lyrics that make me think of saphael:

insp by a post by inkyubus

I just like making lists

“I’ll look after you.”

“There was this guy…”




  • I may be some sort of crazy
    we may be some sort of crazy
    but I swear on everything I have and more
    you make the sound of pulling heaven down
  • that old black magic that you weave so well
    those icy fingers up and down my spine
    the same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine
  • you’re writing lines about me; romantic poetry
    your girl’s got red in her cheeks ‘cause we’re somethin’ she can’t see 
  • this is as good a place to fall as any
    we’ll build our altar here
    make me your maria
    I’m already on my knees
  • I like to take you
    only ‘cause I choose not to leave you
    I like to make something of you
    only ‘cause I choose to believe in you                                                      (I don’t wanna want you like I do)
  • all of my life I walked in the cold ‘til I found your warm arms 
  • I had the craziest dream last night
    I never dreamed it could be 
    yet there you were, in love with me 
  • you made me love you 
    I didn’t wanna to do it
    you made me want you and all the time you knew it 
  • I’ve got a soft place in my heart for you darling
  • and all of my stumbling phrases never amounted to anything worth this feeling  
  • it’s been so long since I’ve touched
    so long since I wanted
    then you made me laugh
    and my heart opened 
  • I’ve grown accustomed to his face
    he almost makes the day begin
  • you are everything that makes me want to laugh out loud
    you are the setting sun and the rising one
    and there is nothing that I’d ever do to keep you down
  • did I hold you in my arms as you were taking your last breath
    did I shout to all the gods 
    that I would love you beyond death
    I swear I’ve loved you before 
  • tear the walls down
    don’t be stupid
    meet me halfway to your heart 
  • I keep showing off in the nines                                                               but you show me you know it’s a waste of time
    cause you want me and I want you too                                             you’ve been loving me just for me
    you don’t care what I wear and I can’t believe 
  • it’s not the pale moon that excites me                                                   that thrills and delights me
    oh no it’s just the nearness of you


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scream .¸¸.*♡* (((like if u save any)


  1. i was fine then i met noah, booke and audrey
  2. god please save my soul because i didn’t ask to be screamer
  3. roses are red, violets are blue, scream i cant live without you
  4. brooke is perfect like… wait, anyone is perfect like brooke
  5. i’m screamer hahaha this is not funny
  6. i’m screamer and… idk man, just give me a hug
  7. i try to stop watching scream, but i can’t, becAUSE SCREAM IS PART OF MY LIFE NOW!!!1!!
  8. when watch scream i stay like OH MY GOD WTF???????????? OH SOMEBODY HELP ME MOM I’M DYING!!!! OH MY GOD I LOVE IT
  9. all i need is season 3
  10. i really believe that screamer was the gratest thing that ever happened to me
  11. audrey is better than you
  12. scream is my eternal love love love love love love loveeeeeeeee
  14. wowwwwww who’s the killer? ki………ller???? 
  15. for my eternal love, scream. its all about scream, no other, just scream
  16. what the fuck is scream
  17. life is nothing without scream
  18. scream always in my heart no matter what 
  19. missing season 3 like crazy
  20. we don’t meet people [scream] by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason
  21. my heart belongs to scream
  22. rokera emo gotica e screamer
  23. pior decisão da minha vida foi ter escolhido assistir scream
  24. assistir scream eh sinonimo de sofrimento 
  25. fica de olho nesse teu cu @brooke 
  26. terra de velcro audrey é rainha 
  27. como alguem pode duvidar do meu amor por scream o amor mais puro e verdadeiro ever
  28. eu me importo com a audiencia de scream nao com voce quem disse isso sai daqui encosto
  29. netflix eu nunca te pedi nada vc poderia pelo menos realizar esse meu desejo ne? libera season 3, t amo
  30. emma se nao gostou joga o nome dela na rodinha da macumbaJOGA MESMO
  31. adoro balada minha balada favorita eh scream
  32. brooke maddox eh uma palavra cultural emma duvall nao
  33. amar scream é arte sofrer faz parte
  34. so pago micao, sou screamer por exemplo 
  35. satanas me encontrou nos seus dominios e me perguntou o que eu fazia lá tão cedo apenas respondi indiferente preciso esperar meu surtado um tal de noah foster
  36. scream falei pouco mas falei tudo
  37. vc deve ta se perguntando pq eu tenho um fc pra scream e oq eh scream
  38. só sigo quem não assiste scream
  39. meu macho preferido se chama noah foster 
  40. se eu sou cobra emma é o zoologico inteiro é
  41. brooke sorrindo e eu em coma
  42. ✼˚̣୧¸¸.✩ ser screamer eh pedir pra se fuder  ✩¸¸୨˚*✼
  43. *:・゚☾  brooke maddox vulgo rainha samba de salto 15  *.:。 ☽*
  44. ✧*:・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡!!! scream makes me so happy!!!¡ ✦*ೃ°˖*
  45. * ✧*:*ૢ brooke is so small and cute i dont know how can some people hate her ✦✨*ೃ°
  46. ✧*:*ૢ❁ scream makes me laugh and cry at the same ❁°˖**
  47. noah makes me smile like an idiot (•ᴗ•❁)
  49. *∗˚ ・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡! honey, yoU ARE NOY BROOKE MADDOX, stap trying o.k?¿!!¡
  50. ✦*ೃ°✦*°˖*once upon a time there was a princess. it was audrey jensen. she’s my princess. the end (•̤ᴗ•̤)*ૢ¡¡¡!✨


