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Wonder Woman branded awesomeness
  • no man’s land ? bitch please I Am No Man ™
  • Lemme Blow Down This Clock Tower ™
  • BABY??? B A B Y ™
  • Here Take That Tank In Your Face ™
  • Gotta Help The Horse ™
  • Ice Cream Is Good ™
  • How The Hell Can You Wear Dresses ™
  • Lemme Slap You With My Shield Into That Wall ™
  • Lemme Spray You With My Knee Through That Window ™

Man I cranked this out faster than I expected.

They plan on apologizing to Tony when he comes back to the diner, but he doesn’t show up. Weeks go by and they start to get worried until Natasha sets them straight. “I’m not as old as Tony,” she says. “But I can understand how death stops becoming a big deal. He’s talked about things that I’ve only read in history books. He waxes poetic about humans going through cycles and how he’s seen the rise and fall of supernatural creatures’ rights dozens of times. It’s kind of terrifying to talk to him sometimes, he knows so much. He may get mixed up or turned around, but he remembers everything. So why would he care about a stranger’s death when he has so much else to worry about?” She turns to look at Bucky with a straight face. “He said he made out with William Shakespeare once and I want to call bullshit so badly but I don’t know whether it actually is or not.” “Can’t help you there,” Bucky responds awkwardly.

They get a text, eventually. It just says Carrots. Steve and Bucky stare down at Steve’s phone for several minutes. What does that even mean. Bucky buys a shit ton of carrots but Tony still doesn’t show up so Steve eventually makes a shit ton of carrot cake. “For Tony,” Steve says, handing over several foil containers of carrot cake when Pepper shows up. “You can have one too if you want.” For the first time since they’ve met, Pepper looks bewildered. She opens and shuts her mouth, flustered, before finally saying, “Thank you?” and leaving again.

It takes a few days but they eventually get another text. This is not what I fucking meant this is so much cake how am I supposed to eat all of this? Steve and Bucky don’t know how to ask what he meant then without sounding like idiots. It’s probably best that they don’t figure out a way because a few minutes later they get a text saying No that was supposed to say chariots why and then Why don’t they make phone screens with bigger buttons I am an old man. Steve and Bucky can’t help but laugh a little. Yeah. Tony is an old man. Although why would he just text them the word ‘chariots?’

Apparently he wants them to come see chariot racing with him as a peace offering. Steve tries to apologize but every time he opens his mouth Tony shoves popcorn in it or points at something and begins talking about it loudly. Steve eventually gives up. Tony clearly doesn’t want to talk about it. “This is called harness racing,” Steve says, lifting a piece of popcorn to his lips as he watches the horses and their riders position themselves at the starting line. “Chariots,” Tony insists. “I’m betting on the brown horse.” “There are three brown horses,” Bucky points out. “Yeah.” “You’re betting on three horses?” “All the brown ones.” Steve and Bucky smile as Tony bounces in his seat waiting for the start of the race.

“Have you ever done this type of thing?” Bucky asks when it becomes obvious it’s going to be a few minutes before the gun. Tony hums in thought before finally answering, “Not like this. It was way more competitive when I did it. They don’t even let you carry weapons anymore. I was partial to the sword.” Steve chokes on his popcorn but Tony doesn’t notice. The gun has gone off. “We were encouraged to gallop, too, none of this weird trotting or pacing,” Tony adds. “I crashed my chariot and almost killed my horse trying to take out this asshole named Tiberius. It was worth it though. Tiberius was the worst.” One of the brown horses wins. Tony cheers.

They get ice-cream. Tony chatters about horses and chariot racing and battles, ice-cream dripping onto his hand. Bucky cleans his hand with a napkin fondly. Steve watches him do it silently, slowly licking ice-cream from his spoon, but Bucky never notices him. Eventually Tony gets a little too graphic when he talks about disemboweling someone accidentally (he’d been told to draw the battle out) so Steve blurts out, “How did you meet Colonel Rhodes, anyway?” Tony pauses mid-grand gesture, arms outstretched. “…Hm,” he hums, tilting his head as he draws his arms back in. “I don’t know,” Tony says. “One day I was alone, and the next he was just… there, like he’d been there all the time. I’ve met a lot of people, but I’m sad I don’t remember meeting Rhodey. He’s Important. You don’t meet a lot of Important people in your life.” “Are we Important people?” Bucky can’t help but ask, and then he and Steve hold their breaths.

Tony turns to frown at them, aghast. “Of course.”

Commission : Hol Horse & Boingo at the beach 

I gave a voucher for a free commission to my sister as a birthday present. Here it is : a beautiful Hol Horse & Boingo 90′s summer edition ! I hope you like it~

Art © 彩美もと
Character © Araki Hirohiko

anonymous asked:

what exactly makes this spirit netflix cartoon appeal to you?

Honestly, the reason I like Spirit Riding Free so much is because (beyond the weird, ‘mandated Dreamworks brand tie-in’ thing) it’s a solid girl’s show with a clear understand of what it wants to be and the kind of stories it wants to tell. The horses really aren’t really the focus anyway. It’s about three girls & their developing friendship told against the backdrop of a small town & townspeople, both of which are also growing & changing as they interact.

I personally find the characterization well-done, thus leading to likable cast who you enjoy seeing have adventures & develop. Lucky, Pru, and Abigail are all clearly products of their environment and the history they’ve experienced. There’s a logic to how the friendly, but somewhat spacey Abigail maintained a well-oiled bond with the intelligent & strong-willed Pru. The arrival of the equally outspoken, but not nearly as world-wise Lucky adds a new element to their dynamic and puts strain on the group – but they eventually become fast friends regardless.

This logic extends beyond the core three. For example, Lucky’s got this Aunt Cora who never wanted to leave the city and fusses over Lucky not “acting like a proper young lady”. But her plight of being in an unfamiliar location is treated sympathetically, she has moments of supportive kindness to the girls, and learns to step outside her comfort zone to make friends in later episodes. Maricela is introduced as kind of a stock “rich & spoiled” girl bully; but relations with the triumvirate improves over the season and she has a fantastic display of bravery & humanity in episode 12.

And even if it does make the cast a little anachronistic, I just kinda dig the frontier setting given that it’s unique and provides a solid rationale for limited assets/models, which is always going to be a ‘thing’ in TV CGI animation. Plus, it sets boundaries on what the show can feature in a storytelling sense.

Lucky and friends literally CAN’T use cellphones, be on social media, or go to concerts; these can’t be leaned on for how the cast communicates or to give them things to do. So the show has to commit to intimate, character driven stories in its specific environment. I love how there’s just one General Store in the town with limited stock and if someone buys out the stock of sugar or fruit, then it could be days until there’s more available. Or how Lucky and Abigail tried to make ice-cream in a horse pulled barrel. Or how getting your picture taken by a camera is a Really. Big. Deal.

I actually find that Spirit Riding Free has a very pre-90’s YA-literature feel, with its focus on small town girls having mostly outdoor adventures, and taking up very hands-on civic or school projects. It’s… nostalgic.

Also there are husbandos, but that’s a horse of a different colour.