cream sunglasses

Hogwarts Houses Aesthetics

Gryffindor- holding rocks from the beach in yours hands, watching them flow out, being at the playground at midnight with your best friends, completing dares that no one even dared you to do, running just for the purpose of doing something, sending your best friend appreciation paragraphs for them at 3:00 A.M., going on roller coasters very confident but freaking out a little when you get to the top, playing ghosts in the graveyard with you or friends at 11:00 A.M., putting on makeup and dressing up even though you have nowhere to go, dancing and lip syncing in your room crazily, finding wonders in the little things, spacing out, diving in right away in the lake, handing out feminism badges, walking at a regular pace in the rain with your arms out, forming new clubs, being overly-excited, making small designs on the misty car window, either taking 0 selfies or 1938284 at a time, red lipstick and black mascara, scraped up legs

Hufflepuff- sugar highs, putting so much trust in your friends, dressing up as your favorite book and tv show characters, growing out your hair, blueberry pancakes when you wake up, whether that’s at 6:00 A.M. or 12:00 P.M., catching fireflies, the feeling you get when you make all your friends fall over laughing, seeing a spiny chair and immediately know what you will be doing for the rest of the day, ice cream bigger than your head, putting flowers in your friend’s hair, being the last to finish your popsicle, getting excited when you hear the ice cream truck, heart-shaped sunglasses, petting every puppy you see on the street, making a big deal out of everything, getting your friends presents even though there is no special occasion, candy shops, slumber parties, writing songs, writing stories, musicals and Broadway plays, caring about others more than you care about yourself, strip malls, taking pictures of your friends, happy drunk, defending the underdog, finding beauty in everyone’s eyes

Ravenclaw- record shops, when your face gets red after you get complimented, chokers, laughing when your nervous, cuddling with your friends at 2:00 A.M., drinking coffee in the morning, going to the beach when the waves are crazy, telling yourself to only read one more chapter but you end up finishing the book, writing letters to the author, scented candles, knee high socks, taking videos so you can remember the moment, perfect makeup techniques, laying on the rooftop at 3:00 A.M., looking at the stars, making multiple playlists for different moods, watching documentaries, playing mindlessly with your friend’s hair, eating a three course meal at 12:00 A.M., pranking your friends when they’re sleeping, putting your headphones on long car rides, binge watching Netflix, spending your day at the library, asking your friend to go to the bathroom with you, getting a churro at the fair, studying because you want to, not because anyone else wants you to

Slytherin- testing the limits, fire whiskey, mysteries, the sound of the thunderstorm against your window while you are drifting to sleep, doing anything for your friends, talking back to the teacher, smirking against the classroom, splashing the people who think the water is too cold in the lake, escaping reality, black roses, rooting for the underdog, downtown, skyscrapers, doing anything to get your way, cat ears headband, correcting people’s grammar, solving moral dilemmas easily, fixing your best friend’s makeup in the school bathroom, leather jackets, playful smirks, making faces across the classroom, knowing what your friend is saying just by reading their expression, self-deprecating humor, the moon, looks that could kill, playing sweet and sour with your close friends, doing everything yourself, with no help, rewriting history, chopping a little bit or a lot of your hair off, dirty jokes, sleepless nights, being the hero to your class because you found all the answers online, knowing when to stop but not stopping anyway


Season MoodboardHello Summer!!🌻

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

your fave is autistic: baby from baby driver (2017)

-eats off the kids menu
-can’t drink coffee without cream and sugar
-wears sunglasses to block out bright lights
-special interests are music and cars
-barely talks/goes non-verbal
-the song has to start at just the right time or it’s Bad™
-can’t stand not having a rhythm, melts down without headphones
-doesn’t get jokes and sarcasm
-always wears the same jacket
-ipod and tape recorder are comfort items
-recites lines from movies and tv shows
-he just is okay

summer - norwegian vocab☀️

sommer - summer

juni - june

juli - july

august - august

varm - warm

varmen - the heat

solen - the sun

ferie - vacation

å reise - to travel

havet - the ocean

en bølge - a wave

en strand - a beach

sand - sand

et sandslott - a sandcastle

to swim - å svømme

solbrenthet - sunburn

et basseng - a pool

en piknik - a picnic

iskrem - ice cream

solbriller - sunglasses

en badedrakt - a bathing suit

shorts - shorts

en kjole - a dress

en skjorte - a shirt

Signs as summer things

Aries: going jetskiing, going to an amusement park

Taurus: going to a karaoke bar, drinking out of coconuts

Gemini: going cliff diving, getting tanlines

Cancer: watching fireworks, catching fireflies

Leo: relaxing on a pool float, eating popsicles

Virgo: going to an ice cream parlor, wearing sunglasses

Libra: riding a yacht through the Bahamas, eating watermelon

Scorpio: having a lemonade stand, going to the carnival

Sagittarius: sitting by a bonfire at night with friends, going to concerts

Capricorn: having a water balloon fight, playing beach volleyball

Aquarius: snorkeling with sharks, getting slushies from 7/11,

Pisces: going surfing, playing with sparklers

Lunaria Upgrade!

  • She’s oca1 albino, which is literal snowflake like her twin sister Stacie
  • She’ not using blue contacts anymore, her eyes are pigmentless;bluish-pink (vein colors)
  • She’s myopic, It’s hard for her to see long distance
  • Her skin is very sensitive. Especially for sun, summer is a pain for her. (hats, sunglasses, sun creams, running away from sun etc.)
  • And most importantly everything is same in her personality and love life!