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“ I have an idea that Gatsby himself didn’t believe it would come, and perhaps he no longer scared. If that was true that he must have felt that he had lost the old warm world, paid a high price for living too long with a single dream. he must have looked up at the unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is and how raw the sunlight was upon the scarcely created grass. A new world, material without being reran, where poor ghosts, breathing dreams like air, drifted fortuitously about….like that ashen, fantastic figure gliding toward him through the amorphous trees.” 

yah so there might be a lot of “humans vs aliens and humanity is awesome, and even ‘aliens get fucked over by nature’”

but now suddenly im thinking, what if aliens invade some kind of fantasy world?

like, they decide to check out earth, and these aliens are not Clefairy/Deoxys/Beheeyem, 

“surrender now, you low-life earthlings!”

“hooh boy, yet another team trying to take over. is this team galactic?”
“nah man, they wanted to create a new world, and last i checked they didn’t wear costumes”
“its probably those ghost-types playing a prank, bet its a bunch of Haunters”

“Alright, troop, according to the human captive, a bit further in, there are berries that can cure us if we get poisoned. let us not forget what happened with the troop in section 6E”

*screaming and buzzing*
“Human, I demand this instant that you tell us what the source of the buzzing is!”
“oh geez, it sounds like a swarm of Beedrills. you guys better run, they’re extremely territorial”

“nonsens! we will fight off these ‘Beedrills’, we are much more evolved and stronger than whatever those things are! our weapons are much more developed than your puny human weapons”

“suit yourself”

and then they get annihilated by beedrills because those things are FAST and have you SEEN those spears??

People hold whole worlds inside themselves
Full of histories, emotions, memories
Walking monuments to the moments that shaped them
We meet and whole worlds collide and shuffle;
As we take people into our lives we decide
Do they fit in our existing space
Or do we create new orbits as we fall in love,
Accept new thoughts or adapt to new ways of life.
The magnitude of these worlds, the intricacy of all they hold
Of all they have to say and share with us
Shakes me to the core.

© Courtney Turley 2017

Writing Prompts

• Were they telling the truth?
• Who could vanish like that?
• Are they all so old?
• Can you pay attention?
• How long has it been?
• Do they look the same to you?
• Why should we give up?
• What are you risking?
• Who won the battle?
• Who are we ignoring?
• I have no memory of that.
• We could changing the world.
• Sometimes we still talk.
• I wonder if people judge me.
• Where have we met?
• He slipped away.
• We were holding hands.
• Something’s coming to an end.
• Have you introduced yourself?
• They were never tried.
• Let them tell their story.
• It’s a dangerous decision.
• We have this great opportunity.
• Can we talk about them?
• That was where we first met.
• I demand cuddles.
• What’s the first thing you did?
• I want to sleep for an eternity.
• What inspired it?
• We talk about these things.
• Give them what they want.
• It’s not about safety.
• It got me excited for them.
• These stories are ours.
• I sleep much better these days.
• We have some suggestions.
• There’s strength in unity.
• It’s an amazing invention.
• It began with an accident.
• There are new solutions, always.
• Have satisfied your curiousity?
• I have an idea.
• Stop talking about how clever you are.
• We haven’t tested it yet.
• Can you pull the trigger?
• Am I the stupidest person in this place?
• Does it make sense to you?
• How can we live through this?
• Where have you found that?
• This is not how the system works.
• We’ve been trying to do that for years.
• We have the game.
• Is that typical?
• We have revised our strategy.
• I can always tell.
• Can you close your eyes?
• It’s getting worse.
• I want to keep them close.
• I wasn’t that lucky.
• You’re not wise enough.
• That’s what we feared.
• I want to create these things.
• Who told them?
• Is it a new concept?
• They don’t have to do it.
• We could creat a new world.
• We have a dreamer among us.
• Ask me about it.
• Wasn’t it nice?
• Can they justify it?


