this moment was such a trip.

like, car interiors are usually used as a confined setting ideally suited for characters who need a certain sense of isolation to undo them - mostly hectically breakneck, suspensful or even melancholic emotional breakdowns/confessions - and i loved how the 100 decided to do that for bellamy in 4x07, catapulting him into this visual trapdoor mixed with the changing tone (radio silence/rain drops hitting the rover) and identity shift that already suggests the dazzling, emotional climax that he will undergo just seconds later (when he talks about his mother and octavia), because the transition from fighting to failing and how the atmosphere reflects his fears and let’s us get a feel for him and therefore see him, the person underneath, is so on point and simply too much.

honest to god, i loved every second of it.



Colour Correction

(( OOC: Huge thanks to @the-frustrated-muggleborn for the idea and for playing the parts of the Gryffindor and Slytherin students! This was really fun to do. ))

Most Hogwarts students are very proud of their house and like to wear their house pride on their robes. But sometimes the house colours don’t match the students favourite colours…

A Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor are siting on a table, speaking about their house colours.



A Hufflepuff and a Slytherin join the conversation.


Hufflepuff: You know, black around the eyes…





i just need everyone to know that as much as i love each and every single member, and also know that there are 7 billion ppl on this planet earth, the fact remains the same that kim seokjin is literally the most beautiful person to have ever existed, he graces my eyeballs with his visage each and every day, and each and every day i am blessed by his smile, his eyes, his hair, his shoulders, his hands, his thighs, his laugh, his love for bts, his love for us; idk what we’ve done to deserve perfection

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Omg i just finished Heartstrings and it was so good but i just had a question about the soulmates thing?? Natsu said soulmates could be romantic, platonic, etc. but could that change each lifetime? Like this time be romantic and next time be platonic? And are 2 souls ALWAYS going to be soulmates or does it depend on who kills who. So if Lucy killed Gajeel would they be soulmates next? Sorry this is probably way deeper thinking than it needs to be, but im just really curious. Tysm

They can change, which is exactly why Natsu asked Lucy that in the first place. Whereas they’d been romantic as Haru and Elie, there’s the possibility of that not being the case in this life, and Natsu wanted to take that into consideration here. You’re bound, sure, but that doesn’t mean your soul-bonded partner necessarily wants the same things you do. We’re all different and all individual after all, even if you’ve got the same soul. You can change your minds. You can grow and want different things.

In this universe, you won’t always be soul-BOUND, but those who have been bonded before may or may not turn up in future incarnations. Could be as a sibling, maybe a romantic partner, or even a spouse. However, because for this particular life there was no ‘killing,’ there will be no remembering. So that connection felt is more of a remnant, and since you don’t have birthmarks or scars, there’s no way to tell who you’ve been before.

A bond is formed between two individuals who would most benefit from remembering and––depending on the circumstances of their current life––atoning for what they’ve done to have been bound in the first place. You are bound to the person who would most help you to reflect on your past mistakes to help repair that part of your soul that has been hurt by past experiences.

So with Lucy and Gajeel, that wouldn’t happen just because she’d ‘killed’ him (of course this wouldn’t happen anyway because seriously…Lucy killing Gajeel? No. Not in the Heartstrung universe anyway XD). Bonds aren’t formed just because you’ve killed someone.

Bonds are formed with those who force you to learn and who would most benefit you. It can be painful, and sometimes it’s too much for some and they can’t deal with it. Fate can be a bitch, sure, but really? She’s only trying to help.