create your day

study moods

sleepy dawn

  • open windows
  • listening to lo-fi
  • wearing pyjamas
  • planning your day, creating to-do lists
  • the sky is pretty

spring breeze

  • coming back after a walk
  • drinking a glass of water
  • getting a head-start on the assignment
  • the great feeling of productivity, ah

cozy evening

  • sitting on your bed
  • rewarding yourself afterwards with a bath or chocolate
  • highlighting with your favourite markers
  • warm tea or cocoa next to you

night vision

  • it’s way too late, but you gotta finish that essay
  • rock music all the way
  • everything is a mess
  • you’re gonna be okay though

cinnamon afternoon

  • drinking coffee
  • doing some math exercises
  • listening to a chill/coffeehouse playlist
  • scrolling through tumblr in your little breaks
Low Spoons Witchcraft Challenge

This is a challenge that is meant to be repeated weekly. If you have to, it’s perfectly okay to skip a day but this can be a good start for you to create a checklist of things you would like to do weekly.

Day One: Clean your room/your desk/altar/anything you can afford to clean and imagine any negative energies being cleansed away too.

Day Two: Wrap yourself up in a blanket, make sure to cover your whole body including your head. Now imagine that this blanket travels everywhere with you, always shielding you and making you feel safe. Carry your imagined version of this blanket with you.

Day Three: Create/visit your mind space.

Day Four: Try to create an emoji spell.

Day Five: Write/type a letter to your deities/spirit guides/spirit friends or even to just no one in particular. It doesn’t have to be long or formal. 

Day Six: Whenever you’re outside, take the time to appreciate the nature around you. Sit on the ground if you’re able.

Day Seven: Light a candle and correspond colors to things you hope to manifest in the coming week.

Something to do everyday: Carry around a water bottle with you and let it soak up the sunlight. Drink to gain energy from the sun.

@gerardwayThe Hat!!! Thank you Jennifer. I am so incredibly overjoyed. And thank you for the wonderful art and your compassionate letter. I do hope the artist that makes the hat does in fact open a business, and I hope you get to create your school one day. Lots of love, and thank you again.
I shall guard the hat with my life.

I clearly follow the right people here since everyone’s so nice and don’t tolerate any hate or harassment towards the fandom or the actors 💚


Hey! Sometime I’m gonna make a section in my AO3 account​ for non- shipping of any fandom and for none of the minor x adult ( ex: shiro x anyone ( pallidans ) or Bruce x robins or Robin x Robin ( like jaytim and jaydick and Tim x dami )

No this is not a hate at anyone who ships any of this, I just want to start something or a tag where people can scroll through AO3 without seeing this ( some people don’t want to see it and that’s fine ) while you may ship it not everyone has the same feelings towards something.
So any brain storm for a tag name ( for both like individually ) would be helpful! And again no. This is not hate towards anyone just a person wanting to basically create a ’ save Haven ’ or just a ’ place ’ ( I still don’t know what to call it ) for people who don’t really ship anything or for those who don’t wanna see minor x adult.
If you have any questions about this idea feel free to message me ( I’m on mobile sadly ) or @cataclysm-is-here ( my side blog )! Thank you! Hopefully this will spread around so more people know about it!


rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better!

I was tagged by @ohlookimstudying, thanks yan daddy;D

nickname: val

starsign: scorpio

height: 159.something, round up to 160 eheh

last thing i googled: “free paisley vector” because i was editing my pfp on instagram

fave music artist: the 1975, LANY, imagine dragons, troye sivan and seventeen!!

song stuck in my head: zero by dino of seventeen

last movie i watched: doctor strange!

last tv show i watched: weightlifting fairy kim bok joo! i’m having my mock exams atm so i haven’t watched anything after finishing:(

when did you create your blog: 5 days ago, so 20/03/2017

what kind of stuff do i post about: study and organisation stuff! if you want to see my trashy side feel free to follow my main but be warned - it’s a mess

do i have any other blogs: too many

do i get asks regularly?: nah not really

why did i choose my url: i think its pretty self-explanatory

gender: female

hogwarts house: gryffindor buuuuut also kinda slutherin slytherin

pokemon team: VALOR AYe, but i dont play anymore

favorite color: blue!!! rn i really like cornflower blue + midnight blue

avg hours of sleep: 5.5 because of exams. yeah ik i need sleep

lucky number: 14

favorite character: APRIL LUDGATE. my sense of humour is pretty deadpan, just like hers

how many blankets do i sleep with: one

dream job: civil or aerospace engineer! i want to do something related to energy/climate change as well but as long as i’m happy in life idrm

following: 34 - not much so like this & i’ll check out ur blog!!!

tagging: not tagging bc if u want to do it just do, and say that i tagged u hehe

Involving your munchkins tip: 5

Are you about to cleanse your child’s room due to an abundance of nightmares?

Take this time to empower them by teaching them about cleansing their space.

My munchkin’s ritual is simple we light a dragonsblood incense and walk the smoking stick around the edges of her room, first the ceiling, then corners, then baseboards. We then go around the Windows, and then around her closet door and finally her room door. I cut incense sticks in half for these burns and then leave what’s left on a high shelf in her room burning. All the while saying “bad bad go away, pleasant dreams are here to stay”

We started this ritual when she was two, she is almost 7 now and can have me light the stick for her and she does the rest on her own these days.

Create your own room clearing ritual that caters to your munchkin.