Morgana, 4.01 - The Darkest Hour Part 1

“You are right to be afraid, Morgana. Your enemies will rue this day and all the destruction it brings. But you must beware..Tearing the veil between the worlds has created and new world..and you will not walk through it alone. The one they call Emrys will walk in your shadow. He is your destiny..and he is your doom.”

anonymous asked:

The idea is that under communism, the ideal democracy is in effect, right? People have complete political power/control & everything is voted on? But how could this be regulated without some form of government/ circle of elites? Some few would have to "lead" this, right?

The idea is that necessary resources and infrastructure are controlled democratically by their participants (rather than by the property-owning elite), yes – ideally in a super decentralized context whereby directly-democratic councils and assemblies coordinate community needs and set about fulfilling goals to meet them. Any elected “leaders” ought to be readily recallable if they do not meet their obligations or start consolidating power. The council formation has traditionally demanded that delegates come from the actual group they represent and that they continue to perform group duties otherwise, thus cutting down the tendency towards corruption. 

I appreciate, Anon, that you aren’t implying that your proposed scenario would “just wind up worse than capitalism” – it’s a common argument and it’s annoying as hell. “Won’t this socialist ‘paradise’ inevitably end up with a bloated corrupt elite taking advantage of the actual hard workers?? Why ruin an imperfect but good status quo in favor of something so highly corruptible??” I’d say “bloated corrupt elite taking advantage of the actual hard workers” already describes capitalism perfectly, as well as any class system we’ve historically had or could ever have. Class systems are inherently unjust because they’re structured around ruling class control of the stuff needed to reproduce society – the workplaces, the resource pools, the living arrangements, etc. – with the working class generating the actual goods and receiving meager bullshit as compensation. We look out and we see human nature as highly corrupt and prone to hierarchy, but that’s because we live in an environment that actively promotes corruption and inequality. We can overcome that environment and create a new world that promotes new values: solidarity, justice, compassion, egalitarianism, decentralism, direct democracy, creative self-actualization, etc. 


  • CameoAppearance: if one of the changelings was a redeemed promethean who got snatched by the Gentry that would be a cool angle but probably have to be worked into the plot early
  • AstraKiseki: it'd also be hella depressing.
  • addiface: could Redeemed even get snatched
  • New Channel New Grimm: ...y'know, depending on how long it was between mortality -> changeling, prometheans would have a really hard time getting back
  • New Channel New Grimm: yes! it is in the book
  • New Channel New Grimm: they are functionally mortal
  • CameoAppearance: "I was trying to be a human over here, do you MIND"
  • GladHatter: "I did it! I've finally become human! Now to experience the full joys of human existence- aww dammit"
  • addiface: its super sad how like
  • addiface: prometheans have that hope of being human and changelings
  • addiface: never do

A transformation of consciousness will definitely change your life. But I mean transformation of consciousness, I do not mean changing your mood for a while. We all feel good for a time and then come back to our “natural” state. 
By transformation I mean thinking differently, positively about yourself so often that it becomes a habit. And until the habit grows stable. At this point it will expel from your mind all the rival states such as poverty thinking. This new state really will create a new world. It spells out a transformation, but if you only do it a little bit and return to your former state, then you’ll notice things changed for a while but nothing radical took place. If you have changed inwardly, truly, then you will see change in your outer world. 

Keep in mind the most wonderful tool alive is to sit alone at home and construct a sentence that implies you’ve fulfilled your desire. Repeating it to yourself, seeing yourself with it, you shall draw to yourself every person and situation on Earth to fulfill it. 

*This was my summary of Three Propositions by Neville Goddard*

Routine Part Two (Lin x Reader)

Thank you SO MUCH for all of the positive feedback on part one!! I’m really excited for this series and I hope that you’ll enjoy it!! 

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requested: yes :) (y’all are so sweet

Summary: Reader and Lin have to meet every two days to work on their play. Will they make it through the month without wanting to kill each other? Will it make them any closer or will it just make things awkward?

