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Pros of popular SW ships becoming canon in the next episode

Pros of FinnRey being canon 

-an interracial couple -strong tag team from the light side 

-strong empowering female character dating a strong welded man who both respect each other 

-too much fluff overload!!!!!!

-light side X light side 



Pros of FinnPoe being canon 

-an interracial GAY couple -sharing clothing 

-doors opening for more Disney movies to have a wider diverse cast and character relationships

-mutual love, respect and wanting the other to be safe 

-hot shot pilot X defective stormtrooper who can actually shoot 



Pros of Reylo being canon 

-Kylo getting a redemption arch and paying for his sins

-the strongest tag team ever created 

-proof that no matter what people can be shown love and given the opportunity to right their wrong 

-light side X dark side = grey Jedi babies


-Anti Reylo shippers never getting over it and everyone else having to deal with their crap for the rest of the trilogy 

The anatomy in Storm Hawks always seemed off to me, specifically the waist-to-shoulder ratio. Just look at this, and think about it…

Aerrow’s a tall, lanky kid. I get it. But his chest… like… that’s not anatomically normal, is it? Is it supposed to me an Atmosian thing, like, maybe they’re up in the clouds at high altitudes, so humans in Atmosia developed bigger lungs to make up for less oxygen? 

I mean, you look at Finn, and he’s a little less awkardly-shaped, but his waist is still tinier than Jessica Rabbit’s. You can’t tell me that boy has ZERO hips.

It’s not just the kids, though. The adults are ginormous, too. Like, seriously, Lightning Strike, what are you trying to do– frighten off Cyclonians with your big ass bullfrog chest? Like, what?

And it’s ALL of the Skyknights.

Even Repton, man. He’s not even a human and he’s more out of ratio than any of us ever will be.

I know it’s just the cartoon style, but you’d think if all the guys in the series had chests that defined, they’d have bulkier arms and legs, too, right? Do they all skip leg and arm day, and just do chest day everyday? And even then, these guys are fighting, running, and flying constantly. You’d think if anything would be defined, it would be their limbs, right?

It’s like Chris Evans Captain America. 

His shoulders and his chest are massive compared to the rest of his body. Even his limbs are toned, too.

But look at this. 

We all know Chris Evans is a human Dorito.

I think what I’m trying to prove here is that the Nerd Corps animators had a strong craving for Doritos when they created Storm Hawks.

And here’s your proof.

Tactile Engineer (One-shot)

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Tony Stark calls in his favorite tactile engineer to help pull together some wardrobes for the new team members. Wanda is simple enough, but Pietro’s enhancements give the reader a run for her money.
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Word count: 3,316


A/N: This was inspired by a gifset I saw ages ago and can’t find anywhere for some reason. It was all about the different parts of Edna Mode’s (from The Incredibles) job beyond “fashion designer,” and it really resonated with me. If I ever find that gifset again, I’ll link to it.

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Was there anything worse than being woken up 30 minutes before your alarm by the shrill ringtone of your sometimes-boss?

Probably. But at this point, you really didn’t care to think too much on it.

“This is Y/N,” you answered, trying desperately to disguise the grogginess in your voice.

“Morning, sunshine!” The annoyingly chipper Tony Stark responded. “How are you on this lovely day?”

You groaned, shifting to sit up in your bed. “Tired, overworked, and underpaid. And yourself?”

“Well-rested, living large, and extremely wealthy.”

“You suck.”

You pulled the phone away from your ear as boisterous laughter rang through the phone. It wasn’t like Mr. Stark to be so… perky. Something big must be going on. Which meant you were more than likely to redefine the very word “overworked”.

“What do you need, Mr. Stark?”

“We got two new team members,” he explained, bringing down his tone to suit your own, “They’re going to need some special uniforms, and you know I only go to the best.”

You smirked. “So what the hell are you doing calling me?”


You’re smirk turned into an easy smile. “When do you need me in?”

“The kids are –“


“Sorry, ‘young adults,’ are still pretty jet-lagged, so they won’t be up for a few more hours.”

“So why the hell am I up?”

“Because I love you?”

You refused to dignify that with a response, glaring at your phone and ending the call. With an aggravated groan, you crawl out of bed and wander over the bathroom, shooting a text to your actual boss before hopping in the shower.

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A while back, there was this post:

It started with this. And then it…


sort of…


So yeah. There’s that.

