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Play fighting // Justin Foley

Request: Can yo write an imagine where you and Justin goof off and play fight?so much fluff ahhh !!

warnings: None

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You were never the type of girl to enjoy parties, especially parties that involved drinking, drugs and sweaty teens grinding on each other in every corner of the room. So when your boyfriend asked you to come to one of ‘Bryce’s famous parties’ you refused immediately. Somehow you still ended up at the party, bored and sipping from a cup of raspberry soda. Oh lord, the things your boyfriend could convince you to do.

You watched from afar as Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker spoke. The both of them red as tomatoes and seemingly awkward but still a perfect match. You had guessed they had a thing for each other a while ago. Even Jeff had been telling you about his plans to get them together eventually.

“You’re looking a little lonely, mind if i join?” You rolled your eyes when the one and only Bryce Walker took a seat next to you, swinging an arm around your shoulder immediately making you feel slightly more uncomfortable than you were before. Before you could come up with a half-sarcastic way to answer, your boyfriend managed saved the day

“Hey dude, i got it from here” he spoke and Bryce removed his arm, holding them up in defence under your boyfriends watchful eye. Justin wasn’t an over protective boyfriend, he just didn’t like it when other boys touched you like Bryce just did, which was understandable considering how uncomfortable you just were.

“Cmon its a party, at least pretend to have fun” Justin joked and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“I can now that my boyfriend’s here” You laughed and flicked water at him, hitting him directly in the face making the front of his perfectly styled hair drop.

“oh you did not just do that” within the blink of an eye he had payback. The water hitting you in the chest and you laughed, mouth agape at his intentions

“It’s on Foley” You two splashed each other back and forth a few times before he grabbed your wrists gently and cut in.

“You left your phone in the car right?” he said suspiciously

“I did, why?” You asked, not yet sensing his intentions

“So i can do this…” You felt his hand reach around you before you were being pushed into the water. The icy cold water hit you like a ton of bricks at first before you grabbed a hold of Justin’s leg, pulling him under too.

You two came up with a gasp of air. Both of you laughing like there was no tomorrow and absolutely soaked from head to toe.
With the two of you still in the pool he grabbed your thighs which you wrapped tightly around his waist.

“Have i told you how beautiful you look tonight” he whispered

“You have, but you can always tell me again” you replied and slowly inched your face closer
He pressed his lips to yours and you happily kissed back. You smiled into the kiss, feeling his body pressed tightly against yours.

You let out a barely audible moan that only he’d be able to hear when his lips began trailing down your neck sensually. He sucked on the pressure point below your ear, creating a mark that would show everybody who you belonged to, not that they didn’t already know.

“Let’s go find somewhere more private”

A Guide to Passing in a Cissexist Society

When cis people meet someone (also non cis people sometimes), they’ll peg them as a certain gender (almost always (cis) male or (cis) female) in a splitsecond in the vast majority of cases. Sometimes their impression gets revised when the person opens their mouth or they see them from a different angle, and sometimes they can’t figure out what category to put them in, and will inspect closely until they come to a conclusion.

This has to do with a number of traits that are “marked” as masculine or feminine. Certain things are associated with either the male or female gender or sex, which to most of society are the same thing (insert grumpy rant here). With the growing community of nonbinary people, there are even a few things associated with being genderqueer/nonbinary! There’s a lot of wiggle room here - most cis women will pass as women even if they’re wearing a suit, and trans women can get pinned as trans even if they’re doing everything they can to appear feminine. That’s because some traits are marked more strongly than others. People generally process highly marked traits first, and if those are not present or confusing, they’ll move on to looking for less strongly marked traits to gender someone. Below are lists of traits that are marked masculine, feminine, and nonbinary respectively, with the most strongly marked traits in bold.


  • Facial hair
  • Square hairline
  • Very thick body hair
  • Low voice
  • Angular face/prominent jaw
  • Very muscular
  • Bulge
  • Suits
  • Very tall
  • “Manspreading,” masculine walk


  • Long hair (with the exception of a few hairstyles)
  • Rounded hairline
  • No body hair
  • High voice
  • Painted nails
  • Makeup
  • Breasts
  • Curves/wide hips
  • Dresses/skirts
  • Tighter clothes, v-necks, purse
  • Certain kinds of jewelry
  • Bright colors, pinks and purples
  • Very small
  • Feminine gestures/movements/walk

Nonbinary/genderqueer/outside the gender binary:

  • Brightly colored hair
  • Undercuts
  • Certain kinds of jewelry
  • Bow ties and suspenders
  • Bright colors
  • Bold/brightly colored makeup

Note that this is just a list I’ve put together from my own observations/what I could read on the internet, and might not reflect reality as closely as I or you might wish.

As you can see, the traits most strongly marked  as masculine are all to do with the body and the permanent effects of testosterone, which is why trans women and men have such a hard time passing without medical transition. Voice training can help with the voice (in either direction); shaving, makeup, and other hair removal techniques can help with the facial hair; and makeup/contouring can also help with face shape. Breastforms, binding, and compressive shorts-type deals can help with body shape. Fitted but not fitting clothes (like straight-legged men’s jeans and button downs) can also help people with estrogen-dominant hormone systems appear to have a more testosterone-dominant body shape. Also layers. Layers help everyone.

In general, the more marked traits of masculine and feminine presentations you have, the more likely you are to be read as trans or genderqueer/nonbinary. If you have a few strongly marked masculine/feminine traits, or many weakly marked masculine/feminine traits, but many strongly marked feminine/masculine traits, you’re likely to be read as gay or gender nonconforming. If you have few or no marked traits at all, you’re going to be read as androgynous, and confuse the hell out of people who see you. None of the “marked” nonbinary traits are very strongly marked, so they’re most likely make you read as nonbinary/genderqueer to people who are more aware of queer/lgbtqia+/mogai identities, and just young or progressive to everyone else. Also note that the nonbinary marked traits are all ones that nonbinary people incorporate into their style deliberately as opposed to ones that grew out of cissexism, which is why cis people are less likely to recognize them.

So for people who want to present masculinely or femininely, maximize the traits on one list and minimize the traits on the others. For people who want to appear androgynous, try to minimize the traits on the masculine and feminine lists. For people who want to be very clearly Not Cis, try add in strongly marked traits on both the masculine and feminine lists - more marked traits mean more attention drawn to your gender. For people who want to be very clearly nonbinary, try the nonbinary list, and go wild with your own style. Create your own “marked” traits.

And of course, always remember that none of these traits are actually are indicative of gender; this is just a guide I wrote up for people who want to “pass” as something in a cissexist society.

ellesanimalhaven's Guide to Dirt Paths!

Hello lovelies! :D I just want to say that by making this I, in no way, feel as though I am all-knowing about dirt paths. I have been asked so many questions about my town of Kokoro, that I feel it necessary to make a big post describing all things about dirt paths (that I feel comfortable talking about). Please enjoy and feel free to correct me on any information you read below (everything will be tagged as dirt path so if any new information comes up it will show up there).

On to the guide! c: (And I’m sorry if it’s a little dry sounding, I wanted to be as clear as possible haha)

*To mention: I use the term ‘dirt path town’ to describe towns with dirt paths*

TL;DR: (use ctrl+F to find these titles)

  • What are dirt paths
  • Why should I do them
  • How to plan, start, create
  • How to maintain
  • Common questions

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GOT7 Scenario - Realisations ~ Park Jinyoung

I’m so sorry for not posting, I have just been so busy with revision for exams and school in general, along with other person things that have been stopping me from working on my blogs. I’m so sorry but hopefully soon I’ll be able to catch up with anything missed and start doing some requests. Please stick with me! Saranghae <3

Hey! Thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


GOT7 have grown up with you since you were in school together, closer than ever, best of friends, and now their huge idols, slaying hearts of fans with their gorgeous appearance and their irresistible talents and performances. However, Jinyoung, the only one who you hated so much, you two had never gotten along at all, which drove the other’s crazy as they just wished you’d like each other, or at least tolerated each other in a good way. Words couldn’t explain how much Jinyoung felt the same back towards you, it was horrible and he’d always avoid you when you com over to the dorm, you’d also do the same.

After a whole morning of practice, Jackson and Kunpimook run straight to the dorm, racing each other while the others strolled behind. “Come on guys!” Yugyeom shouted as he sped up, taking the chance of being able to beat the two ahead, “Last one there is a rotten egg!”. Jinyoung scoffed, and rolled his eyes before catching up with Mark, who was walking with Youngjae and Jaebum, “Could’ve waited for me.” Jinyoung laughed as he nudged the eldest in the ribs, “Don’t get jealous that I’m walking with someone else.” Mark giggled, clutching his shoulder after Jinyoung playfully slapped it.

The ones behind finally arrived at the dorm, getting through the door to see the three laying on the floor, breathing heavily from exhaustion, “Rotten eggs, all of you are rotten eggs!” Jackson bellowed before getting up, “Mark?” He called as he pointed a finger and directed him into another room, “What’s up?” Mark asked, confused at being picked all of a sudden, and the huge smile that was on Jackson’s face gave him a hint that he’s up to something, again. “Y/N and Jinyoung are getting beyond now, it’s been 17 years already and they still haven’t moved on. So I was wondering, locking them in a room so they’ll have to talk about it.. Or at least fight it out first..”

- Time skip -

Hours later, your phone let out a small ping as you received a message from Mark’s contact number but really, it was off Jackson, ‘Get your ass over here now, no ifs or buts, now. Loves you really, best oppa right here (winky face)’. Everytime. He’s always like this towards you, and it will never stop, even if you get with someone, being the member that you’re closest to, he’s your twin and he will make sure that your future partner will know and will have to deal with it.

Without bothering to do anything else, you put your shoes on, grabbed your jacket and went straight to the dorm, hearing the loud laughs and shouts of the members playing around before inviting yourself in, closing the door after you and made your way into the living room, throwing yourself onto the couch. “I’m home!” You called out, Jackson running straight into the room and jumped on you. “Yah! Get off me you fat lump!” You giggled as you pushed him off, and his facial expression had you in stitches when he landed on his ass. “Took you long enough,” Jackson exclaimed, rubbing his ass as he got himself up off the floor, “Seen your crush on the way is it?” He teased before Youngjae and Jaebum came in, smiling to see you there. “Hello, guys.” You stuck your middle finger up at Jackson and went to hug the two.

