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5 headcanons Aang/Zuko role swap

Ooooh, I already have one of these AUs!  I wrote a drabble about Blue Spirit Aang rescuing Avatar Zuko from the Pohuai stronghold: [link].  Yes I do have three Avatar Zuko AUs.

1. Fire Prince Aang is a lot like a young general Iroh.  This is one of the reasons his father hates him so much.  He projects his hated older brother who he was terribly jealous of onto Aang.  Anyway, this means that he’s fairly receptive to his uncle’s less treasonous wisdom, though he’s still convinced he can win Ozai’s love if he brings him the Avatar.

2. Twelve year old Zuko is one surly little airbender.  He felt all angry, lost, and alone upon finding out that he’s the Avatar, and waking up in the future with his people dead did not help at all.  Sokka and Katara feel bad for him, but he can be a little trying.

3. The first time Aang captured him, Zuko very solemnly agreed to go with him and when Sokka and Katara rescued him, he agonized about breaking his word.

4. When Pakku says he won’t teach Katara, Zuko yells at him and is ready to fight until Katara’s like, “No, I got this.”

5. Aang and Zhao have a special relationship that involves cutting insults from Aang with a grin on his face.

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My ten year old sister just came up to me and said “On Netflix, they have this whole section for movies about guys who love guys and girls who love girls”, and I was just thinking “Oh boy growing up with my homophobic parents I can see where this is going”.

 I was pleasantly surprised when she seemed confused and said “Why don’t they just put them with the romance movies? It’s still romance, it’s not different. I mean, it’s different, but it’s still love.”

 My faith in humanity has been restored.



In this video I created a few male sims. They all can be found in the gallery.

Rather than acknowledge the bias/racism that can and does exist in shipping Reylo and Kylux, the shippers from both groups would rather claim that everyone is ‘bullying’ them for pointing out and rightfully criticizing their works/discourse/meta. It’s like a cycle that repeats itself when it comes to white fandom, it’s almost like a disease that infects fandoms, and it’s always going to be someobody else that has to bear the blame so they can victimize themselves.

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maitara coffee shop au

Didn’t I basically write this already in “I’m an Engine”? Five headcanons from “I’m an Engine”.

1. Iroh always loved to cook, and Mai, who spent as much time at the place he shaeed with his father and brother as home practically grew up on his food. She probably would spend a lot more time eating at the Jasmine Dragon if it weren’t for the whole awkwardness of Zuko taking her order.

2. Zuko has big plans, and they involve going to the feds when he’s eighteen and then possibly joining the navy.

3. Katara and Sokka’s dad is a trucker, and Hakoda buys a thermos full of soup and a cup of coffee at the Jasmine Dragon on his way out of town every time he leaves. He has no idea who Iroh is, and Iroh has no idea Hakoda’s wife is the woman who died with his son.

4. There is no grocery store in town, or really any of the little towns that feed into Katara’s school. Iroh orders some things from his distributors for his neighbors, and Suki takes her parents’ car into town on weekends to buy groceries and will pick them up for her neighbors for a small fee.

5. Zuko ran away from home after overhearing his father and sister plan a hit on a family with kids. He hitched a ride to his uncle’s in the middle of the night, and by the time he got the nerve to tell him why he left, the family was dead. He has never forgiven himself.

So a a while ago I ‘’came out’’ here but I’ve realised I was wrong when I told you that, I’m probably straight or bi, I’m so so sorry for misleading you,I truly hope I haven’t invalidated anything, to be honest I realised this a while ago but I didn’t want people to get pissed but I had to say this,that’s partially the reason this is on a queue,  if you’re angry or irritated I understand and I’m truly sorry, thank you for taking your time to read this, you are all truly amazing


It’s Craftversations time again! This month my guest is Corey Lubowich, the Tin Can Brother and writer/director/designer extraordinaire. Watch as we talk their new improv show with Geek and Sundry, Spies Are Forever, designing and directing for theatre, and much more. And stay tuned for part two coming Friday!