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The Domestic Garden Witch: Bonsai!

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Mini Trees, Patience and Meditation

When it comes to container gardening, we often jump straight to pots with flowers, herbs, maybe even little shrubs. Or even to terrariums and the like. But rarely do we consider incorporating bonsai into our lives. This could be because these miniature trees, as beautiful as they are, seem fairly daunting to cultivate, or possibly because many view them as expensive ornamental plants.

The truth is, however, that the art of bonsai is one which is not only very DIY but also a very helpful exercise in patience and meditation. And it is currently undergoing a bit of a revolution. Traditionally, bonsai has a lot of fairly strict rules regarding the shape and type of pot used, what plants can be used, and the proper ways to shape and trim the plant. However, in more recent movements, various pot shapes and types are being used, as well as varying plants (especially native species) so as to embrace a more personalized view.

You could either acquire traditional materials, or you can create your own container using a ceramic bowl or other type of dish. Select plants that suit your view and personality. And be aware that bonsai is still an art that requires some effort in order to grow a successful plant.

You’ll need a container with a drainage hole, gravel or volcanic rocks for drainage, plants, metal wire, and bonsai soil (either premixed or you can make your own by mixing peat clay, potting soil, and fine volcanic gravel). Place a gravel layer in the bottom of your container, and fill the rest with your potting mix.

Remove the starter plant from its container and gently remove the soil from its roots, and rinse them so that most of the soil is removed. Trim the roots, leaving the larger roots. Starting from the top of the plant and traveling down to the roots, wrap the wire around the stems of the plant. Run the remaining wire down through the mix and gravel and out of the drainage hole. This will anchor the plant and provide a training frame - alter the shape of the wire to shape and train the plant’s growth. Plant it in your container and provide ground cover on the soil either in the form of moss or gravel. Water and mist daily.

Training your plant is part of what makes this a meditative experience. Avoid over-trimming, but remember to prune large leaves and extraneous branches. As the plant gets a bit stronger and naturally grows to the shape you’ve established, you can carefully remove the wire. Keep in mind that it can take decades to get a bonsai to look like the stereotypical gnarled trees that we typically see in the media.

How Can I Witch This?

The possibilities for incorporating bonsai into your practice are nearly endless, both from the standpoint of container material and decoration and from the standpoint of tree choice. But the kind of magick I want to focus on here is “slow burn” spells.

Slow burn magic centers around working a spell that is low-energy, but takes effect over a long period of time and in much more subtle ways. Great examples of this are spells that are geared toward helping keep a house cleansed and protected over extended periods of time, nurturing a spell for health or self-confidence, et cetera.

So in addition to adding decorations or crystals, and choosing plants which correspond to your intent, shape your tree with intent, love, and compassion. These trees invite care and nurturing, while adding an appealing and cleansing atmosphere to any room. When grooming and shaping the tree, hold your intent in your mind, and also request help for realizing that intent from the plant as you care for it.

In addition, bonsai can be a great way of inviting faeries or other nature spirits into the home, much like a faerie garden. This is a form of aesthetic spellwork that can help encourage long lasting and positive effects in your home!

May all your harvests be bountiful! )O(

create your own personalized trail mix and keep it in a bag or container in the office

here’s an idea:

- raw unsalted almonds
- raw unsalted walnuts
- unsulfured raisins
- lightly salted sunflower seeds
- raw pumpkin seeds
- dried unsulfured apricots
- carob or chocolate chips
- a shake of cinnamon and nutmeg

fill a few plastic bags with your trail mix and pass them out to other weary workers!

Do you make your own trail mix? What do you use? 

My definition of respect.

Respect means no one has power or authority over you. It means they don’t have to agree with you to love you. Respect means to give you space to have your own opinions and journey. Respect means to let go. Accept. Not judge. Don’t react. Don’t control. Let be. Respect means to not place their definitions and the way they see the world on you. Respect means for everyone to work on their own shit. Respect means to create a safe space for someone but also have your own safe life container.

Respect is the soil to everything. Without it, trust can not be formed and a healthy relationship cannot be built. Ask yourself if respect is missing in your relationship.


Calling all fairies!

Do you have a favorite character from a book, TV show, or movie? Did you ever stop to think about what their natal chart may look like, based off their personality?

In the past, I have created a few posts I like to call “A Character Study”. It is a series I try to keep up with, where I analyze a character’s personality, and break it down to different placements in a natal chart. But now, I want to see what you’ve got!

Take a favorite character and look at their personality! How the behave, how they think, how they react, etc. Then, find a gif or picture of this character (or create your own), and write up a post containing their sun, moon, mercury, venus, and/or mars (and any other placement you’d like to include!), describing why you think they’re those placements. You don’t have to do a whole chart, but can pick placements that stand out to you, if that’s easier! Then, post your study and either tag me in the post (@astrofairies) or tag your post with #astrofairiesstudy! I’ll feature it on the astrofairies blog, and keep it under a tag on my blog!

