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listen bernie literally declined being a write-in candidate. your vote will be tossed out like. not even counted. all you’re doing is creating more work for poll workers

Send us your ideas for prompts!

We need prompt ideas for Forduary! We’ll collect everyone’s ideas until January 21, then create and post a poll for everyone to vote on their favorites!

Also, since this is sort of a last minute project (and since this prompt is pretty much obligatory when it comes to Ford) we’ll go ahead and give a decision on prompt #1 for anyone who needs to get a head start. And don’t worry if you’re running late, we’ll reblog your creations all month and at least a week after (probably longer.)

The first prompt is “Portal”.
Everything else will be up to you guys.
Have fun and help us spread the word so others can join in too!


Idol Set ver. Aqours! Third years edition, Dia, Kanan & Mari.

Next one will be first year girls, Yohane, Ruby & Zura. Like & Reblog for more, please! ♥  

WHY INACTIVE? Hello everybody! First of all, I want to apologize with all you for don’t post anything. Last days I had this cool idea to create the Idol Set in Aqours ver. because the outfits are really gorgeous, lol. Also I got A LOT of request that I don’t have time to do unfortunaly because of the university, so I thought that would be a nice idea to create a poll of some sets from µ’s /Aqours that you want I edit so everybody can be happy with that, I guess.

You can use this edits as a lock screen, I post the third years as first because I love them and Dia is my waifu lol. Probably the next ones will be the first years and then the second years.

Also I think I’ll post the renders/png so you can use it to edit for free, but I’ll post the nine Aqours together.

Thank you for your support/read this!


Hey guys I think it’s about time for me to start collecting the holiday prompts from y’all. I’m doing a similar thing that @uncpanda is doing this year.

I’ll be writing 12 holiday themed prompts this year (Get it??? Cuz … 12 days of … you know what nevermind). So what I need from you guys is for you to send in holiday themed prompts that you’d like to see me do and I’ll create a poll in about a week with all the prompts that you all can vote on. Each phase of this will last a week. In other words there will be 7 days for submissions and 7 days for voting. Submissions will close Tuesday November 22nd @ 7PM EST. 

Let the holiday cheer begin!

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As so you know Nakamura sensei created a poll to ask who is more erotic, Sajou or Kusakabe on her twitter, and I found the whole story about this and her reaction first time using the poll function on twitter kinda cute so here xD~

[from bottom to top]

Nakamura: I have received a comment said that Sajou is more erotic. And I have been thinking to myself is that so…maybe that’s so…

Nakamura: I have received a comment that I should try using the poll function to see who is more erotic. Oh I see, it seems interesting. But I dont know how to use the poll function!! I will google it then.

[Poll] Sajou and Kusababe, who is more erotic?

Sajou: 78% Kusakabe: 22%

(when she created the poll the result was not shown yet)

Nakamura: Does it work? I wonder if it works.

Nakamura: Wow, it’s overwhelming…

Nakamura: Then the honor student will be…

Nakamura: Only 15 minutes left to see who is more erotic, Sajou or Kusakabe. Please go vote for them!

And then she posted that new image xD~

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On January 5th I created a poll ( for the wedding dance one shots on who the next two should be and it was a battle between Jaehee vs Zen vs Yoosung Vs Seven and only two can win ) so someone dissed Jaehee sayings she’s worthless then someone said vote for zen and then someone dissed Jaehee big time saying no matter how god my writing is she will always be boring and then the war happens everyone talked shit on every member, I was used as a meme, it was chaos it was war 😂 you can scroll thru my blog and see how bad it was 😂 and they needed a name for the war and I called it the Munchkin War ( because I call YALL my munchkins )

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First of all, props to you for creating the Kazer bracket! Have you been considering this for a while, or did the idea come to you by chance? A+ on the selections, too. Filling out my bracket helped me remember why I fell in love with them in the first place, so thank you for that! :) (I say this as someone who never used to root for players outside my own team, but those two wore me down :P)

Thank you! :)

This specific idea was a very last-minute thing. :P On Sunday, I was putting a bunch of my likes into my queue; most posts were about the jersey bet, and I wrote a comment about how this was such a great moment for the fandom. Then that made me think about how fandom would rank this moment compared to all of the other moments. On the spot I decided I wanted to find out and looked into different options for creating a bracket poll online. I looked into a couple of different sites but decided Google Forms was probably the easiest choice.

I had been thinking of ranking some 1988 moments for a bit (I’ve got a tag “candidate for top 10 cellies”) but that was more a personal thing and this was the first time I considered a fandom poll. (Or however much of the fandom ends up seeing it. :P)

Honestly if I had taken the time to think about it (instead of getting super excited and wanting to do it right away haha) I would have reflected about it a bit more and probably chosen 128 moments. But after putting together the poll (it took a few hours to think of moments - with some good suggestions from people, find images/gifs - and I’ll still make a post to give credit/sources - and make most of the text posts) I just wanted to release it into the wild. :P

Some people have messaged me about moments I missed, so what might happen after “The Ultimate 1988 Moment” is selected is to have another bracket challenge (probably with 32 moments..unless people have more ideas and we can reach another 64?). The winner of the second poll will then be pitted against “The Ultimate 1988 Moment” as a challenger to see whether it can knock it off its throne. :)

