If I could create a business...

… it would be a “toiletries” seamless. 

As a woman, I go through so many random toiletries. In fact, I spend the majority of my time at a CVS or a Duane Reade, buying everything from toilet paper to cotton balls, to Q-tips, to bath gels, etc.  Once a week, if not more, I’m shopping for essentials to keep me looking and smelling clean. 

And sometimes, I just want an online ordering system, where I can tap the items I need, and bam, within 30-45 minutes, my products get delivered to my door. 

Yes, I’m aware that Amazon delivers toiletries, and I’m not trying to beat Amazon at their own game, but it takes a couple of days (to a week) for it to be delivered, and sometimes you just need that new conditioner. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Seamless-like company that does that for you? Especially in a city like NYC, where you’re not privy to a car, and you don’t feel like shelping through the snow? Or you’re just tired and you don’t feel like shopping. 

I’m sure there’s a startup somewhere out there doing something similar, perhaps not, but that’s my BIG idea. 

If I had to start a business, that’s what I would do. People ask “what’s the need in the market,” - my answer, a clean butt!