Glad i was there!!!

1:36 is where the party begins!!!!

Okaaay....Crossovers :O

Okay right, so Sheldon Coopers mother was the mother of a crazy psychopath, (NOT SHELDON.) And tried to kill Neve Campbell, it was not the camera man which was sad, but would have been pretty cool, I did not suspect her at all, but I did slightly suspect Mickey, why, but why does she befriend crazy people?

Oooh I also just found out that if you put a question mark at the end of the post you can let people answer this!!! Ahhhh who knew???


today i woke up and then actually just looked in the mirror and cried :L mainly for the pain in my ear but that i actually had to do the day, then during Irish i was sitting on my own and asked someone to sit beside me but he’d rather sit on his own.. now, i don’t like this person at all and he grinds my gears but CUS I’M CRAY LIKE THAT i just was tearing up during the whole class.. it’s unreal how lonely i feel in my year D: i enjoyed the rest of my day though with jonny and them at lunch cus it was kinda refreshing not to be in the art room and socialize haha :) but i got to talk to my homeboy aswell which was nice, :)

and a foreign girl who was new to the school and had a animal wool hat, missed her bus and i had to explain to her that she missed it and she had no idea where she lived or who her host family was so i offered to give her a lift home but when i asked daddy he was like WE’RE IN A TWO SEATER VAN. NO. and i was like errrrr yeah… sorry about that BUT I’M NICE I SWEAR. i did want to help that girl out.. i hope she got home :L