create digging

Relatedly, HOLY GOD, look at this. They made a marker showing exactly where they sat for the photo, so you can re-create it.

When people dig this shit up in 3,000 years, they are deadass going to believe we worshiped the Beatles as deities. And I’m not even sure they’ll be wrong.

Archaeologist 1: Metal buttprints?! What in the HELL?

Archaeologist 2: Ah yes. From the Bug Cult. Intended for ritual purposes.

An adult gerbil spends up to 30% of its “active time” doing stereotypic digging in the corner of its cage. That would never happen in nature, and many researchers have hypothesized that the reason captive gerbils develop stereotypic digging is that they have a biological need to dig that they can’t express inside a cage.

On the other hand, in nature gerbils don’t dig just to be digging. They dig to create underground tunnels and nests. Once they’ve hollowed out their underground home, they stop digging. Maybe what the gerbil needs is the result of the digging, not the behavior itself. A Swiss psychologist named Christoph Wiedenmayer set up an experiment to find out. He put one set of baby gerbils in a cage with dry sand they could dig in, and another set in a cage with a predug burrow system but nothing soft to dig in. The gerbils in the sand filled box developed digging stereotypies right away, whereas none of the gerbils in the cage with burrows did.


Temple Grandin & Catherine Johnson, “Animals Make Us Human: Creating The Best Life For Animals”

Something interesting I thought gerbil and similar animal owners might want to read! Definitely a thing to consider.

I hadn’t really realized it but can you imagine just how disruptive the farmer is?? Like one day the new guy moves in and suddenly they’re running around cutting down trees in the middle of town and are creating explosions, they keep digging weird bones out of the ground, god knows where they found diamonds in the valley but off they go and never mind the fact that they’re rummaging through everyone’s garbage like a heathen

i took my sister to see wonder woman and she’s tickled to death that diana was emailing batman, reportedly because “batman’s so funny though, i call him the dork knight” 

three types of people at a wedding proposal 

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Gyms? How to set up a membership, any tricks to get a discount that you know of, what to do when you're there, how not to feel awkward, dealing with creepy guys, etc?

Finding Mr. Right

1. Set your priorities. Before doing any legwork (ahaha) decide what YOU are looking for in your gym. Here are some things to consider:

  • How far are you willing to travel?
  • What workouts are you looking to do?
  • What time do you want to exercise? 
  • What is your gym budget?

2. Start researching. Once you have your baseline wants and needs decided, start doing some research on your local area gyms. Now that you’ve already decided what you’re looking for, it’ll be easy to cross of gyms that don’t fit your criteria. Try to find at least three venues that appeal to you.

3. Free trial/discounted trial. Nowadays, most gyms offer free trials or discounted trials. This gives you an opportunity to scope out any amenities or disadvantages while getting a cheap workout. If you are nervous about going to a new gym alone, convince a friend to go with you. Don’t sign a contract until you’ve sampled the goods! I’d also advise you to cross any gyms off your list that won’t give you a trial.

4. Ask about fees. During your free trial, consult with a gym employee and find out exactly what you will pay as a new member. Don’t get a ballpark amount, have them calculate the exact expense. If they can’t give you an exact expense, run. Ask:

  • Are there any discounts that you’re eligible for? Are there student discounts?
  • Are there different bundles that the gym offers, or is it a flat rate?
  • Are there extra fees like equipment fees or locker fees?
  • Is there a rewards program?

5. Decision time. After sampling different gyms in your locale, decide on the gym that best fits your needs. Is price more important than distance? Is there a gym that is close and cheap?

Creating Your Routine

1. Research. Dig around on the interwebs and check out different workouts. Do you care more about core strength or building muscle? Do you want to increase your mile speed or your endurance? Ask your fit looking friends or coworkers what workouts they enjoy.

2. Trial session. During your free or discounted trial, try out some of the different machines. If you are unsure of how a machine works, ask an employee so that you don’t inadvertently hurt yourself. Observe the environment around you. Is it calm? Welcoming? Productive?

3. Plan it. After researching and trying things out, come up with a fitness plan. In my experience, it’s more effective to plan out every moment of your workout so that you don’t give yourself any time to twiddle your thumbs. Make sure to alternate exercises and to allow yourself fifteen minutes to warm up.

4. Try it out! After registering at a gym, try out your new routine. Allow yourself the space to tweak anything that doesn’t feel right. It’s okay to start slow, be confident that you will eventually build all the strength and skills that you desire. It’s more important to leave feeling proud of yourself and excited to come back than it is to go home feeling miserable and upset. 

