Yang was riding on his bike and he could see the harbour ahead but he also just passed where Meiko lived. he stopped in front of her house and looked up, wondering how she is . It was probably a good idea to say good bye to Meiko, where he was going was dangerous and he could get killed going there but…There was just too many question still unanswered for him.

Yang pulled up and parked his bike before going to the door and knocking.

bunny suit

„Thank you for heading me home…” She smiled at him then looking at the house with blanked expression. Yeah, she was alone, again. Grabs off her bunny ears then gives Yang. „ Give it to yin, she would like it, because she only have a white one.”


Yang just stared at it blankly. “…I rather not encourage my sis to wear bunny stuff! Even when Luke is around its even WORSE!” He yelled slightly as his bandanna strands stood on end with rage about Luke.