What the hell is a Gryffinpuff??

I seem to be one of the few people with the opposite problem of our fellow Pottermore students. A lot of people thought they were Gryffindor’s and were sorted into Hufflepuff…..I on the other hand thought I was a Hufflepuff and got sorted into Gryffindor. It has been a week and a half and I still have not come to terms with my new home. Of course that doesn’t mean I haven’t been helping get house points, I have been brewing the sleeping draught so often even Snape wouldn’t have a snide comment. I am sure many others are going through the same thing I am, but people, let’s remember, this is J. K. FREAKING ROWLING! The Queen, The Master! If she say’s I am in Gryffindor, then by golly I am a Gryffindor deep inside. Maybe I was placed there for a reason. Maybe I need to work on my Gryffindor skills; maybe this is the house that will help me grow. Maybe I would be more fitting and comfortable in Hufflepuff house but maybe my Hufflepuff skills are already refined and I need room to grow.

Once upon a time I was like everyone else, ignorant on the awesomeness of Hufflepuff house. I didn’t understand it so I called it stupid, and lame too. Then I actually sat down and researched each house to see where I would belong I tried talking myself out of Hufflepuff. I hang onto Ravenclaw house, telling myself, I was smart enough, and creative enough and eccentric enough to get in that house. There was no way I would be in Gryffindor because I am not bold or outspoken at all, and I certainly wouldn’t be in Slytherin because although I am ambitious, I will not use any “means to achieve my end”. However, the more I researched the more I realized Hufflepuff house is everything that I am. Even If I tried to deny it, even if I tried to tell myself I’m not a “left over with no talent”. Then I realized, this isn’t what Hufflepuff house is. Hufflepuff house is SEVERELY MISREPRESENTED in the books. We barely know anything about them and the few Hufflepuff characters we did get to interact with were AWESOME! The further I divulged myself in my research the more I came to love Hufflepuff house. I learned a LOT about Hufflepuff and the more I learned, the more I knew this is where I belong. A week and a half ago I was an EXTREMELY PROUD Hufflepuff. I sported my house tie, wore my Hufflepuff shirts every weekend, always waved my colors around and held my head high because Hufflepuff house isn’t a house of “leftovers”. Hufflepuff house is a house that sports ALL the characteristics of all the houses. We are brave, and smart, and ambitious, we will stand up for what we believe in. We are extremely hard-working, we are fierce and loyal and we will stand by your side until death do us part. We will fight, and we will die if necessary to stand up for what we believe in. If there is something wrong with these traits, or people think Hufflepuff’s are just trying to boost themselves up, then you don’t know us. When it really boils down to everything, it’s not the division of houses, or what house is best. It’s each individual person. Look at Snape….he was amazingly brave and loyal and yet he was placed in Slytherin house. Look at Peter Pettigrew, he was a coward, with no backbone and no morals and yet he was placed in Gryffindor. It’s not what house we are separated in that defines us. It is us as people, as individuals that make us who we are.

So be proud not of just your house but that we are the lucky few that get to experience the magical world. We are all united by this world, we shouldn’t be complaining that we got sorted wrong, arguing over who’s house is best, putting down other people’s house’s, and especially not be low enough to purposefully sabotage other people’s house points because you got “sorted wrong” (like some people have been doing in Hufflepuff house). If the sorting hat put you in a certain house, it did so for a reason. You can support both houses, heck you can support all the houses! Deep inside we are all gryffinpuffslytherclaws. So suck it up, and enjoy your house.

I know I was put in Gryffindor for a reason, and I am slowly realizing I do have some of the Gryffindor traits. I also know I am a true Hufflepuff, through and through. Therefore I identify as a Gryffinpuff. And guess what? That’s OK! We are allowed to identify as whatever we want. This is the joy of “living” in the wizarding world! And if Harry Potter has taught us anything it’s that LOVE is stronger than any HATE, so if you choose not to heed my advice then I think I would make the #crazynastyasshufflebadger proud by saying I don’t give a single shit, it’s your life J


anonymous asked:

Two things, lovely Huffle-Badger. First, I'm the only puffling in my group of friends, everyone is making fun of me.. I feel like I'm a bad puffling for giving a shit, but it hurts my feelings! What do I do?? Also, What would you do if there was a certain someone you liked, and that person only wanted to be friends with special extras, would you go for it??

For your first question, Huffle Badger would like to redirect you to his blog post, Four Steps To Silence Your Haters. It’s a great go-to guide when you’re unsure of how to deal with the huffle haters in your life.

As for your second question, Huffle Badger knows what this is like. Huffle Badger too has been used for his dashing good looks and pleasant disposition.

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Huffle Badger suggests that you don’t get into a relationship with someone who isn’t really interested in the best parts of you: like your intellect, spirit, and uncanny ability to not give a shit.

You’ll probably resent them later when they are unwilling to give you more than a moment’s snog in the corridors.