5. Set a goal. Set a goal for several months down the road, based on what skills you would like to improve. Choose a specific day, and decide to treat yourself on said day if you accomplish said goal. The goal can be as simple as going to the gym twice a week, or as complicated as losing five pounds. Just make sure to properly reward yourself at the end of that time, a small incentive to keep you going!

Doing Your Own Thing

1. Bring your tunes. Make yourself a Barney Stimpson “All Rise” mix to get yourself pumped for your workout. The right music can set the tone for productivity! This will also deter strange men from talking to you, and if they try, just ignore them and pretend you can’t hear them or that you can’t speak English.

2. Buddy up. The buddy system is a great way to help motivate you to keep returning to the gym. Find a willing friend or coworker (key word is willing here, don’t assume that this will be the one time that you friend who always bails comes through because I promise you they won’t) and sign up with them. This can also help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings. 

3. Gather your materials. Don’t drop big bucks on gym accessories before you’ve even solidified your routine. Newbies do not always make the most informed purchasing decisions! Use a pair of old sweatpants and a ratty shirt and workout in these until you know what feels good for your body. Maybe your reward at the end of a couple months is upgrading to new materials? Always, always, always bring plenty of water!

4. Safe. A gym is a place for you to feel safe and productive. If somebody is bothering you, talk to a staff member about it ASAP. If the problem persists, talk to a manager about getting a refund and move to a more comfortable space. It’s not worth spending money on something that makes you feel uneasy, there are lots of other gyms out there that will offer you the peace of mind. You can’t expect results without peace of mind.

5. Remember. The gym is a place to get motivated! Everyone there is in the same position that you are in, and nobody is going to waste their money by focusing on you instead of their workout. Stay present, care about yourself, and do others the same courtesy that you want done to you!

PS: Most colleges have gym facilities that are absolutely free for students! Don’t assume that just because its your college that it’s not a “real gym”. Try it out! Hope this helps!

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Only Cause I Care (Jooheon)

Warnings: Finally the Jooheon smut has arrived!! Very rough, jealous Jooheon. smut so like… prepare yourself. Smutty stuff does occur. There’s also a bit of spanking. Multiple orgasms but no over-stimulation.


Jooheon always loves to add a sense of normalcy to your relationship. He could only imagine how hard it is dating an idol. Busy schedules and constant traveling made seeing one another a rare occasion. Not being able to tell the public about your relationship also seemed to put a strain on things. But any free time he gets permitted is spent by your side, and while dates where his face is covered by a mask and his eyes are almost completely shielded by a low brim hat aren’t your exact idea of romantic… he somehow makes them fun.

You both knew the sub-par disguise wouldn’t work for long. And on your impromptu date to the mall Jooheon had been caught by a few monbebes while you had went to the restroom.

Knowing that a situation you would rather avoid would happen if you made your way over, you discreetly made eye contact with your boyfriend before signaling that you’d be in the coffee shop near by. He nods in understanding before politely shushing the screeching girls, trying to keep the group of 5 at 5 and only 5.

You smiled as you watched from the window of the coffee shop. Seeing Jooheon be so warm and compassionate to other women would make any other girl jealous, but honestly it was what attracted you to him in the first place. You always did have a thing for the sweethearts

“Is this seat taken?” A stranger asks, and sits down before you have the chance to reply.

You look around and see the coffee shop has become quite packed, so you write it off as someone just looking to sit down while the wait for their order. You turn to see a man, who seems to be around your age. Your eyes meet so you give a polite smile of acknowledgment before turning to watch your boyfriend once again.

“Is that an idol?” The same voice asks.

You answer yes, not bothering to turn around.

“You must be a fan.” He says.

You chuckle, “Oh yeah. Probably the biggest fan of all.”

“So why aren’t you over there flirting? I’m sure a pretty girl like yourself would catch his attention.” The man compliments.

You finally turn to face him. “Uhm… thanks. I don’t really need it though. I’m fine just watching.”

“Ahh that’s rare. Most girls go cray over the attention of idols.”

You shrug and turn to see that both Jooheon and the crowd are gone. Weird. It was 2 minutes tops since you’d even turned your head. Just then you phone dings. Jooheon’s name lights up your phone, along with a message preview.

Joo-honey: “Heading to your place. Meet me there once you’re done flirting.”


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self care tips by dodie clark

-treat yourself as a friend. Zoom out of your messy head and ask yourself what you need. Or rather, recognize what your friend would need.

-don’t be hard on yourself. Forgive yourself. You are a human. You might be a broken one too, which means that of course, you’re going to feel like you’ve failed at simple things. The brain is weird. But you are not your illness.