Although I have to admit, some of those are downright adorable

and pretty hilarious

with a fair amount of hurt and comfort…

So, at this point, it’s easier to just kind of go with it.

(And lay the blame on Gabriel for the rest of the animals too.)

But still, it kind of reminds me of this Mary post

in which Gabriel screwed up the only thing he was tasked with.

when i read about women in computer science all i see is ada lovelace, ada lovelace, ada lovelace. maybe i’m not looking hard enough - but there’s nothing about

  • adele goldberg -  one of the seven programmers that developed Smalltalk in 1970’s, one of the first object-oriented programming languages and  the base of current Graphic User Interface 
  • shafi goldwasser - winner of the godel prize for theoretical computer science, for her work in creating zero-knowledge proofs, which is crucial to the field of cryptography and complexity theory
  • dana ulery - first woman engineer at jpl, developing real time tracking systems using a 40 bit word size computer

there are so many! we tend to revere the historical over the recently modern. by all means, ada lovelace is to be lauded for her contributions both don’t forget the millions of known and little known - possibly nameless - women who created this industry.

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Hi! My C/C prompt as follow: Phil is pining on Clint. Clint is oblivious until Phil decides to move on. C/C is end game. Thank you.

When Phil Coulson had first seen Clint Barton, his immediate and visceral reaction had been: want. The man had been beautiful; strength and grace and talent combining to create art in motion as he’d drawn, nocked, and released arrow after arrow in a stunning demonstration of skill.

Phil had locked down his gut reaction a second or two later, frowning at himself. It certainly hadn’t been the first time he’d felt an attraction to a colleague, but never so quickly, or so powerfully. It had taken him by surprise, but he’d been certain he could control it.

He’d had to be, because by the end of that demonstration, he’d submitted his formal request for an asset transfer through the system, and his informal request with a simple glance at Fury. Fury had nodded, and, just like that, Barton had become his.

If only.

If it had just been physical, Phil would have been okay. But Barton had turned out to be smarter than reported, more observant, and genuinely funny, all wrapped up with an underlying sweetness that tugged relentlessly at Phil’s heart. Phil had done his best to ignore the slow tumble he found himself taking, and it had mostly worked. Occasionally he’d slam into an obstacle on his way down and he’d have to reorient himself while coming to terms with the fact that he’d slid further than he’d realized.

Natasha Romanoff had been one such surprise. The strong, crazy, irrational jealousy that had punched him in the gut when Clint had brought her in, when he’d nurtured her and befriended her and slept with her, had not only been unfounded in the sense that Clint wasn’t Phil’s to be jealous over, it had also been completely and utterly misplaced. Natasha was a good person who’d ended up becoming a sister to Clint and a trusted member of Phil’s Strike Team Delta, and a beloved friend to them both.

Phil had been so relieved—and so incredibly ashamed of himself—that he hadn’t seen Bobbi Morse coming.

(read more below the cut)

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Last night while I was working on expanding my thoughts on how Guardian subclasses developed, I came across something interesting in Lord Timur’s grimoire card. It was subtle and quick, but it got me thinking.

“You think I am one of them? That all Exo are-”

“Lord Felwinter, i know what you are. And you are no Warmind or even one of it’s puppets.”


From what we know of Exo, they were created as tools of war, but what we didn’t know until now is that they were most likely built to be tools of the Warminds- an extension to their network like footsoldiers they could quickly deploy in times of crisis so they could react faster and be more efficient as forces on-the-ground. 

With the kind of shit Rasputin has been pulling since the Collapse, this opens up a terrifying realization of the possibility of the Warminds turning on Humanity. When they were tools of War they carried out orders because it was what they were programmed to do. There was no fighting against one’s conscience, it was just an executable subroutine in their programming- just execute, dump, repeat. Then when Clovis Bray seeded the Exo with consciousness / gifted sentience to the Exo, it completely disrupted the Warminds’ control over them. It would explain why Exo couldn’t remember much of anything before they were “returned” to our timeline. They had no use for long-term memory until they became sentient.

There are still no hints as to where that sentience came from though, other than the fact that we know some Exo were once human… what humans? Where did they come from? Were they an AI developed from brain scans or was it a complete consciousness transfer? Or worse…? I really want to know now… 

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May I add that this demand for solid proof concerns Larry most of the time? I don't find it irrational that people want to have more proof, in order to believe something, but it's almost impossible to say you believe something about Harry and Louis based on patterns or things you've observed, without being labeled "delusional". Yet all it takes for other rumors (involving girls most of the times) to be believed is an update account tweet.

