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Vegan matcha green tea ice cream by vanleeuwenicecream on Instagram


Glitz: “Cream Monarch–”

Cream: “Oh my goodness!”

Glitz: “From the moment I met you, it feels as though the world has stopped spinning on its axis. It’s like time has stood still these past few days or like time has stopped being a thing altogether. I think about how I’ve only known you for a little over 72 hours and it just doesn’t make sense. Because in a way, it feels like I’ve always known you. Maybe you’ve been there in my dreams when I sleep at night, but I wake and forget. In my heart, I feel that I’ve known you my whole life. And the world would not make sense without you by my side for all the journeys and adventures that I have left in this world.”

anothersherlockian  asked:

hellooo :) I'm new in the Granada fandom (I maaaay have stalked you :D I'm on page 36 of your blog) and I wanted to say that I really love your blog. I noticed that many fans of the BBC Sherlock turned to Granada (just like me) because they're dissappointed. Is there anything we newbies should know about the Granada fandom or the series?

Hello, thanks and welcome! hopefully you’ll have a good time here :) So you know this is a very welcoming and good hearted fandom, you’ll notice that whether you ship or not the boys, there’s a good sense of respect for each one’s personal reading of the characters.

I suppose you already noticed about the two actors that played Watson, which is an often discussed topic, everyone has their favorite but both actors are equally loved and appreciated, I talk a little about it here > (X)

If you are interested you can read Nekosmuse’s subtext analysis of the series here > (x)

Oh and a very important thing: Holmes in the cream-colored suit, which makes your heart stop and heals at the same time

And that’s it, have fun, enjoy, because that’s how it should be (most of the time XD)