Ok, so, I made a post about this earlier but I was told that I should add more examples.. so here’s some more. I am v sorry if the quality looks shit they were all taken with my phone and then edited v quickly in photoshop.

I am trying to save up for a few cons this year (one is in about 3 weeks). I do have a job, but I only work 4 hours a week :( and I have not had my first paycheck yet (i’ve been working for almost 5 weeks, i get paid $8.50 an hour) so I could really use some extra money!

So all the examples are what I can do. I can do felines, canines, dragons, anthro, little chibi people, people. I can also color! I use a set of prismacolor pencils. 

ok uh prices!

Simple sketch, which can be lined or not, you pick! - $10 

A lil’ chibi person - $5

Add color for $5!

the email ya pay me at is, paypal only please!!