding

*Applies to Sun & Venus signs

They want to create a joyful experience for everybody who attends. They make sure to dance with just about everyone there. When they are not partying then they are slipping out of the party to spend some alone time with their lover.

Taurus: Smiling through their tears during the ceremony while their partner melts their heart away. The day consists of big embraces and lots of great dancing. They never leave their lover through the entirety of the wedding.

Gemini: Surprisingly speechless at the start of the day because their mind is trying to process what is about to happen. However, they are able to collect their thoughts in time to give a lengthy vow. They also want to make sure that a ton of pictures are taken so they make the best wedding album ever. 

Cancer: Started crying tears of joy once they woke up. Memories flash in their head throughout the whole day of the moments they shared with their lover. Constantly at a lost of words because they never felt this happy before.

Leo: Excited to tie the knot with their special someone, but also hoping everyone has a good time at their wedding. They know that they have their honeymoon to spend alone time with their love so they are focusing on having the best party ever. 

Virgo: Worrying the whole time before the wedding over everything that could go wrong. They worked hard on every detail and wants it to be executed the exact way they imagined it. However, once they lock eyes with their lover none of that matters anymore. 

Libra: Aims to create the perfect wedding. Wants everyone they love to be there, but ends up focusing on their love the whole time. A balance of just the right amount of romance and partying is all they truly want. 

Scorpio: Can’t get over the fact that they are tying the knot with the love of their life. Constantly giving affection to their lover like nobody else is in the room and is anxious for the honeymoon to start.

Sagittarius: Ready to have the best party of their life! Spends the whole day smiling and laughing with friends and family, but more importantly they are having a blast with their love! They spend about half the night just spending time hugging their partner. 

Capricorn: Constantly makes jokes to shake off the nerves that has been building up over this day, but once they lock eyes with their love all those butterflies fly away. The day is filled with the goal of having a good time and creating sacred memories.

Aquarius: Invited everyone they know, but only cares if one special person shows up (their significant other). They aim for a perfect night, but doesn’t care if it falls short because they married the love of their life and that’s all that matters to them.They find them self staring lovingly at their lover throughout the whole time secretly hoping this day never ends.

Pisces: In awe that the day they been dreaming of for the longest amount of time is finally here. They want to bring their fantasies into reality and stick close to their partner the whole night whispering sweet nothings into their ear.

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I've been thinking and what I think would've been better is if they dragged the revival of FT out more. Use that map Lucy created to find everybody, they can keep Avatar (for the most part) but have Team Natsu go out all over and try to bring the guild back together. I think it would've served as a good bonding experience for the team and the guild as it would've rekindled friendships and brought back those feelings of family that they had. It also would've given everyone time to really sit 1/?

Down and talk things out. Lucy tells them about Aquarius and her sacrifice, Natsu explains why he left the way he did, Gray’s feelings about Silver, Erza learning to overcome the trauma of Kyouka, etc. Get rid of the war all together and focus on the guild being a family. Zeref can be the final boss but have the guild take him on together with their new found bonds. People have made a lot of really good points about the fact that a manga about friendship as family hardly ever SHOWS that and 2/? 
I think that bringing Fairy Tail back together could’ve been a great method to really express that feeling of how close the guild SHOULD be with each other. (Sorry this turned into such a long thing..) 

I agree! While for the most part I’m still not happy the guild scattered to the winds the way they did to the point that Lucy needed a map to find them, this’d be a lot better than what we got and could start to hammer home that actual friendship and family thing in a way the manga never really has. 

yeah and also consider these youtuber!AU I just made up:

-“yes i am the agony aunt on YouTube and i answer my e-mails ironically but when you send me your reaction to my answer to your e-mail on Twitter a chain of responses is created between us and without knowing it i, the super-famous youtuber everybody dreams about, am in a conversation via videos with you, the newbie no one knows about. but hey gotta admit it you’re more sarcastic than i am so i have to confess you’re pretty good at video-making and also you’re very interesting and hot thanks god” AU

-“hello yes i am this very important youtuber and i am pretty late to a panel i’m hosting and you’re this fan who has decided to volunteer at this gathering to have a free ticket so you must know about the organisation of this thing right ??? what do you mean you just lost me in the middle of nowhere ??? what am i supposed to do now ???” AU

-“don’t you see this is the room for VIP people ??? you can’t stay with a very famous youtuber like me the security will think you’re trying to kidnap me!!! but actually i’m bored and it looks like you have a MP4 with some fanvids about a TV show we both ADORE so why don’t you just show me before leaving and i won’t tell anyone ??? also you gotta promise to keep the secret too if you don’t want to be murdered in the middle of the night” AU

-“we are both very famous youtubers put in a collab video by our management (because we have the same management) and we have to pretend to be friends even if in real life we HATE each other but hey you’re hot actually so do you want a coffee after that ?” AU

-“our respective fandoms have put us, two famous youtubers, in a competition, to see who’s the best, and those who like both of us are HATED by both fandoms and seen as “traitors” but hey actually they don’t know we met during a summer camp organised privately for famous youtubers like us and we are falling in love with each other but we can’t confess it on camera because of our respective fandoms so it’s VERY painful to meet our fans now” AU

-“what do you mean you are THAT fan who decided to e-mail all my friends and family to organise a surprise party with your fanclub composed of 10,000 people (Tumblr fans of course) JUST because you’ve noticed that i am not feeling very well ??? but don’t you know that me, your youtube idol, is a stranger to you as much as you’re a stranger to me ??? but actually thanks it made me SO happy and i’ll be forever thankful for that” AU

-“at the end of a youtube gathering, while i was leaving the hotel to go back to the airport and take the place to get back home, i got mobbed by my own fans but luckily you got me out of this and now we’re in a crappy toilet stall and the fans won’t leave so don’t you have funny stories to pass the time while the security guards clear the place ???” AU

So I see every other race is trying to copy off of us….again. There’s some Asian selfie day, some Latino pride thing, and it goes on and on. Like Seriously? It’s not a bad thing to have a selfie week of all races. It actually does sound cool but I feel you guys are trying to take what we create, copy off of us and turn it into an ‘everybody’ thing

YouTube sent us a silver play button!

We thought these were a myth for the longest time, now we can confirm them.

Thank you to all our subscribers, and YouTube for being so generous to create a plaque to honor those who have supported us. Thank you everybody!

some preliminary ideas to change the math

as helebette pointed out, there’s not much left to lose. silence is getting us nowhere. i am interested, as always, only in providing ideas and context and analysis, not in being a leader, but here’s what i’ve got: 

  1. tweet to Lana with support of SQ. ONLY SUPPORT OF SQ. yeah, OQ is fucking awful, but bracket it. 
  2. tweet to Lana examples of the homophobic “H8” we get so that she is reminded what that term is for
  3. everybody create a second, sock puppet Twitter to use to mass-unfollow for 24 hours every time she says something in support of OQ
  4. start tweeting selfies with products sold by advertisers and #SwanQueen