you’re 19, believe me you don’t know what you’re going to want in a boy when you’re 26 and believe me you won’t figure it out right now. so stop planning who you’ll end up with, or who you’ll want in seven years because you don’t even know what you will want, to begin with. stop making promises to yourself and your boyfriend. because who the fuck knows who you will like seven years hence. but you know who you like right now. him. so cherish that. make plans, eat ice cream in bed with him, hug him, take walks in gardens, go on dates, go to art galleries. cherish it without making promises. cherish it without promising each other a future. you’re just 19. you don’t know who he will want and you dont know who you’ll want in seven years.
—  seven years//nikitagupta
After Hours [m]

pairing: reader x Yoongi

Genre: tattoed!yoongi, rapper!tyoongi, angst? fluff? smut, idk how to label this haha

word count: 16,212

warnings: graphic sexual content, alcohol, language

a/n: this is loosely based of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. i am v nervous about this as it isn’t the usual angst fueled plot I normally write. so if it’s crap, please be kind haha. i’m tagging the lovely @dimplecoups​ because i know you’ve been waiting for this. and @2seoke for always being the best babe.

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You looked in the mirror, making sure your face mask was properly in place. If you were going to look like a serial killer for the next 20 minutes, you at least wanted to look the part. Your bed was calling your name as you walked over to the soft mattress, choosing to ignore the missed calls and text messages from your best friend. This was the first Saturday night you had to yourself in months. No work. No brother. No best friend. You were free to do whatever you wanted.

Or at least that’s what you had originally intended. But as the door to your bedroom crashed open you soon realized that the night had other plans for you.

“Why haven’t you answered my calls?” your best friend Irene squealed as she plopped down at the foot of your bed. “It’s Saturday night and I know you don’t have to work tomorrow!”

You gave her a look. Well, you tried to give her a look to the best of your ability as the motions of your face was restricted by the sheet mask on top of it. “There’s a reason why I didn’t answer your calls. And just because my idiot brother gave you a key to our apartment doesn’t mean you can just waltz in here any time you want.”

Irene rolled her eyes, blowing a large bubble from the gum she was constantly chewing. She was clearly not amused at your disinterest on leaving your apartment tonight. You reached forward, popping it with your pointer finger. “You’re no fun, Y/N” she whined, collecting the gum back into her mouth.

“I can’t have fun when I’m always too busy taking care of you.” you quipped, reminding her of the last time the two of you went out. “I had to beg that cop not to give you a ticket for being drunk in public. Why aren’t you bothering my brother? I’m sure he would love to see you.”

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High Lords Comforting

Rhys: Has this down to a science; back rubs and gentle kisses. “What’s wrong?” Impossible to be denied because his eyes are so wide and pleading; but if he can’t get Feyre to talk, he just turns on SexyMode™ until she becomes annoyed/aroused enough to talk to him.

Feyre: A good listener. Lets Rhys rant for ages. “I know this must be difficult for you, and I’ll always be here.” “Thank you, Feyre darling. I can’t believe it…this betrayal hit home.” “Yes…Cassian shouldn’t have opened your favorite bottle of wine without asking.”

Helion: Smiles everywhere, lots of pleasant touching, whispering foul things that just make his lover laugh so hard. Will do anything to make them smile again. Do they want to see him perform a dance routine? Get Sexy and I Know It cued up, here comes Helion.

Thesan: Cuddles his Peregryn lover. “What are you–” “Shhhhhhh, I’m being soothing.” “Oh, I’m doing alright–” “Shhhhhhh, you need to be soothed.” “No, really, nothing’s wrong–” “Shhhhhhhhhhh!”

Kallias: Definitely builds a pillow fort or, even better, an igloo for him and Viviane to escape into if she’s feeling blue. They can make little snowmen, and he likes to tickle her until she starts to giggle. “Has anyone seen the High Lord?” “Ah…he’s in his igloo.” “AND I’M NOT COMING OUT UNTIL MY WIFE SMILES.”

Tarquin: Mild internal panicking at the thought of something being wrong. But he’s a comforter; brings his lover everything that they find joy in. Will eat ice cream in bed with them, takes them to watch the sunset, they read books together. Its all familiar and soothing and comfortable.

Beron: Doesn’t know something is wrong; doesn’t care. Doesn’t have lovers because ew

Tamlin: Smiles gently, tips up his lover’s chin and brushes away a strand of their hair. Kisses them on the forehead. “You know what you need to make you feel better?” he whispers softly, his lips like a butterfly kiss on their forehead. “What?” Another kiss on the tip of the nose, and then, “SoLiTARy COnFineMEnT” before he throws them in a locked room. “iT bUiLdS ChaRAcTeR!”

