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DIY spa day🌹

1.prepare your space: make sure your room and bathroom are clean and smell nice and change your bedsheets. light some candles. if you have a diffuser put in fennel oil or lavender oil. super calming.

2.boil some water in a pot to use as a steam mask.

3.fill the tub with water, add a handfull of epsom salt, a few drops of your prefered essential oil, a bath bomb/bubbles if you like. if you wanna go the extra mile…add some rose petals. you can get some cheap bouquets at supermarkets.

4.put on a hair mask and wrap your hair in a bun. If you don’t have one you can use conditioner instead or any oil…I have tried them all and my favourite is apricot oil.

5.remove any nail polish you have on.

6.cleanse your face with your cleanser, then exfoliate, put your face above the water pot for about ten mins and put on a clay mask or any other purifying mask of your liking.

7.if you have hydrogel eye masks put them on, if not you can use thin potato slices..they work wonders.

8.prepare a relaxing beverage…herbal tea…wine…whiskey..whatever you like.

9..soak in the bath for as long as you like.

10. exfoliate using your own diy scrub - sugar and oil. 

11.lounge for hours in your towel and beverege while listening to music.

12.rub lotion or oil all over yourself and wear comfortable clothes or be comfortabelly completly naked. whatever you prefer.

13.after washing off the purifying mask i really recommend hydrating the skin with a hysrating sheet mask or raw honey.

14. DIY Mani-Pedi : soak your feet in water and a cup of vinegar for 30 minutes. while you do that file your nails and cut your cuticles then apply olive oil to them and massage them.
wash your feet and file them with a pumice stone. file your toenails and apply foot cream. and paint your nails if you want. if your toenails are dry apply some olive oil and shea butter to the heels, wrap them in seran wrap and wear 2 pairs of socks and you will wake up with baby soft feet.

*i also did the korean baby foot peel mask and if you guys want ill make a post about my suprising experience.

15.apply toner to your face and follow with rosehip oil. massage your skin starting from the forhead to the neck. there are so many videos abot face massage on youtube. it’s so amazing, you’ll feel great and your ski will glow.

16.apply ½ castor oil ½ olive oil to your eyelashes and lips.

17.apply lotion to your hands.

18.just lounge and do whatever relaxes you and makes youhappy. I personally like to drink sparkling wine and reading vogue or watching an old film.

19. make sure you are hydrated and drink lots of H2O and well nourished and  eating well and getting all your vitamins and minerals. 

20.try to relax while listening to white noise or your favourite sound, like rain, eind, fireplace crackle, ticking clock…or any ASMR. hair brushing ASMR is my guity pleasure.

21. enjoy yourself, praise yourself. indulge. love your body and soul. no matter what you do just make sure it feels good.