There will always be a war. A mission. A a problem to solve. Look, I speak from experience. If you fail to grant time for the things you care about, you’ll forget why you’re even fighting at all.

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Okay but Consider This: Lance....... loving himself................... and actually feeling like he's good enough.... like he really does deserve to be part of this team...... Yiss

now this is a concept i can get behind,,
imagine: Lance being happy and secure in his role as a fundamental part of Voltron. He knows no one wants him gone and that he’s an exceptional asset to the team, besides being a delight to be around, also because all of his friends keep telling him in backhanded compliments and praises. “Nice shot,” Keith calls into the comms, and Lance can feel the smile in his words as the others whoop in agreement. He grins and pumps his fist in the air, dodging another ship coming his way only to turn back and bullseye it with an ice ray. In the castle hangar, Shiro pats his shoulder amicably and says “Good job out there, Lance” to which he replies with a snarky one liner on the gist of “I kinda missed the smell of galra’s kicked butts.” Everyone laughs genuinely, and Lance is still grinning as he takes a long, hot shower, humming some indistinguishable pop song to himself under the spray.

He still misses home, but the hollowness it leaves in his ribcage is filled with weird altean game nights and the feeling of belonging to a new mismatched family. They’re doing this together, for better or worse. And when they’ll have saved the universe and come back to earth, he’ll have cool scars and amazing stories to tell. Maybe he’ll write a book and they’ll get an apartment all together, maybe he’ll be able to tell his mom that he’s fallen for an unruly boy with a mullet and a heart of gold, that they want to get a dog and adopt children. He’ll bring alien stuff to his nephews only to see their eyes light up in awe, their little faces rapt in wonder as he recounts the tale of the salvation of humanity and everything beyond. He’ll tell them that he was there, with the bravest companions he could ever desire, and they fought back to back by the skin of their teeth against a tyrant with a will as strong as steel. He’ll tell them how he saw cities crumble and raise from the ashes, a testimony of just how strenuous is the instinct in all living beings to keep fighting for good. He’ll tell them, at last, how the light will always shine brighter in the darkness, and that there is always hope for a better future.

There are a lot of things that he didn’t know at first, and even more that he still doesn’t. The road is long, and bumpy, but he’s ready to learn, and see where it takes him.

That night, as he laughs at something Hunk said, Keith entwines their fingers under the table and squeezes gently. One thing, he definitely knows. Lance squeezes back, and knows that they’ll be okay.

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Unpopular opinion: mainstream blueberry is one of the most grating and annoying things ever, and is kind of insulting to consider a version of Papyrus

Hey anon! Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you! I got very distracted! 

I’m not totally sure how unpopular that opinion is! I mean, I assume it has to be, because otherwise mainstream blue wouldn’t be a thing at all! On the other hand, I know a few people who aren’t very enthusiastic about him for similar reasons.

Anyway. Pic unrelated.

up10tion sunyoul and day6 dowoon: the beginnings of a friendship

160512 sukira: when dowoon was shook by sunyoul’s high-pitched voice and sunyoul was shook by dowoon’s deep-ass voice

sunyoul: *sings so chanwhee’s “tears” in original key*

dowoon: “WOAH !!!”

leeteuk: “sunyoul and dowoon are completely different, right?”

dowoon, talking for like the first time: “ah, yes”

sunyoul: “WOAH !!!”

leeteuk: “can you two introduce yourselves to each other?”

dowoon, shyly: “hello”

sunyoul, shookedt: “hello !?!?!1!!”

sunyoul: “i’m sorry but how old are you?”

dowoon: “im 22″

sunyoul: “im 21″

dowoon, smiling: “hello”

*leeteuk looking at both of them like a proud parent*

im sad that nothing really came out of this ??? sunyoul’s said before that he’s shy and finds it hard to talk to people he meets esp. at music shows

i think this broadcast is what caused day6 to decide to write “stuck on you” for up10tion, though, which is really cute… maybe because they thought our main vocals’ voices were nice :)

now that day6 and up10tion are going to be promoting at the same time (i think), i hope we get more interactions!

