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Please tell us some info about the solutions project! I think it's a wonderful proposition and I so wish more people knew about it!! I truly think that team's got something amazing and I just wish more people would support it and fund it to put it into action because I think it could truly change the world. :) is about accelerating the inevitable transition away from fossil fuels to abundant and Clean Renewable energy. We have worked with Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson to create plans to take every state in the USA and every country in the world to 100% clean energy by 2050. Wind, Water And Sun, no nukes and no burning anything for our energy. It is a grand scale plan that will create a net gain of 3.5 million jobs in the USA alone promising more jobs than will be lost by making this transition. More that that it shows us the way to a world where we are not fighting wars over our energy interests, we are not sending 250k people a year in the US to early deaths because of fossil fuel pollution, we are not poisoning our food, water and air by using extreme energy extraction, and we are saving our people trillions of dollars in energy cost by simply harvesting what is falling down all around us in sunlight and moving all around us in wind and water. Best of all we get to put all the money we are wasting on energy wars and health care for pollution and paying for extraction and putting that money into our schools and communities. TBy making this inevitable transition we are creating a more just world for us to live in. I urge you to check it. Its a beautiful elegant plan built mostly by the graduate students at Stanford over the course of the last six years.
Holy shit, Starbucks. This is really great.

Starbucks and the Opportunity Finance Network, a group of private financial institutions that make affordable loans to individuals and communities, introduced the “Create Jobs for USA” fund in October.

Starbucks Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz said the fund would help compensate for a lack of national political leadership on unemployment.

“We can’t wait for Washington,” he said. “We need to do more on our own. Schultz said he was in discussions with other potential partners about expanding Create Jobs for USA.

The fund already has raised more than $7.5 million and the two new partnerships could bring in another $4 million. The total amount would support about $80 million in lending – enough to help create or sustain more than 3,800 jobs, Starbucks said.

The U.S. unemployment rate has been above 8 percent since February 2009 and touched a high of 10 percent that October.

Google Offers, a Google Inc business that competes with daily deals company Groupon Inc, will raise up to $3 million on Wednesday by selling $10 Starbucks vouchers at the discounted price of $5 each. It will donate $3 from each voucher sale to the job creation fund.

For $5, you can help Howard Schultz save America AND get a really neat bracelet! The money goes to the Opportunity Finance Network, which is dedicated to creating jobs in the US. $30 more is loaned through Community Development Financial Institutions with each $5 donated in store. The idea is to encourage Americans to help other Americans who are struggling because of the lagging economy in undeserved communities. So, do something good for the country and get something cool in return. It’s win-win and you can feel good about yourself.