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Ultra creamy popsicles using International Delight Iced Coffee for a refreshing treat!

At any given time of the day, you’ll find me with an iced coffee in my hand. Especially during the Summer. It’s so refreshing on a hot day! My favorite way to get a quick iced coffee fix is to just pour some International Delight Iced Coffee into my favorite mason jar. {A pretty paper straw is mandatory!} My favorite is the mocha flavor – sooo creamy and full of flavor.

You’ll need a popsicle mold. And just a few ingredients. International Delight Iced Coffee in mocha and some heavy cream to add some creaminess to the pops. To add some extra deliciousness, I made some homemade dark chocolate magic shell to go on top!

Try these popsicles for a refreshing treat this Summer. ☀

Prep Time: 10 minutes

4 hours, 10 minutes

Yield: 10 popsicles, depending on mold



2 ½ cups Internal Delight Iced Coffee Mocha

½ cup + 2 tbs heavy cream

Magic Shell

1 cup dark chocolate chips

2 tbs coconut oil


Stir iced coffee and heavy cream in a large measuring cup or bowl. Pour into popsicle molds. Add sticks and freeze for 4-5 hours or overnight. When you take the popsicles out, you’ll dip them in the magic shell.

To make magic shell: Stir chocolate chips and coconut oil together. Microwave at 30 second intervals until melted. Dip popsicles half way.


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so happy to reveal my collaboration with amazingly kawaii illustrator Cindy Chaps, creator of ♡ Creamy ♡ we swapped characters and i drew her adorable character Tutsy as a DISPLAYTOY girl ★ she even has hair! go check her work to see a DISPLAYTOY girl join the Creamy Club ♡


Rather Wobbly Cupcakes, from The Shepherd’s Crown by Sir Terry Pratchett!

Ah yes, Nanny Ogg really isn’t a woman to mince her words, and Magrat isn’t a woman to mince her thoughts, neither:

There was also a plate of rather wobbly cupcakes. [It appears a fact of life that if two or more well-born ladies should gather together, cupcakes are essential. Otherwise the ceiling might fall on them.]

‘I made these,’ Letitia said proudly. 'Yesterday. From a recipe in Nanny Ogg’s new cookbook - you know, A Lot of What You Fancy Makes You Fat.’

She coloured a little, and her hand crept self-consciously to her bodice, where it was clear that when curves were being handed out, Letitia had been at the end of the line.

Magrat took a cake by its little case rather carefully. Some of Nanny Ogg’s recipes could include … unusual ingredients, and she already had three children.

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Prompt: In the kid!Eruri ficlets, how would Erwin and Levi ease into the change of their relationship?

Probably with furious little kisses (Levi) and cute expressions (erwin)

>other kid!eruri ficlets:
“Wevi shares his wunch” (preschool)
Levi learns about sharing, ft. Mr. Zackwy! (preschool-ish)
Levi and Erwin work on a science project (Grade 5)
Levi and Erwin in high school, working on a science fair board


“Mama, what’s love?” Levi asks Kuchel one brisk October Saturday, perched on a bar stool at their kitchen counter and watching the muscles in her forearms ripple as she rolls out dough for pie crust. It’s pumpkin, Levi’s favorite, and he watches with wide eyes as she expertly lines a foil pan with the buttery dough and fills it with creamy orange puree. 

Kuchel pops it in the oven before turning to look at her son. He’s in the fourth grade, so big and so small, and she vaguely wonders with more than a hint of nostalgia when exactly he learned to pronounce his L’s as crisply and clearly as he does now. “Love?” She frowns, contemplating. “It’s when you like a person very, very much, when you think you want to be with them forever. It’s when you always have things to say to them, but it’s also when you can be silent and still know that they’re listening to you. It’s when you care about them so much that they’re always at the front of your mind, even when you can’t see them.”

Levi wrinkles his nose, thinking. The kitchen slowly fills with the scent of cinnamon, and Kuchel reaches over to brush an errant strand of hair out of her son’s eyes. He’s growing up so fast, she marvels, all of eight years old and growing more with every passing day, so quickly that she can barely recall eight Christmases ago when doctors had laid him across her belly, red and squalling with indignation. 

And here that baby is now, asking questions about love with an expression that belongs to a child much older. Kuchel wonders what lovely little elementary school student has captivated her son, wonders if it is perhaps that adorable little boy with the hair like sunshine that she’s seen Levi on the playground with more than a few times. 

Levi nods, deep in thought, and Kuchel smiles as she presses a kiss to Levi’s cheek, still rounded with childhood. 

“How do I tell someone I love them?” Levi asks when she pulls away to check on the pie. 

Kuchel smiles slyly. “I suppose you could always give them a kiss. I give you one every night before you go to bed, and I love you very much, don’t I?” 

Levi nods, and Kuchel wonders how such big emotions can fit into someone so small. 

The next day at recess, Levi corners Erwin by the tire swing. The rest of their classmates are playing hopscotch and kickball in other parts of the field, and so no one sees the way Levi all but tackles Erwin, laying little wet kisses over Erwin’s rosy cheek.