Warnings: Pride and Prejudice is mentioned a lot in this series bc why not (not in this part–just in the series in general), high school bullies, teen! lin being a jerk, reader being a jerk, just everybody being a jerk, dads embarrassing their children.


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You hear a knock on your front door at precisely 5:52, and you feel pleasantly surprised. You didn’t think he would actually show up on time.

“I got it, dad!” You scream to your father as you rush down the stairs.

You swing open the door and when you see him, you can’t help but gawk at his beauty.

Before you stands Lin with his headphones around his neck, his hands are fiddling with the strings on his light gray hoodie, and his eyes stuck on the welcome mat at your front door. Your heart swells a little at the thought of maybe wearing his hoodie, before you remind yourself what a jerk he is and how he isn’t worth your time. He doesn’t look up when the door is opened, so you clear your throat to get his attention.

You don’t greet him with a normal ‘hello’. All you say to him is, “I half expected you not to come.” He scoffs. “Well, at least not on time.”

He smirks before pushing past you to step inside your home.

“You said that you hated when people are late, and the last thing I would want to do is make you mad.” You can’t help but want to smack the smirk off of his face. 

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The signs as The Great Gatsby quotes

Aries: ‘there was an immediately perceptible vitality about her as if the nerves of her body were continually smouldering. She smiled slowly and, walking through her husband as if he were a ghost, shook hands with Tom, looking him flush in the eye.’ 

Taurus: ‘only the dead dream fought on as the afternoon slipped away, trying to touch what was no longer tangible, struggling unhappily, undespairingly, toward that lost voice across the room.’

Gemini: ‘Her laughter, her gestures, her assertions became more violently affected moment by moment, and as she expanded the room grew smaller around her, until she seemed to be revolving on a noisy, creaking pivot through the smoky air.’ 

Cancer: ‘I felt a haunting loneliness sometimes, and felt it in others - poor young clerks who loitered in front of windows waiting until it was time for a solitary restaurant dinner - young clerks in the dusk, wasting the most poignant moments of night and life.’

Leo: ‘”Her voice is full of money,” he said suddenly. That was it. I’d never understood before. It was full of money - that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbal’s song of it… High in a white palace the king’s daughter, the golden girl…’

Virgo: ‘He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God.’

Libra: ‘[Daisy] began to ask me questions in her low, thrilling voice. It was the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down, as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again.’

Scorpio: ‘She was incurably dishonest. She wasn’t able to endure being at a disadvantage and, given this unwillingness, I suppose she had begun dealing in subterfuges when she was very young in order to keep that cool, insolent smile turned to the world and yet satisfy the demands of her hard, jaunty body.’

Sagittarius: ‘He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is and how raw the sunlight was upon the scarcely created grass. A new world, material without being real, where poor ghosts, breathing dreams like air, drifted fortuitously about…’ 

Capricorn: ‘Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter - tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further… And one fine morning - So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.’

Aquarius: ‘He had thrown himself into [the dream] with a creative passion, adding to it all the time, decking it out with every bright feather that drifted his way. No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man can store up in his ghostly heart.’

Pisces: ‘For a while these reveries provided an outlet for his imagination; they were a satisfactory hint of the unreality of reality, a promise that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy’s wing.’ 

I love how Aquarius fights itself, like its supposed to be about revolution and change but Aquarius is also co-ruled by Saturn and it is a fixed sign. So it does fear change and likes stability, even craves it but at the same time it want to rebel against everything, change all the rules and create a new world.

Aquarius are such a complex sign that looks calm and collected on the outside but inside there’s a war that is setting fire to the mind and heart desire.

How Criminal Minds Is Going To End

Because it’s got to… At some point, right?

The team is called out into the field on a case but it turns out to be a massive ruse. A cop whose case they took over and solved years ago, has gone crazy. Them “stealing his glory” has made him lose his mind and want revenge. And he’s had years to plot his revenge. The teams gets taken hostage and ends with multiple casualties.

