GOT7 Home Alone


  • Would be extremely happy he’s finally has the dorm to himself
  • Blasting his music super loud to the highest it could possibly be
  • Performs a whole concert 
  • Pretends he’s Beyoncé
  • Would than realize that anybody could come home at any moment 
  • Panics so he would stop and turn on the tv to catch up on his shows
  • Low-key watching dramas and crying about the love story


  • Technically isn’t home alone because CoCo is there with him
  • Would be running around the house with her
  • Most likely will break something of Junior’s and blame Bambam for it
  • Eats a majority of all the junk food
  • Will just turn on netflix put on a show and not even pay attention to it
  • Because he’s still playing with CoCo 
  • Or playing some game on his phone


  • Be completely bored being home alone
  • Would call/text/snap everyone to get rid of the boredom
  • But everyone is busy or is simply ignores him
  • So he would end of watching a movies 
  • Let’s say Grease
  • Which where he’ll be Sandy and pretends that JB is Danny and sings his heart out
  • Takes a shower and spends 30 minutes in front of the mirror giving him a motivational prep talk or checking himself out. Either one would work or both tbh.


  • Be thankful to have the dorm to himself
  • Would open a bottle of wine and chug that shit 
  • Just kidding he would just have a glass or two or four
  • Only because his kids give him headaches 24/7
  • Would finally finish the book that he was reading
  • Writes in his secret journal about his heart being torn between JB, Mark and Jackson.
  • But than goes on to say Jackson is being a thot and having a million boyfriends
  • Would cook himself a meal and watch his favorite movie


  • Would practice the piano so he can get better at it.
  • Would grab CoCo and serenade to her
  • Because he loves her more than Mark loves CoCo
  • Grabs her and dances with around the living room
  • Holding her and spinning around in circles
  • Probably would order takeout because he’s too lazy to cook and wash dishes
  • Than cuddles with CoCo while watching Disney films


  • Jumping on the couches going crazy
  • Singing along to Beyoncé songs and so many other female artist
  • When Adele comes on, he would go all out and trying to hit the high notes 
  • But his voice cracks and he has a sore throat after that.
  • Raids the other members closets and actually “borrows” their clothes
  • Would avoid CoCo because she would attack the shit out of him.
  • Would actually break something but it would be owed by JB so he’s slowly preparing for his funeral.


  • Creating new dances for their songs
  • Practicing dancing
  • Attempts to cook for himself but fails miserably 
  • So he puts in a frozen pizza in the oven
  • Would turn on the tv to see that someone was watching his dramas and messed up whatever show/episode he left it on
  • Will figure out who did this to him and than take revenge
  • But will watch the dramas anyway because he needs to know what happens wherever he left off #kdramaschangedmylyfe