DC’d Replacements

Once upon a time, a Lush manager went to Oxford Street and had a training session on what items were being discontinued and what items would replace those. Here is that list! (Note: Please remember this list may not be for ALL stores, as it was specific to the one store manager’s store, but it’s a pretty nice insight into the future)

Phoenix Rising bath bomb = The Experimenter bath bomb
Rose Queen bath bomb = Intergalactic bath bomb
Space Girl bath bomb = Frozen bath bomb
Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb = Granny Takes A Dip bubble bar
Amandopondo bubble bar = Milky Bath bubble bar
Dorothy bubble bar = Flamingo reusable bubble bar
You Snap The Whip body butter = Rub Rub Rub solid body scrub
Aqua Mirabilis body butter = Rough With The Smooth body scrub
Sweetie Pie shower jelly = Refresher shower jelly
Grass shower gel = Yuzu & Cocoa shower cream
Flying Fox shower gel = Comforter shower cream
Tiny Hands solid moisturizer = Love & Light hand cream
Putty For Your Hands hand soap = Salted Coconut hand scrub
Stepping Stone foot scrub = Pumice Powder foot scrub
Ice Blue soap = Out Back Mate soap
Dirty soap = Sea Salted Caramel soap
Mangnificent soap = Layer Cake soap
Godmother soap = Respect Your Elders soap
Lovely Jubblies breast cream = Elbow Grease moisturizing bar
Aqua Marina cleansing roll = Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask & Cup O’ Coffee exfoliating face mask
Formulae Known As = No immediate replacement
Lustre dusting powder = No immediate replacement
Vanilla Puff dusting powder = No immediate replacement