Yep. Agreed. We’ve all internalized the gaslighting to the point where we’ve created a new standard of proof. Larry proof must not only be “beyond a reasonable doubt” but actually “beyond all doubt.”

(Which is absurd. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” applies in criminal trials because someone’s liberty is on the line. In civil cases, the most typical standard of proof is “preponderance of the evidence,” which basically just means more than 50%. Is it more likely to be true than not? That’s the standard for everything from a traffic citation to multimillion dollar verdicts. The other legal burden that sometimes applies is “clear and convincing evidence” which falls between a preponderance and beyond a reasonable doubt. And that only applies when there is some very good reason to presume something to be true due to an external factor, like presuming that that a reference considered by a patent examiner is not invalidating of a patent. Probably 90% of all civil cases only include the “preponderance of the evidence” standard. Which is just that something is more likely to be true than not. And it requires assessing all the evidence, not examining each piece in isolation.)

Favorite SnK Moments: Ymir

Just before Ymir throws herself off the tower at Utgard, she smiles. The irony of the situation can’t be missed. She’d promised to live her life for no one but herself, yet here she stands, poised, ready to throw it all away.

This isn’t the first time Ymir has thrown herself off a wall for Historia. She flashes back to a snowy night during their time as trainees. The only way to save Historia back then was to transform in the darkness and carry Daz to safety.

But this time, this leap is different. The sun is shining and a horde of titans are ready to tear her apart.

I have to wonder, why did Ymir seek out Historia? Why did she attach herself to the unloved, unwanted bastard child of the King? And when did Ymir develop feelings so strong that she’s willing to die protecting Historia? 

All Ymir will admit is that it’s because they are similar. 

Now, Ymir is off with Reiner and Bertolt repaying a debt and Historia is turning the world upside down with her newly found mission. We continue to wait for the answers.

But there’s something else in this moment,  and it’s something I didn’t fully appreciate until recently. Ymir is afraid - and it’s not just because of the titans on the ground below. She is about to reveal her true self to Historia and she has no idea what the reaction will be.

We’ve all hidden things from people we love. Sometimes it’s a simple personality flaw, while other times it involves secrets we view as so terrible that we fear they render us unloveable. Ymir is facing hers now.

But Historia isn’t repulsed. She isn’t afraid. She smiles kindly and says “Ymir”. Historia doesn’t see a Titan looking back at her, she sees her friend.

Several chapters later, we find out the impact that moment had on Ymir. 

“But she knows that, and she smiles kindly at me anyway. You two don’t know what that’s like, do you?”

Reiner and Bertolt understand. They too have also just revealed their Titan forms to their closest friends, but there is no reconciliation for them. They’ve been rejected. Ymir hasn’t. And she is so profoundly touched that she can’t leave without seeing Historia one more time.

//side-eyes teetanjaeger​ and drops the mic

Favorite SnK Moment/55 of 55

W is for Witch!

   It’s common knowledge among most Witches and Neo-Pagans that when it comes to recording data for spells, tools, and craft work, it’s usually hidden in a code or language that only that practitioner or it’s Coven/group can read.

   However, is there a language out there that exists now for all Witches to use, to write in code and communicate with if they so desired? Throughout morbid times of Witch-hunts towards the Pagan following over the centuries, was there a universal language left for all Witches alike to communicate in their attempts of survival?

   Let us dive head first into only one of the Hell’s of cultural enlightenment!

   Well, to answer the first question: Yes! There is currently a universal writing that Witches can use to communicate to each other or use in their practices if they so desired. Thanks to social media and the lack of Witch hunts/raised acceptance of diversity in religious practices, we have the Theban Alphabet, also known as the Witches Alphabet!
(As shown Below:)

