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First selfie of 2017. This year, let us strive to be truer to ourselves, fight for what’s right, and create what our hearts and minds want us to create!! Let’s make it a year worth living, guys, gals, and non-binary pals! ❤️💛💚💙💜

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your mind is like the ocean. easily lost in the depth, in the beauty. wanting to explore it all but knowing there’s too much.
your body is like the sky. freckles and scars forming constellations, telling stories and creating art.
your heart is like a city. with twists and turns. bright busy streets and quiet hidden allies. and you always smell different when it rains.
Scientists turn spinach leaf into working heart tissue

by Helena Horton 

Researchers have managed to turn a spinach leaf into working heart tissue and are on the way to solving the problem of recreating the tiny, branching networks of blood vessels in human tissue.

Until now, scientists have unsuccessfully tried to use 3D printing to recreate these intricate networks.

Now, with this breakthrough, it seems turning plants with their delicate veins into human tissue could be the key to delivering via a vascular system into the new tissue.

Scientists have managed in the past to create small-scale artificial samples of human tissue, but they have struggled to create it on a large scale, which is what would be needed to treat injury.

Researchers have suggested that eventually this technique could be used to grow layers of healthy heart muscle to treat patients who have suffered a heart attack.

In order to create the artificial heart, the scientists stripped the plant cells from the spinach leaves, sending fluids and microbeads similar to human blood cells through the spinach vessels and then ‘seeded’ the human cells which are used to line blood vessels into it.

Okay yesterday I posted an article about a miracle procedure for growing human tissue using pigs which is going to save countless lives and allow us to grow organs with our own DNA. Magic. Tumblr was unimpressed. Now here is a technique to grow tissue and organs using PLANTS and literally transforming them into human tissue. Plants.

Dear Vincent Van Gogh,
I know you’re gone, and have been for a long time, but my heart still breaks for you.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that life returned so little of the love that you gave it. I’m sorry that you felt so lost in the world that was supposed to make you feel safe.

Yes, you were different. Yes, you were difficult. Aren’t we all, at some point? I wish I could’ve told you that it’s okay. That you didn’t have to be too hard on yourself. That it’s alright not to have everything figured out. That one day, all that pain will finally make sense.

Above all, I wish you could’ve felt all the love that the world is finally, finally giving you now. I wish you could’ve seen the wonder on our faces, felt the awe in our hearts whenever we look at what you have created.

And so my heart still breaks for you, more than a century after you died. Because you left without seeing.

—  J.E. Ignacio

anonymous asked:

Au + 5hc assuming korra didnt lose connection to her past lives: korra asks the past avatars for love advice re asking asami out

1. Aang advises Korra to not under any circumstances tell Asami she would rather kiss her than die.

2. Roku tells her that if Asami says no, it’s not the end of the world, because there are plenty of other people who will care about her, and love shows up in unexpected places.  Also being the Avatar has perks, and a boost to romantic prospects is one of them.  Korra does not really like this advice, thank you, it was not what she asked.

3. Kyoshi’s advice is surprisingly useful.  She tells her to be honest with Asami, but not to overwhelm her, to give her the opportunity to back out, and to find something Asami likes and to offer to take her to do it.  She also tells her not to come home dripping with the blood of her enemies until they have been together for at least a year.

4. Kuruk is banished from the discussion because he’s wearing the skin of a polar bear dog, and Korra is not dealing with that right now.  Yangchen bows out, feeling she has nothing to contribute.

5. Wan hangs around just to grin and drop the occasional embarrassing double entendre until Korra is just about ready to double his entendre, with her fist.  He also passes her a note from one of the airbending avatars, who is kind of terrifying, and has a big spear, that says: “Look, she’s obviously head over heels for you, just ask out her already.”


Addicted appreciation week: day three x favorite book

With the six of us on this hill and the packed lake house behind us– I feel sentiments far beyond this sunrise, this morning, this moment. We filled an empty house.
    I’m thirty seven.
    Just yesterday I was twenty and meeting some of these people– people that i’d spend my life with, that’d become my home.
   Just yesterday I was twenty– still deeply and desperately in love with my best friend.
                                                               I grew older.
                                                            We all grew older.

In a blink of an eyes, our children will grow old too.
And i’ll think: just yesterday they were twenty. Headed for college. Falling in love. Memories will flood behind us, the lake house no longer filled to the brim. As quiet as the moment we first walked in– and we’ll sit on this hill. Feeling the stillness that exists. 
                                       And then we end– we end where we started.
                                                                  Just us.
                                                               All six of us.


avatarsymbolismsblogs  asked:

5 headcanons each for Aang switching places with Korra and Korra switching places with Aang (with a focus on Korra and Zuko's relationship maybe?)?

I see what you did there.

