The Bay
Chanel Body Lotion- $77.34
Lancôme Press Powder- $51.50
Clinique Blush- $26.00

Ocean Salt Large X2- $71.90
Ocean Salt Small- $21.95
Big Blue- $6.40
Whoosh- $6.95
Sweetie Pie- $6.95
Mask of Magnaminty- $24.95
Dark Angels- $31.95
Cosmetic Warrior- $6.95
Grease Lightning- $13.95
Bubblegum Lipscrub- $9.95
I Love Juicy- $9.95
American Cream- $9.95

The Body Shop
Strawberry Body Butter- $32
Grapefruit Body Butter- $22
Mini Cocoa Body Butter- $6
Mango Hand Sanitizer- $4
Mango Lip Butter- $6
Camomile Makeup Remover- $16
Camomile Waterproof Remover- $16
Coconut Hand Cream- $10
Vanilla Lip Butter- $12
Primer- $16
Lip Gloss X2- $14

Sephora Brand Eyelash Curler- $27
(I unboxed it before lifting it, HUGEE MISTAKE)

Shoppers Drug Mart
Essie Nailpolish- $12
OPI Nailpolish- $16
Insta Dry Nailpolish- $6
Vichy Acne Moisturizer- $25
Vichy Spot Treatment- $50
Lady Speed Stick- $9
Dove Deodorant X2- $16
Brazilian Keratin Therapy- $20
Maybelline Colour Tatoo- $8

Freeman Facemasks X3- $15

The Face Shop
Face Mask- $8

Spray- $16
Lotions X2- $32

Bath and Bodyworks
Body Lotions X2- $25
Lip Gloss- $7.50

Victorias Secret
Lotion- $14

Body Spray- $18

Bra X2- $55

Total= $900.14
Holy fuck this doesn’t look like $900.14 just shows how overpriced everything is


Strawberry ‘Not-Cheesecake’

Introducing four new summer themed bombs from Bucky’s Bomb Yard! I’ve also put together a new sale pack, 6 bombs for a discounted price, all of my best summer scents! From the top we have the following bombs:

Grape Fizzy Pop Bomb -  Turn your bath into a giant fizzy pop with this grape soda scented bath bomb!

Dreamsicle Bomb -  If you’ve ever tasted the heaven that is a dreamsicle then you’ll know what kind of scent to expect from this bomb! A mixture of Orange Cream and Vanilla!

Peach Lemon Iced Tea Bomb -  Summer time can be sweltering at times and nothing quenches your thirst more than a nice glass of iced tea! This bomb is scented with a mixture of Georgia Peach and Lemon Iced Tea.

Raspberry Lemonade Bomb -  Who doesn’t love a nice glass of lemonade? This bomb will make you feel like you’re bathing in a relaxing and wonderful scent of raspberry lemonade!

Ohana Bomb - This Stitch themed bath bomb will give you a lovely scent of Hawaii, a tropical mix of pineapple and mango! Lay back and relax as the Ohana bomb leaves your water the color of the refreshing blue Hawaii ocean.

Georgia Backwoods Imagine roaming the backwoods of Georgia alongside Daryl Dixon, before the smell of decay and the blood stains took over. This is the smell Daryl remembers- the scent of peach orchards and fresh grass.

For other awesome summer scented bombs check out my Nautical Adventures bomb 3-pack, Bring Me That Horizon(Captain Jack Sparrow themed) or The Black Pearl!

anonymous asked:

About the healthy eating, a good way to start eating healthily? I sort of binge on junk foods when I feel down or stressed and it makes me feel even worse and I feel so lethargic all the time, plus I need to loose a couple pounds before I go on holiday. I don't really know where to start with it

Honestly I don’t think I could have done it if I lived with my parents still, but since moving out I do my own grocery shopping. I’ve made healthy replacements for all of the junk food choices that I like, like instead of chocolate I choose dark chocolate or organic peanut butter, and instead of chips I eat nuts and fruits. I go for leaner cheeses like Parmesan and if I’m craving milk I’ll drink almond milk. If you like grapefruit that’s really good for increasing your metabolism, as is vanilla ice cream in small amounts. For meats I’ve excluded red meat from my diet completely and chosen leaner meats like chicken breast and turkey burgers and usually some sort of veggie on the side. I’ve stopped eating bread completely and have replaced a lot of meals with fruit smoothies. If I need a salty snack I typically munch on cashews and peanuts throughout the day.

Getting started with a healthier diet for me was really all in the grocery shopping and having no unhealthy food in the house was a huge help for the start, at least. Once I started eating healthier all of my cravings pretty much stopped and I’m not dying to have a piece of cake or a brownie anymore haha


Fresh Strawberry & Blackberry Cake

By Mipije Papije

((Here’s an easy Red, White, and Blue dessert that not only travels well, but goes fast once sliced. Don’t forget the vanilla Ice cream!  I also call this my Jammy Wammy Pie Cake, because instead of a Cake pan, we’ll be using the very versatile Pie Pan. “Jammy”, not because we are using jarred jam, but because the jam will be cooked from the fruit right on top of our cake as it bakes! Yum!))

**Easy Difficulty**
Serves 6 to 8

Ingredients and Instructions:

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Percico Headcanon no. xxxx

Imagine Percy and Nico not being able to decide on what flavor of ice cream they should buy, they had an agreement to just get a tub of vanilla ice cream and a whole bunch of toppings they’d like. So whenever they’re hanging out for movie nights, they’d just bring out the ice cream and make their own messy mix of nuts, chocolate, marshmallows and whatever blue things Percy would like to add in his.