Tumblr Monday 99 - Tumblr Artist

Paula Braconnot | on Tumblr (b.1981, Brazil/France) - Male / Female Timenaut

The story about the artist Paula Braconnot begins with an alchemical formula: VITRIOL. More than a mere acid, VITRIOL represents an inner evolution, a permanent transformation, a wandering metamorphosis. The images created by Paula Braconnot are born from this internal exploration, at the crossroads between the material and invisible realms. The artist composes virtual collages using remnants of bygone times: alchemical engravings, anatomical diagrams, and nineteenth century depictions of flora and fauna. This confrontation gives birth to characters adulterated by mechanisms, hybrid beings and organs cultivated amongst foliage. Eyes blossom over hands; hearts and flowers open as doors of perception. Braconnot’s visions are glimpses of a perilous path. As in Alice in Wonderland, where a little girl is confronted by her fears and hopes, the artist portrays visions that would normally be confined to dreams. The collages act as conduits, allowing precise themes such as Time, the cold beauty of Death and irrepressible Life to come to the fore - Themes that have been enthusiastically received during exhibitions in Europe (London & Paris) and Brazil (Sao Paulo) (text by Brice Kowalsky) Please follow artist’s Tumblr or visit her online shop for more works.

Great thanks to Diane Drubay, founder of Buzzeum and curator of creamoftheirskin, for this Tumblr Monday to introduce us Paula Braconnot’s work. Hope you will enjoy as much as we do!

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Curator’s Monday 140

Andy Julia (b.1982, France)

Andy Julia is a french freelance artist photographer based in Montmartre, Paris. He began studying photography at 17 years old, after studying painting, drawing and art history at “L'école des Beaux Arts” of Toulouse in France. Following a technical, audiovisual photography internship, he began working as an assistant at the Daylight Studios in Paris, often working with Willy Vanderpeere. The more minds wander, the best universes connect. Following this idea, Andy drives his different projects in combining all his influences drifted from the practicing of photography painting and music to the elaboration of a singular visual universe. Above all, Andy captures the essence of things, to keep and share the vibration of life, through the filter of an everyday redefined beauty. After 10 years of artistic evolution and two books published about his personal work, Andy begins today a new cycle of creation based on perpetual traveling and renewal. Many thanks to Diane Drubay, founder of Buzzeum and curator of creamoftheirskin, for being this Curator’s Monday!

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