Glad i was there!!!

1:36 is where the party begins!!!!



Just yesterday he was that eighteen year old boy that had long hair and braces and sat behind me in creative writing and took me to my junior prom!


This is mind boggling, holy shit. We’ve grown and changed so much these last two years. I love you Jeremy!! 

Okaaay....Crossovers :O

Okay right, so Sheldon Coopers mother was the mother of a crazy psychopath, (NOT SHELDON.) And tried to kill Neve Campbell, it was not the camera man which was sad, but would have been pretty cool, I did not suspect her at all, but I did slightly suspect Mickey, why, but why does she befriend crazy people?

Oooh I also just found out that if you put a question mark at the end of the post you can let people answer this!!! Ahhhh who knew???


today i woke up and then actually just looked in the mirror and cried :L mainly for the pain in my ear but that i actually had to do the day, then during Irish i was sitting on my own and asked someone to sit beside me but he’d rather sit on his own.. now, i don’t like this person at all and he grinds my gears but CUS I’M CRAY LIKE THAT i just was tearing up during the whole class.. it’s unreal how lonely i feel in my year D: i enjoyed the rest of my day though with jonny and them at lunch cus it was kinda refreshing not to be in the art room and socialize haha :) but i got to talk to my homeboy aswell which was nice, :)

and a foreign girl who was new to the school and had a animal wool hat, missed her bus and i had to explain to her that she missed it and she had no idea where she lived or who her host family was so i offered to give her a lift home but when i asked daddy he was like WE’RE IN A TWO SEATER VAN. NO. and i was like errrrr yeah… sorry about that BUT I’M NICE I SWEAR. i did want to help that girl out.. i hope she got home :L