I want you to know that life will try to crack you like an egg, and your silence will eventually break. Someday you will spill some of those painful secrets and taste a modicum of much-needed freedom. You will lose a great deal as a result, but the gains will outweigh every loss. You will love and be loved by a beautiful man in a place where your mutual passion will be a marker not of shame but of pride. You will be awkward and alone and alien for a long time, but you will transform these qualities, which is to say yourself, into a work of art. You will wear your awkwardness, your aloneness and your alienness in your hair like gold thread. You will adorn your wonkiness on your wrist like a charm bracelet studded with stars.

Someday you will no longer be as scared as you are now. Someday you will understand that it’s OK to not be cool, that it’s fine to wear your heart on your sleeve, that it doesn’t matter if you belt out the theme tune to Space Jam while you wait for the bus. Someday you will stop crying in your sleep, and the anxiety that rips your heart open whenever you see the police will cease. Someday you will have your own home, and you will draw fashion illustrations on the walls and the kitchen cupboards to remind you of your 13-year-old self. Someday you will walk down the street with a sense of achievement and self-contained confidence. Someday you will create your own family. Someday you will measure your life not in terms of modest gains but by major wins. Someday you will grow up and become the man you have always wanted to be.

—  Letter to My 13-Year-Old Self | Diriye Osman
#real shark week - flood of facts

As y'all might know, this week is Shark Week - in which Discovery Channel tends to lie blatantly about shark everything To counter this,


is doing a #real shark week giveaway, encouraging everyone to fill tumblr with awesome shark facts. I’m not gonna reblog it here but the link is in the line above. I encourage everyone to contribute! Let’s share all the awesome knowledge about toothy babies. You can either reblog the original giveaway post or create your own - either should contain Super Awesome Real Shark Facts! Tag it with ‘real shark week’. We’ll share some of the awesome ones we see on the tag here, too! (Probably only standalone posts). *we’re not associated with the giveaway, ect ect. We just support science spam.

Schopenhauer's Porcupines

“On a cold winter’s day, a group of porcupines huddled together to stay warm and keep from freezing. But soon they felt one another’s quills and moved apart. When the need for warmth brought them closer together again, their quills again forced them apart. They were driven back and forth at the mercy of their discomforts until they found the distance from one another that provided both a maximum of warmth and a minimum of pain. In human beings, the emptiness and monotony of the isolated self produces a need for society. This brings people together, but their many offensive qualities and intolerable faults drive them apart again. The optimum distance that they finally find that permits them to coexist is embodied in politeness and good manners. Because of this distance between us, we can only partially satisfy our need for warmth, but at the same time, we are spared the stab of one another’s quills.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

(See also: Elizabeth Gilbert on Schopenhauer’s dilemma and "having that critical little space, in which to be a little bit self-contained—to create your own warmth, your own sense of your own humanity—so that you could be close without being stabbed. The path to that is as close a secret to happiness as anything I’ve ever learned.”)

Project: #OG3A2Z

It’s been fantastic to see Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak & John Diggle (aka Original Team Arrow or “OG3″) together again on Arrow, and I was asked about putting together something to show out favorite trio some love & what better time than as Arrow heads into its last two episodes and the season finale?

Starting May 4th, we’ll tackle a different letter of the alphabet to describe our awesome Team Arrow Trio (Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak/John Diggle). There will be a daily graphic and also some suggested words so you can either use one already set or come up with your own, then share it, along with a brief note of Original Trio Team Arrow love & support.

How?  Easy!  And don’t miss the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the post to address any other questions you might have.

What Is #OG3A2Z?

The #OG3A2X Proejct starts May 4th and ends May 29th.  It is a fun, easy-to-do way to show your Original Team Arrow trio (Oliver/Felicity/Diggle) love, excitement & support.  Each day a letter of the alphabet will be posted along with a blank graphic (to be used if you create your own word) and several “suggested word” graphics using that same letter for people to use.

All you have to do for the #OG3A2Z Project is:

1. Use each day’s assigned letter of the Alphabet (example: Day 1′s letter is “A” so A is for Action) that describes the OG3 Team to you.

2. Share A) the word, B) a short message about the OG3 team incorporating that word, and C) that day’s assigned letter graphic on all your social media accounts (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc) using both: #OG3A2Z #Arrow


NOTE: If you create your own word, use the generic/no word graphic (will contain the letter only) to your tweets/posts that looks like this:

3. Tweet your daily #OG3TeamArrow word/message/graphic to:









NOTE: Not on Twitter? Be sure to tag the official Arrow CW accounts that exist on that social media platform.  For example, the CW has a Tumblr account, Instagram, Facebook, etc., as do Stephen, Emily, and David, so be sure to tag them on it.  Need more than one tweet to tag everybody in?  That’s okay!  Use as many as you need to, just be sure to send to that core list.

This is a global project, so no matter where you are… if you love the Original Trio Team Arrow?  This is a project for you!

Want to help spread the word about this project?  Feel free to save the image below and share the page link.  Thanks!


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