-give your broken brain a break. It can feel impossible to step out of the constant unhealthy obsessive brain loop/spiral, but don’t have to constantly think about how you feel! So pull yourself out of it by reading, or watching, or listening, or creating. Stop digging the negative hole.

-be selfish. Just a little. Give yourself to others but save the most for you. You deserve it.

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Hey just wanted to tell you I love your blog it's super helpful. I wanted to ask whether you have any advise on how to make workout plans and actually stick to them.

Thanks for the love!!

Creating Your Routine

1. Research. Dig around on the interwebs and check out different workouts. There isn’t a “one size fits all” workout that will work for everyone, you need to design one that works just for you. Do you care more about core strength or building muscle? Do you want to increase your mile speed or your endurance? Ask your fit looking friends or coworkers what workouts they enjoy.

2. Plan it. After researching and trying things out, come up with a fitness plan. In my experience, it’s more effective to plan out every moment of your workout so that you don’t give yourself any time to twiddle your thumbs. Make sure to alternate exercises and to allow yourself fifteen minutes to warm up.

3. Try it out! Try out your new routine. Allow yourself the space to tweak anything that doesn’t feel right. It’s okay to start slow, be confident that you will eventually build all the strength and skills that you desire. It’s more important to leave feeling proud of yourself and excited to come back than it is to go home feeling miserable and upset.

4. Set a goal. Set a goal for several months down the road, based on what skills you would like to improve. Choose a specific day, and decide to treat yourself on said day if you accomplish said goal. The goal can be as simple as going to the gym twice a week, or as complicated as losing five pounds. Just make sure to properly reward yourself at the end of that time, a small incentive to keep you going!

5. Incentives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bribing yourself (I bribe myself on a regular basis). It’s hard to feel motivated to work towards something without a reward for that hard effort. Here are some examples of incentives:

  • Chocolate and/or your favorite candy
  • The expensive shirt that’s been sitting in your Amazon cart
  • A professional massage
  • A pedicure
  • Panera

6. Still can’t stick with it? A surefire way to convince yourself to follow your regime is to spend some money. For example- my boyfriend registered for a marathon several months ago ($75) and has been very committed to making the money worthwhile. Paying for a gym membership has a similar effect- if you spent $$, you might as well put it to use!

Gasped, Gone (35 Days)

I remembered some way, how
the reeds aren’t bound to the time
and left downstream could last
into the hole I made myself
to learn how this digging is
create. Loud alone the road
it lengthens into a blind word
stacked on top of pallets that
would shine the way this drift
collects between their shouts.
I have colored mistakes. Fuck
my painted insecurities nametag
bound, a greasy jumpsuit half
sags under the sting of climbing.
Glossed the words I spoke
in public to call the heart into
air, there’s no one left here
but me and my breathing.
How chance makes hours
out of the rusty chain fence.


Throwback Thursday: My first garden over two months, summer 2012-13.

This was at the flat where I lived a couple of years ago. From a flat, unused old vege patch, I created the “double-dig” beds. It was unbelievable how well everything grew - including the weeds! The lesson here being to mulch everything. 100% cover, 100% of the time. The sticks down the middle of the row had peas growing up them, a trick I learned from Jamie Oliver. Down the far end was an existing structure, perhaps once used for growing beans, and I added other sticks I had pruned from round the property to make a sort of tomato enclosure. you can see the baby tomato plants in the first picture under little plastic cups to protect them from the weather. This was a great little garden, lots of things learned, lots of food grown. For that whole summer we didn’t have to buy any vegetables and we ate very well!

#TBT with Holes

Today we’re celebrating  Disney favorite Holes! Actor Khleo Thomas shares some of his favorite moments, plus, you can add Holes to your Digital Collection today for a special price:

“My favorite memory of making Holes was creating the “Dig It” song with my cast mates. We would be on the shuttle headed to set and we’d slowly begin to sing and freestyle lyrics.” - Khleo Thomas, Zero

“To able to have a small idea and then make it the theme song for the entire film was a great feeling. To know the audience of Holes still remember every lyric is awesome.” - Khleo Thomas, Zero

“My other favorite part about getting the opportunity to bring “Zero” to life was hitting Dr. Pendanski with the shovel.” - Khleo Thomas, Zero

“It’s a great feeling that Holes will continue to entertain generations.”  - Khleo Thomas, Zero

Add Holes to your Digital Collection today for a special price.