Just out of the corner of your eye whilst hugging Jaebum, you saw Jinyoung appear around the door frame, throwing daggers at you with his harsh look before leaving. “Ugh, it’s him.” You scoffed before making yourself at home. Jinyoung wouldn’t come out of his room, no matter how much the others tried luring him out for just a small bit, but he’d rather stay in his room, earphones in, book in hand and a coffee by his side.

“Come on hyung, just ignore her then. No one’s making you talk to her.” Youngjae says in a small, soft voice, giving his fair point but still, Jinyoung resists, “Not being in the same room as her anymore, that’s final.” Jinyoung turned and gives Youngjae a soft smile not to scare the younger member from the hate he has towards you. Youngjae got up sadly and flashed a worried smile before leaving Jinyoung alone, to read his book.


Now was the time for Jackson and Mark to start on their plan, seeing the way Youngjae was after he came out of Jinyoung’s room was enough to prove that even he was getting really affected by this now. The little shake of Youngjae’s head gave the impression that there was no other way to resolve this, apart from tricking you into going into and getting locked in Jinyoung’s room with him. “Y/N?” Mark broke the silence, as you looked up at your phone to see his sweet smile and you hummed in response, “I need to show you something I done the other night, come with me a minute”. Happily, you pushed yourself up and followed Mark on the way to his room, but instead of going in there, Jackson jumps behind you and carefully pushes you into Jinyoung’s room, “Sort this shit out guys! Before I slam your heads together repeatedly!” He playfully but still seriously said, slamming the door shut and locking it before you managed to get out.

Looking around you, you tried finding something to unlock the door with, but you threw your head back in angered frustration after hearing the thud of two people sitting against the door just in case. You didn’t dare to even have a quick glimpse at Jinyoung, who now has his back faced to you, earphones still plugged in his ears. Loudly, your knuckles knocked on the door, begging to be let out, but the two sitting outside the room refused to let you out.

Minutes flew past in the dead silent room, it was dangerous. You had given up on trying to get out but instead sat yourself on Jinyoung’s bed, arms crossed, leaning up against the wall and the ceiling was the only thing you looked at. However, you didn’t notice that Jinyoung had took out his earphones and put his book down, giving you the most dirtiest look ever. He wanted to spark a huge argument, so did you, that’s all you thought about. The mattress moved slightly as Jinyoung copied your pose, and eye contact was made for the first time in years. Both of you tightened your fists and bit on your tongues to keep back the poisonous words that could be said.

Somehow, you both slowly started to feel something else along with your hate… The hate was turning into an angsty sexual tension. This feeling was making you feel way different about it which you really didn’t like. You ran up to the door to see if it was open, but obviously, it wasn’t. However, before you could try anything else to get out, you were pushed up against the wall, Jinyoung’s arms either side of you, before sliding down to your waist, firmly holding onto it as he intensely stared into your eyes. Obviously it got him by the way he bit his lip hard, pressing himself up against you and his hardening member pressed against just above your core. 

It didn’t take long for his lips to crash against yours, instantly going in for the feisty lip biting and his tongue fought against yours for dominance. With one big push, you pushed him onto the bed, climbing over him as his hands roamed up to your hair, and once hand around the back of your neck, pulling you in for another heated kiss. Whilst this was happening the clothes were discarded from both of your bodies and flown to drape over various objects in the room.

This time, your lips locked on his neck, and made a trail of harsh purple bruises from the neck down to just above his boxer band. Delicately, your fingers pulled on the tight band, pulling it away from the skin and down his legs, his member rested erect on his lower abdomen. Your hands wrapped around it, pumping up and down, bringing out the low groans of Jinyoung. You teased the tip, licking it before taking it all into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it whilst making your way back up, and changing your pace just to frustrate him. Once you started picking up your pace, he slowly came to his high, groaning more and his breathing got heavier. 


You decided to leave him there the way he was and before you could get your clothes, he pulled you back, now hovering over you, “You’re definitely not leaving now.” He growled, eyes full of angst still but the sexual tension got stronger. This look had made you fall for him completely, so much that you hated it but you couldn’t stop him now. His soft, plump lips instantly started on your chest, creating marks that he licked over. In his hands, were your breasts, as he caressed them. 

It wasn’t long until your stomach was also covered, after he marked his territory, before swiftly moving dangerously close to your wet heated core. He bit the insides of your thighs, licking over the bite with long, teasing licks. “J-J-Jinyoung” you breathed heavily. His beautiful fingers slid through your slick folds, and his thumb rubbed vigorously against your highly sensitive bud. 

Two fingers were inserted into your heat, starting off with slow movements and gentle flicks up to your g-stop. This was even enough to get you moaning subtly, which wasn’t what Jinyoung craved, your toes curled and you took handfuls of the duvet as he increased the pace, taking full power over your body with his movements. “Jinyoung!” You whined loudly as minutes after teasing and giving no mercy, your high came over you, your juices covered his hands and tongue as he helped clean you up.

A smug smirk appeared on his face, chin glistened with your juices before he wiped it off. Nothing was stopping him now, as you were trying to come down from your high, Jinyoung still gave no mercy, flipping you over onto your front and lifting your ass up into the air. He teased the tip of his member through your folds, covering it in your juices before giving no sign or warning of entering you. With one full thrust, he filled you up completely, a scream of his name left your mouth before you bit down on the pillow to prevent anymore escaping and Jinyoung just continued with his fast pace.

Obviously Jinyoung wasn’t going to let you muffle out of your pleasured moans, as he quickly removed the pillow from you and his his hand wrapped around your neck to pull you up to kiss you whilst he handled your behind, slapping your ass while increasing the pace even more, getting you over the edge and the pit of your stomach burned with the firing sensation of an upcoming orgasm once again. “Scream my name!” He groaned loudly, as he was coming up to his release pretty soon, but insisted that you go over before him. His hips slammed against your ass as he was at the fasted pace that made you weak at the knees, “Jinyoung oppa!” You repeatedly moaned, screamed and whined through big heavy breaths, the powerful sensation of the second built up of the orgasm flew over you as you grabbed onto the bed sheets tightly and screamed in pleasure. His choppy thrusts stopped ass he emptied load over your lower back and ass, “Fuck, Y/N” he moaned.

You fell flat on your stomach, weak from this turn of event, Jinyoung walked over to his desk and grabbed the tissues and helped clean you up before falling next to you. His stare became soft, his eyes showed no more angst. He couldn’t stop thinking of you, and how much he hated himself for not realising that he was being stupid keeping a huge grudge against you. To be fair, you felt the same way now. Lifting your head up slightly out of your crossed arms, your eyes connected with his as he gave a sweet, gentle smile, cupping your face and giving you a gentle kiss on your swollen and bruised lip. “Come on, let’s go back to the others.” He got up and chucked your underwear but his shirt and sweatpants at you, getting himself dressed. Laughter fell from his lips after turning around to see you struggling to walk, “Oh, I’m so sorry” he winked at you before you gave him an evil glare. “I hate you.” You claimed but he just smiled, “Really huh?”.

Before he could even kiss you again, the door opened as Jackson caught him with his hands around your waist. “You two could’ve been so much quieter! Eww!” “And we though you hated each other?” Mark giggled popping his head around the door. Well that confused the members but you two just laughed before going to join them in the living room, feeling no more hatred towards each other.


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The Remedy of Turbulence Anxiety

Request: “Hi! Do you write smut? If so would you be willing to write a Richard Speight Jr x Reader one shot? Preferably with a dirty talking dominant RSJ ;) “ Thank you anon! Just realized I haven’t done a RSJ x Reader in MONTHS… 

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr x Reader

Warnings: swearing (duh), semi-public sex (is that what we call plane-toilet sex?), unprotected sex (wrap it up, guys) 

A/N: I can’t do Richard saying anything than resembles ‘slut’ so not much of a dirty-talking RSJ…and I chose plane sex because I’m flying to Australia tomorrow morning (which means no new fics to post until I come back, which is Sunday 18th) 

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Needy (Mark Tuan Smut)

Genre: Smut

Mark x Reader

It was nearly 1AM when you woke up from your sleep. You were so thirsty; a warm cup of tea sounded nice, especially since it was a chilly night. You got out of your bed and pulled on your boyfriend, Mark’s, dark red flannel that was hanging on the edge of the bed. It was quite cold since you only had on your lingerie, but the flannel helped. Not to mention, it made you feel happy on nights like these that you had to spend alone without Mark by your side. Mark had been practicing late with his friends and he had called you earlier to say that he was going to crash at his friend, Jackson’s, house. You understood completely, but nights without him by your side were absolutely restless; hopefully a nice cup of tea could help.

You headed towards the kitchen and grabbed a tea kettle out of the cabinet. You filled it with water and placed it on the stove to heat it up. Just as you finished doing so, you heard the sound of the backdoor near the kitchen unlocking. You were startled at first, but you calmed down after seeing who it was. It was Mark.

“Mark, what are you doing here?” You interrogated him in surprise. Afterall, he said he’d be gone until the morning.

“Hey, i do live here, you know.” Mark laughed at your blunt expression. His laughter turned into a state of shock when he realized what you were wearing. He thought you looked stunning even though you were casual.

“You told me you’d be at Jackson’s the whole night.” You answered him. Suddenly, the tea kettle began to whistle and you walked over to turn off the stove.

“Well, i wanted to come home to be with you. Jackson isn’t all that fun to cuddle with, not to mention he doesn’t smell as good either.” He leaned against the kitchen counter, crossing his arms and watching your every move as you continued to make your tea.

“Actually, Jackson smelled pretty good last time i was around him.” You laughed as you poured the steaming water into a mug. Mark didn’t respond, but you felt his eyes on you, scanning your body intensely, watching you as you ripped open the tea bag packet and plunged it into the hot water. After a long period of him not saying a word, you began to wonder what was up with him. Usually, he was so chatty and talkative especially with you. You looked up and him and asked, “You okay? Got something on your mind?”

He snapped out of his trance and locked his eyes with yours as he lowly mumbled, “I guess i have a thing or two on my mind.”