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I'm not usually one for angst, but I just had a thought and maybe you can give your insight on it too. What if Seven & MC both died in [insert some sort of accident here] and entrusted their child(ren) to Saeran? How do you think that would go? qq thank youuuuu

(◞‸◟;) so sad but I will write!

  • The news of the car accident was jarring for Saeran
  • But his new title of legal guardian to his niece, his brother and sister-in-laws 6 year old daughter, was overwhelming to say the least
  • He remembered them asking if they could put him down in the will and he just shrugged it off as something you did, he never actually thought anything would come of it
  • The first day was the hardest
  • She was quiet
  • More quiet than she normally was
  • He could tell that she was sad and scared
  • In her little hands she had been clutching a picture of her with her parents on her 6th birthday 
  • His place wasn’t exactly set up for kids
  • He hadn’t even been able to grab most of her stuff or her bed from the old house
  • So he placed some blankets and a pillow on the couch for her
    • “Are you…hungry?” he asked
  • Though she still didn’t make eye contact with anything but the floor, she shook her head ‘no’
  • And Saeran sighed in relief
  • As he was staring into his empty cabinets at a few cans and an old box of crackers
  • A grocery store trip would be a must the next day
  • He had Yoosung watch her during the afternoon so he could go out
  • He figured it would be too much for her to go home and see everything so soon
  • It was sad to see all of the things scattered around the apartment
  • Saeyoung’s half-finished toy projects still lay on his work bench
  • The calendar hanging on the wall with appointments that will never be made
  • Spoiled food in the fridge
  • He lingered in the hall to look at photos
  • There were the wedding ones
  •  Saeyoung hugging Saeran during the reception, a huge grin on his face as always 
  • And pictures from the birth of his niece
  • He had never seen Saeyoung so happy
  • Saeran remembered holding her small body for the first time in the hospital
    • “She’s…cute,” he said with a half smile
  • He threw some toys that looked promising in a bag and loaded her bed up
  • Taking one last look at the place before leaving
  • He would have to figure out what to do with everything eventually, but for now he’d focus on his niece
  • His computer room was cleaned out and he moved her bed into there
    • “You can decorate or whatever…I tried to grab what I thought you would want but I can always go back,” he placed the bag next to her bed
  • She ran to the bag and began rummaging through it, throwing out a few things until she found what she wanted
  • A cat stuffed animal she’s had since she was an infant
  • She pressed the paw and Saeyoung’s voice came singing through
  • He had recorded both of their voices singing lullabies and saying sweet things to her
    • Mommy and daddy love you so much
  • She clutched the cat and began to cry
  • Oh shit, she’s crying…
  • Saeran froze for a moment not knowing what to do
  • He knelt down next to her and placed a hand on her back
    • “It’s okay to be sad…and it’s okay to cry,” he said softly
  • Not the best words but it was all he could think to say
  • He made a mediocre meal for dinner and she picked at it a lot without eating much
  • Saeran didn’t blame her, but he knew his cooking would improve the more he did it
  • Which, he guessed, would be just about every day now that she was there…
  • He cleaned up the plate’s and bowls from the table
    • “Is this normally when you go to bed?” he really was lost
  • She nodded and grabbed her kitty plush to get ready for bed
  • He could hear the sound clips from the cat going off intermittently as he washed the dishes
  • When he finished and her light was still on he peered in from the doorway to see her sitting in the bed crying softly
    • “Do you need something? To like…talk or something?”
  • She shook her head
    • “Well…mom and dad would…read to me,” she said through whimpers
  • Right, of course
    • “I’ll be right back,” he said
  • When he returned he had a book in one hand and was dragging his computer chair in the other
  • Sitting next to the bed he showed her the cover
    • “S-” he choked for a second, “your dad used to read this to me when we were your age,” he opened it up
    • “Dad did?” she wiped her eyes and seemed interested for the first time since she arrived
    • “Yeah, he did. He always made sure to explain things to me, and do voices,” Saeran smiled remembering it
    • “Dad did that for me, too,” she smiled
    • “I’m not your dad…but I can try my best to read it like he would.”
  • He closed the book and stood up
    • “Do you like ice cream?” he asked her
    • “I do”
    • “Stories are always better with ice cream, I’ll go get some.”
  • He had seen her smile finally
  • Perhaps he was getting somewhere
    • “Ice cream? In bed? Is that okay?” she asked
  • Saeran shrugged
    • “I think for tonight it’s okay.”

Imagine Dean waking up and finding your side of the bed empty.

