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I want you to love Winter as I do. Between the quiet, the cold, and the surrounding beauty, I can’t pick a favorite.

I drew the other two girls, might as well pay tribute to this lovely gal! Also, I wanted to draw something for @zacharandom because he sent me a bunch of sweet texts this morning and it just melted my heart, I have such great friends. So here’s to you, my dude. Galaxy haired Hazel!

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Our love will transcend universes for Hermione please

Here you go!

Her hair was a real challenge to draw, but I am quite happy with how it turned out in the end :)

[ I used this color palette | My Ko-Fi | My Color Palette Drawings ]

He says robotic hands aren’t good for tying ties. Hinata doesn’t believe him, but he does it for him every morning anyways.