You took a sip from your mug and placed it back on the counter. Mark was leaning his back and the palm of his hands against the counter and you couldn’t help but notice how beautiful he was. He was only wearing tight jeans and a plain white t shirt that was tucked into them, but he somehow made something so casual look so inviting. His dark hair was pushed out of his face so you could see every single feature his face had to offer: his dark eyes, his sharp jawline, his red lips that were now parted a little, etc. You walked over to where he was leaning aginst the counter and wrapped your arms around his neck, making him lean back a little bit more.

“So, what’s on your mind, babe?” You glared at him and the minute your eyes met his, you knew exactly what was on his mind, but you wanted to hear his answer.

“Just how cute you look in that flannel. Where’d you get it?” He teased, a slight grin spreading across his lips, his hands gripping your hips.

“Oh, i got it from this guy, he’s pretty cute.” You teased back, fluttering your eyelashes in an innocent manner.

“Yeah? What does he look like?” He asked as his eyes fought the urge to fall down to your body where the flannel was open, exposing your bare skin featuring your black lingerie. His hands locked behind your back, pulling you in slightly closer to his warm body.

“Well, he has these pretty, dark eyes that i adore. He has this really nice chest that he only lets me see, maybe his friends too if they’re lucky.” You began to list off his perfections as you ran your fingers along the line that defined his bicep. “He also has these red lips…” You trailed off into a whisper while you took your bottom lip in between your teeth. You stood on the tips of your toes to bring your face closer to his. There were only inches between both of your faces, you could even feel his shaky breath hitting your top lip every so often.

Mark was the type who still got a powerful rush through his body whenever he was close to you or if the two of you were kissing, or any sort of touching for that matter. Even though the two of you had kissed, touched, and even had sex before, a simple touch could still excite him. He found you so beautiful, almost mesmerizing and he felt lucky to have someone like you to himself.

“…these red lips that could send chills through my body. I just want to kiss them so badly right now.” You continued, purposely licking your lips after you spoke because you knew he was watching.

“Maybe you should just do it.” He murmured in a deep voice that was now full of lust and hunger. You could tell by his tone that he was desperate and you had him right where you wanted him. Taking his suggestion, you slowly leaned in to mold your lips with his. Eagerly, he tightened his hold around your waist and returned the kiss, but it wasn’t as soft as you had started out. He kissed you deep as his tongue brushed pass your lips to graze over your tongue. His tongue wrestled with yours for dominance; of course, he won that dominance. His hands unlocked from each other to move down to your thighs, giving them a little squeeze to let you know to jump. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist as he held you up by your thighs. Effortlessly, still kissing you, he made his way back to your bedroom. It was dark with only a dim lamp illuminating the room, but without fail, he made his way towards the bed and sat you down on it. He pulled away from you to pull his shirt over his head and toss it to the side. He then hooked his arms under your arms and climbed on top of you, his bare chest pressing firmly against your clothed chest. He kissed a trail from your lips, to your jawline, and to your neck. He stopped at your neck to harshly, but lovingly suck on your weak spots. He tangled his fingers into your hair to lightly tug your head back only to reveal more of your neck to him. He loved giving your marks all over your body, it made him feel confident. It was a reminder that you were his and only his to him. As he kissed and sucked on your neck his hands moved from your thighs to your waist. Then, they began to creep up to your chest. He gave your clothed breasts a squeeze that won a soft moan out of you.

“You’re already moaning? I haven’t even touched you yet.” He smirked as he started to kiss further down your body. He pulled open your flannel to expose your almost naked body.

“Mark…please do something.” You begged, becoming needy. You wanted him to quit all the teasing and just love your entire body all ready.

“What do you want me to do, baby?” He looked up at you, making eye contact as he began kissing the tops of your boobs and in between them. He left long trails of kisses from the valley between your boobs to your belly button.

“Quit it, you know i hate begging and waiting like this.” You groaned at how painfully slow he was moving. Mark was the type who loved to hear you say exactly what you wanted him to do to you. It made his heart beat faster and his pants become tighter when he heard the dirty little things that could escape a pretty mouth like yours.

“I guess i’ll just have to go slower then.” He smirked against your tummy and that only made you squirm more. You hated the way he teased you so much. He moved down your body a little bit more until he was between your legs, his face leveled with where you were aching for him the most. He softly pecked at your inner thighs as he inched your black panties down your legs. He was going at an unbelievably slow pace, you couldn’t wait any longer. It was almost agonizing.

“Mark, please, all i want you to do is fuck me. Please just get on top of me already.” You whined which nearly made you cringe at how desperate you sounded. You hated begging, but you didn’t care. The only thing that was on your mind was Mark and the dampness between your legs.

“That’s my girl.” An accomplished grin spread across his face as he slid your panties completely off and tossed them to the side. He grabbed your hips to bring you closer to him and without warning he pressed his tongue between your wet folds. You let out a short moan at the sudden connection. His tongue lapped over your sensitive clit. He then slipped two fingers into you which made your back arch. He always knew the right pace to go and exactly where to touch you. It didn’t take him long to find the spot that could have you screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear. He picked up his pace and just as your first orgasm of the night was about to wash over you, he stopped completely, removing his fingers from you.

“Mark, what the hell?” You groaned at the unwanted emptiness between your legs. He returned back to his position on top of your body.

“I want you to save it all for me, i’m sorry, princess. You’ll be thanking me later.” He promised you as he tinderly kissed your lips again, giving you a taste of yourself. You flipped him over to change positions so you were now on top of him.

“It’s your turn now.” You smirked, ready to please him better than anyone else ever could. You straddled him and ran your hands against his smooth, fit chest and abs. He sat up for a moment to take your flannel and your bra off of you in which he placed beside him. You were now completely naked on top of him. You kissed his collarbones down to his defined abs, lightly sucking on his torso to create your own marks on him. You were now between his legs. You slid his jeans off of him as he watched your every move in anticipation. You pushed his discarded jeans off of the bed and began to work on his boxers. As you removed his boxers, his hard on slapped against his torso.

“Glad to know i’m not the only ‘eager’ one here.” You giggled as you dragged your fingers across his large length. The only response he gave you was a shiver from your touch. Now he was the one desperate for your touch. Mark was always the dominant one in bed but there were times like this where you had him bounded down, hungry for your touch. Unable to resist any longer, you licked him from the middle of his length to the tip. You sucked on his tip for awhile until you took all of him in at once. You bobbed your head, twirling your tongue around his soft tip. He began moaning and breathing unsteadily. He reached down to your head to form a makeshift ponytail as you sucked him off.

“Fuck, come ride me baby, i can’t wait any longer.” He demanded as he pulled you by the arm on top of him so you straddled him. “Wait, but put this on.” He grabbed the flannel you previously had on and tossed it over your shoulders.

“Why?” You questioned as you slipped yours arms back into the sleeves.

“Because i love fucking you while you’re wearing my clothes, it’s so damn hot.” He explained and he slowly pushed into you without a warning. You let a loud moan of pleasure at the feeling of him filling you up. You held him down by placing your palms against his chest. You began to bounce and grind down him, his hands gripping your hips hard to keep your motion going. You sped up a little which made a loud, deep moan escape from his parted lips. His head was now dipped back and you could tell he was close to finishing, so you slowed down because you wanted the moment to last longer. Unable to deal with your slower pace, he flipped you back over so you were beneath him once again.

“Only i can do the teasing, babe.” He said as he aggressively yanked your head back to kiss on your neck. As he did so, he bucked his hips into you with a steady, deep thrust. Each thrust almost made you bite down onto your lip hard enough to bleed.

“Go faster, please.” You begged him and he actually listened to you. He picked up his pace and slammed into you even faster than before, filling the room with the sound of skin slapping against skin and harmonized moans. When your moans became out of control, he returned his lips to yours to soothe you. It only worked a little. “I’m so close.” You said, out of breath.

“Cum for me then.” He whispered in your ear and that was all you needed to hear. The mixture of his voice and him hitting your weak spot made the tight knot in your core unravel as euphoria washed over the both of you. Moments after you came, he finished too, filling you up completely with his warm liquid. He moaned a line of profanities as he slowed his pace down to a stop and pulled out of you. He rolled off of you and pulled you into his sweaty chest, the two of you attempting to catch your breath.

“I’m glad i decided to come home.” He smiled an innocent smile. You looked up at him and he looked back at you, his dark lustful eyes were now replaced with soft, caring ones. It was amazing how he could be so aggressive one minute, but so innocent the next.

“I’m glad you came home too.” You cuddled closer to his body as his fingers ran over your shoulder and your arm. “Also, you shouldn’t lend this flannel to Yugyeom, Jackson, or anyone else anymore either.” You blushed.

“You’re probably right. They’d be so grossed out if they borrowed it and later found out i made love to my girlfriend in that.” He laughed against your cheek, giving it a few sweet kisses.

“And don’t you dare give them in it on purpose as a prank either.” You scolded him as if you could read his thoughts.

“I swear i won’t! Even though it’d be funny, i won’t.” He promised. Despite him being the oldest out of his friends, he sometimes made the most childish decisions, even if they were funny at times.

“Also, Mark?”


“I still want my tea.” You said which only made him giggle.

“Of course, i’ll go make a fresh cup for you okay? You want anything else, princess?” He asked. He was such a caring boyfriend, he took great care of you.

“No, i just want you and some tea.” You responded and he giggled against your forehead.

“No problem, i love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” You responded and gave him one last kiss on his lips.

One Too Many Drinks

Request: “can i request a threesome with Kol and Klaus? you and Klaus are dating. One night you klaus and kol decide to go to a pub to drink and do shit. One thing lead to another and you guys have a hot threesome.”

Notes// My first time writing a threesome, hope its good. Feedback would be nice haha. I am also sorry its so short. Didn’t think it would be…

You laugh downing another shot of vodka, before scrunching your face at the sour taste, “I should really stop drinking…” Your words are slurred as you get up.

“Time to go home then.” Kol clarified, his words slightly slurred as he pulled you  up against him despite your boyfriend sitting beside you.

“But the fun doesn’t end here does it?” You ask, pouting slightly looking up at Kol before pulling away and grabbing Klaus’ hands.

“Of course not, darling.” Kol smirked, “There’s always more alcohol at home.”

You rolled your eyes, making your way smoothly as you could towards the exit.