   There is actually a large amount of codes, runes, writings, and languages that can-be/is used to log practices or is exclusive to certain practitioners of Magick within their groups or work.
   This one however is a very common one used among Witches today from all corners of philosophy and practice, yet isn’t very known about. Let’s find out why!
   I say currently because it was only very recently in the last two centuries that this language had anything to do with Witchcraft or Pagan practices. You see, this language doesn’t have much of its history known nor does it have any accuracy to its origin that is published. It has no associated language that follows it as well and is a one-to-one translation to the old Latin alphabet(ex: A=1, B=2, c=3, etc.).
   It emerged in the Medieval period when Alchemy, Demonology, and Occultism studies were prominent in the practices of European magicians. There is no published record of the origins of the Theban Alphabet though some writers and philosophers merely mention that it was Honorius of Thebes who had created it. There is no proof or references at all in any of the books published in regards to the writing in earlier times that support this statement.
    English writers in the 19th century then reproduced the alphabet in publications of mysticism. This gave attention to occult organizations like the Golden Order of the 19th century to use this language for their practices of mysticism. Other covens and practitioners of Wicca and certain followers of Witchcraft have stated that the language has deep connections and history for their faith, but then we go back to the facts that show absolutely no proof of this at all, as well.
   The entire purpose of the script when published was to be used to be abstract from anyone’s native language, making it unfamiliar to anyone who wasn’t involved in any of the practices it was used by. So respectfully, it was more used as a code for practitioners for their craft than to use as a form of communication ‘underground’.
      The Theban Alphabet is an interesting coding that has a beauty of its own that is now commonly used among witches of all kinds in their craft, such as writings in their Grimoires , Books of Shadows, and spell work. Because the alphabet wasn’t constructed like most languages with single or minimal stroked writing, it’s not commonly used for basic communication. Some characters within it can’t be written easily with single strokes, which causes anyone writing it to concentrate primarily on the inscription and the task it’s used for in practice.

For the Second Question:

   Contrary to popular belief, the answer is actually… NO!

    Ancient practitioners followed their mysticism through their culture’s faith in their pantheon of Gods. These were times where people were still barbaric. Pillaging through cities, having wars back and fourth, and trying to take over everyone’s land. The mystic practitioners of these tribes didn’t stand back during these times. They stood with them following their warriors with approval of their Gods! Though different countries and cultures could act civilly with one another, it didn’t mean that they felt belief systems were respected equally. In modern society, there are still conflicts through the Abrahamic beliefs of who has the better god, when they’re all believing in the same toothfairy in the sky.
If modern society can’t respect the same gods they follow now, then it’s safe to say that the different followers of different Pantheons didn’t sit down and say, “Well maybe your God is better than mine.” So most of these different cultures that accepted their mysticism among their societies would usually use their native language for their work.
   Witchcraft now-a-days is such an umbrella term. We have the tools to communicate and differentiate the variety of ways people practice making it easier to come together. Back then, it didn’t happen. At all. Do you think the Norse Vikings had a code to use with the Native American shamans to communicate? Uh, no. That’s not realistic, and even if that was the case, I doubt they were spending time putting away their weapons for pillaging and sitting down for maze.
    So to answer the question briefly again, No. There wasn’t a common code for all witches to use to identify with each other of who they were. It was a personal responsibility left to those trying to survive through times of conversion and execution.

   On a more personal note in regards to to this, is that I’m always asked questions like this last question. Some genuinely want to know but in most cases, they’re from people who find a way to place themselves on a pedestal to stand out from others, or feel others are doing so to them. People are wondering if there’s a universal language that Witches HAVE to already know to be considered a witch. if there’s a SIGN that is given to show they must practice Witchcraft or have a higher purpose. Or that they’re telekinetic/have some sort of supernatural ability, no one else is like them at all(and no one else can be), and that they’re a true witch looking to find their place. These are the only questions, that I can honestly tell my followers, that are complete bullshit(mostly directed to the last example provided).
    You don’t have to do anything for anyone or anything to consider yourself a witch. If you’re practicing a form of Witchcraft and you feel comfortable identifying as a Witch or anything that has anything to with your craft, you go right ahead! Other people are not practicing your craft. You are!
As for those that come to me that they have these “extraordinary abilities”: I don’t know if you’re bored or looking to find a creative outlet of expression, but I don’t typically find much respect or belief for these questions.
   It’s cute and imaginative, but until I have proof, or tangible evidence that these events are happening, I can’t answer your questions or give the respected amount of attention to what you’re asking when I have people who are seriously interested in information for guidance from this blog.
   Please, write it down, draw it out, make a movie, design a character, etc. of these supernatural topics. It’s interesting and would make a good movie or TV show, but I will respectfully ask that you please do not waste my follower’s time and question space with these highly exaggerated hallucinations of questions.
   When it comes to the practices of Witchcraft, I don’t believe any individual is stronger than the other based on a level of “witch-yness” nor do I believe specific individuals have been discriminated by “fate” or cherry picked at birth to receive supernatural anything. I do see people who are more determined or put more time and effort into their craft lifestyle but that doesn’t make them better than those who don’t, can’t, or aren’t even Witches. So if you come to me telling me you’re the Vampire Queen of the Damned and the only real Witch in the world, I won’t answer your comments or questions. I will just leave you with my realistic followers so they can deal with you any way they desire, for wasting their time.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the weird, wicked, and witchy, feel free to slap me on my Ask. As usual,