1. Korra had such a hard time as an Air Nomad.  Everybody, including her knew from the time she was a little girl that she was the Avatar, because the only element she couldn’t bend was air.  The other kids never wanted to play with her, because all of the games they wanted to play, she couldn’t play without airbending, and all of the games she could play, they were convinced she had an unfair advantage in because she was the Avatar.  She spent a lot of time with her teacher feeling lonely and frustrated, and like she would rather be anything except the Avatar.

The one good thing about being the Avatar is, the temple elders decided to give her a sky bison early, in the hopes that taking care of one of the original airbenders will teach her to airbend.  It didn’t, but having Appa was great anyway.  Still, the temple elders kept her close to the temple instead of letting her train in the other elements, and she ran off to the Southern Water Tribe to finally learn waterbending.  This was when she got lost in the storm and frozen.

2. Korra wakes up to the beautiful face of a Water Tribe girl, and falls head over heels in love with her, though she doesn’t recognize those feelings for what they are until much later.  Anyway, since she isn’t running from being the Avatar, and in fact went south to finally train, she doesn’t try to keep the whole Avatar thing secret.  In fact, to prove she’s the Avatar, she waterbends and firebends right there for Katara.  First Sokka tries to attack her for firebending, then Katara drops the news that there are no waterbenders at the South Pole except her.

3. Instead of surrendering peacefully to Zuko to protect the village, Korra tries to fight him.  He hauls her in all of her twelve-year-old, kicking, biting, fire-and-waterbending glory onto his ship in something like horror at what he got himself into.  He won’t admit it, but he’s almost relieved when she escapes.

He does not destroy the village.  There is no need.  He has what he came for, right?

4. Pakku is just about willing to make an exception in the gender role nonsense to train the Avatar, but he’s not training her friend too.  That’s it, no girls allowed.  Okay Pakku.  Katara fights him, while Korra sits back and wonders why she didn’t think of that, and falls deeper in love.

5. Korra’s love life, which is probably important I guess: Her crush on Katara is utterly unreciprocated, leading to terrible heartbreak.  Then, she falls in love with a newly redeemed Zuko, as they dance together under rainbow dragon fire.  He, uh, really doesn’t see her that way, and also he has a girlfriend, and… (Uncle, help).  Then, Zuko and Mai break up, and Korra thinks here’s her shot, right?  No, Zuko turns her down flat.  Eventually, Zuko starts dating Katara, and Korra, well Korra starts spending time with Mai, and one thing leads to another, and when Korra’s a little older, they start dating.

6. Aang the waterbender doesn’t find out he’s the avatar until he’s almost sixteen, and trying to explain this one firebending move that he saw a performer do at the last festival to his creepy cousins, when poof, he makes fire.  Of course his uncle tries to take over, and his parents call in the order of the White Lotus, and it’s off to the Earth Kingdom to learn earthbending, until his uncle kidnaps him to unlock the spirit portals.

7. He is not a fully trained Avatar.  He has waterbending and earthbending, and he almost dies, and loses his connection to all of his past lives, and he barely defeats Vaatu, and he is such a failure, and there’s some guy running around Republic City taking away people’s bending, and wow, why is he the Avatar?

8. The next element in the cycle is supposed to be fire, but suddenly the world is full of airbenders, none of whom have any better idea how to do this airbending thing than he does.  Since Avatar Korra never had any children, these are the first airbenders since her death almost seventeen years ago.  Aang goes to help find them all and train with them, and then rescue them from the Earth Queen, and then he gets mixed up with the Red Lotus and Amon and Tarlok, and everybody tried to kill him or take away his bending, or make him go into the Avatar state and then kill him, and he almost died again, and he went into the Avatar state and almost killed three people (all of whom are awful, but still) and two of them escaped and no one can find them, and now he can’t walk on his own and he hurts and feels sick all the time.

9. He runs.  He runs and he runs and he runs until he just can’t run anymore, and no matter how far he runs, he is left empty, afraid, and alone.

10. When he faces Kuvira, he does it with nothing but the knowledge that he has done this before.  He has faced death, and at this point, he figures he will have to keep facing death.  When he is able to talk her down, he is so relieved, and so happy, and this, this is how we wishes every conflict could go.

How Mickey’s Poor Memory Ties Into KH3: Kingdom Hearts Meta

Right, so I just finished watching the ReCoded HD Cutscene movie and there’s something that stuck out to me.

So we all know that Mickey knew Terra, Aqua, and Ventus over ten years ago according to the KH lore. Yet he never brought them up. This is highlighted in the KH 2.8 Remix trailer when Mickey not so subtly drops that not only did he know them, but he met Aqua once in the Realm of Darkness. 

This naturally got a lot of people in the fandom really mad. After the sad events that transpired in Birth By Sleep, the only survivor of the ordeal finds out information but doesn’t say anything for ten years? Yeah, that would be suspicious… but is it possible his actions can be explained?

Let’s step back from that for a minute and go towards KH2. Mickey met Xemnas. The leader of Organization 13. The guy who was purposefully destroying countless worlds so he could create Kingdom Hearts. Yet, even though Mickey clearly met him and understands the danger the worlds are in, he completely forgets ever seeing Xemnas until he sees him again at Hallow Bastion.