Dean turned onto his side, reaching out for you as he nestled his head into his pillow. His eyes shot open as his arm smacked into the mattress. His gaze scanned your side of the bed, empty and cold. “Shit,” he muttered as he lifted himself up and headed for the door in search of you.

After searching the library and war rooms, Dean headed back down the hall to the kitchen. As he approached, he heard the refrigerator door slam. The hunter turned the corner to see you standing in front of the freezer, munching on an entire tub of ice cream. You smiled up at him as you slid another spoonful into your mouth, balancing the quart sized tub on your swollen belly.

“What?” you asked, smiling up at your husband with a mouthful of mint chocolate chip. “I’m hungry.”

Dean shook his head as he approached you, smirking. “Hungry, or just indulging another craving?” He leaned against the counter beside you, wiping a spot of chocolate from the side of your mouth.

“Both?” you chuckled. “Baby likes ice cream as much as Mommy does.” You smiled at Dean as you took another bite.

“Y/N, you are supposed to be in bed. If you wanted ice cream, you should have woken me up. I would have gotten you some.” Dean placed a tender hand on your very large stomach, smiling as he felt a little bump against his hand. “You don’t want to risk anything. Doctor’s orders.

You sighed, taking another bite. “He’s keeping me up. He just won’t stop kicking. Between that and my hunger, I’m going nuts.”

Dean wrapped his arm around you. “I’m as anxious to meet him as you are, but we still have three more weeks to go.” Dean placed a sweet kiss on your shoulder. “So, how about you, me, and that quart of ice cream head back to bed and pass out to a movie? Your pick.”

You smiled and nodded, looking forward to torturing Dean with his fiftieth viewing of Titanic. “Near, far, wherever you are!” you sang as you let him lead you back to bed.

Tucking my feet onto the pedals and riding by the sand with salt in my eyelashes reminds me brutally of last summer.

I wanted to ride through sand dune mountains with you. I wanted to wander around grocery aisles and walk through moonlit cities at night with you.

the day I arrived in the city I flew three hours to come see you in, you smiled at me funny and asked if I even wanted to ride a bike with you. I didn’t know how to find the words to tell you that I’d do anything you asked me to.

The summer followed us around for a week with the wind on our heels but time stood still. You showed me the corners of the city with its nooks and crannies and all I could think was that it was the perfect distance from reality. We took turns buying each other ice cream and I smeared chocolate across your cheek and Christ the love was there, even from the beginning.

There was a certain intimacy in riding to a grocery store in the evening, trailing from aisle to aisle looking for dinner for that night, talking about what we needed at home while eating candy made locally.


Home as in let’s ride home together and giggle over too much butter for the eggs. Home as in lets bring the ice cream with us before bed.

I don’t know when we became people without a chance at sand dunes. I don’t know when riding close behind you with love in my head became so far away, but i still know it was something I wanted to stay.

Now I ride between mountains of sand and I count clouds in my head and I think to myself, we will never see this together. Everything between us was always an adventure, even towards the end when things got messier. But I should’ve known we would never end calmly or slowly- we were always made of rocks and toothy smiles and passion that couldn’t take us far enough.

There was something doomed about us from the start. Something in the way we held our pride closer to our chests than our hearts.

Growing Pains II

Thank you so much for all your positive feed back guys! here is the very much anticipated Part 2 of my mini series Growing Pains

special shout outs go to @hcrrystvles for editing! also @mizpahes and @instaharry for moral support and inspo ideas 

masterlist   (i.)

dad!harry teacher!harry uni!harry

warnings: super fucking cute fluff, my heart hurts omg

word count: 3,013

The school yard transformed just as the sun went down. It was still full of children as it was during the day, but there was a different whimsical feeling in the air. Maybe it was because all the students were at a school event in which they weren’t faced with the stresses of school itself. Regardless of what it was about it, the celebration had kicked off. All the students from kindergarten to year 6 were invited along with their friends and family to come down, have a burger, have some ice pops, and have a bit of a dance on the blacktop while the DJ blasted music across the premises. Some of the teachers were asked to help with grilling for a portion of the night and of course, Harry agreed. It was meant to be a fundraiser for the school, but also a way to get the kids excited to be back in school for the year.

Naturally, anything that had to do with getting kids excited to learn, Harry was all about. He lived for the moments when kids would look at him in shock when he told them one of his fact of the day, for when they read something on their worksheets that inspired them and the times they’d be reading a book and would come back the next day to tell him all about how cool it was. Being a teacher was Harry’s calling, much like being a father was.