You were all at home now, the boys were relaxed on the sofa. All of you were drunk that tomorrow, you wouldn’t remember a thing. You stood on the table, after playing some music before starting to sway your hips to the music. Getting caught up in the beat, you lost your balance and fell backwards. You prepared yourself for the fall, but two strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist.

You smiled, and leant back into Klaus’ arms, feeling his lips kiss their way down your neck. You moaned and tilted your head to the side giving him more room. You shivered, feeling a cool breeze across the southern area of your body. You look down seeing Kol on his knees in front of you, his hands prying your legs further apart.

“I think…I think this would be better if we were…” You trailed off unable to focus with the pleasure that you were about to receive.

“In a bed, love?” Klaus questioned, motioning the surroundings making you realise that you were already in a bed.

You smirked, spreading your legs further apart for Kol, before turning your head and pulling Klaus in for a kiss. You were about to moan in protest as Klaus pulled away but Kol’s lips landed just where you wanted them. Klaus smirked watching you, before attaching his lips to your breast, sucking and lightly biting your nipple. You moaned, tangling your hands in their hair, one hand each.

You were moaning constantly in pleasure, your body un able to cope with the intensity of it all. Kol’s lips quickly wrap around your clit, while pressing two fingers into your entrance, beginning to pump them into you. You arch your back, but Klaus’ hand presses them down, his mouth moving to your other breast.

“Mmm, Klaus…” You moan out, leaning your head back into the pillows.

Kol doesn’t stop until you’re coming undone, pleasure running through you. He pulls away, looking up at you before getting onto his knees, and removing himself of his clothes. You smirked before looking at Klaus who was also naked.  Before you knew it, Klaus was lined up at your entrance, while Kol was kissing and sucking at your neck, creating marks that he knew would take days to disappear. Klaus’ thrusts speed up, as you run your hands run up Kol’s biceps and your legs wrap around Klaus’ hips. Klaus smiles at your before pressing his thumb against your clit, massaging it slowly.

“Klaus…don’t stop…” You moan out as you brace for your second orgasm rushing through your body. Klaus follows not two seconds behind, before he collapses beside you.

“Oh…” You moan a little feeling Kol pulling away and collapsing, “That was…”

“Yes, now it’s time for sleep, love.” Klaus pecked your cheek, before they both fell into a deep sleep.

Working Legs (Pt. 7) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Can you do a smutty part to working legs because like Barry himself said it still works

a/n: horny bastards lol


| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |

Barry isn’t the most romantic man in the world. He knows that. But…he really wanted to add a dash of romance to his love łife. Not that the relationship isn’t passionate or anything! It’s just, well, how do you get someone to sex you up in a wheelchair?! That is the awkward but true question.

Flowers on the table? Check. (Joe’s) home cooked meal? Check. Mood music? Barry bites his lip. The CD mocks him; he waves the clear case, smacking it on his palm. He really should have listened to Eddie’s ‘mood music’ the night before. Who knows what’s even on the CD? And who uses CD’s anym- Eddie.

Heaving a deep breath, he faces the music, literally, and pops the thin case open. Please, please don’t let it be embarrassing. He will kill Eddie if ‘Sexy Can I’ is on here. His nimble fingers slide under the disk, carefully pulling it out of its home and pushing it into his (Joe’s) stereo.

The quiet knock on the door startles him, causing the lid to close. Okay, he just needs to relax. Grabbing his joystick, he drives his chair forward, running a hand through his slicked back hair. Hair product, Mother Nature’s true miracle. Fixing the cuffs to his black blazer, he shakes his arms, pumping himself up before opening the door.

Just as he opens the door, smooth jazz explodes from the speakers of the stereo. A nervous smile cracks his face. “Hey- wow.” he gawks at your mid-thigh flowy silver dress, hazel eyes blown wide. You blush, stepping inside as he rolls backwards, holding your silver cardigan to your shoulder. “You look…you are so beautiful.” he breathes, grabbing your hands.

Squeezing, you bend down, pecking his lips, leaving a reddish tint to the pink skin. He guides you toward the little dining room, avoiding the small brown couch next to a tall lamp, and pulling the foldable cushioned chair out from underneath the table. “Thank you.” you mutter sheepishly, watching him fit his chair across from you. The smell of the garlic bread takes over your nose and you moan, “It smells so good, Barr!”

He laughs, scooping some spaghetti into your bowl. “Don’t thank me, thank Joe. He made dinner. I just…supervised.” he shrugs, placing some of the pasta in his bowl. You giggle, fingers curling around the fork to your right; his eyes crinkle into a grin, glancing at his food. “Good to know I haven’t lost my humor too.” he jokes, digging his fork into the food.

Shifting, you pull the end of your dress. “And your cuteness. Definitely did not lose that.” you smile, taking another bite. Cute. No! He doesn’t want to be cute, he wants to be sexy! Barry raises the corner of his lips, dragging his pasta around. “What’s wrong?” you frown, grabbing his hand across the table.

“Am I sexy? Do you want to have sex with me?” he blurts out, immediately regretting it. Damn it. He fucked up. “I didn’t mean that!” he shouts in a frantic tone, waving his hands. You drop your fork, blushing like mad while you get up, tucking your hair behind your ear. He makes a pained expression, turning his chair; music shifting to some R&B song. “Y/N, please don’t g-oh.”

Your hands rest on his jean-clad thighs, pressing slightly as you lean forward, lips just ghosting his ear. His breath hitches. “Barry Allen,” you grin, “You are a very sexy man who I want to have sex with.” you breathe into the shell of his ear, hand creeping up his gray V-neck.

He groans, fingers finding their way to your pink cheeks, eyeing your lipstick hungrily. “I want you.” he whispers, tilting his chin up. Your ruby red lips leave a trail of kiss marks along his jawline. With a deep breath, he pulls your hips onto his lap, lips connecting with yours. The base of the Mike Posner song thumps through his apartment as his wheels squeak down the hallway.

When he stops at the door, you push the white wood open with your palm, lips never removing from his. The sound of the floor creaking echoes through the room and he stops at the low to the ground bed, hands wrapped around your thighs. He whimpers when you climb off his lap.

Biting your lip, you slip your cardigan down your shoulders, letting it pool on the floor. He gulps, dick aching as he watches you pull your pretty little dress of your head, messing up your hair perfectly. Your lips create marks on his pale skin, hands pushing his dark blazer off his shoulders; the quiet hum of ‘I Want You’ by Kings Of Leon mixed with Barry moans.

The blazer drops behind him and his lips attack your collarbone. Tugging his V-neck, you gaze at his abs, causing a blush to blossom on his cheeks. You giggle, lips dancing on his stomach. He stops you, eyes blown wide with lust as he pushes you on the bed, mouth ajar. You fan your arms, popping your swollen lips; bra disregarded on the floor.

He pushes himself out of the chair, bicep muscles flexing as he lowers himself to his bed. A strand of milk chocolate brown hair falls out of place when he climbs over you, knees pressed together in between your legs. His hands prop himself up, arms clenching while he leans down, pulling your lips with his teeth.

Sucking in a breath, your hand travel down his toned chest, stopping at his dark blue jeans, fingers fighting to unzip the stubborn zipper. Slowly, with care, you yank his jeans down, snapping the dark waistband of his boxers; he moans when his dick is finally free. The dick. He jumps, scooting himself in position. “I wantcha…” he hums with the music, hands cupping your breasts, making a peaceful groan pass your red lips.

“Barr…” You let a breath out, feeling the head of his dick tease your pussy, sneaking in between your wet folds. And then, ever so gently, he slides in you, breath hitching. You let out a quiet whine, hand crawling to where his sits on your stomach, intertwining your fingers together while smooth lyrics echo through the apartment.

His cheeks flush, “I…I can’t-” he peers at his hips in embarrassment. You flash a small smile, rocking your hips up to his to the beat of the song, making a soft moan escape him. He licks his bottom lip, bending to your boob and taking it in his mouth, tongue creating circles around the skin. You whimper, snapping your hips while you grip his hair. His bottom lip never leaves your boob when he looks at you through thick eyelashes. “Are you-”

You nod, feeling the knot in your stomach tighten as your skin slaps against his. He pants when your walls clench, already letting himself go; you cum at the same time. The both of your sweaty bodies crash on the bed sheets, legs tangled with each other. He blinks tiredly at you, cupping your cheek; you glance down at his torso, blushing. “You have lipstick all over your body.” you giggle.

His eyebrows crinkle and he peers at himself. “Oh,” he pants, “I do.”

Cake By The Ocean

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Summary: “Hey! :D Can you write a smutty Gabriel fic based on the song S.E.X by Nickelback? Maybe like they’ve both wanted each other for some time and then they finally fess up to each other and fuck ;)” Thanks anon for this! 

Warnings: um, swearing, smut stuff, tongue-fucking i suppose

A/N: I’m so sorry this was so late, please don’t hate me, I just didn’t know how to incorporate that song with Gabriel…

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Emma Duval x Reader:  Survivor Girl

Originally posted by matthewdadairo

Request: Emma Duval X fem reader We’re Emma saves the reader from the killer

A/N:  I used she/her pronouns to describe the reader.

Warnings: There is violence because the Lakewood Slasher is very present in this.

You really hated Lakewood. You never understood why Audrey always insulted the town before, but now you completely understood. It’s pretty easy to understand why someone would hate this town when you’re running from a murderer… again.

You had been there with Emma when you guys had realized that Will had been taken by the killer. After Emma managed to calm down after the killer called her, all of you went to the bowling alley, looking over your shoulder at any sound.

You had been with Brooke and Jake when the group split up. You were talking to Brooke about what the killer might do before Brooke noticed the killer and grabbed your arm before running with you. Even when you guys started hiding in the room with Emma, Will, and Noah, you could still feel adrenaline pumping through you. If anything you were even more anxious because you were all sitting in one spot, and the idea that the killer would figure out where you were was terrifying. You tightly gripped the crowbar that Audrey had given you from when you went to the abandoned hospital and tried to control your racing heartbeat. You still weren’t sure how you guys were going to get out of the bowling alley.

It was silent for a few moments, no one really knowing what to say before Emma stood up and walked towards the door. “I need to go see something real quick.” she said before she opened the door.

“What Emma?” you raised your eyebrows. “I’ll go with you.”

“I’m going alone.” Emma stated, not leaving any room for debate.