Which makes things worse considering Xemnas was the spitting image of Terra. And even though Mickey never met Terra personally, he does know Xemnas’ true identity because of his reaction to it in Dream Drop Distance.

So why would Mickey just casually forget the pain and suffering of his friends? Or forget who Xemnas is?

It’s a mystery unless you analyze the psychology of ReCoded.

Near the end of the game, Data Sora is taken to Castle Oblivion where he begins to walk through the castle and starts forgetting all of his friends. Data Roxas tells him that it’s better to just forget and not connect with people in the first place, because that hurt will destroy him. 

Essentially, if Data Sora dwells on the pain, then the darkness will overtake him. Instead of Mickey easily giving sage advice… he instead says something interesting. 

The reason why this is interesting is because MICKEY HAS BEEN THERE!

Mickey was the sole survivor of the onslaught that transpired between Aqua, Ventus, and Terra against Master Xehanort. A fight he wasn’t even supposed to be a part of. Yet because of his friendship with those three, he wanted to join in to help in any way he could…

And he couldn’t save them.

Mickey didn’t just forget about Terra, Aqua, and Ven as the years went by… he repressed those memories on purpose because it hurt too much to think about. That guilt built up but he couldn’t face his past because that pain was too much for him. And according to Data Roxas, if you dwell on the pain you fall into darkness. We may not see Mickey get close to darkness per-say, but we do see the effects their losses in his actions. 

Why he travels alone during KH1 and 2? Why he has such a strong reaction to Goofy’s “death”? Why he’s so desperate to not let Riku fall into darkness? Why he “forgot” Xemnas?

It’s because he has been hurt by loss in the past and instead of facing that pain head on and accepting it, he ran away and attempted to prevent that pain from happening again by simultaneously trying to repress the memories and trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

That’s why he’s forgotten, but won’t let go. He doesn’t want his friends to go down the same path, but he doesn’t want to go through that pain again. 

The King is at a crossroads throughout most of the games because of these conflicting emotions! Also, Mickey has taught himself that all darkness is inherently evil and that no form of darkness should ever exist. Which also includes feelings such as sadness, anger, loss, or regret…

So he can really relate to Data Sora here. 

If Mickey let his pain in, would it pull him to the darkness? Would it overtake him?

But the difference between Data Sora and Mickey is that Data Sora is willing to accept that pain is essential to who you are and you must carry it. Data Sora can accept it while Mickey, although he accepts darkness can be used for good, still struggles with accepting his own darkness.

And who conveniently meets up with Data Sora after he learns to accept the fact that you gotta carry your pain with you?

That’s right. Mickey. Yes, he didn’t have the energy to talk to Data Sora during Data Sora’s battle with Roxas, but Mickey had to at least keep track of Data Sora somehow. Otherwise he wouldn’t know where Data Sora would be in the Datescape. It’s possible Mickey could have kept a connection open enough so that he could hear Data Sora. Mickey had to since just after he says he’s glad to catch up with Data Sora, he says:

So Mickey knew what Data Sora was going through. Could it be possible that Mickey took his time because he was realizing that Sora was doing something he couldn’t? That Data Sora could accept pain as natural and carry the weight without it letting the pain overtake him?

 If Mickey heard the whole exchange between Data Sora and Data Roxas, Mickey would have been faced with a decision. A decision that he’s been running away from for over ten years.

If Mickey were to help Data Sora find the hidden pieces of the journal, he must learn to accept his own pain too. And even though we do not see how Mickey gets affected on a surface level, we do see how the experience changed him immediately after Mickey returns to the real world.

After the events of this game, Mickey seems more aware of his missing friends. In the secret ending of the game, Mickey immediately starts talking to YenSid about finding Ven’s heart and saving Terra, Ven, and Aqua.

 It could be possible that he has been investigating their losses in the past, but it was only after he accepted that he wasn’t good enough to save them that he was able to get emotionally strong enough to face his mistakes and take his pain head on.

Data Sora showed him the way. After being with Data Sora and facing the memories that were too painful to bear according to Naminé, Mickey had to face the loss he ran away from for over ten years.

Sora’s not the only one who needed a hand to hold during this painful re-experience.

Naminé then says this to Mickey specifically:

Because, she’s right. Mickey does know how much they’re hurting. And how long he has been running away from that pain.

But now he needs to face it, accept it, and carry the burden to make it right.

Some say that ReCoded was pointless. 

I say it added a lot of depth to Mickey and answered a lot of questions related to his character. 

Now Mickey isn’t afraid of his own pain, guilt, and loss anymore. Now he can accept that darkness as a part of himself.

It may be a long time coming, but because of his adventures with Data Sora, Mickey is finally ready to acknowledge his memories, forgive himself, move forward, and finally take the steps to save his friends in Kingdom Hearts 3.