so the other day i thought about how similar martha stewart and hillary clinton are

Both blonde, both East Coast elite school educated, both from the same generation (I think), both perfectionists that people love to hate.  Seems like they should be friends.  So I googled “are hillary clinton and martha stewart friends.”

Before I continue, you should know that I am a big fan of Martha Stewart.  I love Martha Stewart because she doesn’t give a shit.  Martha Stewart does not think perfection is too high a bar.  Why be mediocre?  If you don’t have four days to spend making a gingerbread townhouse, then don’t make a gingerbread townhouse.  There’s the door.  There are plenty of celebrity chefs out there who’ll show you how to melt vanilla ice cream to make a creme anglaise.

Anyway, I didn’t find any evidence that Martha Stewart and Hillary Clinton are friends (although Martha has said that she’s voting for Hillary, and she once ignored Hillary’s no-phone rule at a pricey fundraiser and stuck a camera in her face), but I did find about a zillion more reasons to love Martha Stewart, such as the time she plowed four miles of roads at her farm, apparently out of sheer boredom, and the time she borrowed someone’s hoverboard.  (And how badass is that photo of her in that enormous pickup truck?)

Martha Stewart has had Snoop Dogg on her show.  Multiple times.  In fact, they’re making a show together.

But, best of all, I discovered that her blog appears to be a goldmine of Hannibal research, because it is basically a blog about What Rich White People Do All Day.  Do you think Hannibal stores his tropical plants in a greenhouse during the winter?  Also, if you’re looking for new hobbies for Hannibal to take up in lieu of murder, maybe he could start collecting antique coaches and attending coach shows.  Or maybe starting a small organic farm; then he and Will can harvest pumpkins together!

In conclusion: Martha Stewart is a terrifying woman, and I adore her.

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