  1. brookxmaddx
  2. brookeyxung
  3. kilerwilcox n salvem se n forem usar pfff!!!! :c
  4. emaduvall
  5. zoevaughr
  6. audreyjxsen
  7. screamxws
  8. scrreamdx
  9. screwmsx
  10. noahrfxster
  11. rnoahfoster
  12. luvmaddox
  13. audreytrono
  14. brookewxs
  15. lakwoods
  16. protectvirgem AMEI PROTECT NOAH AT ALL COSTS
  17. noarfoster
  18. borkemaddox
  19. gritomaddox
  20. gritoduval
  21. gritofoster
  22. duvalldrey
  23. emsdrey
  24. emdrxy
  25. xmdrey
  26. emdrrey
  27. protectemdrey
  28. scxwam
  29. screamfostr
  30. screamkillre
  31. nwahscream
  32. kdekieran bosta
  33. screamsfav
  34. fitzgesrald

se quiserem mais me avisem/if u want more ask me
like se pegarem algo, obg sz/like if u save any, thx


Inspired very much by @wanderingthroughwickford‘s post, I wanted to relay my own #scariestmoments from the games. These aren’t ranked as they represent different kinds of scariness to me and I find it difficult to place them in any order. Much like I couldn’t name my favourite horror movie, but I could probably name my favourite horror movie of a particular horror subgenre. This is just a small collection and I’d welcome any additions, contributions or contestings of scary moments!

CRY - The Skeleton Man

Starting off with a good-old fashioned jump scare, this moment at the very beginning of Legend of the Crystal Skull sees Nancy entering the Bolet mansion and see a man in a skeleton costume. In a flash of lightning, he seems to teleport across the room til his awful mask fills the screen. A combination of creepy art design and the eerie score (that kind of sounds like a rattlesnake) makes even I, an embittered horror veteran, jump every time.

LIE - Thanos Advances

I’m not overly fond of this game, as the record will show. But there’s something about the scene where Thanos advances on Nancy, who is trapped and has a limited amount of time to escape, that genuinely gives me panic. I think it’s because we know he’s dangerous, and in this scene he seems almost… animalistic? He’s not really talking, he’s just sort of coming for you. That is some scary shit.

DOG - Emily Goes Crazy

We all know how creepy the opening scene is - hearing the howls of the dogs outside as you cower inside a flimsy wooden cabin (with locks that don’t work, nonetheless) makes the heart race. But what I always found really creepy about this bit is Emily coming at you at the end of the game, apparently planning to BASH NANCY’S HEAD IN with what appears to be a human thigh bone??????? what the heck????? It’s the fact that Emily was apparently putting on a nice act the whole time that makes it extra creepy (thought I guess all Nancy Drew villains are, to an extent - but then again, not all villains seem willing to resort to cold-blooded murder or at the very least GBH)

SSH - Taylor Appears For the First Time

you can hear his footsteps coming up on you too. fuck this. fuck this so much.

DDI - The Tunnels

I always found the tunnels really creepy in this game. The music down there is extra melancholy, it’s dark and drab - and of course there’s the fact that these tunnels are being used by somebody unknown to creep around the town and rob people. They’ve got a pretty dark history as well - though the game doesn’t go to much into it, shanghai-ing was a real practice akin in many ways to human trafficking. Having such an organised tunnel system apparently built for its very purpose is rather chilling.

GTH - The Statue Turns its Head


I love that this scare in particular invokes the subtle “did I just see that?” moments of MHM. It’s also worth remembering that Nancy can see this before she goes into the house (i.e. before she’s exposed to the carbon monoxide) - what is it then? Nancy’s overactive imagination? Or really a ghost?


