Hehe, this day was so amazing, wonderful and so raspberry good!

And today me and CC found that horse mask and we bought it like half-and-half .w. It was really fun when all people look about us and grans stopped to take better look about what’s going on.

Many human get today a big smile and good laughs because of this =D

Ps. I know, I did something english misspellings here…? ^^“


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The Staff List

Just to clear up a little confusion, here is a complete and final list of our staff for Desustuck Frostbite 2013! (we got an anon ask for this, but Karu deleted it by accident :[ )

Johtajat (Directors)
ericandy - Karu, Pääjohtaja (Head director)
creamchu - CC, Johtaja (Director)
huopa - Huopa, Johtaja (Director)

Wrigglers (Helpers)
b-u-w-w - Tero, Wriggler
tokushudesu - Katja, Wriggler
obliviousruska - Ruska, Wriggler
thefoodyouate - Amanda, Wriggler

creamchu replied to your post: Its silly when you read a fanfic and you know how…

every bagginshield fic ever cries

Funny story the one I’m screaming at now is a bagginshield fic

Thankfully the chapters are fairly short/the writer updates like everyday so I don’t actually have to wait that long. So I’ll get the resolution to the fic soon. And it’s nearing the end so.

But gah in came the conflict and I was like nO BILBO BABY LET ME HOLD YOU

And it’s extra dumb because I saw it coming. I saw it coming the moment the character that causes the conflict showed up. I was like “Welp that’s gonna be a future conflict”

But I still am sitting here screaming “NO”