Also you’re welcome. :) It also helped remind me and raised my spirits a bit. :) So you were part of the hockey fandom for another team but saw Kazer on your dash a lot and they convinced you to ship them? ;)

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Hey have u seen the anime award results yet? i bet u can guess how it went :/

i honestly didnt give that much of a shit abt the awards its just a crunchyroll poll??? im more upset that ppl are going to continue to be fuckin. annoying abt it like its just. The Fucking Worst Thing To Ever Happen christ its a western centric popularity poll created by crunchyroll and now everyones just here sayin “YOI IS SHIT!!!” please….its not…..important

LIKE I AGREE THAT MP100 DESERVED IT. I DO. BUT. its a crunchyroll poll anyway. there were honestly some other shows on the poll that probably deserved to be in some spots but werent its hardly anything for me to waste my time being angry abt 

Fire Emblem Fates English Fandom Popularity Poll

Because of the difference between the English and Japanese fandoms, @purplegillybeans and I decided we should hold a poll. I’ve created a poll with questions including favorite overall character, favorite spouse, favorite kid, and favorite royal sibling.

Please participate and maybe even spread the word so that we can get as many people as possible to participate! Thank you!

Hello everybody, Rini here! So, as you most likely know, I recently created a poll to help get an idea of the demographics of the hetalia fandom. I was not really expecting it to take off, but it actually did quite well, with 249 responses in 2 days! Unfortunately, some of the information provided could not be used, and it instead just gave me more to sift through, for instance instead of leaving the “how old are you question” blank, a few people responded things like “not telling!” and “how long have you been here” question as “too long” and things like that. It was frustrating, but I appreciate that they filled out the form nonetheless.

So, let’s get started!

  • 246 people answered the question, 3 responses were not usable.
  • The largest amount of people were 16 years (45 people)
  • As seen in the chart above, ¾ people who took the poll were under 18

continued under cut

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Created a poll on deviantArt (because I can create those now since someone was super generous and bought me a Core Membership) to see which OC my followers would kiss.

Oh Kallen, still bringing all the boys/girls to the yard.

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You have already seen the new toptens list ?, Most Overrated Anime Couples, it's ridiculous they have made another top of worst couples since the original had ichihime as worse

No I haven’t but thank you so much for telling me, this is so funny!!!!!! Why are ichihimes so desparate!!! Didn’t they say they didn’t care about those polls? lmao, it seems someone cared after all. Damn we create new fanarts, fanfics, events, meme and more and what they do? Start blogs that stalk ichiruki all over the internet, create “new polls” to make the ichiruki pair look bad (but it’s not like theirs will look better), keep send ichiruki blogs asks saying “get over your ship” and shit like that, I mean chill IH you got your canon stop obsessing over ichiruki!!!!! Pathetic.

tf cinematic universe

so they’re working on this transformers cinematic universe, right? trying to nail down tf once and for all so they can make a string of movies. transformers has so much potential to be as well put together and grand as star wars dare I say. they know that, that’s what they want as a brand and they’re working on it right now. so what do you think of when you think of transformers? the comics? prime? beasties? g1? tfa? what is it about these series that got your attention? what would you like to see but didn’t in these reincarnations? I’ve said this before, I will say this again: if you want to see something from the brand, you have to be vocal. really vocal. tweet, be loud (but polite ha). because they do listen, they are watching- remember that survey that went around a year ago, and all the fan-vote polls to create new bots? they WANT to know what sells. but that’s the key-word. sells. they’re a toy company above all and nothing wrong with that. so speak with your money, buy the comics, the dvds, the matching toys and again, don’t be afraid to speak out about what attracts you to the tf brand.

Top 10 Funniest Moments in the Souls Series

Miyazaki’s a funny dude. He’s spent 7 years now making us laugh with his subtle jokes in the souls games (Christ the Souls games are old now.) I asked the community what their favorite laughs were in the games and boy did you guys come out in full force. 

I had to create a poll of the nominations to fit all of the suggestions in. The votes have been tallied and these are the funniest moments in the Souls Series…and Bloodborne.

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Space Jam celebrates its 20th anniversary! Let’s make it a week long celebration!

November 13-19, there will be a different theme for each day. You then make something for said theme: fanart, fanfiction, gifsets, videos, anything!

Be sure to use #spacejamweek and #spacejam20 so everyone can find your awesome creations!

Examples of possible themes:


Favorite scene

In the locker rooms

Space Jam 2

Please reblog this and feel free to suggest some themes. Suggestions will be taken until October 30th. Then there will be a poll created to finalize the themes.


#spacejamweek #spacejam20

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Who are the 3 face claims?

ok so Alfie Enoch is like 100% going to be an option so is Taylor Lautner and Nick Robinson is definitely a possibility too but nothing is finalised yet (so don’t freak if you hate all three of them), when the series gets closer to the time when I’ll introduce the rival I’ll create a poll for you lovelies to vote <3 

Children, sit down so Erica can teach you a lesson about JOKES and REALITY!

Guys, Mark’s little comment about the vote being “rigged” for Phil Lester was a JOKE! Mark NEVER, in any shape or form, condones attacks on the person who created the poll, nor does he condone ppl badmouthing and threatening poor ol’ Phil. 

I am being calm and rational about this cuz if no one will listen to me when I’m in a rage, then MAYBE someone will listen to me when I’m chill. Idk why I endure such childishness -_-

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