(and hopefully that sunyoul&dowoon friendship :o)

@potterprideweek​ day one: revolution 

          ❤️ N 💙 Y 💛 M 💛 P 💙 H ❤️ A 💙 D 💛 O 💛 R 💙 A  ❤️

                      P A N S E X U A L    A N D     P R O U D

                               ❤️ T 💙 O 💛 N 💛 K 💙 S ❤️

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5 HCs in the AU with Fire Princess Kazara and Water Tribe Suko

Continued from here: [Link], here: [Link], here: [Link], here: [Link], and here: [Link]

1. Katara is just straight up infinitely more emotionally aware than Zuko is, no matter the universe, so the Crossroads of Destiny bonding scene between Suko and Kazara goes differently.  Instead of giving Kazara a chance to talk about their mothers, Suko is all teeth gritted wariness, and “What are you doing here?” and “I won’t tell you anything!”  But then Kazara looks so worn out, and so lost, and Suko just kind of ends up patting her on the back awkwardly going, “There there.”

2. When Kazara returns to the Fire Nation after helping her sister take Ba Sing Se, she does so with a profound sense of shame.  She betrayed her uncle.  She let him be locked up and she doesn’t say anything when Azula mocks him.  She trusted Azula over him, and then underneath that, there’s that nagging knowledge of the suffering in the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes that she has witnessed.  She wanted to go home so badly, and it’s wonderful seeing her friends again, but none of this feels like having her honor back at all.  She talks about this sometimes with Mai, but Mai doesn’t have any answers either.

3. The only thing that does feel right about going home is the way it feels when Mai kisses her, or when she buries her face in Mai’s hair.  When it as just the four of them on Ember Island, with the only court politics the ones they make, and the future far away, it’s nice, just lying on the beach together and talking, glaring at Ty Lee’s boys together, and ignoring Azula.

4. The fact that Suko and Kazara don’t really make a connection in Crossroads means that Suko doesn’t really feel the same kind of personal betrayal that Katara does in canon, and so he is less, “Give me one reason to kill you,” and more the same kind of teeth gritted wariness as before.

5. On the way to the Boiling Rock, Sokka asks Kazara if there’s anybody she misses, and she’s like, “My girlfriend, Mai,” and Sokka is like, “It’s good having close friends,” and she’s like “No.”  And Sokka’s like, “I think Aang has a thing for my brother,” and Kazara’s like, “Okay?”  Where is this going?  and then Sokka drops the “My first girlfriend turned into the moon,” line on her, and Kazara is like, “Okay.”  That was totally not where she thought that was going.  Then Sokka’s like, “So Mai’s the gloomy girl who sighs a lot, right?” and Kazara gets all dreamy eyed, “Yeah.”  Then it’s Sokka’s turn to go, “Okay.”

‘Where the Water is Still’ - A Drake x MC Fanfic

#ChoicesCreates Round 15 

Prompt: “That was fun, let’s do it again sometime!” 
(I’ll admit, this fic is more angst than anything. But it was initially sparked by this prompt, and by a very fun trip to the beach. 😊)
@zigisbisexual @hollyashton

Rating: T

Summary: In which our MC in The Royal Romance is more timid than bold. Meeting the brash commoner forces her to confront her own stagnancy, her desires, and the past that’s led her to him. Part flashback, part real-time romance, all introspective.

Author’s Note: For anyone who has ever felt that they paled in comparison to the hero or MC of a story. And, for anyone who has felt that their identity and relationships have been swallowed whole by mental illness. This is for you.

Helpful Tip: If you are here only for the steamy Drake moments, good news! This piece is divided into 6 parts (each alternates between flashback and real-time). Simply skip ahead to Part Five and enjoy that steam. I won’t blame you. 😉  But if you’re here for this whole ride, then I welcome you with open arms. Thank you. I love you. Please, please enjoy. 

(Shoutout to @kittenmusicals for teaching me how to add this newfangled “Keep reading” feature. Bless your soul.)

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I'm scrolling thru the hell website and I'm like oh, that's some cute art of my favorite bros Allura and Keith! But I went to op and it was tagged as ka///ura I'm so disappointed in the world (on the other hand if you're taking art requests some platonic ka//ura heals the soul)






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You know, for all the scale and hype that the Spriggans and Zeref bring to the table, I can't help but think both he and Acnologia could've been given the deaths Zeref is seeking by just observing the Magic Council. Etherion and FACE were threats that kept Alvarez from making war, meaning even people so overpowered as Irene and DiMaria knew they didn't stand a chance against those things. Etherion in particular has the power to destroy a small country and takes only an hour to charge.

Honestly? Yeah. The fact that Zeref could be destroyed by anything powerful enough was confirmed when he fought Natsu and Natsu blew him apart - he only regenerated because of Fairy Heart.

So, good job, Zeref! Your stupid evil plan screwed you over! What a shocker!

The biggest threat with hitting Acnologia with Etherion would be the possibility of him eating it. 

Pretty convenient the Magic Council’s in absolutely no state to be firing one off right now, huh…