You rolled your eyes, knowing that you would end up losing this battle. “Take this then.” you said as you handed her the crowbar. “And stay safe.”

“Thanks.” she mumbled before she walked out of the room.

You sighed and crossed your arms and leaned against the wall, your nerves growing as you waited for some sign that Emma was alright. You pressed your lips together as you tried to ignore Brooke and Noah arguing about whether or not you guys should go look for Jake. “Why don’t we just go straight up to the killer an-” Noah mocked as he opened the door before the pair let out screams.

You glanced over and felt a scream in your throat as you saw the killer, Noah tried to push the door shut. You ran over and pressed your weight against the door, gasping for breath as adrenaline went back to pumping through your system. You didn’t even notice when Will pulled himself up and went to shut the door, he nodded at you and Noah with his chin. “Go! I’ll hold him off.” Will yelled.

You pulled yourself away from the door, and glanced at Will over your shoulder. “Thanks.” you said to Will before you ran out of the room.

As you made it out of the room you looked around, taking a deep breath as you realized that you were alone and had absolutely nothing to defend you. Where the hell is Emma? You bit your bottom lip before you started walking towards where you had came into the alley with the others, trying your best to be quiet and looking around you with every step.

The silence seemed to suffocate you, making your nerves rise and make you take more deep breaths. No matter what you still felt that you couldn’t breath. You stepped slowly, making sure not to make any noise, searching the area for the killer or anything you could use to defend yourself. You saw a counter with a cash register and the shoes that were rented out. You looked over the counter for anyone that was hiding, letting out a frustrated sigh when you realized that there wasn’t anyone.

You leaned back up, gulping when you became sure that you could feel eyes on your back. You clenched your jaw and quickly began to walk towards the entrance. Before you could walk closer to the door you heard someone running towards you.

You whipped your head to the noise and couldn’t stop the scream that escaped as you recognized the Brandon James mask. You pushed yourself to run, managing to put some distance between you and the killer before you felt hands grab the back of your shirt and pull you backwards. You sucked in a breath as he pushed you against the wall, the tip of his knife pressing into your lower stomach, just enough to draw some blood. You gulped dryly as you stared at the mask. “What do you want?” you whispered, your voice shaking.

He tilted his head at your words before he raised the knife up your torso, making shivers run up your spine. You clenched your jaw, not wanting the screams in your throat to escape, you didn’t want to give this person the satisfaction of that. He pressed the knife to the skin where your neck and shoulder met, creating a small cut that made blood run down and stain the top of your shirt. You glared at the killer, desperately wishing for some idea of how you could get away. He pressed the flat of the blade to your neck, just enough so that you knew if you made too dramatic of a move and the blade would cut you.

You sucked in a deep breath and could imagine the smirk on the killer’s face that wasn’t visible to you. Before anything else could happen you noticed something move over the killer’s shoulder. Your eyes widened as you realized it was Emma, and you had to keep yourself from making any movements that pointed her out to him. She walked towards him slowly, holding the crowbar so tight that her hands hurt, but already aimed at the killer.

As she stood behind him you reached for the knife at your throat, ignoring the pain as the blade created marks in your palm, and pushed it away from your neck. At the same time Emma hit him with the crowbar, aiming for his ribs. As the killer pulled away from you, you twisted his arm until the knife clattered to the ground. Emma grabbed your wrist, pulling you behind her as she swung the crowbar at the killer again before you pulled on her arm for the both of you to run away from the killer.

You and Emma put some distance between you and the killer before you heard the cops rushing into the bowling alley. Just as they ran in Emma seemed to finally take in your appearance, noticing the blood on your shirt. “He did that?” she breathed out, her eyes widening as she realized what had happened.

Before you could say anything one of the cops called out to you, making you turn to him before they went through the process of making sure you were alright.

Everything had mostly been a blur after the doctors had said that you were fine. A mix of police interviews and answering texts from friends and family asking if you were really alright, but for the most part you were just staying home, trying to calm yourself down from the nightmares you got.

A few days had passed before you were home alone, watching a TV show before a soft knock was heard on your front door. You furrowed your eyebrows before you walked towards the front door, opening it to see Emma.

“Hey Em…” you said as you opened the door wider for her to step in. “What are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.” she said as she walked into your house.

You smiled at her, shrugging as you walked into the living room, sitting down on the couch. “I’m doing alright, all things considered.”

Emma nodded as she followed you. “I get what you mean.” It was silent for a few moments before she furrowed her eyebrows, making you look up.

You raised your eyebrows before you realized she had seen the still healing cut on your collarbone. “Emma-”

“He was going to kill you.” she interrupted, taking a deep breath. “If I hadn’t gotten there in time…”

“But you did.” you stated, trying to make sure that she knew you were serious. “You saved my life, so let’s try not to think about what could’ve happened. I’ll save that for nightmares.”

Emma pressed her lips together. “But… what if he comes after you again? What if I can’t get to you that time?”

“I’m rarely alone now Emma. Even if you can’t get to me, which you probably will with his stupid little games, someone else will.” you reiterated, even though the same thoughts had ran over and over again in your own mind, you didn’t want to hear her say them out loud.

“I’m sorry.” she mumbled, making you furrow your eyebrows at her. “The killer is here for me, and you got attacked for that. I’m the target; I’m the reason that the killer is her-”

“Stop Emma.” you shook your head, hating to hear her say those things. “None of this is your fault. You’re just as clueless, vulnerable, and as much of a victim as the rest of us.”


You let out a frustrated sigh and leaned closer to her, cupping her face, you needed her to stop saying those things, and you didn’t care if it meant telling her about your feelings towards her. As long as it made her stop saying those things about herself. Emma’s breath hitched as you looked her in the eye. “I don’t blame you for this.” you said. “And no one else does. And no one else will after everything gets figured out and that psycho gets caught. Okay?”

Emma gulped and slowly nodded. “Okay.” she breathed out.

You sent her a small smile before your brain caught up with the position you were in. You took a deep breath and went to pull away, already trying to come up with an apology when Emma leaned forward, pressing her lips against yours. You froze for a moment before you relaxed against her as your hands tangled themselves into her hair. You smiled at her as you pulled away, and Emma stared at you for a moment before her own smile spread across her face. “If that doesn’t prove that I don’t blame you, I don’t know what does.” you teased.

Emma let out a laugh, and you bit your bottom lip, you were happy that she didn’t look stressed for just a few moments. “I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that my feelings aren’t one-sided.” she mumbled.

“Yeah, I think I made it pretty obvious.” you said, nerves still making your cheeks warm.

“Do you want to watch a movie or something? Because I really just want to stay in.” Emma said.


A/N- Thank you @lukemn360 for the request! Don’t be shy to request some imagines, I promise I’ll try to update more stories! Let’s gooo

Title: Games

Pairing: Once Upon A Time Peter Pan x Reader

Warnings: cursing

Request/ Prompt: [sent in by @lukemn360 ] Hi, could you do an imagine where y/n has always had feelings for pan but doesn’t believe pan has the same feelings towards her, so she tries to make him jealous or something like that

Peter has been taking his time with showing that new Wendy girl around the island. All of his time. All he does nowadays is go on adventures with his boys and Wendy and sometimes you forget that you have ever became a Lost Girl to get rid of the feeling of neglect and pressure on your shoulders. You use to be the center of Peter’s attention, a puzzle he’s always wanted to solve. That all vanished– his attention, his cocky comments, his wanting for you to talk and spill every detail about you.

     "All he does is bloody hang out with her.“ You complain to Felix. Felix is the only boy on camp who listens to you, other than Peter. Well, Peter use to listen to you.

    "Then make him jealous.” He bluntly states with his signature expressionless face and monotone voice and a shrug as if it were the simplest concept in the word. Possibly some things are better and easier said than done.


     ”Make him jealous. If he’s playing some sort of game, play along.“ Felix slowly articulates with a smirk now on his lips. 

    "That’s a grand idea, Felix. And I have someone in mind that will really get him hurting like he hurt me.” You grin mischievously, already suiting up a plan in your mind.


     "Boys, Wendy’s going to tell you a story!“ Peter shouts with his arm slung around Wendy’s shoulder lazily. Wendy grins, her whole face lighting up. You ball your fists up, your nails digging into the pale flesh and creating red marks on your palms.

    The younger Lost Boys all crowd and push around the campfire to get close enough to hear Wendy’s story. Meanwhile, Peter just watches from afar and smiles while watching and listening to Wendy tell the story about one of his adventures. Possibly an adventure he took Wendy along too, like he use to do with you. It seems like he’s given up, after so long of trying to pry you to speak to him, to say more than a “yes” or “no”. 

Wendy was different. She talked to Peter, for one. No, she never stopped talking. She’d annoy every Lost Boy on Neverland until Peter would cut in and she’d sweep all of his attention away. You were still a mystery, which bugged Peter, but he had a new game to play. 

    "Has the game started?” Felix questions with the slightest bit of a smirk on his lips and his tone the most playful yet still deadpan. 

    Across the camp, you watch Peter wearily. Sighing, you turn to Felix and nod. “The games have begun.” You whisper, thanking Felix over and over about helping you with the little mischievous game you’ve set your own rules for.

    Felix slings his arm around your shoulder and you both take a seat, silently listening to Wendy’s story and enjoying the heat of the fire. Felix has always been like a protective brother to you, only you seeing his walls down and only him– not even Peter– seeing your walls down. Sleepily, you lay your head on Felix’s shoulder. You both don’t have to act much to make Peter jealous since the lad gets jealous easily.

Despite never mentioning anything about feelings for you, Peter always resented you even talking to any other Lost Boy. He hated how you’d give a few words to a Lost Boy but barely spare him the light of day with your voice. You doubt he even has any remotely possible feelings for you.

You feared you were a monster, and who could love a monster? Doubt always crept over your thoughts and soaked in. Your mind would always wonder as to why Peter gave up on you when you thought he never failed. 

Peter would never love you, you assumed, never even get close to liking you because you were a puzzle that would fade away like every other unsolved query. 

    Out of the corner of your eye, you see Peter turn to you and Felix. His smile drops and his fists ball up. Nonetheless, to your displeasure, he remains in his spot and angrily turns back to Wendy.

    “Pan seems pretty pissed.” Felix comments.

