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I really love your blog!!!! You do an awesome job. If you guys don't mind, I'd love to get a headcanon about how the guys would act around their chrus and how they would confess to them. Keep up the awesome work!! And Merry Christmas! <3

Thank you!!!! :) And merry creamsauce! <3 Mod Cloud

  • Noctis: Noctis would try really hard to make sure he isn’t obviously crushing on them, and he’s somewhat good at playing it cool, seeming just like a really close friend. Of course, sometimes, they’ll laugh at a joke he made or something and his face will flush sweetly. He’d confess to them casually: “So, uh… I guess I should tell you. I really like you. Maybe you’ve noticed by now… but, maybe you’d like to go out with me?”
  • Ignis: Ignis would act very supportive to his crush, always trying to do nice things for them and lend his ear. He would quickly take on the role of a nurturing friend, trying to help them by giving advice and urging them to rely on him. It might seem a little old fashioned, but he wants the best for them, and if he believes he’s what’s best for them, he’ll let them know. “I really enjoy your company… I want to be there for you. Is it obvious how enchanting I find you? It seems you’re always on my mind…”
  • Gladio: Gladio finds himself exerting healthy confidence, never wanting to be arrogant, but he finds that when he’s around his crush he can find himself showing off just a little bit… He wants to seem like the perfect guy to his crush, even though he knows he’s not. He’ll lay it on thick sometimes, like by winning them prizes at the carnival, or constantly bringing them coffee– the cheesy shit. “So, you know, I’m really into you, right?”
  • Prompto: Prompto wants his partner to trust him and open up to him. It means so much for someone to tell him how they feel. He’ll always let his crush know that he’s there for them. Also, he’s always trying to make them laugh with his jokes and exciting stories. Knowing that his crush finds him funny, he’ll smile and blush helplessly. “Er, I know I’m asking a lot of you, but… do you wanna go out with me? We’ll be the hottest item in town!”

Hello strangers,

What a lazy day today? I was so hungry this morning, but don’t know what to eat. My lovely lady lover was craving for spaghetti cabonara since last night, and I have promised to made it for breakfast. Can’t break the promise especially when a girl is really hungry!! Roaming around in the fridge for a while and found lots of what so called better than just a cabonara. Hmm… Here comes the part where you finally realized what you want, but you have to choose between to follow your desire or keeping your promise. “Sooner or later I have to made it for her anyway”, this is what I think. In conclusion, I came up with the new food experimental for us both to have a happy breakfast that we both want to eat.

“Baked Spaghetti Creamy Sauce”

Well, if anyone can think of a better name for this menu, please let me know, or otherwise I’ll still call this menu by this name. Here are all the ingredients. Whatever vegetables I have found in my fridge, chopped it. When stir fry and mix with cream sauce, all these vegetables will give out the sweetness and you will feel less guilty to eat all those high carb/fat. 



1 - Potato

1 - Hand Full of Spinach

1 - Pack of Mixed Cheese

1 - Small Can of Corn

2 - Big Button Mushrooms

2 - Onions

2 - Garlics

150ml - Double Cream



Olive Oil

*Depend on how you like - Salt / Pepper / Sugar / Parsley (for decoration)


How to? 

1)   Put spaghetti into boiling water, add a little bit of salt, and let it cook until the spaghetti is done.

2)   Pre-heat the oven (200°c) while you start preparing all the ingredients. Apply oil/butter to the baking tray.

3)   Cut potatoes into slices and lay it all on the baking tray. Then layered it with mixed cheese. Cut/Slice/Chop vegetables and bacon however you like.

4)   Fried bacon along with pre-heat another pan for making the creamy sauce (put a little bit of olive oil into the pan). 

5)   Smashed the garlic (1 or2), chopped it and throw it into the pan. Then add onion and the rest of the vegetables. Stir fried until everything look soft and cooked. Then put double cream into the pan, mix it all together, add a little bit of salt/pepper/sugar.

6)   Turn off the heat and put spaghetti into to pan, mix everything together. Then put all the ingredient into the baking tray that we prepared earlier.

7)   Topped everything with egg and cheese. Then put it in the oven. Wait for about 15-20 minutes. After that take it out and put a little bit of parsley on top for decoration.

Done !!!

Have a tasty Tuesday!! 

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