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“my gender is a triangle”; 3am gender journals/comics… if my work resonates with you i encourage you to take some time to reflect/create your own work relating to your identity that expresses your own experiences and feelings in your own particular way.  this is my gender.  think about yours.
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12/20/2016 addendum: my longwinded, liberal artsy, sociologically conscious, and purposefully didactic response to criticisms on this post can be found here.

I love when you’re engrossed in a book so much that it feels like you’re not even reading words anymore

Instead you can see all the characters and scenery clear in your head

Its like watching a movie constructed by your imagination, a free cinematic experience that everyone visualises slightly differently

The best part about books is how personal they can be

Your mind constructs those characters the way it wants you perceive things in your own way

A completely personal experience created by a few simple words in the right order


High key feel like martial arts you can create your own form of it without any training just experience and observation… Basically almost all styles have origins in nature people then added and tweaked them till we got what we have today.

I Don’t Dance

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Working as a bartender had its drawbacks. If you worked in a large enough establishment, you were constantly moving for your entire shift. Customers tended to see you as a therapist, potential date, and match-maker all wrapped up into one alcohol dispensing package. The hours were much later than you really wanted. And if you weren’t constantly on your toes, it could mean serious damage.

But that didn’t mean working as a bartender was all that bad.

You had a fun job. You got to interact with all sorts of people, including those that you never would have met otherwise. You spent your entire shift mixing drinks (you even got to experiment and create a few of your own every now and then), which wasn’t so bad. You got to have the whole day to yourself (which usually meant sleeping in order to prepare for your shift at night but, hey, there were worse ways to spend a day). And you (most of the time) made connections with the other members of staff that carried on well after your stint behind the bar.

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You guys thought my last guide was long? Get ready for this one, because I am about to impart the wisdom I received during my four years at boarding school.

Now, a quick disclaimer before I start: this is probably more information than you will need for your writing. Also, not all of it applies to every single boarding school, of course, and whatever you create can have your own rules. This is merely based on my own experience at my school, and from my interactions with students from similar schools in the area. Pick and choose what is helpful to you! Staying accurate here is a lot less important than it was with the deaf/HoH guide.

Since this thing turned out a lot more extensive than I expected, I’ve broken it up into three parts, which can be found here:

housing, faculty and the rules

classes, entertainment and social

the campus and outside the school

As before, please don’t hesitate to come and ask me anything! If there are areas here you’d like me to expand on or things I left out altogether, I’d be happy to write some supplemental posts. I hope this is helpful!

Pokémon Go Guide: Everything you need to know to start your adventure

The Player and Experience Points

Different from earlier Pokémon games, in Pokémon Go you can create your own character and level up him with tthe experience points you get along your adventure. As your level gets higher, you will find more powerful Pokémon and unlock some Handy items. 

Here is a list of all the activities that will grant you XP: 

Task / (XP):

  • Capture a Pokémon / 100
  • “Nice” capture / 10
  • “Great” capture / 50
  • “Excellent” capture / 100
  • Curveball capture / 10 
  • 2km egg hatch / 200 
  • 5km egg hatch / 500
  • 10km egg hatch / 1000
  • Evolve a Pokémon / 500 
  • Discover a new Pokémon / 500
  • Visit a Pokéspot / 50 or 100
  • Train at a gym /  Depends on how you do 
  • Battle at a gym / Depends on how you do 

A good way to level up faster is using Lucky Eggs. The Lucky Eggs will trigger a 30-minute timer and will grant you double experience points during this period. Your first Lucky Egg is given to you when you achieve level 9, and the others at subsequent levels. You can also obtain these eggs at the store with your PokéCoins. 

Catching Pikachu: When you start playing Pokémon, you can choose one of the three starter Pokémon: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. To get a Pikachu, you will have to ignore the first Pokémon offered to you by Prof. Willow. The three Pokémon will follow you around for a while and then disappear. After doing this four times, a Pikachu will appear. 

Nearby Pokémon: When you look at the bottom-right corner of your screen, you will see Pokémon that are nearby. The footprints underneath them indicate how far they are from you. Fewer footprints mean it is closer. The one top-lefted is the closest to you. 