     "Good. Now he knows what it feels like to lose in the game. Winning doesn’t feel too bad when the loser finally feels they way you use to feel.“ I mutter back, causing Felix to chuckle at my angst-filled words.

    Peter starts to become more and more irritated that his best Lost Boy is becoming all cuddly and cozy with you. He itches at the back of his neck and ears, finding it hard to stand still and listen to Wendy. Finally, he breaks and  storms angrily over to you and Felix. Some Lost Boys sitting away on the logs look at Peter but don’t dare to do a thing about his angered look.

“Felix, go over there.” Peter murmurs to his loyal Lost Boy. Grinning idiotically, Felix turns to you and makes a silly face before standing up. You chuckle at the sight of Felix making a funny face, leaving your laughter to die down as Peter’s stern gaze bores into your attention.

Awkwardly, you cough, feeling a tad bit accomplished.

“Why the hell are you flirting with my Lost Boy? You are my Lost Girl, nobody else’s. Is Felix the leader? No. He’s just a boy.” Peter snaps, spit flying out of his mouth as he rabidly hisses at you. You didn’t sense it, but Peter was in fact jealous, jealous that Felix could make you laugh.

“Sorry.” You mumble, now feeling awkward that you have his attention.

“You should be punished for flirting with my most loyal Lost Boy. You should be in bed or tending to any chore a Lost Boy needs done. This camp is filthy, Y/N!” Peter scolds, spitting out nonsense, making up silly excuses to be mad at you.

Having enough, you stand up, your eyes flickering up to Peter’s. A rage courses through your body and makes you do something unexpected for everyone.

“What’ll you do about it? Send me to the damn cages? Just because you’re pissy about something, does not mean you should take all your rage out on me!” You exclaim, harshly pushing Peter back. Surprised, Peter stumbles backwards with wide eyes panting with terror. Wendy ceases her story telling and the camp falls silent, eyes on you and Peter.

“You drive me fucking crazy, Y/N!” Peter roars, picking himself up and dusting off his clothes.

“Me? What about you? Your obsession for playing games! You sadistic, heartless boy. You don’t ever stop, you don’t care if people get hurt because someone else will always clean up your fucking mess!” Not only did you decide to spare Peter some words, but adding a few colorful words along to the string of anger.

“That’s the fun of games, Y/N! You’re just boring and it’s pathetic. You don’t know how to play these games. You’re suppose to come here to be found, but I guess you just love to be this freak of nature, you don’t know when to laugh or have fun. We leave our worlds to have fun, but with that attitude, love, you’ll never be found. You’ll be lonely, unloved, and lost– the same way you came here.” Peter seethes out through his clenched teeth.

You thought you were strong enough, but you couldn’t be. You are human. You had emotions. And this sadistic bastard in front of you just broke them. You could never love a demon like Peter Pan, despite you being a monster.  

“Fuck you and your games– pulling on my heart strings.” You mumble, feeling the shift of your DNA change your irises and dilating your pupils, pivoting on your heel and turning to the woods for comfort before you can turn into the monster you’ve always been. Behind you, a sad story stands dumbfounded.

For once, Peter Pan did not have a plan.

He failed.

This game, he has lost.

Yoga pants part 2 (Michael)*



yes, I can actually!

I just wanted to say something first… I always try to make my writings as realistic as possible (since it is fanfiction it can’t possibly be realistic but you know what I mean) bc I feel like that makes it a lot easier and more enjoyable to read! so I apologize in advance for this imagine, I couldn’t think of a realistic way for someone to have sex with their best friend all randomly so this is how it had to turn out, hope you like it anyways! :) x

here’s PART 1 btw


You can hear Michael breathe in sharply when you let your hand glide over his bulge as you pass him. You let out a laugh at how easily you could affect him only by a touch. 

You feel a little bad though, leaving him like that might be a bit cruel, even for you, so when you enter the bathroom, you make sure to not close the door fully, leaving a small crease to keep some of the imagination. 

Michael hasn’t moved yet so you decide to take your time, letting your hair down from the ponytail and looking yourself in the mirror. You run your hands through your hair one before you turn around so that your back is turned to the door. You grab the hem of your yoga pants and start pulling them down over your hips, trying to drag it out as much as you can because you know it’ll drive Michael crazy. 

The pants pool at your ankles and you easily step out of them, leaving them on the floor. You then grab your sports bra and start pulling it to get it over your head, though you notice that you are too sweaty to move it past your shoulders and that you are stuck. You contemplate for a second if you should just keep trying and embarrassing yourself or if you should actually as for some help, you decide for the latter option.

“Uhm, Michael? You still there?” You ask and suddenly there is a loud thud coming from behind you, as if he knocked something to the ground, before he clears his throat and answers.

“Y-yeah. I’m still here. Just, uh, went for a- a you know…” He stutters, his voice a lot nearer than you had expected. 

“Could you help me with this, please?” You ask. Your arms are stuck in a very uncomfortable situation and you can barely see anything because of your sports bra covering your face.

“Do you- do you want me to come in?” Or, like, what do you- um, what- where do you want me?”

“Yes, come in. I need you to help me get this off. It’s stuck.”

“Oh, yeah, sure, I- I can do that. Yep.” 

You hear him step into the bathroom and soon his fingers are touching your damp skin. He helps you to get it over your head, slowly inching it off your body so that you are left in nothing but your undies. 

You shove all your insecurities aside, take a deep breath and turn around to face him. Michael is looking anywhere but at you, the walls, the ceiling, behind you, while holding your sports bra in his hand in front of your face.

“Thank you.” You say, taking it from his hand and dropping it to the floor. 

“Uh, yeah, no- no problem.” He stutters, cheeks flushed. 

You can tell that he is trying his absolute hardest not to look at you, his hands are twitching and he is furiously chewing his bottom lip. 

“I should, uh, maybe l-leave now, or-” He gestures behind him but is cut off when you bend down and pull your panties down your legs. When you once again look at him he is staring right back at you, his eyes wide and shocked. 

He opens his mouth to say something but quickly closes it again in a loss of words. 

“What were you saying?” You ask and smile, running a hand through your hair, pushing your sweaty fringe out of your face,

“I- you- fuck…” He groans, eyes finally drifting down your body. You can almost visibly see him shivering when his eyes land on your exposed chest. 

You give him a smirk, revelling in the fact that you basically have him wrapped around your little finger. You turn around and make sure to sway your hips a little extra as you walk over to your shower, just to tease him a bit more. You lean in to turn the water on and as far as you know, Michael hasn’t even moved an inch yet.

When the water is warm enough so that it will eventually make the mirror and the windows all steamy, you open the shower curtain wider to step in. 

You turn around and find Michael already looking at you, his hands in front of his tenting pants that looks uncomfortably tight by now. 

“So, are you coming?” You ask, giving him a look with your eyebrows raised and a small smile on your lips, before you step into the shower fully.

Jesus Christ…” You hear him mutter from the outside. You’re not sure if he actually will join you or not. If he doesn’t, you’ll look like a total idiot, that’s for sure. 

Eventually you think you can hear him fumbling with his belt before his pants drop to the floor. 

“If you are fucking with me now Y/N…. I swear to God…” Michael says, letting out a nervous laugh before the shower curtain suddenly is pulled to the side. 

You turn around and find him looking nervously at the floor, butt naked with his erection rock hard and tinted red against his lower belly. He looks so flustered and adorable that you can’t think of what to say, or what he just had said. You can’t believe that this is your best friend, your silly, stupid, funny, crazy best friend, standing in front of you looking sexier than you had ever imagined.

He looks up quickly and your eyes meet and he lets out a quiet moan, breathing in sharply. 

“I am not fucking with you Mikey.” You say eventually after you’ve figured out how to form a coherent sentence again. “Though I was kinda hoping you would be fucking me soon.”

“I- yes, god, yes.” Michael almost groans out, hurrying into the shower next to you. 

You stand underneath the showerhead together, letting the water pour down your naked bodies until you feel butterflies tickle your stomach and you just can’t resist anymore. You throw your arms around his neck and put your lips against his. 

Michael reacts immediately, grabbing your waist to press your bodies together, eager for the touch and taste of each other. You both throw your head back and groan when his hands find your boobs

“Do you want me to suck you off?” You whisper against his lips, breathing heavily after you’ve pulled away from the kiss. You grab him and start to move your hand slowly, making him moan out at the sudden sensation.

“As much as I’d love to, I wouldn’t last for more than five seconds.” He says, resting his forehead against yours as he lets out a breathy laugh. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on in my entire life.”

“Let’s get on with it then?” 

“Yes, yes definitely.” He says eagerly, attaching his lips to yours again. “Are you- do I need to…” Michael gently presses his fingers at your entrance to feel if you’re wet enough and when he feels his hand getting practically soaked (not from the shower water) he makes a sound of both frustration and satisfaction. “I guess not, then.”

“I am literally dripping, Michael, and concidering this…” You say and thumb the head of his leaking dick, “… I’m sure you’re ready too.”

“You’re right, let me just- uhm..”

“Wait.” You say, stopping him. “Condom.”

“Shit. Right.” Michael curses. “Do you have any? I didn’t bring any, wasn’t exctly aware this was going to happen.” He laughs.

You give him a look and roll your eyes before you say, “top drawer in my bedroom.”

“Your bedroom? Really?” He groans. 

“Or I could just wash my hair instead, and forget about this…-”

“No! I mean, I’ll get it. Just wait here, don’t move. Please.” He hurries, giving you one last kiss before he steps out of the warm shower, cupping his crotch. 

You can’t help but laugh when he tips on his toes out of the bathroom, leaving a wet trail after him. You tilt your head back and let the water pour over your face, trying to wash away the stupid blush that you can feel on your cheeks. The whole situiation is so messed up and absolutely wrong, but at the same time you can’t help but get butterflies as soon as you think of it. It almost makes you want to laugh, how ridiculous it is that you are soon about to have sex with your bestest of friends, how did it even happen?

“What are you laughing about?” Michael appears behind the curtain again with an amused grin on his face. He steps in and lets out a sigh of relief when the warm water hits him. 

“Nothing. Just can’t believe that we’re actually doing this.” 

“Me neither.” He says, smiling. “I’m not pressuring you into something, am I?” He asks, thumbing at your cheeks before he leans in and pecks your lips.

