crazyness i say

It hurts me to see so much hate towards someone who has proved over and over again that he’s a good, kind-hearted person, who’s willing to stand up for minorities and do good. I really don’t feel confident enough to make a judgement about what he said based on the little information we’ve got from it. But I do have something to say and is to all that people making awful comments and degrading remarks attacking directly Jonghyun’s physical appearance. Well, hypocritical much? Isn’t that your first reproach and accusation about this whole thing? Then how come you go and do the exact same thing you’re so fervently complaining about? To me that is just people looking for excuses to bash Jonghyun for no real reason, and that is bullshit! This entire thing is crazy! Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, yes, but don’t come and say you’re disgusted or upset by what he said or did when you’re doing even worse. That’s just major BS!   

And btw, I think this subject has been blown way out of proportion, but anyways.