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How to get a girlfriend:

Step 1: leave your bed
Step 2: approach cute girl
Step 3: compliment her
Step 4: find out she’s straight and retreat to bed and cry internally
Step 5: eat some ice cream and watch hairspray

My Fake Boyfriend Part 3

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1664

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.


credits to the gif owner

When you knock on the door all your family, literally all your family is there waiting for you. The first person you see is your oldest brother, he looks older since the last time you saw him and tired as well. 

Then you saw your parents, your father pulls you to a quick hug while your mother keeps you in her arms until she is sure that you are eating enough, drinking enough water and definitely okay in your city.

Your grandmother is the last one, she smiles bright at you and you swear that she doesn’t age. She is wearing a bright red dress and hands you a glass of wine “He is a much better choice than the last one, you did good, honey.” She raises her glass in a sign of approval, you hug her, you missed your family like crazy, but your grandmother was always the one that made that house feels like home, she was always the one who stayed by your side in fights.

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Tom Holland as your younger boyfriend

writer: Sofia

Just a fluffy thing, idk

  • acts manly around you
  • shows off
  • spoils you a lot
  • but melts when you call him “baby boy”
  • pouts to get his way 
  • is actually a sunshine
  • sleeps with his head on your chest 
  • but is also a dirty little shit 
  • dominant in bed (DON’T @ ME)
  • shameless, especially in public
  • “seriously, I could finger you under this table righ…” “DEAR GOD THOMAS SHUT UP”
  •  wakes you up at 3am just to show you dank memes
  • the kind of guy to get up in the middle of an intense movie scene to go to the bathroom (just bc it annoys you, honestly)
  • ice cream in bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT
  • he just wants to make you happy

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Impromptu Prompt Will you write 'I thought you were dead' fic? Bonus for lots of Kissing? Pretty please and many thanks! 💙

It’s awkward at first, pretending she doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl, but after a few months she settles into it.

‘I’m going to be late for lunch - bus is stuck in traffic :( <3 :( ’ Kara texts her, and Lena just snorts and turns on the TV to find out what disaster Supergirl is stopping today. It doesn’t hurt her feelings - she doesn’t worry anymore that Kara doesn’t trust her, or that it’s a secret because she’s a Luthor. Their friendship is good, maybe the best thing in Lena’s life, and she’s pleasantly surprised that she doesn’t doubt Kara. Kara’s face is an open book, and the way that it lights up whenever she sees Lena says more than anything else could.

So there’s no hurt anymore at all. It’s more like…. politely pretending not to notice that someone has spilled ketchup on their shirt. Lena doesn’t want to breach Kara’s privacy or make her uncomfortable, so she doesn’t point out that there’s no reason for Kara to be on a bus when CatCo is in walking distance of L Corp. Instead she goes back to the data analysis report she was reading, keeping one fond eye on the news.

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Fic: Wait

Prompt: “When was the last time you slept?”

“When was the last time you slept?” Oliver asks, walking into the bunker after a long day at City Hall.

He hadn’t expected Felicity to be here, considering he’d told her to take the day off this morning after they pulled an all nighter following up on a lead that turned out to be another dead end. Since she is still wearing the outfit she had on when he left this morning, he knows she hasn’t left.

“What day is it?” Felicity asks, not looking up from her screen.

“Tuesday,” he says, looking around the room for any sign that she’s at least eaten, but all of the garbage cans are empty, so he knows she hasn’t. The only sign that she’s consumed anything is the coffee cup in front of her and the empty K-Cups on the counter near the kitchen.

“Tuesday, right,” she mutters, clearly distracted by whatever it is she’s doing. “And what day did we go after Valenzuela?”

Oliver looks at her in concern before saying, “Saturday.”

She’s got to be kidding. She can’t have been up that long. How is she even functioning right now?

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Playing dirty / Chapter 2

Originally posted by adoringdo

Pairing: You / Xiumin / Baekhyun

Type: Smut, explicit language, illegal gambling

Word count: 3,3K

Summary: One night you met Xiumin in an illegal casino and he made you an offer you couldn’t refuse: help him win by cheating and get part of the profit. But one day someone comes in and tests your partnership and relationship. Will you stick with Xiumin? Or will Baekhyun steal you away?

Mini Masterlist

“I like that smile. You should smile more, it makes you even more beautiful,” he got closer to you.

He stood there for a minute studying you, eyes getting darker. “I’ll tell you what, you can have all of your money back.”

“Really?” a tone mixed with relief and excitment in your voice.

“Yes. But you have to stay at my house for a week,” he smirked.


You stood there with your eyes wide open, not wanting to believe the words that just came out of his mouth.

“You heard me,” he got closer to you and held your chin up with his right hand. “I give you your money back, and in exchange, you keep me company for a week.”