Color Pie Friday: Aligning Green

Today brings us to the final article in a cycle inspired by the comparison between the color pie and the D&D alignment system. Everything started with the revelation that the standard alignment grid pretty much reflects White’s interaction with its enemy colors, Black and Red. I hypothesized that alignment grids could be made for the other colors in a similar fashion, and that’s what happened. Blue, Black, and Red have come and gone, and that leaves us with Green today.

This article will be just like the last ones, ending with an alignment grid that explains Green’s view of the world. Remember, everything you read here is the world seen through Green-tinted glasses. By the end of this article we’ll have a unique look at how Green thinks and feels.

The Basics of Green

Like the previous articles, we need to start by placing Green and its enemies, Blue and Black, onto an alignment grid. Green occupies the positive axes (what would be Lawful and Good in the official alignment grid), while Blue and Black will be set up in the negatives axes. It’s going to look like this:

Remember, Blue and Black aren’t wrong, but Green thinks they are. So despite all the positive things about Blue and Black, this grid is going to be picking out the negative things Green sees in those colors. Likewise, Green is going to be highlighting its own positive traits rather than rattle on about its shortcomings.

There are two other colors in the color pie, however, so let’s not forget to leave them out. Red and White are Green’s ally colors, but they are also the ally colors of Green’s enemies. What ends up happening is that each of Green’s allies takes a middle-ground position between Green and its enemies. For the alignment grid, that means Red and White are the neutral axes. Red takes up position between Green and Black, while White settles between Green and Blue. That makes the grid look like this:

Placing colors is one thing, but now we need to figure out what they’re all saying in this matrix.

The Philosophies of Green’s Alignment

Alignment systems are rooted in dichotomies, so we have to figure out what the competing ideologies in our grid are. Thankfully, assembling the colors on the grid gives us a guide to follow. The color pie arguments we’re going to be interested in are the Green/Black and Green/Blue relationships. However, we’re going to be treating them as if Green is the right one and the enemy colors are the wrong ones.

So what’s at the core of the Green/Black conflict? This argument is one of determinism vs. free will. Green believes in fate, claiming that the actions of the universe are what determine what you do. Black scoffs and says that it owns the agency to make its own choices. The dialogue here is about control of one’s life. Green understands that it’s just one teeny tiny part of the universe, and it can’t possibly be in control of such an interconnected system. Green is Humble in its selflessness, accepting that forces far greater than itself move nature. Black can’t accept this, and thinks that it has the power to do whatever it wants. This reliance on personal strength makes Black Vain in Green’s eyes. Green sees itself as part of a holistic community, while Black thinks only of itself.

The Green/Blue conflict is rooted in nature vs. nurture. Green believes that you’re born with your full potential already inside you. Blue thinks that people are blank slates that can be shaped and molded to fill any role. This means Green is always true to itself. It’s the all-natural, genuine, real-deal kind of person. It doesn’t need anything else to be the best it can be. This makes Green Honest about itself and how it views the world. If everything is fine how it is, then whatever Green speaks is the truth. Blue, however, is Manipulative. It’s always lying about who it is and trying to be something it’s not. Even worse, it corrupts all of nature by trying to supplant it with technology and change. Green thinks Blue would be better off it just kept its grubby little hands out of the natural processes.

When we look at these conflicts in conjunction, we see that Green is Humble and Honest, staying true to itself as a minor player in the flow of cosmic life. Black is Vain, making it go against the will of the cosmos. Blue is Manipulative, always making stable things worse with change. Replacing our colors with their traits we get the following alignment grid:

Now that we know where our endpoints lie, what can we make of our neutral colors?

Red sits between Green and Black. It generally backs out of the free will vs. determinism argument. While Green and Black argue over who is controlling actions, Red cops out by saying that no one is. Disorder isn’t order, though Red can see disorder as a cosmic truth or as a product of chaotic actions by individuals. Red acts on its emotions, which can be a surrendering to its primal instincts (Green likes that) or an enslavement to its personal gain (Black’s preference).

White is the halfway point between Green and Blue. It straddles the conflict by putting a foot in each camp. Yes, things need to be stable, but that’s an ideal that has to be worked towards, not the truthful state of the world as it exists now. Change is needed, but it can’t get too crazy or people will get hurt. As the color of structure, White builds avenues for controlled change that works towards a future state of honest peace.

Bringing It All Together

Now that we’ve gone over each color and what they’re saying in this grid, it’s time to put it all together. We can visually see all the intricacies of Green’s alignment in the following grid:

Here we have our classic two-trait alignments along with the colors they represent, according to Green’s worldview. Let’s break all nine down and briefly summarize what they’re about.

