@phinkss-gucci-tracksuit asked for #5 on this post for PhinFei, and I can’t deny the gucci babe anything, so here we go! It’s possible I got mildly carried away (sorry for taking so long! will be doing yours soon encontrasuya!)


Fandom: Hunter x Hunter

Pairing: PhinFei

Secondary Pairings: PakuMachi, Uvoshal

Other tags: Fluff, humour, pre-canon, drabble, phantom troupe/ genei ryodan

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

“What? No! No. As if. Jealous? Nah. Not me. I’m not really the jealous type, to be honest. I don’t really get jealousy, you know? It’s just so. Petty. And stupid. And stuff.”

Machi raises an eyebrow. “For a thief, you’re a terrible liar.”

Phinks snorts and pretends he isn’t as pink as a peach and heading towards the tomato spectrum. “As if. You don’t know me. You don’t know when – if – I’m lying. For all you know what you think is me lying are the only times I’m telling the truth.” He puffs out his chest. Machi doesn’t blink.

“No. I know. My girlfriend is a mind reader.”

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lesetoilesfous  asked:

for the favourite story thing - predatory wasp was the first i read and i loved it. there are a lot that are up there for me, I still love Sayuri and I really really enjoyed Whispers! I also like Driving Lessons, it feels like the written version of a sunset. I'm very emotionally attached to Character Development for a whole number of reasons, and I adore Quiet - I often think about Quiet on still days, the whole thing feels like poetry. But fave is Once More right now. It's phenomenal

crazystars you have listed almost all of my stories here hahahah.

i’m really, really glad you liked them. especially character development since it was written for you. ;)