1.1.17 // Last bullet journal spread of 2016! I decided to end it on a positive note–with some inspiration from the wonderful Gretchen Rubin, who always signs off, “Onward and Upward” :)

Now to spend the rest of my morning setting up my 2017 bullet journal (and probably writing the wrong year every time I try lol). Happy New Year, everyone!! 🎉✨


12.12.16 // Snowy weekends are best spent cozied up with movies and crochet projects 😋 Finished my pillow case (which is incredibly cozy if I do say so myself)! Also, this weekend made one year since I graduated college! So so crazy how time flies. I’m so happy to be back in the state I love most with a job I adore!

Day 108 #create365 - Physics Animated

For this next set I am going to focus on making animations of physics concepts – today: wavelength dependent index of refraction… a.k.a dispersion!

My background is rooted in math and physics and I also work as a math/physics tutor, so I’ve often though about animated examples in textbooks etc. Beyond animations of concepts, having interactive examples would be really helpful for students trying to learn and understand the concept.

While this is only a GIF, another piece of this project will be to get up and running in p5.js to create and post interactive sketches. I tried to port this one into processing.js quickly but, surprise, it didn’t like it. Rather than spending a ridiculous amount of time troubleshooting that, I am going to push forward with p5.js. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post them on Tumblr, but if I can’t, I’ll host them somewhere else and provide links.


I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from posting stuff on Tumblr… It’s been a combination of being busy finding a studio space and getting it setup, as well as working on other projects. I’m sticking with my goal of creating everyday, but I’m focusing on larger projects that don’t always lead to a nice, easily displayed output. So, I’ll be posting stuff here periodically

Lately I’ve been fleshing out a few ideas that came up during the first 100 days of #create365, working on getting my website in order, and tinkering a lot with Arduino. More to come soon!

12.3.16 // Do you ever have those days where you don’t HAVE to do anything, so you just spend the entire morning being lazy? Yep, that’s been my day…got to stay in bed and start crocheting a cozy pillow cover while watching Friends on Netflix 😋