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Savidal - Habitat Urbain

I think it will be a bit hard to recognize Jenba’s Seaside Manor Apartments !
It was a bit challenging for me to furnish to create an interesting floor plan in this perfectly symmetrical and almost square house, but I’m happy with the result. ;p

Nothing destined Thomas, a brilliant scientist full of ambition, and Rachel, technician in the army, to live together a true love story. Yet, they are still together today, and from their marriage, Michael was born. The three of them live under the roof of Rachel’s father’s, Noam, a modest shopkeeper who always wanted the best for his family. Even if his grand-son is an evil genius, he love him anyway ! Last member of this family, Rachel’s younger brother, Manuel : even though he is smart, it seems to take nothing seriously, his guitar aside.

ECHOLLS MANSION (an update and thank you)

Last night I decided that the floor plans as they stand make NO SENSE and I realized I needed to start over from scratch. So I started to redraw the plans and then went to bed with a headache, BUT this morning I received a wonderful message in my inbox. Thanks to the lovely @imkait I now have THE real house, the actual shooting sight for all episodes (at least from “An Echolls Family Christmas” until the fire). Thank you, thank you, thank you @imkait!

Apparently, the house was just sold in September 2015 ($7.2 million) and with links to the realtor websites I now have 62 pictures plus satellite images to create a REAL floor plan. The house has a name: Villa Magnolia! 


Here’s my first starter for the Build A City Challenge! This will be for one of the married couples—either Earl and Pema or Riad and Fereshteh. It’s a re-creation of a 1923 Sears kit home. I even re-created the floor plan too. I’ll post comparison pictures a bit later though; I forgot to take a picture of the floor plan before I exited my game. 

By the way, I’m going to be tagging all BACC-related posts with #fhrabacc, in case you want to block it. Both Sims/gameplay pictures and building pictures will be included.

team cap as the crew of a home renovation tv show on hgtv

steve is the host and “team leader”. bucky heads up the carpentry. natasha handles interior design and style. sam does landscaping.

“no bucky you cannot add a power drill attachment to your arm. no, not a saw either. screwdrivers are acceptable.”

“sam not everyone needs multiple bird houses… yes, i know they’re threatened… of course migratory birds are ecologically important, I’m just saying… fine

“line of sight in case of snipers is not most people’s primary concern when it comes to creating a floor plan, natasha.”

there are lots of tight, sweat-soaked t-shirts. occasionally, there is shirtlessness despite steve’s mother henning about safety. their viewing numbers go up whenever natasha gets steve out of his button downs and into a tank top.

fury the producer occasionally shows up. “listen to her, captain, it’s good business practice”

Day Thirteen: 13

While travelling cross country, a bad storm forces you to look for a hotel for the night. You find one with a vacancy sign lit on the edge of the city. The outside seems normal enough, as does foyer with its aging wallpaper and fake potted plants.

As you approach the front desk you spot a desk bell, just before you give it a tap a grim, ghoulish woman steps out from the shadows. You ask about the vacancy and she explains their only room left is room 13. They only let the room out as a last resort, she says. No one’s stayed in it since the incident.

With no other choice, you take it.

Create a newspaper article detailing the ‘incident’.


Create a floor plan of the hotel room. Describe its furnishings, how it looks, the way it smells even. What about it give it the ‘room 13′ feel?


Write a scary short about staying in room 13. What happens during the night? Does it live up to its room 13 status?

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