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Calling all fairies!

Do you have a favorite character from a book, TV show, or movie? Did you ever stop to think about what their natal chart may look like, based off their personality?

In the past, I have created a few posts I like to call “A Character Study”. It is a series I try to keep up with, where I analyze a character’s personality, and break it down to different placements in a natal chart. But now, I want to see what you’ve got!

Take a favorite character and look at their personality! How the behave, how they think, how they react, etc. Then, find a gif or picture of this character (or create your own), and write up a post containing their sun, moon, mercury, venus, and/or mars (and any other placement you’d like to include!), describing why you think they’re those placements. You don’t have to do a whole chart, but can pick placements that stand out to you, if that’s easier! Then, post your study and either tag me in the post (@astrofairies) or tag your post with #astrofairiesstudy! I’ll feature it on the astrofairies blog, and keep it under a tag on my blog!