So I Made Another RP Blog

Whelp, got inspired by all the Davesprite babies pics I’ve been seeing around so I made an rp blog for one. Really couldn’t resist~ Not sure how great it’ll be but if anyone’s interested at glancing at/interacting with the little guy just click on the title for this post, it’s a link. I’ll still be running this blog too of course, just thought it’d be fun to start up the other one. :3

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He laughs a little bit, and watches him cuddle up. Of course, he approves,since the little chick is so tiny and adorable. "Hehe. What? Well..I don't think I could be. Moms usually tend to be ladies, Davey. I'm a guy, silly little birdy." He smiles anyhow, and softly pets his wing with the tip of his pointer finger. "So where is your daddy anyways?"

“Jojo said that too, I don’t get why mama has to be a girl though.” John starts to pet one of your wings and you can’t help but giggle a tiny bit, the way his finger ruffled your feathers tickled “Not sure, he went out to do daddy things and hasn’t come back yet.”

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"Mkay! Just stay still little guy, okay?" Even as he said as much, he cradled the little chick against his chest, very carefully. Slowly but surely the wind started to pick up, and John concentrated, sticking his tongue out. He then proceeded to whisk the red crocodile off away from the nest. With a big grin and a sigh, he relaxed and held Davey in front of him. "There you go!"

You wonder why you need to keep still but you do it anyway, letting yourself be held without any kind of fuss. You sit patiently as you start to wonder exactly what’s supposed to be happening here when you feel the air begin to shift, ruffling your feathers a little before pushing the nakkadile away. Both your eyes and mouth open wide in awe before you hop a bit on your spot in John’s hand “Thank you! Peep!”

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He can't hold back the wide smile that graces his face. The little chick was just too stinkin' adorable. "Hehe. No problem little guy. Anything for Dave's baby. Oh! That reminds me. I guess I haven't told you who I am. That would make me a stranger huh? Oh..Well I better fix that! I'm John." He watched Davey hop around, and managed to withhold an 'aaawww!'

“John? Oooh, I’ve met another you before but I called him Jojo. I thought he was mama for awhile but Jojo said he couldn’t be mama. I still don’t really get why.” You cuddle up to his chest with a small chirp “I’m Davey~”

==> Be Bored

Yup, you were definitely bored. Everyone had left awhile ago and now you’re alone in your nest again, just waiting. You’re not really sure what you’re waiting for though. You’re trying to figure that out when you hear a loud NAK. Uh-oh.. Please don’t be a nakkie, please, please, pleaseeeeeeee. You turn to look and you spot the noisy red creature on the ground. Oh, no, no, no. Not good.

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John makes a thinking face, and then his eyes light up. "Woah! What? Dave? He has a baby?" The smile on his lips spread and he even giggled a little, watching and listening to the little chick as he peeped. "Wow. You are super cute! I almost wouldn't have guessed you were Dave's baby. Hehe." He slowly nodded. "If you want me to do that I sure can!"

You tilt your head slightly in confusion, you’ve never heard anyone call daddy that before. Then again your name IS Davey so you could be kinda sorta named after your dad? This was making your head hurt. You should probably just stop thinking about it “If that’s daddy’s name then yes!” You blush a little when he calls you cute, alot of people were telling you that lately “Yes please! I don’t want the nakkie to eat me.”

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He carefully scoops the little chick up into his hand, smiling wide. Never having seen something so cute, he couldn't resist. "Daddy? Oh. Wait? You're scared of that guy?" John points down at the nakkodile, blinking a little. "Aw. Don't worry little guy! If he get's too close we can blow him away!" He grins and softly brushes his thumb over the little chick's head.

You curl up in the palm of his hand and look up at him “Yeah, daddy. He looks like me but biiiiiiiig~” You spread your arms wide to emphasize his size before you look at where John’s pointing “Really? You can do that?” You ask with an amazed tone, peeping happily when he uses his thumb to pet your head.

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-Spot the nest while passing by in the air, and stop to admire the cute little chick.- woah. you're so cute! hehe..but why are you alone? hmm. what's wrong little guy? -Notice that the little chick seems a little scared.- ((Gosh. This concept is just too cute to resist!))

You jump a little when you hear someone, you’re already imagining how the nakkies are going to eat you, but when you look it isn’t one of the red crocodiles and you can’t help but cling to this person who reminds you of Jojo, the other John, and hope that now that he’s here you’ll be safe “Daddy isn’t here and the loud things are gonna try to eat me!”

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These new people look kinda funny you think, they’re gray and have horns instead of pale and well.. Hornless? Is that a word? You’re not sure yet, you should ask daddy when he comes home. Either way you’re happy to see some new people “Peep, peep!” You probably should’ve talked instead, you know most people can’t understand you when you peep, but you’re just so excited you can’t help yourself.

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