Throwing a Pokéball: When you throw your pokéball too near or too far, it won’t capture the Pokémon. When you press on a Pokéball, a ring will appear around the Pokémon. If it is green, it means it’s easy to capture it, while if it’s red, it’ll be more difficult to do it. 

Curve Balls: Curve balls can give you extra experience points when you succeed capturing the Pokémon. 

Great Balls and Ultra Balls: Great Balls and Ultra Balls are more effective at capturing Pokémon. You can collect then when you surpass level 11 at PokéStops. 

Stardust and Candies: These are obtained after capturing Pokémon to evolve them. Stardust can be used with all types of Pokémon, but Candies are specific to the species. 

Evolving Pokémon: Evolving Pokémon will require a large amount of candies. To convert a Magikarp into a Gyarados requires 400 Magikarp Candy. Evolving will give your Pokémon a big CP boost and more experience points to your character. 

Pokémon Types: Each type of Pokémon is weak/strong against another type of Pokémon.

PokéStops: When you start the game, you will basically find Pokéballs and candies at PokéStops, however, after you level up, you will start finding more interesting items at these places. Take a look at what you will probably find there after some levels: 

  • Level 5: Potions, Revive, and Incense.
  • Level 8:  Razz Berries and Lure Module
  • Level 9:  Lucky Eggs
  • Level 12: Great Balls
  • Level 20: Ultra Balls

Gyms: When you first enter a gym, you will need to choose one between three teams: yellow (instinct), red (valor) and blue (mystic). Each gym is controlled by one of these teams. In a gym controlled by your team you can train and test your Pokémon or defend this gym. In a gym controlled by an enemy team you can attack and attempt to take over these gyms. 

Potions: A revive wakes up a Pokémon which has fainted. A normal potion restores 20 HP, a Super Potion 50 HP and an Hyper Potion 200 HP. 

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Elder Flower Water

Elder Flower water can be made simply and used as a magical potion for strengthening intuition

Materials Needed:

  • -Elder Blossoms
  • -1 half gallon jar
  • -Boiled water
  • -1 ½ ounces of liquor, either brandy or vodka

1. Elder blossoms are best gathered on Midsummer’s Eve or a full moon, preferably in June. Fill your jar completely with the elder blossoms and pour the boiled water over them.

2. Add the liquor and allow the mixture to steep for several hours

3. After the blossoms have steeped, strain them through cheesecloth and keep the water stored in a pretty bottle. Your potion is now ready for use. As you learn to create your own flower waters, you may experiment with different kinds of flowers, Keep records in your grimoire as you create your own original recipes.

Elder (Sambucus Nigra) Has long been regarded as a magical and holy tree. Its stems were worn as protective amulets to bring about health and good luck. Elder trees were often planted close to houses due to the belief that elder would never be struck by lightening. Elder blossoms, berried, and leaves were hung over doorways to drive away unwelcome spirits and to discourage thieves. 

Source: A witches Grimoire

to lgbt+ people who use multiple labels to describe their identities:

your experiences, identity, and labels are valid

you don’t have to choose between them, no one should be forcing you to pick one as your “true” label

you don’t have to change your labels for other people’s convenience, no one should be telling you to identify as some other label instead

you don’t have to refrain from creating your own words to describe your own experiences, no one should be calling you “fake” or a “special snowflake” for creating words to fill in the gaps of language where your identity lies

you are not wrong or invalid for describing your experiences in ways that make sense to you, even if most people have not heard of your labels

your experiences, identity, and labels are valid

you are a valid and important part of the lgbt+ community

final grade is in and i got an A in my writing class! 

  • Allos: “Aces aren’t welcome to LGBT+ spaces or terminology, you have to go make your own spaces and create your own language for your experiences.”
  • Aces: *create our own spaces*
  • Aces: *create our own terminology*
  • Allos: "Wait no not like that, those spaces don't include us and that language isn't the same as ours."
  • Aces: ??????????

Life’s wonder is that it is a process in which you, as a sentient being filled with the consciousness of self-awareness, have the opportunity to create your own experience and your own reality, to know yourself as you appear to be, and to express yourself as you came to be, and finally, to recreate yourself as you wish to be in the next grandest version of yourself.