I think this might be the only time a Nancy Drew villain literally attempts to MURDER Nancy in a way that is LITERALLY also a trap in the goddamn SAW MOVIES

WAC - Paige Catches You

This is purely from the bitch-ass part of me that is afraid of getting into trouble from authority figures. Either way, sneaking around in WAC is pretty nerve-shredding.

WAC - The Ritual

More odd than anything else, this one… it’s creepy, and I guess the creepiest part is that (apart from a slight bit of blackmail for Mel and Izzy) it’s never really references before or after? A big lipped alligator moment, sort of? What is this?

MHM - “I See You”

Gonna side with everyone else on this - it’s the subtle moments of pants-shitting terror that really get you.


I think it’s TV Tropes that said something along the lines of this note looking like it’s actually screaming at you. I quite agree - whether it’s the all caps, or the shaky cursive, or the blood red ink - this note is freaky.

MHM - That One Noise

You know when you go back to Nancy’s room for like the first time on the first day and when you go back in there’s this electronic hell noise from the bowels of Satan himself? That still makes me flinch, every time. Godammit.

SHA - Dry Creek

It’s empty, the music is ominous, and you get locked in the jail by someone you don’t ever see? Yeesh.

SHA - “Here’s Shorty!”

The entire end sequence is fucking scary as shit. Being chased in video games is always my bugbear - as fun as it is, it always gets me. Being chased by someone as scary as Shorty is something else. He’s such a sinister person, and I genuinely have the shivers for him (like even seeing a picture of him on the tumblr.corn does it for me). When he sticks his head around the corner and says “heeeeere’s Shorty!”… fuck that. FUCK that. I’d take Jack Nicholson any day. Holy shit.


quando pensei que minha vida nao podia ficar pior comecei a assistir vine

bate siririca pensando nos magcon boy escondida da mae q eu sei

cala a boca ja morreu quem eh otaria e fa de magcon sou eu

perdedora com p de magcon

eu pensei que era feliz mas magcon tirou minha esperança

cada um eh viciado em alguma coisa enquanto vc eh viciada em ser uma hotaria eu sou viciada em viners

what the fuck is magcon

life is nothing without magcon

magcon always in my heart no matter what

missing new vines like crazy

we don’t meet people [magcon] by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason

my heart belongs to magcon

✧*:・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡!!! magcon makes me so happy!!!¡ ✦*ೃ°˖*

* ✧*:*ૢ magcon omg so cute i dont know how some people can hate this ✦✨*ೃ°

✧*:*ૢ❁ magcon makes me laugh and cry at the same ❁°˖**

magcon makes me smile like an idiot (•ᴗ•❁)


*∗˚ ・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡! honey, yoU ARE NOY MAGCON BOYS, stap trying o.k?¿!!¡ ✦*ೃ°

✦*°˖*once upon a time there was several princes. it was magcon boys. he’s my princes. the end (•̤ᴗ•̤)*ૢ¡¡¡!✨


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그때 우리를 미치 게 만드는 현실로부터
온 힘을다해 도망치려고 서로의 손을 움켜쥐었어 
서로의 정성은 곧 의미가 돼 
끝도 없는 갈증 뒤로 곧 비가 내리는 것 만큼
우리는 서로를 행운이라 믿었지 

when this reality drove us crazy
we ran away with all our might, clasping each other’s hands
each other’s sincerity becomes meaningful
like falling rain after an endless thirst
we believed each other to be luck

Love is an Open Door (Gizoogle)

All mah game has been a seriez of doors up in mah face
And then suddenly I bump tha fuck into you

I’ve been searchin mah whole game ta find mah own place
And maybe itz tha jam rappin’ or tha chocolate fondue

But wit you

But wit you
I found mah place

I peep yo’ face

And itz not a god damn thang like I’ve eva known before
Ludd be a open door
Ludd be a open door
Ludd be a open door

With you

With you

With you

With you

Ludd be a open door

I mean itz crazy
We finish each other’s


I’ve never kicked it wit one of mah thugs

Dum diddy-dum, here I come biaaatch! Who tha fuck be thinkin so much like me
Our menstrual synchronization
Can have but one explanation


And I



Meant ta be

Say peace out

Say peace out

To tha pain of tha past
Us dudes don’t gotta feel it no mo’
Ludd be a open door
Ludd be a open door
Life can be all kindsa much more

With you

With you

With you

With you

Ludd be a open