“No, not at all. We both want this, right? We’ll deal with all the awkwardness later?”

“We’ll deal with whatever we have to deal with. Right now I just really want to be inside of you.”

“God, you can’t just say things like that Michael.” You moan, hungrily reaching for his lips. He has already put the condom on so he quickly manages to hook your leg around his waist and his arms securely holding your hips in place. 

“You ready?” He asks, stroking himself a couple of times. 

You nod and take a deep breath, resting your forehead against his as he begins to push in. You tighten your leg around him, your toes curling when he fills you up slowly but surely. 

Michael is gripping your hips, his fingers creating marks in your skin as evidence that this actually happened. You will have a hard time believeing that you had sex with your best friend in your shower, your not even sure the marks will convince you. 

When Michael is fully in he stays for a few seconds and lets you both get used to the unfamiliar feeling. If you hadn’t been as wet as you were, it would have hurt a lot more than it did since Michael isn’t exactly one of the smallest guys you’ve seen or been with. 

“You okay?” He asks with a strangled voice.

You nod and instead of answering with words, you press your lips against his, letting him know that you like it and that he can move. 

He start to pull out again, almost all the way until only the head is left, before he thrusts in again. 

Small gasps are escaping your mouth when it’s not attached to Michael’s, overwhelmed by the pleasure that is spreading through out your body. Michael is keeping you pressed tightly against him, skin against skin. 

“I- fuck- maybe I should wear those yoga pants more often.” You say under your breath, breathing out a laugh. “Especially if it ends with steamy shower sex.”

“I couldn’t-” Michael cuts himself off with a moan when he finds a new angle and you unexpectantly clench around him. “I couldn’t agree more with you.” He finishes. 

He is increasing the speed and your leg is starting to falter underneath you, even though you are hanging onto Michael for dear life. “Michael, shit, I’m going to fall.” You hiss out, throwing your head back when he starts attacking your neck with his mouth. 

He pulls away for a second ans his grip around you loosens, “Jump.” He says. 

You look at him sceptically, not sure if he’d really be able to carry you, but after he nods at you encouragingly, you quickly jump up and wrap both of your legs around his waist. He had managed to slip out in the progres but he easily finds your entrance again and pushes in. 

He presses your back against the wall and uses it for support with the help of his arms around your middle. 

“I’m gonna come soon.” He says through gritted teeth when he increases the pace even more, now pounding into you with all his might.

You can feel yourself getting closer and closer with each thrust, with this new angle he is hitting your g-spot every time he pushes in and it is almost becoming too much. 

“Yes, god, me too.” You moan, clenching around him to prove your point.

It hits you both only a few moments later and it is a wonder that Michael manages to not drop you to the floor. Michael swears loudly and you feel sorry for the poor, old lady next door when you scream out his name. You feel sorry for the whole building since they all probably just heard you. You almost black out for a second by the intensity of it and both of your bodies goes completely stiff. You can feel Michael biting down on your shoulder which only sends another wave of pleasure from your core.

Michael  and thrusts a couple of times more before he breathes out and buries his face in your neck. You stand there for at least a minute, hugging each other while breathing heavily, before he eventually pulls out anf puts you down on the floor. He steadies you since you can barely stand on your own. 

“Jesus Christ…” Michael says. 

You ‘hmm’ in agreement, resting your head against the wall behind you with closed eyes. “Why haven’t we done this before?”

“Imagine how much we’ve missed out on.” His breathing is still heavy and his voice is a little raspier than i usually is.

You open your eyes and meet his. His lips are red and puffy, glistening and all lovely. He smiles before he leans in and gives you a lingering kiss. “I guess we’ll just have to make up for it now, yeah?” You suggest against his lips inbetween kisses.

“Agreed.” He nods, “Now turn around so I can wash your hair. You stink.” 

“Michael!” You exclaim, slapping him on the chest jokingly. He laughs and kisses you on the forehead. 

“Just kidding. You smell amazing, like strawberries and cinnamon.”

“Yeah, right.” You shake your head but turn around anyways. “You’re unbelievable.”

You close your eyes as he starts to massage shampoo into your hair.

“Thanks, you’re quite amazing yourself sometimes.”

something new - luke smut

pairing: luke + y/n

rated: R

word count: 5,175

request: do you think you could do one with either Luke or Calum where he uses toys on you omg like a vibrator and oral mixed and it’s kind of slow bc he just wants to take in all of your reactions and such and he has things like oils bc he wanted to be more adventurous or something like that

a/n: i forgot to add in the oils, but i feel as though the rest of this content makes up for that. hope you like it! also it’s luke because i just wrote a very lengthy calum smut which can be found on my masterlist

- - - 

Luke was the perfect combination of daring and inhibited. There was a certain electricity that bled through your veins when you tried to wrap your brain around his mysterious nature. In public, in front of your friends and family, he was effortlessly charismatic, charming everyone around him with his polite exterior. But when the two of you were alone, things were slightly different.

However, this change didn’t affect you negatively. Luke was more open when he was with just you. He voiced his thoughts, relaxed visibly, stopped worrying about the opinions of others. He treated you like royalty - as he always did - but it was almost as if his genuine personality shone through.

So when he confessed each dirty thing he wanted to do to you one night, part of you was shocked, but you weren’t completely astonished. Any feeling of confusion was replaced with sensations of arousal when you heard the sultry tone that covered up his usual light tenor, and you knew that Luke was just opening up, letting you inside his skull, wishing for you to be aware of every vulgar fantasy that crossed his mind when he thought of you.

“How would you feel about trying something new tonight, baby girl?” He drawled out, the words dripping from his tongue seductively.

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Worst (Jin Smut)

*Jin jesus*


Word Count: 2065 words

The target. His worst student. Your teacher, Mr. Kim hated you. Sometimes it felt like he hated you more thank regular teacher would but he was a professional.

Or so you thought.

“I’m pretty sure he has a crush on you.”

“Does not.”

“He’s basically undressing you with his eyes.”

“Or staring at the guy that sits behind me. All he ever does is look out the window or sleep.”

“But the guy is pretty cute too.”

“He’s a slacker. He’s worse than me.”

“Oh, you’re taking your boyfriend’s side.”

“He’s our teacher, not my boyfriend.”

“That explains why he talks to you during class.”

“He’s scolding me half the time.”

“Or asks you stay behind after class.”

“It’s detention, not a date.”

“Or that time he gave you a handwritten note.”

“It was feedback on my work. I think he’s surprised that I’m getting such good marks.”

“It’s amazing how convenient those situations are, Y/N.”

“It’s amazing how you’re trying to flip this on me.”

“Lunch is ending soon, wouldn’t want to come between you eye fucking session with our teacher.”

“It’s just eye contact.”

“That makes his pink lips shaping into the perfect o?”

“You stare at his lips?”

“I stare at his face, if you haven’t noticed yet, Mr. Kim is hot as hell.”

Oh but, you have noticed. His soft light hair, his perfectly clear skin, his perfect plump lips, his towering height over you.

That description stuck with you since you laid eyes on him but you pushed away any remote feelings that were forbidden in the relationship you were trapped in.

“I’ve noticed but it doesn’t mean I’ll join the “I love Mr. Kim” fan club.“

"So, you think he’s attractive.”

“I-I didn’t say that!”

“Why are you stuttering, then? You’re totally crushing on our teach.”

“N-No, I’m not! I’m just saying that I acknowledge the fact he’s not particularly ugly, quite the opposite.”

“It’s cute that you’re shy. But it’s alright, Y/N, your secret is safe with me.”

“A-” Mr. Kim walked in, everyone focused on him and your friend went back to her seat. The boy behind you say down and did the usual, staring out the window.

“Y/N?” You didn’t say anything, knowing it’s that guy probably asking for your notes.



“Can I sit next to you?”

“So, you can peep at my notes better, no way.” He got up, placing his notes on the desk next to mine.

“Jimin, what are you doing?”

“I couldn’t see behind Y/N’s head, and she let me sit here.” Mr. Kim looked at you, wanting to see your eyes tell him the truth.

You avoid his gaze and he sighed before continuing to teach. Jimin kept glancing at you instead of the window or he would sneak peeks at your notes.

He didn’t understand the concept of ‘personal space’ either. His hand brushed against your thigh and he kept trying to touch your hair.

Mr. Kim didn’t seem to notice your clear discomfort and his lesson ended with you prepared to kill Jimin.

You went to your other classes which you were happy about because there was no Alice to tease you or Jimin to feel you up. Technically.

You left your last class, seeing Alice and Jimin standing on the opposite wall of the door.

“Stay away from me, you creep.”

“Alice, you were wrong.”


“I wanted to test if Mr. Kim really did like you. So, Jimin gladly got all touchy-feel with you and if he did, he would have given you detention or make you two stay after school.”

“You’re psychotic. And Jimin, I can totally sue you for sexual harassment.”

“Sorry, Y/N. Everyone thinks that you got a fetish for him. And vice versa. At least now, the rumours will be about us.”

“I don’t even like you.”

“Doesn’t hurt to try.”

“You’re disgusting.” You went back to class, remembering that you always help out Mr. Kim on Wednesdays.

“Mr. Kim.”

“Enter, Y/N.” The classroom looked the same, still organized to his standards.

“M-Mr. Kim.” His hair was tousled, his tie was loosen and he took off his jacket. He leaned against his desk and you gulped.

“How could you?”

“Sir.” He was tall. Why did he seem so much taller now? You backed up a little, him taking a step closer. You hit the door and he leaned in.

You could hear your heart beat faster, the moment moving in slow motion and he locked the door.

“M-Mr. Kim.”

“You’ve been bad. Letting that little boy put his hands on you, touching you hair.” His hand caressed your hair and you could feel yourself begin to sweat a little bit.

“Tell me, Y/N. Did he touch you?”


“I like your honesty, baby.”

“M-Mr. Kim.”

“Call me Daddy, Y/N.”

“Good, now bend over with your hands against the whiteboard.” Your heart was still in shock from his sudden shift in attitude and you did as he said.

He picked a ruler, lifting your skirt up with it.

“Do you know why I’m doing this?”

“N-No.” His hand smoothed over your bottom before he slid down your skirt and underwear. The air of the classroom hit your bare skin, making you shiver a little.

“Are you uncomfortable?”