Honest Humble (Green): These are the people who think everything is fine the way it is and just go about their daily lives. They are confident in who they are and will defend their current way of life because they truly believe that it’s right.

Neutral Humble (White/Green): They are the group most focused on others. They look at the world and see that they are such a tiny piece of it. But they don’t necessarily feel inadequate, as they’ll often work to serve others with their needs.

Manipulative Humble (Blue/Green): While they may be in awe of the sheer size of the cosmos, they are curious about their role in it. Even further, they are curious about the roles of others in it. By playing around with how nature works, they can better understand the processes that govern the universe.

Honest Neutral (Green/Red): These people are true to themselves through-and-through. They know who they are. They know what they want. They have no need to question themselves in their actions because they know what they’re doing is exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.

True Neutral (White/Red): Not particularly pulled in any direction, or perhaps all at once, these people can be frenetic or hypocritical. Sometimes they’ll try to change the world, but sometimes they’ll fight to keep it the same. They may have a hard time with their identity, never sure if they are who they’re supposed to be or if they should be trying to improve themselves.

Manipulative Neutral (Blue/Red): These are the tinkerers. They are rarely satisfied, always changing their plans and living in the moment. They most believe that they can be whoever they want to be. They may work to preserve their own little worlds at the expense of those not directly involved with their way of life.

Honest Vain (Green/Black): They know who they are and believe that they have the power to change the world. They are confident but selfish, filtering their worldview through their own sense of self. They think the world would be a better place if everyone just understood it the way they do.

Neutral Vain (White/Black): These people are the most egocentric. They only care about themselves and their own needs, regardless if those needs mean trampling others to get ahead or stonewalling others to preserve their way of life. They think they are the ones with the most power, which means they can dictate how the world works.

Manipulative Vain (Blue/Black): The bane of Green. These people work only towards their own ends, usurping the natural order to get what they want. They want to warp the world to their own selfish desires, essentially letting them play god.

By the nature of the way these grids are put together, two pairs of colors always get left out. For this grid, those pairs are White/Blue and Black/Red. They don’t have a definite location on the grid, but White/Blue would tend to be in the upper-right of the grid while Black/Red tends to hang out in the lower-left.

The Final Grid

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that the colors on the above grids don’t perfectly conform to reality. Not every character of a given color pair will be in the square of that color pair above. Nor will every character in a given alignment be of those colors. There’s no better way to demonstrate this than by showing Green’s alignment grid with planeswalkers put on it:

While the colors won’t line up perfectly, the real goal of this exercise is to understand how Green thinks. Its goal is harmony through acceptance, and the alignment grid we created today digs into some of the ideas behind that goal. Green’s honesty and humility allow it to take the world as it is and live a life closely connected to nature. This lifestyle is most threatened by others that seek to change nature or bend it to their selfish wills.

Until next time, planeswalkers, may you find the alignments in your own life.

Since yesterday, I had a katy perry stan who told me that she has always loved taylor but was nervous to “tell the world” that she stans her because of the feud (she ended up not caring about haters’ opinions)

Then, I had two katy perry stans who told me that they never thought the music video was about katy so they got dragged by some fans for thinking otherwise

That’s actually sad that some people (I mean some stans) only want and care about dramas. It’s like their world revolves around it and if there isn’t any, they have to create them or dig up what was forgotten. It’s all they will talk about because it’s the only thing that makes them think they’re relevant. They want people to hate this celebrity/person or this thing just because they “hate” them too.

Prophet of the Lord (Part 18)

Angel: Gabriel
Reader: Female
Words: 2000
Author: Scruff
Warning(s): swearing, some spoilers for s11 (trying to work through some emotions 11.20 brought up, but idk if it worked–I’m still angry), mentions of PTSD and taking PTSD lightly, did I break the fourth wall–I might have broken the fourth wall (can you even do that in a story that’s a reader insert?)
Note(s):  Continuation of: “What if Metatron hadn’t “flipped the switch” fast enough after Kevin’s death?”
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

Summary: This?  This is ‘fixing things’?

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Seven Days of Christmas: Day 3

Summary: When the holidays don’t turn out the way you planned, seven people bring you holiday cheer and celebrate with you.

Genre: Cute, Fluff, Fun

Length: 2477


“Vanilla cake, really?” JB asked, right by your ear.

You gasped and swung your arm, accidentally slapping JB across the face and knocking him to the ground. After waking up slightly, you realized who it was. Quickly, you turned on the light. “Are you okay?” You helped JB to his feet.

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