Day 108 #create365 - Physics Animated

For this next set I am going to focus on making animations of physics concepts – today: wavelength dependent index of refraction… a.k.a dispersion!

My background is rooted in math and physics and I also work as a math/physics tutor, so I’ve often though about animated examples in textbooks etc. Beyond animations of concepts, having interactive examples would be really helpful for students trying to learn and understand the concept.

While this is only a GIF, another piece of this project will be to get up and running in p5.js to create and post interactive sketches. I tried to port this one into processing.js quickly but, surprise, it didn’t like it. Rather than spending a ridiculous amount of time troubleshooting that, I am going to push forward with p5.js. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post them on Tumblr, but if I can’t, I’ll host them somewhere else and provide links.

A member of the Dark Angels Veterans Squad from Warhammer 40k. I used gold and silver rather than bone and white colors. It is not the proper uniform but I’d like to think they’re the squad that Lord Guan Yu would hire every now and then for “special missions”. It’s a bad crossover, but I’m thinking of Oriental Adventures from AD&D. . #Day8 of #Creative365 / #Project365


Day 66 (3/7/14): A little over 2 years ago my friend Zach and myself were searching the depths of youtube in hopes of finding someone mildly entertaining enough to collab with. We ended up at the channel Essentially5. We took a chance and sent an email. Little did I know that such a small event would lead me to meet a truly amazing best friend.

Ally has always been a big inspiration to me when it comes to creating things. Her videos made me push myself to get better at editing. Her random doodles would make me pick up my sketchbook and draw. Hell, she was one of the people that convinced me that making this blog and taking on this challenge was a good idea. So on today, her 23rd birthday, hopefully I can leave her with a small piece on inspiration. 

Never stop exploring. Find new places, meet new people, and never stop pushing yourself to adventure further. Happy birthday Ally.

“Explore” 11"x17" ink and marker on paper

AJC 2014


Day 62 (2/3/14): Been thinking up how to change my woody to aid my training a little better so I drew up some sketches of my plans. Its a 2 piece wall so modding the current left wall with a box to mount hangboard and other training stuff on. Then changing the right wall to be a solid 30 degree or so wall, complete with a folding foot board section that stores away.