“Good.” You felt his hand come down on your ass, a little yelp escaping your lips.

“I take punishment very seriously, Y/N.”


“How could you let Jimin do as he pleases?”

“I’m s-sorry.”

“You’re sorry what?”

“I’m s-sorry, daddy..!” He was spanking you while you spoke, hearing your little whimpers amused him. The way your perfect lips formed around the syllables as you said “Daddy.”

He almost wanted to fuck you senseless right where you were. Hearing your voice screaming out his name while he plunged into the warmth of your wet pussy.

The imagery was livid and it made him hungry for you.

“Sit on my desk and spread your legs.” You were about to pull up your skirt but his voice stopped you.

“Tsk tsk, take those off. And unbutton your shirt.” You obliged, slowly unbuttoning your shirt teasingly in front of him. He licked his lips before he kissed you.

His lips were sweeter than words he’s spoken to you. You exchanged breathes, easily elevating the kiss into a heated make out session.

“D-Daddy.” His hand rubbed against your exposed pussy and you shivered to the feeling of his fingers.

“You like it when I touch you like this, baby?”

“Y-Yes.” His fingertip treat you harshly which his lips kiss your skin. He slid a finger into you while his lips harshly kiss your neck.

“F-Fuck.” You elongated your syllables as he continued to create his marks against your skin. You wanted to dig your nails into the chiseled back of his but he didn’t give you your chance yet.

He pulled down your bra, sucking on your nipples while sliding into more of his fingers and pumping into you faster. Your voice vibrating along with the desk and his lips slip down your wet pussy.

“You’re so wet for me, did you want me here?”

“Yes, daddy. Please.”

“Please what, baby?”

“I-I want Daddy’s tongue..ah.” He didn’t need to hear the rest of your pleas, his tongue darting to your pussy immediately.

He ate you out like you were the best goddamn meal he’s gotten in years. He didn’t want to forget the taste of you, his mouth slurping up the taste of you. You could still feel his fingers at work, the pumping numb your body’s sensation.

“D-Daddy.” You could feel him bring you closer to the edge before he got up, letting you want more. He slid his fingers out of you, letting you lick the taste of you clean off his fingers. His thumb played with your bottom lip as he smirked at you.

“Good girl.” He unbuckled his belt and looked at you.

“Do I have to tell you everything? Get on your knees.” You kneed in front of him and slipped down his pants along with his boxers. His hard cock sprung up in front of you and you gently grab it.

A shivering sound escaped his lips and you begin to pump him. You didn’t know exactly what you were doing, his hand covering yours to help guide to how you should touch him.

“Grip me more, move faster. Just like that.” You began to lick the tip, giving him more simulation and his hand buried itself within your hair. He pushes you a bit, letting you swallow more of his cock.

“Don’t be shy, baby.” You take him into your mouth, feeling the tip tickling the back of your throat. Your hands pump what your mouth couldn’t handle as you bob your head.

The pace was almost rhythmic and his hand still held its place in your hair as you continue to suck him off. Sometimes you would stop just to lick around the shaft and tip before taking him into your mouth again.

A low groan would linger out of his lips but he won’t tell you to stop yet. Your tongue swirled around him, coating every inch that you could take in your saliva. He push you a little, loving the feeling of his cock hitting against the back of your throat.

“Get up.” You stop, standing up and he tells you to get on your hands and knees on the desk. You do so, your hand close to the edge as he climbs on top as well.

He tossed his pants to wherever your skirt was and made you lose your bra. Your breasts hung as you feel him pressing against your pussy. He teased your clit with his tip before entering you.

“D-Daddy..!” You never experienced such a sensation, he waited for you to adjust to his size before gently thrusting into you. He pulled you up, his hands cupping your breasts as his pace slowly increased.

Your moans, uncontainable and loud, filled both your ears and the subtle vibration of the desk.

“You like this, don’t you?” He whispered harshly into your ear while his fingers played with your nipples. His hips pushed against yours and you grip for the desk.

“Y-Yes, daddy.”

“Who can touch you like this?”


“Who can fuck you like this?”


“What did you do?”

“I-I made D-Daddy angry.”

“You’re such a good little slut.” He kissed your jaw sloppily while his thrusts became more powerful, the desk shaking becoming more evident to you.

“G-God-mm.” You closed your eyes, focusing on the feeling of his cock. The rough pounding inside you, the stretching of your pussy and how it shaped around him.

He tilted your head to kiss you, making you lose your focus. His tongue tangled with you, lazily swapping saliva and his thrusts no longer holding back.

His mouth muffled the loud sound of your moans as he drilled into you. He pushed you back into your hands, his hands on your ass so he could thrust into you deeper.

“A-ahh..!” You tried to quiet yourself but it was too good. The moans continued to slip as you feel yourself being brought closer to your climax again.

“Do you want to cum, baby?”

“A-ah.” He slapped your ass, expecting an answer from you and you bit your lip.

“Please, d-daddy. M-Make me cum..” He liked what he heard, his thrusts becoming centred on stretching you out.

His hand reached for your clit, squeezing against it. You almost screamed, luckily it was the one sound that you managed to swallow. He pulled and twisted against your clit until you feel your body let go.

“C-C-” You couldn’t finish the word, losing it to the feeling of your climax. He thrusted into you until you felt him pour into the condom. He pulled out, slipping and tossing away the condom and you sat on his desk.

He kissed you again, your hands on either side of his face. His lips were still sweet and he bit down your lip teasingly before pulling away.

“You’re mine. Do you understand, Y/N?”

~Admin Blake

okay but you and michael would’ve just had your lil baby only weeks ago and oh boy was he excited to finally get some action in the bedroom because ‘dammit its been months, y/n’ and his hand just isn’t doing the job anymore so when you finally manage to put the 2 month old baby down to sleep one night, you mention how you’ve been okay’d by the doctor and honestly you don’t even remember how you got to the bedroom because michael cannot wait another second to be intimate with you in this way again. Unfortunately for him, as he kisses down your body while murmuring sweet (and occasional dirty) nothings on your skin, beginning to create purple marks down your chest, he forgets in the heat of the moment what your breasts are actually for. Fair to say the moment is ruined after you both can’t stop laughing, as one passionate suck on your nipple is all it takes for him to realise, with a mouth full of milk, that these don’t just keep him happy but feed mini Clifford too

Good Morning love - Michael Clifford Smut

A/N: First time I wrote a smut and I hope it’s okay. feedback is always appreciated and feel free to requested a imagine / blurb. Enjoy

“Mikey!” You groan as he playfully kisses onto the back of your neck.

The two of you were in bed, it was still early in the morning. You would usually sleep till it was around lunch time, but Michael was in a mission and he wanted you up by 8. You tried your best to push him away but he would always come back for you, whether it was to tickle or kiss you, he really wanted you up this early!

“You are crazy!” You clumsily hit him with a pillow to get him away from you.

“Yeah I know, crazy for you that is.” His hands started to slowly tickle your hips, but you resisted him your best and didn’t let any sound escape from your mouth.

“I’m sleeping.” You slapped his hands away, trying your best not to laugh.

“Come on, the sun is up and so should you.” He whispered into your ear as he wrapped both of his arms around you.

This time you didn’t answer back, you closed your eyes and pretended to sleep, even though Michael was practically begging for you to get up.

“You’re awake, I know you are.” His hands fumbled around the front of your oversized pajama shirt. You bit your lip and tried harder not to respond. “You know you can’t brush me off, I’ll always come for more.” His hands traveled down to the bottom of your shirt, slightly pushing it up with the motion of his hands running up your stomach. His lips went back to your neck, finding your soft spot and sucking on it to leave a red mark. You loved it when he created these marks on your skin, it made you feel like they showed the world that you belonged to him, and him only. Your lips formed a silent smile as you felt his hand get closer to your breasts. Your stomach was now exposed to the cold air in the room and it made a small shiver run through your body.

His hand cupped your now exposed breast, lightly pinching onto your nipple as he began kissing right under your ear. “I know you’re up.” He whispered against your skin as his lips pursued off to kiss down your jaw line. His other hand began imitating the first one that was working on you, grabbing your other breast. You were extremely turned on by now, you wanted to push his hands down your front to go and meet your already wet core, but you had to resist the urge, let him play you along.

Like his mind was connected to yours, his right hand ghosted down your front to go along the elastic of your pajama pants, playing with the rim of it. You couldn’t hold back any more, his hand went under it, slowly going down to meet your middle. His left hand was still busy playing along with your breast while his mouth was still working on your neck area. His arms were wrapped around you, keeping you tightly against him so you could feel his hard on your back. He didn’t hide it, for once he wasn’t shy about his intensions. But you had to hold back your arousal as best as you could, if you showed him you wanted him, he’d stop and make you wake up to continue.

His fingers began to slowly circle your clit and you bit your lips till they were blood red to hold your moans back in. He didn’t waste much time on it before he slid a finger inside of you, pumping it in and out slowly.

“You’re already wet.” He chuckled against your skin.

He slid another finger, pumping them faster by the second and you had to unleash the screams that were creeping inside of you as you felt your orgasm approaching.

“Michael.” You moaned out, grabbing onto his forearm and pressing it harder against you, forcing him to continue his act. You could tell by now that he was smiling wide, satisfying you like that was the best thing for him.

“Come for me love, come on my fingers.” He whispered, lightly nibbling onto your ear as his fingers were still hard at work in you. With not more than another scream, you squirmed under his grip as you came all over his fingers. You experienced a strong tingling sensation all over your body and Michael didn’t stop working on you till your high was wearing off.

“Good morning Y/N, how did you sleep?” He leaned in and kissed you on the cheek before removing his hands from your body. He shortly got out of bed, leaving you panting, wanting for more.


I hung out with my friend Dev the other night where we played dress up with her adorable leopard print Authentic Lo Pro’s. If you didn’t know, Dev is quickly becoming a star on the rise, and an obvious style icon. She recently was featured on Vans Girls shopping for some of her favorite closet necessities…which I nearly robbed her of.

How do you ‘Create your mark’?:

“With confidence and fearlessness. I don’t really care what other people think. I have learned to love everything about myself, and I think people vibe off of that really well. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m far from perfect, but I love my imperfections just as much as anything else.

My name is Dev, and I’m a Vans girl” -brittany