“Who the hell do you think I am?!” You grabbed his arm, freeing your chin. “You think I’m just going to sleep with you to get my money back?”

“Woah, calm down! I just thought you were an interesting girl and I wanted to spend a week with you, nothing more.”

“Well, sorry to ruin your plans, but I have a boyfriend.”

“You mean that guy that just left you crying in this parking lot?”

“Y-yes,” you hesitated.

“You don’t seem so sure,” a grin spread all over his face.

“Well, that’s none of your damn business!” 

“You’re right. It’s not. But it seems to me that the reason he’s mad at you is because of the money you lost to me,” he placed a hand on your arm. “And I’m giving you a chance to solve that.”

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Title: Me, Myself and Her (Io e Lei)
Year: 2015
Language: Italy (Subtitles)

Plot: Marina and Federica have been together for five years now, and although they share the same apartment, bed, face cream, they laugh and they fight, but even they, are sometimes not sure if they’re really a couple.

Basic Review:

  • A beautiful view of a mature lesbian relationship. The characters are sensual but emotionally charged and even sometimes flawed. They seem real and it allows the audience to empathise with them.
  • I loved the architecture and symmetry in the shots, where cool Italian afternoons make romantic connections twice as magical.
  • I disliked the temptation of heterosexuality when one of the woman takes interest in a man for a while, but its a clear choice and a happy ending for the women overall.
  • A totally cute soundtrack to whisp you away and some beautiful butterfly in your stomach moments.

an incomplete list of draco and hermione being idiots in love™ 

  • draco absentmindedly twirling hermione’s hair through his fingers while she leans her head on his shoulder
  • hermione unconsciously putting her feet on draco’s lap when he sits on the same couch as her
  • scorpius asking draco when he fell in love with mum and draco just replying with “she punched me in the face” (and is rewarded with a slap on the knee by hermione)
  • both of them having trouble sleeping in an empty bed while the other is away
  • hermione forcing draco (with threats) into mrs. weasley’s christmas sweater that she had made just for him 
  • draco not knowing how to react to a devastated hermione when crookshanks ends up passing from old age. however a month later she has a kitten thats plopped in her lap as draco walks by while she’s reading in her favorite chair
  • they are the epitome of embarrassing parents™ with scorpius 
  • “so you have a crush on me then granger” “draco we’ve been married for five years”
  • draco carrying hermione’s wand in his cloak pocket while she’s in a meeting 
  • blaise threatening to hex both of them at lunch if they don’t stop “giving each other those bloody snogging eyes” and “just let me finish my goddamn tea before you two idiots climb each other”
  • having ‘silent parent arguments’ across the table over if scorpius can have one more scoop of ice cream before bed
  • “call my husband a ferret again and see what happens” (ron visibly gulps and harry immediately quiets down)
  • reading/doing paperwork together in bed
  • hermione giving draco driving lessons (they make blaise come too, he sits in the back and glares at them)
  • hermione laughing in the doorway while watching a frustrated draco give baby scorpius a bath (who squeals while splashing draco in the face)
  • both leaving their jobs midday to have lunch together
  • while hermione is browsing in one of the shops in diagon alley, draco will sometimes wander off by himself and then come back with a gift for her (usually a book or a piece of jewelry)
  • draco lays his head in hermione’s lap while they tell each other about their worst memories and fears during the second war (these talks are extremely private)

Attack of the Clones | Behind the Seams | Padmé’s Wedding Dress (P-20)

George Lucas wanted Padmé’s wedding dress to be a simple but beautiful gown in an amazing fabric and it took Trisha Biggar quite a long time to fulfil his vision. She decided to give it a pre-Raphaelite feel and thought of lace as the main material but couldn’t find the right fabric until finally her buyer in Australia stumbled onto a century-old Italian lace bedspread from the Edwardian era in a thrift store. However, the cream-colored bed cover wasn’t big enough for the Lucas-authorized design, so the costume designer devised an option with shorter sleeves to fit the amount of material and master embroiders in Sydney made over 300 yards of French-knit braid to blend the vintage elements together with the modern handiwork. 

The gown and head piece are studded with hundreds of vintage pearls and the veil itself is made from Maltese lace and includes Edwardian wax flowers and tiny beaded pearls. Each pearl was actually hand sewn because the night before the wedding scene was to be filmed, Biggar decided the gown needed a little something “extra”. So she pulled an all-nighter and pearled Padmé’s wedding dress herself.

Later she noted that P-20 “was a gown with very simple lines, with an antique feel to it, but at the same time it was quite intricate, probably one of the most complicated dresses, and you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was made of.”