Creambread & Paffwabble Crunch
It has been a long time in the making…

When Aedan accepted the project and committed to producing the illustrations for Don’t Ungangle Your Trongalope it began a journey of most wonderous proportions as I became aware of the style and intensity of the man’s works. Macabre in many ways but imbued with a playfulness and a tongue-in-cheek juxtaposition of images, it was evident to me that his style was going to make the story work.

It became clear to me that this was a joint project in the truest sense. This wasn’t a words by, pictures by, deal. Indeed, as Aedan’s sketches started to flow West from his city-wide studio in Hobart, Tasmania, I realized that the story was transforming according to the scenes he set. My words were becoming the things he saw when reading my words as he send more and more inspiring images, and so on in a great creative circle. Ideas like the Inki Winkis having spontaneous hair-do changes as a function of the daily weather, came directly from Aedan’s early sketches. This became a perfect device for allowing me to move the ‘hero’, Trapezoidal Strip from a labourer on a re-gangling crew one morning to sitting across from the town mayor sharing canned hare the next (you’ll see how when you read it).