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Song Review: Pink Floyd - “Green is the Colour”

Pink Floyd recently released a video, interspersed with beach scenes, from its 1970 appearance at a French festival to augment its May 12, 1969, BBC Radio performance of “Green is the Colour,” and the ocean sounds compete with - and distract from - the music.

Whether the extraneous sounds will remain when “Green is the Colour” gets its audio-only release on Floyd’s forthcoming mammoth box set, The Early Years 1965-1972, is unclear. In any event, this track, originally from the 1969 soundtrack for the film “More,” was a beauty in its day.

And while it’s still pretty, the lilting, David Gilmour-sung song hasn’t aged particularly well. It’s hippy and it’s dippy and it’s trippy. And it’s drippy with moon-eyed wonder delivered in Gilmour’s young falsetto.

She lay in the shadow of the wave/hazy were the visions of her playing/sunlight on her eyes but moonshine made her cry every time

Although he’s still very much alive and well, the Roger Waters who wrote this music and these lyrics is long dead. “Green is the Colour” serves as a kaleidoscope reminder of the pre-Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd, a band that lives on in archival recordings such as this and in pot smoke-stained basements around the world.

The Early Years 1965-1972 is set for release Nov. 11. For those who can’t - or won’t - plunk down $550, the band also plans a two-disc set titled The Early Years 1967-1972: Cre/ation.

Grade card: Pink Floyd - “Green is the Colour” - C+