Flash forward five years:

Rossi has retired again and become a recluse. His books re-entered the best sellers lists again after the publicity the last case got but he shuns it all. He walks around his huge house, wandering from room to room, not really sure what he’s doing with his life anymore.

Luke has started a relationship with Elle Greenaway who made a surprise return to help take the final unsub down. Although she hadn’t been a part of the team for years, she still grieves for them. And Luke, who’d only been a part of the team for two years shares that same grief. They didn’t feel like they could confide in JJ or Garcia, they hadn’t been part of the BAU for long enough. So they confided in each other, helping each other through their grief, which eventually spawned a relationship. They moved to the coast and live in a small beachside house with Roxy, who loves running into the ocean at any opportunity.

Jack Hotchner signed up for the Academy, wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps. He wants to make his Dad proud. Of course Aaron Hotchner came out of hiding to help his team during their week long, highly news covered hostage situation, it was inevitable. It’s just a shame that Aaron didn’t get to see Jack graduate, that he won’t get to see him walk down the aisle with his childhood sweetheart. One thing Jack swears to himself daily; he won’t be let his job come between his family.

Derek and Savannah are just okay. Little Hank is growing up so quickly but he misses his uncle Spencer and his auntie Penelope. He wishes he could see his funny, colourful clothing wearing aunt but she won’t visit anymore. Derek misses his friends and often slumps into a depression that Savannah tries desperately to pull him out of. Sometimes she succeeds, other times she rides out the storm with him.

Penelope has left the states. She created a new virtual world, similar to Second Life. It’s made her a millionaire but hasn’t made her happy, not really. She spends hours a day at her computer desk with Sergio purring in her lap. In her own online world she’s created avatars for all her friends in which their all still together and all still very much alive. She only logs off when she can no longer see the screen because she’s that exhausted.

JJ and Will moved to the south. They’ve had two new babies, twins. A boy and girl. JJ sobbed as she pushed them into the world, knowing instantly what she would name them. Emily and Spencer, after the bravest people they would never get to meet. Her family are the glue that holds her together, the only way thing stopping her sinking.

The BAU is no longer how it used to be. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. SSA Seaver now runs the floor with Anderson her second in command. Portraits line her office, her old colleagues and friends.

Not longer there, but never forgotten.

An Ode to the Venus Signs

Aries: The primal lust for power that drives you fuels the spark in your eye and the deceiving lilt in your voice that rears just as you go in for the kill. You will eventually give up being the ever-brave knight and the same cold knife that pierces his heart in exchange for the purity you braved oceans of passion and battles of ferocious kisses in the thundering moonlight for. You will lay down your helmet not in defeat but to unleash a fierce tenderness that no other could ever match. 

 Taurus: You grant your body its right to speak for itself, you’re a lover of few words and infinite complexities. The burgundy wine that pumps through your heart and veins and out through your mouth intoxicates its ever-fortunate victim within minutes. The kisses you allow are accompanied by your luxurious velvet touch that, on its own, is a treasure worthy of an ancient and haunting sea borne melody of lust, deceit, and riches beyond measure. 

Gemini: Yours is an epic poem of magic and thermals thrusting you beyond the clouds and the stars in one flap of your winged self. An intense emotional threshold is accompanied by lighthearted joviality that lets itself be heard through your tinkling laugh late into the night. You are the adventure in any fantasy and the spirit of any angelic presence we have all felt when our wheels of fortune are on their way to the top. 

Cancer: Your gentle caress is the joy finally bubbling up from an exhausted heart. You’re the flower in the gun, the lover that hit the universe. The Valentine’s Day you imagined all those years that finally happened, the ribbon on an exquisite present you almost feel guilty untying. Your quiet devotion is emotional and romantic, crystalline perfection in a tarnished, stone world. 

Leo: The mischievous grin you unveil to the masses is nothing to the intense and yet… Exciting gleam in your eye when you unmask your bad boy disguise and become the gold-hearted danger we all secretly desire. You are the protector of the queen of hearts, jealous though your undying love may be. Somehow with you, the world is perfectly in sync with every breath that is shared, each movement a rhythm of unyielding devotion. 