Stay Wicked
-Bohemian Witchery

History Has Its Eyes On You || Part Three

lafayette x reader

prompt: you were tired of being set aside because you were a woman. you decide to disguise as a man so you could fight in the revolution.

a/n: lmao i’m usually a sucker for a happy ending but bring on the angst wow. 

this is also the final part to this short series so here are the other two parts:

part one part two


The next few weeks were rough for you.

Every time you left dressed to gather information from the British, you caught Lafayette looking at you. You knew that keeping this secret was difficult for him, but not being able to talk with Lafayette without forming tension was harder for you.

Your affections towards Lafayette continued to grow. You fought by his side nowadays and having the risk of him dying beside you constantly clouded your mind on the battlefield. You sometimes worried yourself sick that John would ask the General if you could continue on with his Regiment for the day.

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I have this huge issue: I love being creative, writing out my notes, and making them pretty and colourful. Unfortunately, I spend about 90% of my valuable study time colouring/highlighting/etc. Also, my hands cramp up. So, I created a fool-proof little study pack that allows me to have fun AND actually study! The fun part is choosing the fonts and colours, but it doesn’t take SO long that you waste an entire day.

Essentials: Pages (or any program you prefer), your course syllabus, and any class notes you may have.

PAGE 1: The first page will be a quick summary of everything that will be in your study pack. Since mine is for my Women’s Studies class, my cover page highlights all the important terms + concepts that I’ve picked out from each lecture. I also include every reading assigned throughout the course, since I KNOW these will be on my particular exam.

PAGE 2: This is where I copy out all the important terms and concepts from the first page. I’ll add all the necessary info here (statistics, pictures, notes). My advice: try to avoid writing ONLY the definition. Definitions won’t help you to fully understand any concepts. Just think, you can’t answer an essay question on a subject if you only know the definition.

PAGE 3: On this page, I will summarize each chapter and/or assigned reading (each reading will have its’ own page). It’s broken down into 3 sections (people, concepts, and an overall summary). This page is really only necessary for the readings that you know are imperative to your final grade. This type of layout can also be used for a book or play you may have been assigned. Maybe even a video!

Crossing Paths (Robbie Reyes)

word count: 3, 382

request: Hi!! A reader x Robbie where the reader is a vigilante and Robbie finds out and he’s upset and proud because they’re kick ass and the. They become like a crime fighting couple? Thanks! I love your writing!

requested by: @raeraethefangirl03

a/n: THREE DAYS IN A ROW??? That’s an accomplishment for me, honestly…also, it’s Tuesday! I get to see my baby in less than nine hours and feeling AMAZING! I also cleaned the house, planning on washing my clothes…I’m being very productive :)

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Ford, in one week is the Eclypse. Are you and your family prepared? Have you bought/created your sun-proof glasses? Remember for your safety.

You mean one month, my friend. It’s on August 20th, not July 20th. 

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have your favourite emison moments changed since the finale??

actually yeah probs. well, now the proposal is official but it still doesn’t overtake ali telling em she loves her
1 i wanna do this together, i wanna be a family
2. u make me a better woman because u search for one
3. we’re gonna miss our flight
4.thats not why i promise tryna create a vibe here (proof of top emily has to be inc)

“When Type: Null gains a partner it can trust, it deliberately destroys the restraining device it wears. Once released from that heavy mask, the Pokémon’s speed increases substantially. Freed of the restraining effects of its mask, Silvally’s senses are heightened, and it reverts to its natural temperament. It has a wild nature, but it will obey a Trainer that it trusts. And to protect that Trainer from danger, it will put its own life on the line. Silvally is said to have been created to oppose a threat…”

Proof that Type: Null/Silvally is a safe and protective friend.