• jay:it's gay that's what it is
  • milo:yes completely
  • jay:like did i ever say how i love how its just accepted by the fandom that alex is a homo
  • jay:like it's p much canon
  • milo:basically yes i think soon jay will wander back in some woods and alex will be there and after a fight and tense confrontation alex will be like goddamnit jay i'm gay, and then jay will be like oh okay i get it. and then with the mystery solved everything will finally go back to normal
  • jay:yeah this has obviously been alex coming to terms with the gay
  • caz:this whole time he hasn't been in the forest
  • caz:he's been in the closet
  • caz:guys we found alex
  • jay:guys i dunno bout you but i totally came to terms with my homo'ness by killing all my friends
  • Me:How's driver's ed?
  • Milo:Well it's okay except for the fact where I've been doing it all day
  • Me:Man I thought maybe you would have been done by now wow
  • Milo:They are very long and very redundant sections
  • Me:Ugh wow somebody needs to put the brakes on that.
  • Milo:One day I'll be done with it. Someday.
  • Me:I wish it would speed up a little
  • Milo:Same yes
  • Me:Although perhaps you shouldn't try to race to the finish line.
  • Milo:Well with me it seems to be all at once or else go at a rate of one section per six months so I'm going with the first bit
  • Me:Ah well in that case I guess it's okay to give it some gas.
  • Milo:I'll punch you
  • Me:I was wondering when you would start getting tire-d of this
  • Milo:Well technically I can never tire of puns but I can also never tire of punching people
  • Me:Well I'm hoping I can steer you away from physical violence
  • Milo:I'll turn this car around
  • Me:Your constant threats are starting to really exhaust me
  • Milo:Get out

IT WAS JOHN’S FAULT he asked if Tim knew about m!Alex in the chat (p.s. I’m still trying to come up with 37 eway ships i keep forgetting) anyway we were all just talking to Tim about whatever and John asks if Tim knows about m!Alex and Tim sees it and is like that he knows Mirror Alex but he’s not sure if he knows completely what it’s about, and then Devin and I were yelling in the chat a little and these other assholes were going on about Mirrors a little and Tim said that he knew Devin and I were Mirror Alex on Sunday because he’s seen stuff on Tumblr (like FUCK YOU THAT’S TOO VAGUE TIM WHAT HAVE YOU SEEN) and he was laughing like we think he doesn’t see things we post but he totally does and then the chat was talking about like Mirror Brian and how he’d be Satan and Tim was laughing at that too and oh my god he knows Mirror Alex and he knows him enough to know that we were being him and that means that yeah when he said he wished he could dress like us on Sunday that means he knows he was saying he wished he could dress like m!Alex and he has the mask and he knows it was part of Devin’s outfit and so he has to be aware it is m!Alex material and all four of them put it on and Erika did too and he still has it and I’m going to stab HIM OH MY GOD.  Anyway THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE WAS THE WORST BUT ALSO AMAZING and don’t worry he didn’t sound like disturbed or anything he sounded totally normal neutral toward it and he was laughing and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL

can I just say

that this all makes me extremely happy

and that mirror brian would be so awful in the best possible way, and would know exactly when to talk on camera and what this part of the movie was about, you are all beautiful people and mirror hornets are multiplying out of control and I love it

p.s. I was not joking when I said tim should totally cosplay mirror alex, like obviously probably not ~cosplay mirror alex~ but if he were to wear those kind of clothes I think he would look sincerely great I mean look how he rocked that rollerskating gear

p.p.s. please tell me this all was recorded or I’ll shout