Virgo: The crease in your brow changes ever so slightly for every different small emotion you allow to the surface. The perfection of each conscious movement and considerate placement of every inch of you is not unnoticed. The free spirit you unleash in your blessed vulnerable moments is the thunder of a rainstorm in a drought, a love with you is one of reincarnation of your lover’s prized memories and dreams plucked from careful observation and secretly tender moments of thought. 

Libra: Your youthful exuberance is open minded with a bright and surprising wisdom. The element of surprise is always packed neatly up your sleeve for when inspiration strikes your wandering mind. Though with light footsteps your travel this road, each movement is meaningful and not as wasteful as it appears to the ignorant eye. Your sweet intentions never turn bitter even in adversity, as your every move matches the most romantic of ideals with ease. 

Scorpio: Trust doesn’t fall into your rigid nature, as you decided it can’t. But how you long for it, to let go of a little control into trustworthy arms that feel of your pillow after a long, hard day. You have the loyalty of the best friend trope and the love of the heroine all contained in the body of what can only be a hero. You do not move quickly, but each stroke of the brush is one of intensity and saturation made with steady hands. The bouts of rash action do not last long, as you already know deep in your soul where you belong. 

Sagittarius: Worldly, exciting, fast and learned are your ways of rash and heated passion. You are jagged bottles wielded by the wild, but each cut of the blade is done out of fun and poisoned only by the cowardly. The jolt of sunshine and fall weather, the fall that tastes golden and slightly crisp, is only the instantaneous reward given before the ride. 

Capricorn: You are the everything you determined they deserve; the want and the need alike. Allowing yourself the pleasure of being the mouse in the game for once, with an ever protective grip on reality all the while. Your intensity is a quiet one, one that doesn’t speak but radiates. It is unyielding and wooden, but alive all the same. Your branches bear fruit that, for once, are willingly plucked with a silent thank you and perhaps a passing smile. Your roots will never cease to grow until the soil is gone and your stomach barren, but until then you are permanent and, most importantly, ever standing.

Aquarius: You take flight without warning, but how any would worship simply seeing you go. A disguised predator in a world of the unwise. But from you comes the pleasure of shrewd sport in the face of those simply surviving. To let your guard down sounds obscene until you allow yourself to understand the truth; the truth that allows you to shed your old and tired skin. Like the snake you are blind before your fresh skin, and you can roll with it or forge a fresh path. 

Pisces: The mysteries of the universe lie within your magnetic eyes and wry smile. Your every move fascinates and alienates and is left for only the dedicated to make sense of. You create a new world for your person, with exquisite detail and an unparalleled sense of wonder. But danger looms in the back of your incredible mind and with the shift of your thoughts you can press the tempting button of self-destruction. Burning bridges is a staple of your watery magic, and you the lone arsonist. Perhaps you could put down the matches, but who’s to say you ever will decide it’s worth it?

Sass Queen

Original or requested: Original

Pairing: Eric x Reader

Word count: 496

Part 2: x

 You’re so happy you left Candor, so, so happy with you new friends and new faction. And even happier to be the best initiate. Since the first fight, everyone knew that it’s your fate to be TOP 3 in initiation. You’re taking a break, watching your friends training with the punching bags. You take a sip from your bottle of water when you notice Eric, the big bad Dauntless leader, walking up to you. Oh, great, you think. Now you have to control your sassy tongue or he’ll probably throw you off the Chasm.

 “Bother to tell me why you’re not training with the others?” He stops right in front of you, looking down, so you can’t help but face him.

 “God, you’re tall…” You mutter, smiling.

 “And you’re short. Why aren’t you training?” You can notice he’s annoyed by your words. But it’s a common thing, you guess, Eric being annoyed by something.

 “I’m taking a break.”

 “Initiates can’t afford to take a break.”

 “I’m the best. I can afford it.” You smirk, raising your hand so the cold bottle touches his neck. You laugh when Eric pulls you hand off him violently.

 “Stop it, Candor.”

 “Don’t be so boring, Erudite.” You laugh again at the anger on his face. Eric uses to scare the hell out of everyone, but not you. In fact, you struggled all your life to create a whole new world where everything is no more than a joke. Well, almost everything.

 “I could beat you up. You know that, right?”

 “Right! I’m up to a good fight whenever you want.” You raise your eyebrows, walking away from him, but Eric grabs your arm, forcing you to face him again. 

 “You should show your leader some respect.” Eric whispers and you realize that the others initiates are now quiet, staring at you to see what Coulter will do to you.

 “I’ll show you some respect when you do the same.” You open your bottle and throw some water on his face.

 “You’re out of control, initiate!”

 “You’re such a funny guy.” You burst into a laugh, pushing Eric away. “We could be friends, I absolutely love talking to you.”

 You manage to set free, walking back to the punching bags. This is very stupid for you since you rather actually fight someone. Four comes to your side, with an amused smirk.

 “Why don’t you just kiss him already?”

 “Kiss who? Eric? No way.” The punching bag moves violently until Four stops it with his hand. “What now, Four? Let me punch this shit so I can forget all this Eric shit.”

 “I can see now why you left Candor, little liar. He can’t take his eyes off you and you can’t take your eyes off him.”

 “Shut up, Four!” You snap at him, looking at Eric through the corner of your eyes.

 “He’ll ask you out soon enough, believe me.” Four whispers, smiling again.

 “Well, tell him that I’d say yes.” 

live-and-breathe-fantasy  asked:

Do you have any tips on creating a new world with new races and cultures?

Here is a post I made about world building and here are 30 World Building Questions. Moving from there, it’s always a good idea to take a look first at the real world and then decide what sort of world you want. Will it be a utopia or will there be racial tensions? If there are, why? What does this stem from? In our own world, we can see that racial and cultural tensions stem from a history of slavery in some places, of economic resource distribution in others, from physical characteristics and an idea of genetic superiority, or from a clash of gods and religious practices, etc. Any of these true real-world dilemmas can play into your fictional world, but whether or not they cause tension, it will still be necessary for you to understand each. For example, you should know:

  • What is the most common physical look of the race or culture? Does this differ often? How does their physicality affect their place in the world?
  • What religious customs does this culture have? Do they have holidays associated with this religion? Do they pray? Does a higher being dictate their actions? 
  • Are any foods important to this culture? Are recipes passed down? Are any religious?
  • How does gender affect this culture? What about sexuality? Age?
  • Do they historically come from a certain climate or natural location that would affect how they interact with the world or other people? (For example, a beach-side culture might have more water gods or fish-based foods, etc.)

Take a look at the 30 questions above, and make sure you can understand as many as possible. As soon as you fully and completely understand each cultural individually, you can then begin to play with how they interact with one another: whose beliefs could cause them to clash? Who would get along best? Is there a history between them: wars, religious persecution, etc.? 

Here are some other resources I hope will help:

Why Supernatural Fans Need to Watch Timeless, From Misha Collins Himself

PS: Recently, Eric posted a long letter to fans about how Timeless has been deemed a “bubble show,” meaning that a season two renewal isn’t guaranteed. While the cast has been working hard to get more people to watch, in your own words, what do you think people should tune? What do you think sets Timeless apart from other shows on TV?

MC: It just amazing to me that Timeless is a bubble show, that it’s just not solidly in the renew column. I think that would only happen today when we’re in this golden era of television, where there’s so much to watch, it’s just hard to capture an audience in the first place. 

But this show is absolutely epic. I simply can’t believe the production value for the episodes. Each episode is creating a new world. I just can’t think of another television show that trumps the Hindenburg to the 1970s week to week. And then there’s just a real synergy between the cast and the writing is smart. 

I hope that it continues to grow its audience and that people find the show. I honestly think that the only problem is that people haven’t found it yet. It’s a great show, and I’m very happy to be a part of it.